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April 26, 2022


Step 1: Learning the Basics

Finding a Winning Product With Product Research

Amazon FBA is all about finding a product to sell and giving it to Amazon to ship for you... right? While there’s a bit more that goes into your role as an FBA seller than that, that is essentially how Amazon FBA works. This makes Amazon FBA incredibly competitive as there are hundreds of millions of products for sale on the Amazon Marketplace. If you want to find a product opportunity that sticks out from all that competition, you need to take a focused approach to product research. Our Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial breaks down the process step-by-step to help you find products that sell profitably. 

Show Off Your Brand With Your Product Packaging

You are limited in the ways you can portray your brand to your customers. Aside from your product, your product packaging is the only other tangible thing that they can touch to get a sense of what your brand is about. That is why it’s important to create product packaging that encompasses the values of your brand. Your product packaging isn’t just a box that your item arrives in, it’s part of the overall experience for your customer that has the potential to convert them into lifelong brand loyalists. There are many ways to improve your packaging, but here are 7 Amazon product packaging tips to get you started. 

Start with the Perfect Product for a New Seller

Wondering what product to sell as a new Amazon FBA seller? You shouldn't jump into this business with a difficult product. This can heighten your chances of losing your entire initial investment and/or having your account suspended by Amazon. Instead, start slow with the products most likely to help you succeed. These products will help you reduce Amazon FBA fees, minimize customer complaints, and keep your metrics in a healthy place. That way, you will learn the ropes of your Amazon Seller Central Account with less risk. Then, scale your business as you grow. 

Step 2: Listing Optimization

Getting Started With Amazon Listing Optimization

Once you have a product, you need to show that product to the Amazon Marketplace in a way that captures attention and convinces them to buy it. Whether it be the images that showcase your product or the copy that highlights its benefits and features, you will struggle to sell if your product listing is not a professionally crafted page. Luckily, it's easy to optimize your product listing if you know what needs to be addressed. Check out these 7 tips for optimizing your Amazon product listing to improve your visibility on the Amazon Marketplace and increase sales. 

Optimize Your Product Listing Title to Rank Higher

Your product title is of particular importance for Amazon SEO. Amazons A9 algorithm places the most weight on your product title in effectively showing your product on the Amazon Marketplace. Furthermore, it is one of the first pieces of information a potential customer will see when deciding whether they should explore your product listing further. These 7 Amazon title optimization tips will help you create titles that captivate Amazon shoppers and improve your products ranking.

Step 3: Choose Your Supplier

Step 4: Extend Reach With Amazon PPC Advertising

Unlock Your Selling Potential With the Right Amazon PPC Strategy

If you want to maximize your profit while selling on Amazon, you can't avoid Amazon PPC advertising. Amazon Sponsored Ads is Amazon's native advertising that allows you to promote your products on the Amazon Marketplace. However, it's easy to do the wrong way and waste money, especially if you aren't going in with a strategy. Here are 9 actionable Amazon PPC Strategy tips anyone can implement. 

Invest in an Amazon FBA Course

One of the best benefit of investing in a course is the community. Being able to ask questions and get feedback from other students that's also doing the same business model as you is priceless. It can save you lots of time because it can prevent you from making costly mistakes. We have reviewed a lot of Amazon FBA courses on this site and we've come up with a strict criteria on what makes it on our top list.

  • The coach is available inside the program to answer questions & provide support
  • The coach has proven track record of being successful with Amazon FBA for at least 3+ years
  • The training videos are well produced and covers every facet of the business model in-depth 
  • The community is active and engaging

Check out our Best Amazon FBA Courses page to have a look at what programs made the cut.

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