Haroon Naseer’s Dropshipping Automation Review | Is It Trustworthy Enough to Invest In?

March 4, 2024

Dropshipping Automation is a company registered in the state of Wyoming, USA. It serves Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook Marketplace dropshippers. It also provides monetization and automation services for YouTube channels.

The automation of dropshipping businesses can be of great assistance for busy business owners. It could also be a hassle-free passive income option. However, is this practice legal? What are the dangers of automation companies that completely take over a client’s account?

Although dropshipping appears to be a lucrative yet easy money-making opportunity, it isn’t what it used to be. In 2024, this business model has become incredibly saturated. On top of the heavy competition, you also need products that are viral. If you fail to sell trending goods, your paid advertisements would go to waste. This is why local lead generation is my trusted and go-to recommendation for passive income. This business model simply surpasses the rest. There are significantly fewer competitors since you’re operating locally. It is also stable, scalable, and sustainable in the long run. And with the version that I’m teaching, you can say goodbye to using paid ads.

Is Dropshipping Automation LLC a Legitimate Business?

dropshipping automation LLC wyoming

Dropshipping Automation LLC is a legitimate business. According to the Wyoming Secretary of State website, its initial filing was on August 26, 2021, at 10:47 in the morning. It was filed online with the mailing address stated as Ontario, Canada. Its status is also active as of 2024.

Dropshipping Automation Review: Pros & Cons


Handles everything from onboarding to management: Dropshipping Automation offers a hands off approach to dropshipping. For instance, regarding their Amazon dropshipping automation service, they provide assistance from the store setup, product listings, order fulfillment, to customer service.

Beginner-friendly services: It does not only cater to mature sellers but also serves beginners as well.

Low prices: Although their pricing options aren’t available on their website, they claim to have lower prices compared to their competitors.

Quick results: They also promise speedy results. For example, for their Amazon FBM service, they guarantee sales 4-5 days after going live, $1,000-$10,000 revenue after the first month, and 20-25% net profit in the first six months. .

Can be a solid passive income source: If their claims are true, this can be a potentially good source of passive income. This can be advisable for individuals managing several businesses. 


Does not have its own portfolio: Despite claiming to have over 100 clients, its portfolio comes from DSA eCommerce, a separate website owned by the same owner. It also states that they’ve received many 5 star reviews, but the link to said reviews isn’t available, and therefore unverifiable.

No logos, reviews, or testimonials of past clients: Although the site is packed with screenshots of their supposed clients, there are no actual logos and testimonials of companies they’ve worked with.

Huge social media following but barely any engagement: Another odd factor regarding this automation company is that its social media presence is huge (Ex: 25k followers on Facebook). However, there is barely any engagement on their posts - a maximum of three likes on recent ones, with the same individuals commenting on them.


The prices for the services cannot be accessed on the website.

Refund Policy

Dropshipping Automation LLC has no refund or cancellation policy. 


The company was founded in 2017.


Despite being active for 7 years in 2024, as well as serving businesses in the online space, there are no reviews about this automation company.

What is Dropshipping Automation LLC?

Dropshipping Automation LLC is an end-to-end management service. Haroon Naseer founded it in 2017. The company mainly offers Amazon automation, Walmart dropshipping automation, Facebook automation, and YouTube channel automation.

Based on their website, they have over 100 clients, more than 150 approvals, and 200+ virtual assistants. Accordingly, they are based in the United States and Canada. Their VAs are from other countries, such as the Philippines, Turkey, and Bangladesh. Additional services that they provide are company formation, Walmart Seller Approval, reinstatement services, selling Amazon accounts, and Walmart Fulfillment Service.

To get started, a form can be filled out on their site. Once this is completed, a response within 12 hours can be expected. They ask for information such as credit card limit, name, WhatsApp/phone number, email address, city, country, type of seller account, and service interested in.

Contact details

  • Website: https://dropshippingautomation.com/
  • Email address: support@dsaecommerce.com
  • Contact number: +1 7059750988
  • Company address: 34 N Franklin Ave, 687 #1967 Pinedale, Wyoming, 82941 USA

Social Media

  • Facebook: @automationdropshipping, 25k likes, 25k followers
  • Instagram: @dropautomation, 450 followers
  • LinkedIn: @dropshippingautomation, 159 followers, 3 employees
  • Twitter: @dropautomation, 52 followers


#1 Amazon automation

  • Store setup: DSA’s team will help set up new stores. In order to find popular products, they utilize artificial intelligence. 
  • Hands off approach: Their team will also handle everything including customer support, product listings, order fulfillment, and sales.
  • Real-time data & biweekly reports: Once the business is live, daily performance can be tracked through real-time data available. They will also provide biweekly performance reports.

#2 Walmart dropshipping automation

Since there’s less competition on Walmart online marketplace compared to Amazon, DSA helps sellers automate their processes. It starts with an onboarding chat or call, followed by contract signing. It should be noted that Dropshipping Automation LLC requires the following:

  • $5-$6k startup capital
  • Minimum $15-$20k credit card limit
  • An approved Walmart Seller Account

A dedicated manager, virtual assistants, and an assigned system will be added to the client’s account. The goals for the first two weeks are to choose and list items for sale, ship orders to buyers, and customer service. Meanwhile, in the first month, the aim of DSA is to generate $29k-$30k in sales for aged accounts and $10k in new ones.

#3 Facebook Marketplace dropshipping automation

Dropshipping Automation LLC also assists sellers in looking for products from various retailers. They will then resell it on Facebook Marketplace. Once a purchase is made, the DSA team will ship it from the website of a dropshipping supplier or multiple suppliers.

They will also help in template creation, in addition to product sourcing and listings. Unlike Walmart Automation, the requirement for this one is lower. It only needs a start up capital of $2-$3k, credit card limit of at least $5k, and an active Facebook account.

#4 YouTube channel automation

Another major service by DSA is YouTube automation. They help create the YouTube channel, provide voiceovers, and make weekly videos. Accordingly , they guarantee monetization in the first 20 days that a channel is live.

Are Clients of Dropshipping Automation LLC Successful?

Are Clients of Dropshipping Automation LLC Successful?

Clients of Dropshipping Automation LLC appear to be successful based on screenshots posted on the company’s website. These include both new sellers and mature ones. However, there are zero reviews, comments, or testimonials from their past clients, which they indicate to be more than 100, to support it. 

Dropshipping Automation LLC Positive Reviews

Dropshipping Automation LLC positive reviews

Positive reviews about Dropshipping Automation LLC indicate that more than 100 individuals have rated it with 5 stars. However, this is only based on the company’s website. The information isn’t clickable and there are no visible business logos to show legitimate customers.

Dropshipping Automation LLC Negative Reviews

Negative reviews about Dropshipping Automation LLC

Negative reviews about Dropshipping Automation LLC are not available on the internet as of 2024. However, DSA eCommerce, a company run by the same founder, had a recent unpleasant feedback via Trustpilot. A US-based individual named Quan P. shared that his Amazon account was suspended on two occasions. This resulted in him losing over $10,000. He also stated that Haroon gave big promises but blocked calls and chats when the situation became unfavorable. Accordingly, the date of experience was on May 16, 2023 and they made the post on the website 10 days after.

Who Is The Founder of Dropshipping Automation LLC?

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Haroon Naseer Butt

The founder of Dropshipping Automation LLC is Haroon Naseer Butt. He is also a public relations practitioner and an event manager. Moreover. he owns another company called DSA eCommerce. It offers similar services to Dropshipping Automation, plus Amazon FBA assistance, PR strategy, business consulting, social media management, web development, CRM, Amazon stores approval, company formation, brand approvals, Shopify/Clickfunnels site creation, and eBay store support.

Haroon Naseer's media coverage

Haroon Naseer was featured in The Tribune India and DNA India. The Print, a digital media outlet based in the same country, has also written about him. Additionally, USA Wire, another online news platform, has also penned an article about the Dropshipping Automation LLC founder.

Haroon Naseer's social media presence

Haroon Naseer has 1,957 followers and more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, with the handle @iamharoon. On Instagram, he has 30.3k followers, with the handle is @theharoonbutt. Moreover, on Twitter, he has 193 followers, with the same handle as Instagram’s.

Is It Possible To Automate Dropshipping? (+ Legality & Risks)

It is possible to automate dropshipping. This can be achieved through outsourcing tasks and utilizing software. However, while some methods are legal and effective, there are others that involve risks, even leading to account suspension in the e commerce platform.

Dropshipping automation works by utilizing a dropshipping automation software or by hiring a third party. Both can be used to handle marketing automation and inventory automation of the online store. Your dropshipping automation software enables efficiency and streamlines the dropshipping business. It can help automate the email marketing, pricing plan, assist in the fulfillment of customer orders, and send reminders when inventory levels are running low on the dropshipping supplier’s end. Meanwhile, the other method involves hiring another company to take care of the following:

  • Product listing
  • Product pricing
  • Supplier vetting          
  • Order fulfillment
  • Product research
  • Order processing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Customer support
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory source review
  • Selecting quality products

You should use a dropshipping automation software because it eliminates repetitive tasks, prevents delays, and saves time. It is most advisable for individuals who want to leverage the use of technology to free their schedule and improve the process of their dropshipping store. Whereas, outsourcing a team is recommended for a small business that is looking to scale. It can also be for those who own multiple companies and are looking for another one that’s independently run. Moreover, both an automation tool and an outsourced dropshipping team can be used at the same time.

Dangers of dropshipping automation

Although automation is a powerful feature for the best dropshipping companies, it has potential downsides.

  • Illegal claims: The automation of a dropshipping store is legal for the majority of dropshipping platform. However, there are businesses that make overblown claims, and these are regulated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
  • Account takeover: There is a tremendous difference between a company that completely takes over an account versus those that are in charge of tasks such as inventory source, dropshipping products, and customer service. The former can lead to issues, and the biggest aspect is that the name on the account will be held liable.
  • Account suspension & cancellation: There’s a higher risk of suspension and cancellation of accounts for automation agency that fully take over. There can be many potential reasons for this. For example, on Amazon FBM, suspicious activity or location is one of the many potential causes of suspension.

Risks of account suspension

When an account is suspended, this can lead to many other negative consequences. For instance, on Amazon, it can result in the following:

  • Losing rankings
  • Lowered IPI score
  • 17-day suspension
  • No selling privileges of inventory
  • Requirement for professional appeal
  • Contacting Amazon customer service
  • Permanent suspension (if no appeal within 17 days, only 3 chances)

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Best Alternative For Dropshipping Automation (Trusted & Guaranteed Revenue)

Dropshipping Automation has some aspects that indicate it’s not yet solid enough to invest in. Its selling point is that it can be completely hands off. Additionally, it does not require any expertise on the client's part. However, it is incredibly risky and might result in penalties that, in the end, will be under the client’s name. Moreover, dropshipping as a business model in itself is actually not ideal for a long-term sustainable business. Any type of business that has a low barrier of entry can become saturated fast, which means more competition and lower chances of profit in the future.

A better alternative would be local lead generation. Once it is set up, it’s a reliable and stable source of passive income. It requires higher skill sets, and therefore, harder to duplicate. It has lower competition because it is based on a specific niche and city. For instance, take these websites featured in the image below.

They generate about $500 to $3,000 monthly. Client is happily pay because they receive 200+ phone calls monthly from each of them. Now, I have over 50 websites. If you want to learn how to begin, my lead gen course will help you get started.

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