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Ecom Dave Review – Is His Amazon FBA Academy Worth Your Time & Money in 2024?

March 14, 2024

Ecom Dave offers two ways to help you create a high-income Amazon FBA business: Personal Coaching and Academy training in the form of video modules.

The coaching will set you back $4,000+. However, there are dozens of happy customer testimonials on his website proving profitability in the range of $1,000 to $120,000 per month. Plus, his students say Ecom Dave's coaching skills are highly informative and motivational. The academy is a fairly basic but comprehensive approach to learning Amazon FBA. It's best for those with little to no knowledge of starting an Amazon FBA business. Those with some experience may not get as much value out of it.

In this review, we'll discuss who exactly "Ecom Dave" is and answer the question as to whether or not his programs are worth your time and money. Additionally, we'll do a short comparison between the Amazon FBA program and Local Lead Generation. It's a bit easier to get into than dropshipping so it may be worth checking out. Now Let's get started!

Pros & Cons of Ecom Dave's Amazon FBA Coaching and Academy Programs


Excellent coaching and support. Many students felt Ecom Dave went out of his way to guide and motivate them.

A huge range of interview-style testimonials with proof of profitability on his website.

Training modules cover everything Amazon FBA from A-Z. Combined with Ecom Dave's coaching, it's a complete program for newbies to the Amazon FBA business model.

Ecom Dave Shares 3 years worth of his own sales numbers (the most recent one being 2021), which is something many course creators never do.


Almost no reviews or even discussion of his programs outside of what's on his website. So mostly one-sided reviews in Ecom Dave's favor.

Little attention given to costly Amazon FBA fees (e.g. transaction fees, shipping fees, etc.), which can mislead prospects.

With Ecom Dave's methods, it might be 3+ months before you sell your first product. This means you absolutely must stick with the program to benefit from it.

It can cost $400+ dollars to get your products on the first page of Amazon. And unless you're on the first page, you're unlikely to make even one dollar back from your investments.


Coaching (includes academy): $4,000+
Academy alone: $999 (limited time $499)

Refund Policy

Coaching: refund not specified
Academy: 14 Day money-back guarantee


Ecom Dave mentions the programs taking 2 years to develop. Likely started in 2020.


There's surprisingly little mention of Ecom Dave or his Amazon FBA programs outside his own website and a few interviews. But his many testimonials speak highly of his genuine coaching skills and willingness to help students.

Although there's one ex-student who found the program unworthy (mentioned near the end of this blog post), my research suggests Ecom Dave's a reasonably reliable person and course creator.

Who is Ecom Dave?

David Scheuer (a.k.a. Ecom Dave) is a six-figure Amazon seller and FBA coach. He attended Florida International University where he studied business. He also worked as a bartender in Miami before getting into Amazon selling. As a bartender, he worked 5-6 days a week until 6:00 am only to earn barely over $50,000 after taxes. In need of money but lacking time for another job, he Googled "make money online" and ran across a Gary Vaynerchuck video about retail arbitrage. This led to a rabbit hole of watching Tom Wang and Viral Launch videos. He spent over 900 hours watching and learning about Amazon FBA this way.

Soon after, with only $4,800 in savings at the age of 18, he invested it all in one thing - an online Amazon business. The first product he sold on Amazon was a diaper caddy. He immediately ordered 1,000 units to sell. But it was a complete failure. Since he was new, he copied another seller's product but lost out by competing on price against a competitor with tons of reviews.

But he kept going and learned through trial and error. The process cost him over $20,000 due to weak negotiating, working with bad suppliers, launching poor products, making ineffective PPC ads, and more. But over time, he made FBA work and claims to have sold over $5 million in Amazon merchandise over the last five years.

Is Ecom Dave a Legit Amazon FBA Expert?

Ecom Dave is a proven expert with an FBA training video on his website, tutorials on his Youtube and Facebook, and high-income sales data demonstrating his results (specific numbers shared below). He approaches Amazon FBA by emphasizing three main categories:

  • Find profitable products
  • Source from elite suppliers
  • Rank your products on page one
By focusing on these three elements, Ecom Dave makes it easy to understand his FBA selling process. Based on this material and comparing it to our own FBA resource page, you can tell Ecom Dave knows what he’s talking about.

How Can Ecom Dave Help You Start an FBA Business?

Ecom Dave can help you create your first FBA business with his two programs, the FBA coaching program and the FBA Academy program. By signing up for his coaching program, you automatically get enrolled in his Academy program as well.

Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide To Starting an FBA Business According to Ecom Dave

Setting Up an Amazon Seller Account

The first step is to create a Seller Central account. Choose between a free account (for selling existing Amazon catalog products) or a professional account at $40/month for private label products.

Product Selection

Choose high-quality products with good reviews for your store. Avoid counterfeit items, consumables, electronics, and unlicensed products. Opt for products you can sell in any season/occasion, not just trendy or seasonal items. 

Using Alibaba for Product Creation

Use Alibaba to connect with manufacturers from China. Before signing any deal, ensure that you verify their legitimacy and check for trade assurance. Compare multiple suppliers to compare prices, and quality, and land the best deal.  

Communicating with Suppliers

Write clear, simple messages that are direct to the point. Remember that China-based suppliers are not native English speakers, so the way you communicate matters. Negotiate a good deal and aim for a minimum of $5 profit margin per product. You can use to compare prices. 

Product Ranking and Best Seller Rank (BSR)

Aim for a low BSR to become a top seller in your category. Most Amazon sales come from first-page listings, so ranking is crucial in this business. 

Creating Amazon Listings

Purchase UPC barcodes for tracking. Get professional product photos, create listings, and send SKU labels to manufacturers.

Launching Products

When launching new products, use PPC ads and monitor reviews to rank your products. Diversify your product portfolio for a more sustainable business.

Who are Ecom Dave's Amazon FBA Programs For?

  • People who like to work with coaches and want accountability
  • People with no experience with Amazon FBA

What Does Ecom Dave's FBA Academy Course Include?

On top of a “private” Amazon FBA Facebook group (which anybody can join, even if you don't buy his programs), it includes everything shown below. Each section is intended to be worked on week by week (for a total of 12 weeks).

1: Introduction to Amazon FBA

Learn how to set up your Amazon seller account and get started.


2: Product Research

Learn how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

3: How to Beat Your Competition

Learn how to stand out and get more sales than competitors.


4: How to Communicate and Negotiate With Suppliers

Learn how to find and speak with suppliers so you get the best rates on your products.


5: Creating a Product Listing

Learn how to SEO your Amazon sales page to get the most traffic and sales.

6: How to Ship Your Products

Learn how to get your products shipped and inspected at the best rates.


7: Ranking and the power of Amazon PPC

Learn how to use keywords and Amazon advertising to get more traffic to your Amazon listing/sales page.


8: Paid Per Click Campaigns

Learn how to run PPC advertising campaigns to grow your traffic.


9: Ranking

Learn how to get your Amazon listing to rank on page one of Amazon search results.


10: Expanding Your Business

Learn how to sell internationally, find influencers to promote your products, and hire a team.


11/12: Monetizing Your Knowledge

Learn how to sell your skills and expertise with FBA to paying businesses.


What Does Ecom Dave's Coaching Program Include?

  • Weekly strategy meetings (tailored to a student's experience and level)
  • On-the-spot phone calls when available (usually to answer a student question that's too lengthy for an email response)
  • Personal touch (student's often felt cared for and that he wanted them to succeed)
  • Access to full FBA Academy lessons and videos (on top of the personal coaching)

Do Ecom Dave's FBA Programs Generate Income?

Ecom Dave's methods are proven to work based on his personal sales numbers and those of his students. There are several interview-style testimonials included on Ecom Dave's sales page. And many of these testimonials talks about the great experience of the program and share exact numbers supporting their claims. On top of this, Ecom Dave shares his own results as well.

In his free Amazon training video, he shares numbers from his past and recent FBA experiences. In his first year on Amazon, he made $64,449.00 in product sales. The next year he had $159,393.26 in product sales. But the latest snapshot of his numbers, a staggering $496,772.28, is shown below.

Sales numbers for Ecom Dave

(Ecom Dave's results: $496,772.28 in product sales)

His students also shared their numbers as well. There are plenty of testimonials that show the success they've gained using Ecom Dave's methods. Below is just one of many shown on his website.

Ecom Dave's student's program results

(George Estrada's results over 30 days: $3,031 in products sales)

The range of profits shown in his student’s testimonials is anywhere from $1,000 - $120,000 each month. The most recurring range seems to be in the $2,000 - $4,000 monthly range. Based on all the testimonials and numbers, Ecom Dave’s programs seem capable of helping you create an FBA business that earns you money.

Here are the results of another student, Natasha, as well as her experiences with Ecom Dave's coaching and Amazon FBA Academy programs:

Ecom Dave and student Natasha

(Natasha's results over 7 days: $817 in products sales)

  • Experience with Ecom Dave's coaching and Amazon FBA Academy "nothing but great."
  • Says a million hours on Youtube studying Amazon FBA wouldn't compare to the "little golden nuggets" of info Ecom Dave provided in his programs.
  • Applauded Ecom Dave's effort to personally show her how to be successful in Amazon FBA.
  • Suggests Ecom Dave's coaching program for people with limited time and want to dive into Amazon FBA right away.

Can You Trust Ecom Dave and His Coaching and Academy Programs?

You can trust the impressive sales numbers Ecom Dave and his students share. But beware of the hidden FBA fees and troublesome suppliers that aren’t mentioned. I ran across a detailed online review and found some information about their experience with Ecom Dave's coaching program. 

In a nutshell, they felt misled because his marketing and teachings only talk about revenue and not net income. So the numbers advertised may be higher than the actual income earned by Ecom Dave and his students. Here’s what they said specifically:

"Wasted $4k in this course after 4 months everything is lost. His videos only tell you what you want to listen and not the reality about all the cost and expenses. Those videos are talking about revenue. Revenue not the same as income. If you subtract all expenses on shipping, fees, samples, other hidden cost the real income is not great."

Here are some things they liked about Ecom Dave’s coaching and Academy program:

  • Direct one-on-one coaching
  • Learning how to find suppliers
  • Three free images for your Amazon listing
  • Learning how to open an Amazon FBA account
  • Lots of training videos to learn from

Here’s what they didn't like:

  • The emphasis on selling cheaply made products from China
  • The difficulty of communicating and dealing with foreign suppliers
  • The lack of guaranteed profit of any kind
  • It takes 3-5 months to sell your first product
  • To rank your product, you need to spend $400-$700 (likely on PPC/sponsored advertising)
  • Amazon can literally copy your product and compete with you (they can even undercut you at ridiculously low prices and then bring the price back up when you’re out of business)
  • You can spend over $7,000 yet make zero dollars
  • A cheap product can equal lots of returns (leading to bad reviews)
  • You can end up with only 25% - 30% of your revenue after expenses (e.g. shipping fees, transaction fees, inspection fees, etc.)

According to their experience, the cost for Ecom Dave's Amazon FBA coaching was $4,000. They gained nothing after investing four months in the program. Overall, they found it not worth it after learning about the hidden expenses, cheap product recommendations, and unexpected difficulty of dealing with international suppliers.

Is Amazon FBA Even Worth It In 2022?

Amazon FBA is still a profitable venture in 2022. But there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, it's a saturated market and it's getting more full by the second. At least 4,000 new sellers join every day. So if you don't have some kind of advantage in the market, you can be undercut and pushed out of business. Worse still, Amazon can (and will) do this is as well!

Second, the costs of running an Amazon FBA business are growing steadily. Base operation costs increased by 5.2% this year. And sellers are reporting a 3-4x increase in shipping fees. This should be factored into your numbers if you're considering starting an Amazon FBA business.

Finally, beware of account suspension. Because of the large amount of new sellers joining every day, Amazon has become more liberal with suspending accounts. Amazon isn't a fan of dropshippers in particular as it can confuse customers with where their product comes from. So they have no problems with simply suspending large groups of accounts with little warning. 

Ultimately, as long as you can deal with these issues and are ready to enter a hyper-competitive market that requires constant work and innovation, then you can make Amazon FBA work.


If you want to start an FBA business and would like a great coach, then Ecom Dave is a good bet. You've got plenty to get you started between genuine coaching and his range of training videos. However, keep in mind that there's no guarantee of financial profit. Additionally, you'll be facing profit-killing expenses and supplier communication issues that'll prove annoying to deal with.

Local Lead Generation is Cheaper and Safer Than Amazon FBA

A big problem with Amazon FBA is how expensive it can be without ensuring you’ll make a dime of it back. Plus, international suppliers can be a pain to interact with due to language barriers. 

These issues are solved with local lead generation because the investment is much smaller (basically the time and energy needed to set up a small website, which can be done in your spare time for relatively cheap). And you only work with local business owners as well.

Learn more about local lead generation and see why 7,000 students (including me) believe it’s the #1 method to make money online today.
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