Dolmar Cross’ Paper Flips Review: Is Paper Flipping Possible With No Money?

April 3, 2024

Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross is a real estate wholesaling course. The course is targeted to beginner and seasoned real estate investors. The course claims to provide a consistent cashflow without buying, renovating and flipping a property. Dolmar worked with Awesome REI, rebranded as Awesomely, to release Paper Flips as one of its courses in March 2023.

Dolmar Cross’ Paper Flips has little to no external review. There are video testimonials on Dolmar’s youtube account about his students’ wholesaling success. 

Wholesaling real estate costs less to start than investing in real estate. However, real estate wholesalers increased by 20%, according to Bigger Pockets. In September 2023, there was a 4% dip in the houses for sale compared to last year as per Fit Small Business. So there is an influx of competition and a dip in profits.

In this Dolmar Cross’ Paper Flips review, we’ll go over what you’ll get with the course. We’ll also cover its pros and cons and examine its course creator. Then, I’ll show you a better business model for passive income in 2024.

Dolmar Cross' Paper Flips Review: Pros and Cons


Cheap: The course is available on demand at $97.

Self-Pace: You can go through the video lessons at your own pace.

Course Creator Dolmar Cross: Dolmar Cross is a legit real estate investor and entrepreneur.


Lack of External Review: There are reviews on youtube and the website but those can be biased.

No Community: Paper Flip review doesn’t have a private community to learn from each other and ask questions to Dolmar.

Not Passive: The business model demands hard work and creativity to succeed.

Only Effective for the US Market: The course is offered to anyone in the world but the system is only effective in the US real estate market.


Paper Flips costs a onetime payment of $97.

Refund Policy

Paper Flips has a 100% moneyback guarantee policy.


Dolmar Cross has a positive reputation and has built a reputation as a real estate investor.

Is Paper Flipping Possible With No Money?

Flipping real estate contracts means entering an assignment agreement with the house seller and gaining equitable interest on the property. Equitable interest will enable you to list the property for sale. Once you find a potential buyer, the buyer will purchase the contract from you at a marked up price. 

You can’t flip real estate contracts with no money because the purchase and sale agreement requires payment. It can cost as low $10 up to $440, according to Contracts Counsel. 1% to 3% of the market price is needed in flipping contracts, aside from the contract payment. This money is called earnest money. This provides the seller a leverage that you will make the sale happen. It can be any amount, but the higher you offer to the seller, the better.

What is Paper Flips?

Paper Flips is a real estate wholesale training program by Dolmar Cross. The course covers the fundamentals of wholesaling such as finding markets and sellers, funds for deals and buyers. Paper Flip claims it will be possible to flip contracts without cash, credit or credentials. And the strategies taught are applicable to any US market.

Paper Flips is for beginner and active real estate investors. Flipping real estate contracts has a lower barrier to entry. It's more beginner-friendly than real estate investing and house flipping. Active real estate investors can use it an extra cash-flow stream. Paper Flips helps you make money by flipping real estate assignment contracts. An assignment contract is used to transfer property rights from the owner to the buyer.

You will get 5 modules, plug-and-play tools, scripts, fill-in-the-blank copy of Dolmar Cross's Purchase Agreement, and Secret "Co-Assignment" Contract with Paper Flips.

Paper Flips Training Modules

  • First Things - The first module goes over the fundamentals of  real estate paper flipping. That includes the clause on earnest money. It’s supposed to enable you to get your earnest money back even if you cannot find a buyer for the purchase agreement.
  • Find It - Find It revolves around finding the right market, sellers and properties.
  • Figure It - The 3rd module is about how to make deals to your advantage. It includes a live dealmaking demo from Dolmar.
  • Fund It - In the Fund It module, Dolmar shares 9 ways to get funding.
  • Flip It - The last module is about finding buyers and flipping your purchase agreement. Dolmar included another live demo in this module.

Paper Flips Reviews

Paper Flips seems to have little external reviews. Dolmar Cross has success stories of students in the course’s VSL and youtube account. Jeff Henry shared his $55k profit from a deal. He said he had to be creative to close it. Ella Londono said the same thing about re-framing how she does her wholesaling business.

From Awesomely’s Trustpilot reviews, C Ski from US said the Paper Flips is an extensive program. But it’s not for them and asked for a refund.

What is Awesome REI?

Awesome REI (Real Estate Investing) is a learning platform for real estate investors. It was created in 2008 by Patrick Riddle, real estate investor, and Trevor Mauch, online marketer and entrepreneur. The platform was first launched as The Private Money Blueprint in 2009. When JP Moses joined the team, they rebranded to Awesome REI in June 2015. Awesome REI is offering courses on real estate like Cameron Dunlap’s Real Estate Wealth Network.

Awesome REI is now known as Awesomely. The learning platform plans to expand on offering courses. It will cover cryptocurrency, personal finances and entrepreneurship.

Who is Dolmar Cross?

Dolmar Cross is a real estate investor and mentor. Dolmar was born in Jamaica before they migrated to the US. He graduated bachelor in communications in 2006 at the University of South Florida at Tampa Florida. Dolmar was in 6-figure debt during The Great Recession of 2007. He filed for bankruptcy with his wife, Keisha, and was unemployed for 2 years. He met Lee Campbell earning $78k in a day in 2009 and learned about Assignment Arbitrage. 

Dolmar founded 3Day Cash Buyers in 2011. He co-founded a real estate education company, Real Advisors, in 2017. Real Advisors got Dolmar recognized by Inc. 500 in 2021. The education company was also named the fastest growing company in America for consecutive 2 years. Dolmar is also the CEO of a real estate solutions provider, Real Capital, in Tampa, Florida.

He also started starring in Zombie House Flipping for Florida in 2022. Zombie House Flipping is TV show about renovating dilapidated houses then flipping them. The show airs on A&E TV every Saturday.

What is Dolmar Cross' Automated Investor System?

Dolmar Cross Automated House Flipping app is an application that finds real estate deals and buyers for you. The app claims to make flipping papers easy with some clicks. The price of the Dolmar Cross Automated Investor System is $497 and $97 per month.

What is Dolmar Cross' Claim?

Dolmar Cross claims that the course will equip you with an easily implemented, almost fully automated and 100% virtual process of earning money. Through Paper Flips, you can start collecting checks without buying, fixing, renting and managing a real estate property. He also emphasized you don’t need certifications or licenses. He also claims that once the purchase agreement is yours, you can put any price tag on it.

Dolmar Cross Claims DEBUNKED

  • Some States Need Certifications - States of Illinois, Oklahoma and City of Philadelphia require a real estate license to flip purchase agreements. According to We Lend LLC, it is also required in Florida to state if you have a license or not. Ablison reported that wholesaling in Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas are heavily regulated.
  • You’ll Still Have To Manage Properties - Students like Jeff had to hire people to clean and paint a property to close the deal. Wholesaling properties comes on a case to case basis. So, there are buyers or sellers who will ask you to manage or fix the properties to close.
  • 70% rule - Most buyers are house flippers and they have a 70% rule. According to Bankrate, this rule means house flippers will not buy a distressed house priced over 70% of its after-repair value (ARV). Thus, you’ll have to meet your seller’s amount and not go over your buyer’s 70% rule. It has a lower profit margin than real estate investment.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Worth It in 2024?

Real estate wholesaling is worth it in 2024 if you’re already a licensed real estate agent. Compared to real estate investing and house flipping, it requires a low startup amount. So, it’s a great gateway for new real estate agents. 

You can make between $5000 to $1000 flipping real estate contracts according to Real Estate Skills. Although this depends on the market and the house’s state, like the 70% rule.

Is Local Lead Generation Better Than Real Estate Wholesaling?

Local lead generation is better than wholesaling because it is passive income. Real estate wholesaling will require you to repeatedly cold call sellers and buyers to close deals with you. It demands time and attention like a 9 to 5 job. With local lead generation, you rank your website and rent it to small business owners. Here, the business owners need the quality leads from your website so they’ll work with you. No repeated reaching out. The income is passive once you set up.

Real estate wholesale also faces the problem of seller unfamiliarity. According to The Close, 63% of sellers found their agent through friend or family referral. So, to profit from wholesale, you must have a wide network of people who can vouch for you. Local lead gen don’t need that. Local lead gen sites lead people to local businesses they’re already familiar with.

Local lead gen is also a repeatable business model. You can create multiple websites or digital real estate on 50+ service niches. For example, the Great Rapids Tree Care site yields $2k per month. And all of the websites I own today, give me $52k every month. If you want to venture into this low risk passive income stream, I also have a local lead gen coaching program you can check out.

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