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6 Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Courses: 3 Reasons Why They Can Make You More Money In 2024

August 4, 2023

picture of FB marketplace logo

Facebook Marketplace is the hot new drop shipping channel for drop shippers. With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, it's the world's most prominent social media channel. The platform isn't saturated yet, but it's still super competitive.

But taking a Facebook Marketplace dropshipping course is the best way to set yourself up for success. You can learn from an industry leader. Plus, you'll get a step-by-step blueprint for making money with the business model. 

In this article, we'll list six top courses for 2024, including the price tag and pros and cons. Plus, learn three reasons you should invest in a course if you want to make more money. 

Consider starting a local lead generation company (if you want to make real money online). Not only is there less competition than dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace, but you have total control of your business. So you don't need to worry about platform rules or account bans. In fact, lead generation is the best way for you to generate passive income online in 2024.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping?

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping is one of the best ways to connect with a large audience and connect with your ideal target market. You can get your winning product in front of potential customers ready to buy now without spending a ton of money on paid ads. But you can lose money if you decide to dropship on Facebook Marketplace, and there are a few pros and cons to consider before you get started, including things like:


You can access an established audience (free organic traffic) on a trusted platform.

You can broaden your reach and connect with your ideal target audience without the use of paid ads.

Listing on the platform is easy (you can list and launch new items quickly so you can scale faster).


You need to sell trending products, or you won't make a ton of sales. 

There's no option for hyperlinks. (But you can add your store website to your product description).

Limited to mobile devices.

Do I Need A Course For Facebook Dropshipping?

No, you don't need a course for dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. You can find all the information about this online business model on YouTube or even Facebook. But by investing in a Facebook Marketplace course, all of the information is in one place. So not only do you save time. But you'll learn from an industry expert what mistakes to avoid and how to make the most money. 

Trainings range in price from free to a few hundred dollars. But they're worth it if you want to learn the fundamentals or you're interested in getting industry hacks on the best products to sell and how to scale fast. In addition, the business model is competitive, and hundreds of people are entering the space every day. 

But by investing in a training program, you can get a leg up on the competition, set yourself up for success, and make money quicker. But the best dropshipping course aligns with your budget and long-term goals. So you need to research and decide which is the best choice for you. Below are 6 top picks for 2024, so let's check them out:

1. Dropship Lifestyle: With Anton Kraly (Most Expensive Course)

Facebook Warriors is the most expensive option we found. But Anton Krayl is the only instructor that teaches people to dropship high-ticket items (like furniture, patio sets, rugs, etc.). Or why you should target the upper-middle class to generate higher profit margins.

Anton teaches you everything from product research to sourcing inventory and securing reliable suppliers that offer a fast shipping option. Then, Kraly covers his exact process of generating quality and profitable leads on FB. From your ad style and copy to tips on 'how to kill the game' with your campaigns. You'll also learn strategies on how to do less work but make more money. The importance of perceived value and why it's easier to buy traffic to make profits.

image of dropship lifestyle logo

Anton has been an entrepreneur since 2006. Today he has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Anton reports that he continues to actively work on his drop shipping business and was awarded Shopify's Best Ecommerce Course in 2017. In March 2022, Kraly was awarded YouTube's 'over 100K subscribers' plaque. (He currently has 104K).

Anton is active in the program's exclusive FB group and weekly live streams on his YouTube channel. Anton hosts a podcast, blog, and free webinar and has taught over 14,000 students in 25 different countries. Facebook Warriors includes eight hours of intensive training in over-the-shoulder videos.

Anton teaches his students the best way to create marketing funnels and the benefits of targeting evergreen niches with products that appeal to the upper-middle class. He also gives tips on leveraging 'easy offers.' using paid traffic from trusted platforms and create a winning system. In addition, students receive in-depth training on how to scale faster and circumvent Facebook ads fatigue and account bans. 


Anton focuses on how to dropship high-end items that cater to the upper-middle class (which is less competitive) and provides the ultimate guide on how to start and scale your online business.

Anton shares solid techniques on how to create profitable ad campaigns and strategies on how to advertise dropshipping stores successfully.

Anton teaches students how to use effective research tools like Google Trends and Google Keywords to find the best dropshipping niches with high-search queries.


Anton's training is expensive, plus you need to factor in costs for ad spend.

Students are taught how leverage paid ads but the material  doesn't delve in-depth into other marketing strategies you can use to grow your Shopify store.


The DSL Facebook Marketplace drop shipping course costs $997.


DSL offers a 30-day refund policy but but 'action tasks' must be completed to be eligible so be sure to read the fine print before you sign.

Start Date

Dropship Lifestyle FB course was created in 2018.


DSL has a supportive community of over 14,000 students, including a private FB Group, a Fast Business Forum, and annual retreats. He also shares weekly live streams and FAQs on his YouTube channel. In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support and numerous done-for-you outsourcing options.

Live Streams

Anton Kraly hosts weekly live streams on his YouTube channel and podcast, in addition to being active in the FB group and forum

For more information, check out my Anton Kraly Review
Anton’s Course: Dropship Lifestyle

2. Facebook Marketplace Titans: By Paul Lipsky (Best Affordable Course)

Paul Lipsky's Marketplace Dropshipping Titans gets our vote as the best affordable course. Paul teaches people how to use a trusted platform like Facebook to dropship winning products and why a pre-existing consumer base with a working system is easier than the traditional Shopify dropshipping model.

Paul shares his three-step blueprint on how to be successful and personal tips on how to build a profitable online business. In addition, Paul offers his students weekly support and live streams. Students also have access to a private FB group and 24/7 customer service. 

photo of paul lipsky

Paul Lipsky has four years of experience drop shipping on third-party platforms and is still actively involved in his business, so he's on top of current trends. This means he can share relevant data and actionable strategies working in the market right now. In addition, Paul has taught over 10,000 students and has earned $2.5 million in two years using the methods he teaches in his training.

Paul shares in-depth material with over-the-shoulder video content, like how to write a winning product listing and where to find reliable suppliers. Paul's content is excellent for beginners and experienced sellers looking for other platforms to dropship products and includes lifetime updates.


Marketplace Dropshipping Titans offers detailed training on how to create and optimize your Facebook Marketplace account listings (including his 'backward' product research method.

Paul shares his list of suppliers (including Walmart & Home Depot).

A Chrome Extension for automation (Titan's Marketplace Helper).


Paul teaches retail arbitrage, which has some of the lowest profit margins online.

Paul's training lacks substance around some of the money-making angles you can use to increase revenue for your Facebook store.


Paul Lipsky's Marketplace Dropshippping Titans costs $497 or three installments of $197.


Marketplace Dropshipping Titans offers a refund within 30-days if you provide proof of completion of identified tasks. 

Start Date

Paul Lipsky's Marketplace Dropshipping Titans course started in 2020.


Paul Lipsky offers a Mastermind Facebook group with over 4000 members. Paul's training includes in-depth material with over-the-shoulder video content that is excellent for beginners and experienced sellers looking for other platforms to dropship products with lifetime updates.

Live Streams

Paul hosts weekly live streams & FAQs every Tuesday on his YouTube channel.

For more information, check out my Paul Lipsky Review

3. Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping 2.0 With eCom Tom (Dropshipping University)

eCom Tom's Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping 2.0 (also called Dropshipping University) shows people the same skills he uses to sell thousands of items every month. Tom Cormier teaches students the fundamentals of the platform and the advantages of the new features on the platform.

Watch over his shoulder as he shows students how to find high-profit items. He also shares his personal hacks on how to semi-automate processes and a 'no shipping' solution, plus tips on how to keep your identity 'a secret.'

image of dropshipping university logo
picture of tom cormier

Tom Cormier, aka eCom Tom: Claims to have earned over $1.4 million on eBay in addition to running several online businesses that generate an income of $200,000/month and has a clear and concise instruction style.

He's the creator of three online training programs specializing in current eCommerce trends. Tom is also active on YouTube with 37.2 subscribers, a blog, and an engaged social media following.

Tom has five years of experience drop shipping on third-party sites, including eBay and Amazon. He continues to be an active online seller and is current on updates and added features for dropshippers on the Facebook platform. In addition, Tom has taught over 10K students and holds a 4.6-star review on TrustPilot.


Tom teaches proven strategies to sell and make money with retail arbitrage.

Dropship University's training includes bonuses, resources, and tips on the best dropshipping product research tools.

Students get lifetime access to the course with regular updates.


No live streams, although customer support and the FB group offer 24/7 assistance.

The content is geared more toward sellers living in the USA and isn't really conducive to people living elsewhere.


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping 2.0 costs $347. 


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping 2.0 does not appear to offer any refund policy.

Start Date

Tom Cormier's Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping 2.0 started in 2018.


Tom Cormier has an active FB group with over 1300 students led by a panel of experts. Tom’s course includes seven hours of immersive learning and comprehensive training for beginner or advanced sellers. Reshape how you make money online with a 'fully operational' Facebook drop shipping business. 

Live Streams

eCom Tom is active in the private FB group and publishes regular content on his blog and YouTube channel.

4. Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Foundations With Cameron Lawrence (Best Udemy Course)

Cameron Lawrence's Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Foundations is the top-rated course on Udemy and teaches students how to start, launch and scale a business from the ground up. This course is ideal for beginners. (Cameron is relatively new to the industry himself). 

picture of cameron lawrence facebook page
photo of cameron lawrence

Cameron Lawrence began drop shipping as a side hustle. He learned to generate thousands of dollars in profits through trial and error. Now he's teaching students industry tricks in his beginner course backed by Udemy. Cameron is active on YouTube and has 8.4K subscribers. He also has a private FB group with 12.7K members.

Now, he's sharing the secrets that made him almost $700 in his first month of learning. In over-the-shoulder video training, students get actionable strategies that include techniques to generate sales faster and achieve profitable results. Cameron has a no-nonsense teaching style but is also very relatable and has a 4.4-star rating on Udemy.


Cameron shares a step-by-step process that is perfect for beginners.

Students get lifetime access.

Udemy's 30-day money-back guarantee backs the training. 


No live streams.

Cameron isn't as established as other marketplace dropship coaches on our list.


Cameron Lawrence's Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Foundations is priced at $108.99.


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Foundations is backed by Udemy's 30-day money-back guarantee.

Start Date

The start date for Cameron Lawrence's Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Foundations is 2021.


Students of Cameron's course can connect via Udemy. But can also join Cameron's Facebook community and connect with other marketplace dropshippers. The course includes 1.5 hours of on-demand video instruction and 4 downloadable resources. Students get actionable strategies on payment methods, tracking numbers, and handling returns. Cameron also shares his techniques for finding winning products and listing products to improve your dropshipping success rate.

Live Streams

Cameron Lawrence does not offer live streams.

5. Facebook Dropship Pro By Bryan Guerra (Best Value For Money)

Bryan Guerra's Facebook Dropship Pro is unquestionably the best option for the price of admission. Not only does Bryan share a step-by-step process on how to build, scale and automate your dropshipping store, but he also shares numerous third-party sites where you can rinse and repeat the process and make even more money.

image of facebook dropship pro logo
photo of bryan guerra

Bryan began his drop shipping journey on Amazon in 2018 and continues to be actively involved in the business. So not only does he have on-hands experience, but he's privy to current trends and the platform's constant updates and added features. (So he can share relevant information and methods that will work now). 

Bryan Guerra is the owner of a 6-figure dropshipping business. After generating tremendous success with  Amazon drop shipping, Bryan has shifted gears. Now 60-70% of his revenue and profits come from Facebook. Facebook Dropship Pro is Bryan's only course to date and offers a step-by-step blueprint on how to start and scale your business. Active on YouTube with 6.49K subscribers and a Facebook page with 38.1K subscribers, he's getting noticed online. 

Bryan’s training offers actionable strategies in six detailed modules divided into digestible segments. Students learn how to dropship using third-party platforms, and his material is exceptionally comprehensive and suitable for both beginners and advanced sellers. 


Bryan Guerra's Facebook Dropship Pro teaches in-depth training on retail arbitrage for third-party platforms.

Sudents get lifetime access to all future updates.

Bryan shares his top picks for automation software (ZeeDrop) and tips for circumventing account suspensions.


No live streams or active customer support channels (but he does share a free download).

Bryan's just getting started as a coach, so there aren't a lot of online reviews about his training program. 


Bryan Guerra's Facebook Dropship Pro price tag is a one-time payment of $295.


Facebook Dropship Pro provides a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Start Date

Bryan Guerra's Facebook Dropship Pro was created in 2019.


Bryan Guerra's Facebook Dropship Pro has a private FB group with 2.2K members where students can discuss drop shipping, online arbitrage, Amazon FBA Wholesale, and general reselling tactics.

Live Streams

This option does not host lives streams. 

Bryan Guerra’s Course: Facebook Dropship Pro

6. Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course From AutoDS (Best Free Course)

The training is a plug for their software; however, it does share some solid tactics. Students can streamline some processes and get the basics in one place with this free 'comprehensive Facebook Marketplace dropshipping guide.'

picture of autods logo
photo of liran zablo

Meet your AutoDS Coach Liran Zablo. An experienced dropshipper and eCommerce educator. He's also a proficient content manager and producer.

AutoDS free training includes just over 25 minutes of video tutorial where Liran Zablo shares his list of best sellers, where to find a reliable dropshipping supplier, and how to find profitable items. 


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course From AutoDS is free and available on YouTube or through the AutoDS website.

Liran Zablo is a natural teacher and does a great job explaining the basics of the business model.

This free training is ideal for beginners or people interested in learning about the platform.


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course From AutoDS is short, so there's not as much information as other training options available.

Some of the content applies only to residents of the USA.


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course From AutoDS is a free course.


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course From AutoDS does not offer a refund policy.

Start Date

AutoDS started their free Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course in 2021.  


AutoDS is a cloud-based drop shipping software. The company employs numerous professionals and offers eBooks, a blog, podcast, webinars, and a YouTube channel with 41K subscribers, software, and 1:1 mentorship.

Live Streams

The AutoDS material doesn't host live streams. 

3 Reasons Why A Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Course Can Make You More Money In 2024

Investing in a Facebook Marketplace dropshipping course is a way to make more money on the platform. Get tips on what products to sell, how to avoid account bans, and a step-by-step guide on best-selling practices. Here are 3 reasons why a Facebook Marketplace drop shipping course can make you more money in 2024:

1. Learn What Dropshipping Products To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

You need to know what dropshipping products to sell on Facebook Marketplace if you want to make money. First, you need to determine your niche. What is the most profitable? The most profitable niche on FB revolves around trending products.

Consider that you rely on interruption marketing, so you need to grab the attention of your target audience. To make fast sales on Facebook Marketplace, you need to sell a product that:

What Products Sell Fast On Facebook Marketplace?

  • Products that solve a problem
  • Items that make a person's life easier
  • Products that are hard to find
  • A drop shipping product that's trending right now

But you need a compelling hook and a scroll-stopping Facebook Marketplace listing that invokes emotion or impulse buys. But selling on Facebook Marketplace can be highly profitable because you're leveraging a platform with an established audience. By investing in a course, you can learn tricks on how to get more sales and drive traffic to your online store (and not get banned) with things like:

  • How to write a high-converting product listing
  • How to find winning products that sell well 
  • What tools to use to spy on the competition

You need to be ready to pivot if your items aren't selling on Facebook Marketplace. For example; 

  1. Are your items priced too high?
  2. What price point is the competition?
  3. Are your descriptions detailed? 
  4. Could you add more information or better images?

It's about testing the market. Find what works and scale and be willing to shift gears or do better when things don't. And that's how you'll make money on the platform in 2024.

2. Get Tips On How To Be A Successful Dropshipper On Facebook Marketplace Without Using Paid Ads

You can succeed without paying for a Facebook ad as a dropshipper on Facebook Marketplace. But you need to learn how to create a product listing that will launch to the top of the platform. The goal is to get your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible. And how you can drive organic traffic to your store.

First, you need a good product so check out sites like TikTok Made Me Buy It, Amazon, and AliExpress to see what items are selling well right now. Then use third-party spy tools like AdSpy and figure out where the competition is doing well and how you can do better or fill a gap in the market. For example;

How To Make Sales As A Dropshipper On Facebook Marketplace Without Paid Ads

  • Can you create a better offer?

  • Could you sell your product for less and still make a profit?

  • Can you leverage a unique angle to create a buzz around your listing?

But be sure you pick products that you can sell on the platform. A fast way to get your account banned or even suspended is to try to sell things that aren't allowed. A few items not allowed on Facebook include things like:

  • Drugs & Weapons
  • Animals & Adult Products
  • Tobacco & Health-Care Related Products

But by investing in a Facebook Marketplace drop shipping course, you can get tips on what not to sell and how to create listings that result in sales. And learn tips on how to leverage the platform and increase your dropshipping success rate. Then you can get your product in front of your ideal target market and make fast sales.

3. Learn Industry Hacks On How Not To Fail With Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

Most people fail with drop shipping because they quit too soon. But it takes time to learn, so even if you only want this to be your side hustle, you still need to have a few key skills to make sales on the platform. So you need to invest the time to learn drop shipping skills like:

  • How to create a listing 
  • Where to find images
  • How to choose the best product title
  • How to price your products

Facebook Marketplace is a good side hustle. But if you can fine-tune your skills and learn from an industry expert, you can scale and generate a full-time income with your Facebook Marketplace account. 

Why Do Sellers Want To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace?

Sellers want to dropship on Facebook Marketplace because that's where the people are and one of the best places to get a ton of eyeballs on your product. There are an estimated one billion Marketplace visitors every month. So you have access to an established platform with a ready-made customer base, and you have several options as a seller that include:

Facebook Marketplace Store: list, find, and advertise products (like Craigslist). But there's no transaction gateway or option to make payments. 

A Facebook Shop: can be connected to your website or eCommerce store, and products are sold directly from the platform via your FB page (offers checkout and payment features). 

Facebook Page: links to your website and allows you to post promotions and ads.

But to maximize your profits, you need to know how to play the game. First, you'll need a FB account to sign up. Then use tools like Amazon's best sellers list, eBay's top-selling items, or TikTok made me buy it to determine things like:

  • What do people actually want to buy?
  • What products are trending?

This ecommerce business is based on the retail arbitrage selling method. So you need to find popular items and profitable products for a discounted price on sites like Walmart, Home Depot, or Amazon. 

Then you relist those products at a markup and profit from the difference. But Facebook is a third-party platform like eBay or Amazon (and the barrier to entry is even lower). But you can make good profit margins on your items without facing market saturation. (Because of the way FB shows results to customers solely based on where they live).

However, you constantly need to add products to your store to achieve high sales. And you need to ensure that you're fulfilling orders quickly to win favor with the platform. In addition, the customers belong to the platform. So it can be challenging for drop shippers to build brand loyalty, unlike the lead generation business model, where you drive traffic to websites and generate leads you own. Then you sell those leads to small business owners for a profit. 

Is Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Worth It?

Facebook Marketplace drop shipping is worth it if you hone in on in-demand items and winning products. Global eCommerce sales will exceed $5 trillion in 2022 and grow to over $7 trillion by 2025. And Facebook is laser-focused on promoting its new Shops option.

Dropshippers can leverage the platform's extreme level of traffic to connect with potential buyers. So you can connect with a ready-made consumer base (one without the oversaturation found on platforms like eBay and Amazon). Then leverage a relatively untapped market, which could significantly improve your success rate.

But FB guidelines indicate that you need to upload tracking numbers within 1-2 days. And all items must be shipped within 3 business days of confirming the order. So you need to have US dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping. (Because 2-3 weeks from China isn't going to fly).  Plus, Facebook Marketplace is still competitive, so you need to be a better marketer than the competition.

Publish compelling copy and listing descriptions. Include professional-looking photos and creatives to get potential buyers to stop scrolling and buy what you're selling. Or be willing to spend on paid ads. But with ad costs rising and razor-thin profit margins, retail arbitrage can quickly become a slippery downward slope.

"Facebook US ads are expected to surge 15% YoY in 2022". (Insider Intelligence)

Facebook Marketplace drop shipping is worth it if you can find winning products. Or a unique angle to set yourself apart from the competition. But the platform is location-based. So you need to make sure you live in a country where it's feasible, unlike lead generation—a business model where you can work anywhere in the world as long as you have Wi-Fi.

By leveraging Google, you drive leads to websites and generate leads for small business owners. You then sell those leads and achieve a semi-passive income. Facebook’s goal is to protect the welfare of consumers purchasing on the platform. And the customers belong to them. But with lead generation, your customers have a relationship with you.

What Are The Biggest Risks Of Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace?

The biggest risk of drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace is getting your account banned. After all, you're at the mercy of the platform—their customers-their rules. But the site offers a massive untapped opportunity for dropshippers in the online retail arbitrage ecommerce business. First, consider that you have a built-in consumer base, so your marketing efforts are simplified. But other disadvantages and risks you need to be aware of on the platform include things like:

Risks Involved With Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace

  • The platform always sides with the Facebook user and protects its customers. So if a customer says the product never arrived or makes a chargeback, you, as the seller, have little to no recourse. 
  • The barrier to entry is so low (you only need a Facebook account to get started). So the competition is escalating, and new sellers are entering the market daily

  • The features often lag and aren't consistent across dashboards. The platform continues to upgrade and add features, but there are still a ton of glitches (and they happen randomly).

  • Bans and suspensions have always been a roadblock. Unfortunately, this continues to be the case (even with the new features). 

  • Seller support is slow and not very helpful.

  • Payouts are also extremely slow. So you need to have some startup capital if you want to be successful. You also need to ensure you have a tracking number (or you risk not getting paid at all). 
  • Automation continues to be a struggle despite the advancements.

But the platform continues to make it advantageous for sellers. From its low fees (5%) to high-volume traffic Facebook Marketplace drop shipping offers a way to generate an online income. But it might not be the best online business to start in 2024

Despite the enhancements, you're still using the resellers' business model. So not only do you have to answer to their rules, but you also need to make a ton of sales to make any real profits. 


1. How Much Can A Beginner Dropshipper Make On Facebook Marketplace?

Beginner dropshippers can make as much as $700-$1000+/week on Facebook Marketplace. But you need to sell items people want to buy. A few top sellers include things like:

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Costume Jewelry & Purses/Wallets
  • Watches & Books
  • Fitness Equipment & Baby Items

The goal is to price to sell. So you need to use clear images and include the right keywords in your product listings. Consider reposting your Facebook Marketplace listing on peak times (like the weekend when people are on their phones) and offer bundles or suggest add-ons to include similar products you have listed in your Facebook store.

2. Can You Make A Living On Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can make a living on Facebook Marketplace. The key with retail arbitrage is to buy low and sell high, so you need to become a bargain hunter. Go to clearance sales, auctions, and flea markets, or even find items in your home you can sell for money now. But if you know how to create a good listing and drive traffic to your offer or dropshipping store, then you will make money.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace?

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is free for sellers that operate as an individual. But if you dropship as a merchant (which is standard), a 5% fee applies for every sale you make. 

4. What Percentage Does Facebook Marketplace Take?

Facebook Marketplace takes a 5% per shipment selling fee or a flat rate of .40 for shipments under $8, but they don't charge a listing fee to sell your items on the platform. 

5. What Does 1234 Mean On Facebook Marketplace?

1234 on Facebook Marketplace means that your price is up for negotiation. So, for example, if you list an item at $50 or $1234, you're implying that you would like $50 but would be willing to take less.

6. What Payment Methods Are Available On Facebook Marketplace?

Payment methods available on Facebook Marketplace are debit or credit. (Note that the platform is only compatible with banks in the USA) and does not accept PayPal as a form of payment. Of course, you can still dropship on Facebook if you don't live in the USA, but you'll need to use a personal Facebook account and won't be able to use any of the tools.


A Facebook Marketplace dropshipping course can teach you insider tricks. Including the fundamentals of the business model and profit hacks that are strategic to the platform. In addition, learn how to identify trending products and what dropshipping niches to avoid.

And get actionable tips on how to create product listings that drive sales. So you can set yourself up for success out of the gate. Plus, you get access to a coach and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you in your drop shipping journey. And that support can be invaluable. 

Is Facebook Dropshipping The Best Choice For You? Or Should You Consider Another Way To Make Money Online?

Facebook Marketplace isn't saturated yet, but that doesn't mean it's not competitive. You're focusing on the retail arbitrage method of drop shipping. (Which has some of the lowest profit margins). So even with automation tools, you need to sell tons of inventory to make substantial cash. That's why I prefer local lead generation.

Lead generation allows you to build systems and processes. So you can leverage Google and social media platforms. And drive organic leads to websites you build and 'rent out.' These sites generate leads. Then you sell those leads to local business owners and make a monthly passive income. You have complete control over every aspect of your business. In addition, you build genuine relationships in your community and help small businesses get their share of the market.

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