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E-Commerce Mentoring by Kamil Sattar. A dropshipping mentorship program that guarantees results? Full review (2024)

August 25, 2020

Does the King of Ecom deliver on this mentorship program? Or is it nothing but dropshipping hype? 
For those of you who follow the world of dropshipping regularly, Kamil Sattar will not be a new face.

Today we’ll have a look at what the ‘King’s’ new & exclusive mentoring program has to offer. 

E-Commerce Mentoring Program Overview

Ranked #1 out of 2 dropship mentoring courses (See full list here)
Up to 3 (YES! THREE) years.
Comprehensive, everything you need to start the biz
$5,000 or $1,200 over 6 months

The King is back! An intro to Kamil Sattar.

The story started back in 2017. Kamil Sattar the founder of E-commerce Mentoring, started by helping people with questions on different forums.

He soon realized that many people struggled to reach the same success he had achieved due to the increasing saturation of the business model.

That's when Kamil founded E-commerce Mentoring. And the goal was simple, devote as much time as possible to help a handful of the most dedicated people every month.

Since then E-commerce Mentoring has grown from being only Kamil, to a team of multi-talented and hardworking mentoring specialists. They're all known for their dropshipping results (despite the market saturation) and they are all willing to let you in on their 6-figure secrets.

At a price, of course...

Their Mission

"The collapse of the online courses system as we know it…"

Ok then…Those are fighting words.

Apparently, Kamil & Co are VERY dissatisfied with the way online courses are conducted & they aim to change that. Hopefully, for the better...

They’re on a mission to reform the tradition E-commerce education system, which according to them, is outdated & invalid. They don't have the same generic video lessons for EVERY student that enrolls like other dropshipping courses.

Instead, they focus on each student with 1-on-1 mentoring. They help nurture & grow the next breed of store owners with individual lessons, feedback and support.

Ecom Life

This mentoring program aims to help total beginners with zero e-commerce experience start & scale their own stores to profitable levels.

They also cater for experience dropshippers who need help with scaling 6-Figure stores to 7-Figure stores.

Eye of the Tiger

They designed their teaching to build real Ecom stores. Stores that have (what they call) the ‘Eye of the tiger’.  Clients are taught not only how to sell but how to build an incredible store.

You will learn how to manage cash-flow, how to understand Facebook ads & copywriting.

Last, you will learn how to manage mindset, structure & habits. These are useful skills to have if you're thinking of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Please note:
Let me start off by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Kamil Sattar or E-Commerce Mentoring in any way. I’m not getting any kickbacks or anything else from this review so it is an honest, unbiased opinion.

What is E-Commerce Mentoring all about?

The mentoring is only for 1 month. You can extend it for longer, however they have found that most students don’t need any more than the exclusive 1 month dedication from the mentors. 

Personally, I feel that mentoring should be an ongoing thing. There is no way I would have been as successful as I am now, if I had only had one month of mentoring... 

But that's just me, maybe you're gifted enough to learn the ins and outs of a business within a single month...

When comparing Kamil's E-Commerce Mentoring with other dropshipping courses, the following stand out:

Mentors; Kamil has gathered some of the dropshipping industry's most successful dropshippers to guide you.

1-on-1 Calls; You get 15+ calls a month, where their mentoring team will take you through every phase and answer any question about the business. 

Personalized Program; we know that every person is different and will have a different journey, which is why your mentor will create a program that is 100% made to suit your needs.

Assignments; though assignments might remind you of dull school work, Kamil & Co insist that it's not. Every assignment is designed to get you closer to your goal - dropshipping success.

24/7 Contact; while you may not be on a call with the mentors 24/7, they can always be reached to answer any questions through text.

Templates; you can request templates to speed up the creation of content, store layout, etc. 

Some of the other highlights for me, are:

Finding Your Winning Products 

  • Kamil's Ecommerce Mentoring Team will show you how to get winning products.
  • You also receive the E-Sniper tool (worth $240 per year), &  DropshipRabbit (worth $240 per year), that helps you find products.
  • You get a free 3-month trial of  Udroppy Pro to help you find suppliers, worth $450.

Building Your Store 

  • Shopify store theme: Debutify Guru yearly plan worth $600. 
  • LaunchStores will build your website, that's worth $500. 
Then you also get the expected/universal dropshipping lessons on how to:
Automate Your Business
Optimize & Scale                        
How to maximize your Profit 

SO... Nothing new in the content area than most other mentoring programs…

However, the difference comes in with them offering true 1-on-1 mentorship.
Clients are screened & go through a vetting process to see if you will benefit (& probably if you can afford it…) & if you will be a good fit for the mentors.

You will receive between 15-25 calls during your mentoring month, each lasting between 30-90min…depending on you. - There are no ‘group calls', it’s truly 1-on-1. 

They will also create the mentoring around your specific needs... So, if you’re starting out, or you want to scale your existing store to the 6/7 figure group – they will adjust it accordingly…Pretty cool

Review Conclusion

Truth be told, I think that Kamil’s approach to the mentoring is very good. He is very honest & upfront in telling you – before you even apply – that just because you’ve signed up for the Mentoring Program does not automatically mean that you will now make a success of your Dropshipping Store. (It's also a nice little disclaimer...)

Kamil states very clearly: “Dropshipping is NOT a Get Rich Scheme. Dropshipping will take at least 1-3yrs before you will see any life changing results.” - They even advise that although they will help you with your dropshipping store, they will ultimately advise you on extending your e-commerce business portfolio…

If you can read between the lines, that means that even Kamil admits that dropshipping is not a long-term business model. Finally someone in dropshipping is telling the truth.

Why are they advising people to expand their horizons? Because Kamil & Co knows that the dropshipping business model is flawed & unsustainable over the long term.

I’ll explain why I say this below.


What I like:

  • Mentoring is tailored according to your needs .
  • All mentors are previous 6/7 figure students of Kamil’s.
  • No Groups – just you & mentor.
  • Kamil’s enthusiasm & dedication to his students.
  • Calls every 2nd day – for up to 90min. INVALUABLE!

What I didn't like:

  • Only expect to be given a price after they have approved your application.
  • It covers the same stuff as every other dropshipping program out there.
  • Will not provide you with passive income.
  • Not the best business model for 2020.

Is a dropshipping mentoring course (even one as good as this), worth all your time (up to 3 years), effort & MONEY? 

I have two main issues:
1. There is too much competition to sell the same products
I’ll be the first to tell you to never be afraid of competition.  In fact, competition means that you are in a healthy industry and you actually WANT competition in your industry.

But that is when you have something of your own AND are able to control your own fate with a superior product or service, like Lead Gen… you don’t have that when you’re shipping someone else’s products from China.

Competition is a big negative when it comes to dropshipping because of the absolutely absurd numbers involved.

On AliExpress, there is no cap on the number of sellers allowed to sell a given product. There is no enforced MAP (minimum advertised price), and really, there is nothing to protect you and your business.

You regularly see posts and YouTube videos and emails from BIG dropshipping companies like Oberlo, where they "suggest" their Top 20 products to sell.

How many thousands of dropshippers will end up selling the same old boring line of products to the same customers? Does this make business sense to you??

How do you think that is going to work out for those who follow their advice? If you want to jump on the bandwagon of bamboo sunglasses, hideous cheap anchor bracelets, or LED pet collars, I'd like to see you build a sustainable biz...

Not gonna happen bro...

It will just be you and the other 50,000 people that opened that same email & believe the same lie. Competition is good, right?

Ooh… & don’t forget the ever-popular yoga pants on the list too - because who didn’t come across 5,000 terrible yoga pant stores last holiday season?

Don’t get me wrong, yoga pants are a hot industry.  People like comfortable apparel and ladies enjoy yoga pants.

If you are thinking about starting your own brand that sells Yoga pants and you're going to be the next Lululemon, then go for it.  I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.
But selling the exact same poor quality and terrible designed yoga pants that all those other people are trying to hustle?  Don’t waste your time.

The kicker in the whole thing that really makes me laugh is that Oberlo not only gives you the product, but they give you the EXACT Facebook targeting that you should use with screenshots.

So when you’re selling your bamboo sunglasses that Oberlo is telling everyone to push, be sure to target 18 to 65-year-old people, in the U.S. who like Maui Jim just like they advise you to do.

With all the other hopeful, bright-eyed, newbie dropshippers running the exact same ad targeting, you’ll spend so much money on advertising that maybe you’ll forget all about why dropshipping is a terrible idea and instead blame how expensive it is to advertise on Facebook these days...
2. The Tools You Use Are Intentionally Misleading
I believe there are many products that do basically this same thing, but the one I am going to focus on is called eCOMHUNT.

Sites like these are membership sites that dropshippers join to identify the hottest, latest and greatest new trinkets being offered on AliExpress. It's supposed to take the hassle out of finding products. Problem is, you & 10,000 other dropshippers end up with the same suggested products...

In the first screen grab below, is a product in the featured results page of ECOMHUNT …you guys can look it up yourselves, finding similar examples is really easy.
This is a product called “Grip & Flip Tongs”.  The ECOMHUNT page shows that this product will cost you $6.99 and that you can set the selling price to be $22.99. Who knows where they got that figure from because where I’m from – aka real world – nobody’s ever paying that much for it…   

They also offer profit margins and expected conversion rates for your marketing. If you sit an do your own math, you'll see that the figures they offer are VERY optimistic... 

Oh, and don't forget to check the supplier on AliExpress...

Your customers can expect to get their product between 12 - 20 days. Already too long if you compare it with Amazon. 

But here's the kicker - at the bottom it says it can take as much as 35 days to reach your customer. Only AFTER 35 days can you claim for a refund... Think you will have many happy returning customers...?

Just doing a little basic research on this product, a quick Google search for the phrase Grip & Flip Tongs, I quickly find some wonderful fellow dropshippers offering this very product.

Here's an example:
This website looks like a thousand other cookie cutter dropshipping stores out there. It tries to tell customers that this product is actually $40, but if I hurry and order one of the last 2 products remaining in stock, I can get it for the bargain price of ONLY $24.95.

The product description and images are EXACTLY THE SAME as those shared on, and of course, “Items May Take 15-30 Days To Arrive Due To High Demand”.

What possible ‘High demand’ can there be for plastic tongs worth $2, selling for $24.95...?

It's nothing more than a sales ploy to get people to buy, & to pave the way for the inevitable slow shipping. 

Here's another example:
Yet another cookie cutter, non-original, quickly-made dropshipping store. But on the bright side, this item that is “regularly” priced at $39.99 is on sale for only $19.99 today!

The third result on Google offering this product is the most professional looking site of the three so far. 
Here, the regular price of this item is shown as $34.99 and now you can get it on sale (of course) for only… $15.99. Same product, same images, different pricing strategy.

For fun, let’s just take a look at the first Ebay paid search result listing on the Google page. Interestingly, here is the exact same product available for only $9.19 – with FREE SHIPPING.
The most interesting thing though, is not the price.

Did you see it? eBay lists it as a 2018 product, whereas Ecomhunt would have you believe this is a HOT! NEW! product...

Shoppers are also increasingly searching for the best price of a product they are interested in.

So if they take the time to do a quick search, why on earth would they ever buy from a dropshipping store with OBVIOUSLY INFLATED PRICES?

So, anyone interested in playing this terrible game? Seriously… how can anyone think this is a good business model?

This is why my top recommendation for 2020 business model is still Lead Generation

Here’s just some of the reasons why Lead Generation is a far more sustainable & ethical business model

I still honestly believe, that as a long-term business model Dropshipping is not the way to go. There’s just too many problems with it… 

Why compete in a race to the bottom, when you can be a winner at the top..?

So, anyone interested in playing this terrible game? Seriously… how can anyone think this is a good business model?

This is why my top recommendation for 2020 business model is still Lead Generation.

Here’s just some of the reasons why Lead Generation is a far more sustainable & ethical business model.

I’ve found that the lead generation business model is more lucrative & much more stable in terms of growth and recurring income than all the other online biz models.

Having a Lead generation skill is, in my opinion, one of the most sought after skills on the internet & it’s one of the best high-income skills you can learn in 2020.

There are many reasons why I love this business model (believe me I’ve tried a few). At the end of the day, I can be proud of what I do. I’ve developed a skill & built a business platform that allows me to make a real difference in other business owners’ lives. 

I’ve managed to build an ethical business that’s here to stay & that makes me love what I do.

There was a time when making $10K per month seemed way out of reach for me.

Now, I feel making $10K per month is no big deal & actually feels way too low for me. But most importantly, I now feel like I am worth a lot more than just that because of the skills & expertize that I’ve developed.

Your skills are your skills & no one can take that away from you. Even if you go bankrupt, lose all your assets, you’ll have the knowledge & confidence that you can build it all back up again.

Here's a quick comparison between Local Lead Gen and Dropshipping:


  • For most products, you’ll have to cut into your profits to keep your sales prices competitive.
  • Chasing trending products doesn't work. You have to build a BRAND. That takes time...
  • Low barrier to entry means a lot of competition.
  • No Control - Shopify can freeze your store + No control over supply-chain
  • Unhappy customers.

Lead Generation

  • High profit margins of 90%
  • Passive income! 
  • Skills needed to rank to Number One = high barrier to entry.
  • Complete Control - You own your digital real estate sites.
  • Happy and loyal clients for life!

The beauty about this whole concept is that ALL the lead gen sites you build, you own…it’s your own little piece of digital real estate,

Take a look at this tree service site I built in 2014. The calls it’s generating for this company is paying me $2k per month… every month, since 2014…
That’s $24,000 a year, and $120,000 in total from this little site’s lifetime over the last 5 years up to 2020…how’s that for a passive residual income? 

And this is just one example of the many sites I own.
Here's another example, circa 2014. And still paying me monthly. With no maintenance...
Limo Lead Gen
Imagine building an empire of these lead gen properties THAT YOU OWN..?

Unlike dropshipping, NO ONE can steal your lead gen site or your number and advertise or market it as their own. They can't copy, paste and clone your site.

Lead gen also has several other advantages:
  • Local lead Gen offers attraction marketing, rather than interruption marketing such as Facebook ads. Your search results reach the intended audience - people who are actively searching for our service. You're not interrupting them on social media.
  • Lead gen requires less effort to get going. You don't have to focus (constantly) on advertising mediums to generate leads. Lead gen runs on autopilot once you're ranking.
  • Local Lead Gen supports local business. You can make a difference to businesses and the community. There's no job satisfaction from running ad campaigns and sitting behind a desk all day.
  • Most businesses you are competing with do not have a clue about digital marketing. That makes it easy to rank your site and then in turn, help your client.
  • Once the site is up and ranking, you rinse and repeat the process. This allows you to create an empire of lead gen sites. 
The truth is, as long as there are local businesses & this thing called the Internet - I'll always be in business.

If you would like to learn more about how I generate 52K per month while helping local business owners, then click here or the button below.
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