Top 17 Faceless TikTok Content Ideas & Niches (PLUS Worst Niches on TikTok Without Showing Your Face)

July 10, 2024

Here are the top faceless TikTok content ideas and niches:

  • Time-lapse art video tutorials

  • DIY life hacks

  • Slime and ASMR crafting

  • Tech reviews

  • Trending dance craze

  • DIY and crafting

  • Food and recipes

  • Fitness and workout

  • Travel and adventure

  • Book review and recommendations 

You can do hands-on demos, voiceovers, screen recordings, object focus, and graphics on TikTok without showing your face. The best part is that there are many tools that can help you with this. For example, CapCut can edit, trim, and add effects to your video content. Canva is great for creating graphics, animations, and adding text overlays. Pexels offers free stock images and videos you can use. 

The benefits of creating faceless TikTok content are increased creativity and maintaining anonymity. It allows you to focus on the creatives of your brand instead of on yourself. Plus, faceless marketing is seen as more authentic as it prioritizes the message. A Stackla survey found 86% of consumers look for authenticity in TikTok marketing. What’s more, you can keep your privacy and avoid self-consciousness. 

One successful faceless TikToker is quiz_pro. By creating super simple quizzes, viewers can easily join in the fun. They then can’t resist commenting on whether they were smart enough to get the answer right or were too slow or dumb. This has led to high engagement. Now, quiz_pro has almost 500K followers and over 8M likes. Through monetization, they earn a good amount for their highly engaging content.

Faceless tiktok success

The biggest challenge of creating a faceless TikTok is brand recognition. Since there's no face, you'll blend in with the other accounts in your niche. So you’ll need to come up with a distinctive way for users to know right away it's you. This way, whenever they see your video content, it will be memorable and recognizable. Quiz_pro does this by using the same brown background with a brain and fancy borders in every video.

Faceless TikTok success 1

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 17 TikTok content ideas without showing your face. We’ll also look at the worst niches to choose if you want to go faceless. Then, we'll give you some tips on how to become successful.

1. Faceless TikTok Time-Lapse Art Video Tutorials

Time-lapse art video tutorials are the most creative faceless TikTok content niches. As an artist, you can record the process of creating your artwork over an extended period. You then compress the footage into a short, accelerated video. This allows viewers to see the entire creative process in just a few minutes. Here’s what you’ll need for this type of art tutorial:

  • A well-organized and lighted workspace
  • Materials such as paints, brushes, pens, canvas or digital tools
  • A good camera setup, usually right above the painting and with no obstructions
  • A microphone if you’re doing a voiceover
  • Software that can speed up raw footage, such as Hyperlapse by Instagram or Lapse It
  • An editing app, such as InShot or CapCut, to trim, filter, or add text or music
  • TikTok built-in editing tools for the final adjustments on TikTok showcases her beautiful watercolor paintings with this strategy. She makes her time-lapse slower so that people can copy her every stroke. Once in a while, she posts a video to promote her pop-up shops. She also includes a link to her Etsy page, workshop website, etc... now has almost 17K followers on her TikTok account, and even more views and likes.

Time lapse art video tutorial
Time-lapse art video tutorial

2. Faceless TikTok DIY Life Hacks

DIY life hacks on TikTok range from simple household tips to creative projects done with everyday items. Since the focus is on the task, you don’t need to show your face at all. Plus, this popular niche gets users hooked and willing to try them out. A TikTok study found 92% of their audience performed an action as a result of these TikTok videos. So whether you’re selling a product or just want to help, here are some DIY life hack ideas that work on TikTok:

  • Show household organization tips
  • Share quick and effective cleaning hacks using common household items
  • Show easy recipes, kitchen tricks, or efficient food preparation
  • Teach how to create home decor, personalized gifts, and other craft projects
  • Offer tips on using smartphones, apps, and other tech tools
  • Provide travel tips, such as packing, budgeting, and essential travel items
  • Give family activities and advice
  • Share budgeting, shopping, and DIY repair tips
  • Promote sustainable living practices, upcycling projects, and gardening tips

TikTok user quicktips.88 shares useful tool tips. He posts videos of his work projects as an opportunity to help others. Thanks to his helpful and interesting guides, the account garnered 166K followers, 600K likes, and millions of views. 

DIY life hacks

3. Faceless TikTok Slime and ASMR Crafting

Slime and ASMR crafting are faceless content ideas that grab viewers’ attention. This is because they offer a visually and audibly satisfying experience. For this niche, you can either play with or create the slime. To tingle the senses, you'll need crisp sounds that capture every stretch, pull, and squish of the slime. Here’s what you’ll need for this:

  • Slime crafting materials or ready-made slime
  • High-quality microphone to capture sounds
  • Clean, well-lit workspace
  • Quiet environment to avoid background noise
  • Video editor app to improve audio quality, add slow-mo effects, and enhance color

Mush Slime does its marketing on TikTok. Each video they post shows how their slimes are designed. On average, these videos receive 50K views within the first 24 hours. And because of the great visuals and sounds, people rush to buy the product and try it for themselves. What started as a small business in South Africa, now has 1M followers and lots of weekly orders. Mush Slime was even able to open its own workshop.

Slime ASMR

4. Faceless TikTok Tech Reviews

Tech reviews on TikTok provide quick insights into the latest gadgets and technology. This includes unboxing, hands-on demos, and real-time feedback. Because consumers want to make informed decisions, they're drawn to these quick reviews. A TikTok study found that its users are more likely to buy a new tech product than other social media users. If you own a tech brand, here are some ways you can do faceless videos on TikTok:

  • Record the process of unboxing new tech products. It’s good to focus on the packaging, accessories, and first impressions
  • Demonstrate how to set up and use a product
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the product’s features and benefits using voiceover. You should also show the product in action while doing this
  • Compare the new tech product with similar products on the market. Highlight differences in design, performance, and price
  • Create step-by-step tutorials on how to use specific features or perform tasks with the product
  • Share your honest opinions and experiences with the product. Since you aren’t showing your face, it’s good to use engaging visuals to enhance the product reviews

InsidersAI had a unique idea to present their latest AI news on TikTok. Instead of showing their face, they created an animated person who did the talking. This way, users immediately know it's InsidersAI videos whenever it pops up. Through this unique marketing and their AI knowledge, the account gained 100K followers. Moreover, the company helps over 2M creators.

Tech Review

5. Faceless TikTok Trending Dance Craze

The faceless TikTok trending dance craze involves an anonymous person dancing to a catchy tune. Since it's intriguing, people want to check out and follow the account. It also allows anyone to join the fun without revealing their identity. Either way, this will have people engaging with your TikTok videos. Here are some ways to make a dance video without showing your face:

  • Use elaborate costumes that cover your entire body, including the face
  • Utilize TikTok’s built-in filters to obscure your face. Many effects can blur or replace your face with animated characters
  • Wear accessories like face masks, caps, sunglasses, and wigs. You can effectively hide your face while adding style to your dance
  • Cover your face with your hands
  • Film yourself from behind or at an angle where your face is not visible
  • Hold props like books, signs, or other objects in front of your face
  • Use lighting to create a silhouette effect
  • Paint your face to make it artistic and unrecognizable

TikTok user dancinginthedark102 gained almost 12K followers through her faceless dance videos. She hides her face with her long, flowy hair, as well as a face mask and cap. This way, people are only focused on her awesome dance moves, instead of her appearance.

Faceless dancing trend

6. Faceless TikTok DIY and Crafting

DIY and crafting on TikTok receive a huge amount of views and engagement. These types of videos are not only fun to watch, but they also inspire creativity and new projects. A Monzo study found that crochet and calligraphy are the top 2 crafts blowing up on TikTok. Of course, other DIY projects and DIY tutorials receive great engagement, too. You can make videos on how to create personalized gifts or homemade candles. You can do home decor hacks or upcycled furniture tips. The best thing about DIY and crafting is that you can find an audience interested in what you do. 

Maicrochet103 built a loyal following thanks to her easy and quick crochet lessons. She has 51K TikTok followers, 855K likes, and videos with millions of views. Mai's strategy was to show how to make cute designs, from flowers to animals. Her followers just need to pick a design they want to recreate and follow her step-by-step in the video. Quick and simple, with no long-winded explanations.

DIY and crafting

7. Faceless TikTok Food and Recipes 

Food and recipe videos on TikTok are very popular. The hashtags #Foodtok, #Foodies, and #TikTokfood has been viewed billions of times already. These types of faceless videos are especially beneficial if you own a restaurant. MGH, a marketing agency, found that more than half (55%) of people visited a restaurant they saw on TikTok. Here are some food and recipe video ideas that work:

  • Showcase your mouth watering food creations
  • Share easy-to-follow recipes that can be made in under 10 minutes
  • Give clever kitchen tips and tricks to simplify cooking processes
  • Show how to prepare meals for the week. Prioritize efficiency and organization
  • Focus on nutritious recipes, including vegan, gluten-free, or low-calorie
  • Highlight indulgent treats, from cakes and cookies to candy-making tutorials
  • Explore authentic recipes from various cultures and regions
  • Create recipes that blend ingredients from different culinary traditions
  • Participate in or create food challenges. This can include trying spicy foods or unusual flavor combinations
  • Teach viewers how to recreate popular restaurant meals at home
  • Choose a single ingredient and show multiple ways to use it in recipes
  •  Offer a glimpse into the kitchen of a restaurant. You can show how dishes are prepared or introduce the chefs
  • Present your restaurant’s menu in an appetizing way

One of the most popular food TikTok creators is Menwiththepot. The owners, two Polish friends, make videos of themselves cooking in nature. The delicious food, great visuals and sounds, and beautiful scenery quickly drew attention. Plus, people marveled at how they could cook any recipe with charcoal fire and camping gear. All this allowed the account to gain 12M followers. It also got people buying their knives and seasoning products.

Food and recipes

8. Faceless TikTok Fitness and Workout

Faceless fitness and workout TikTok content can be quite challenging. This is because demonstrating exercises effectively relies on visual cues and full-body movements. So if you’re choosing this niche, you need to get very creative. Here are some ways to do fitness and workout on TikTok without showing your face:

  • Use animations and graphics to demonstrate exercises
  • Create a workout motivation account that shares quotes, success stories, and tips
  • Use voiceovers or on-screen text to explain exercises
  • Focus on specific body parts, such as the arms, legs, or abs. Focus the camera on those areas only
  • Capture the workout from your point of view (POV). Make it seem like the viewers are performing the exercise themselves
  • Highlight equipment and props, such as resistance bands, dumbbells, or yoga mats
  • Collaborate with a partner who is comfortable showing their face, while you explain the exercises
  • Film workouts from behind, focusing on the movements of your back and legs

Empowermindshift on TikTok saw success with his fitness motivation account. He shows snippets of his boxing training, with voiceover inspirational quotes. The videos are shot in a dark and moody style, with him facing away from the camera and wearing a hoodie the whole time. The motivational quotes resonated with people from all walks of life. The moody visuals drew them in, too. This helped the account reach 134.8K TikTok followers and millions of views. Empowermindshift is now affiliated with a boxing strap brand to earn some money.

Fitness and workout

9. Faceless TikTok Travel and Adventure

Travel and adventure are popular in TikTok. According to Bloggerteck, this niche receives 90% on-time engagement. It provides excitement, discovery, and escapism to the people who can't travel. But it also works as a guide to someone's next travel destination. Plus, you can go completely faceless since the focus is on the place or activity. If you want to go down this route, here are some suggestions:

  • Highlight popular tourist spots, hidden gems, cultural landmarks, festivals, and traditions
  • Offer travel hacks, such as packing, budgeting, or safety tips
  • Explore local experiences through food and drinks, events, and cultural workshops
  • Document your experiences in extreme sports, hiking and trekking, or water activities
  • Create daily travel diaries, itinerary guides, or travel challenges. One challenge example is “24 hours in a city with only $50”

Madeline Lu (lu_madeline) takes her viewers with her all around the world. She posts breathtaking scenes, fancy hotels, must-do guides, delicious foods, and much more. With her 1.3M following, many hotels willingly invite her to stay at their place and make a video about it. She also sells postcards and travel plans on her website. For all her popularity, Madeline is still able to stay anonymous as she never shows her face in the videos.

Travel and adventure

10. Faceless TikTok Book Review and Recommendations

Book reviews and recommendations are a big thing on TikTok. A Wordsrated survey saw 48% of TikTok users read more books thanks to the hashtag #BookTok. Moreover, TikTok accounted for 2.4% of the total books sold in 2021. If you own a bookstore or just love books, you can create faceless content on TikTok in the following ways:

  • Highlight books you love and explain why they’re worth reading. Use engaging visuals and personal anecdotes to make your recommendations more relatable
  • Provide honest reviews of books you’ve read. Hold and flip through the book while providing a voiceover or on-screen text review
  • Showcase new arrivals at your bookstore or recent book purchases. Unboxing videos generate excitement and curiosity about new titles
  • Give a glimpse of the day-to-day operations of running a bookstore. This can include stocking shelves, arranging displays, and packing shipments
  • Create a list of books based on themes, such as “Top Mystery Novels” or “Books for Personal Growth”
  • Offer virtual tours of your bookstore, highlighting different sections and special features
  • Share aesthetically pleasing photos and videos of books, shelves, and reading nooks. Pair that with a popular soundtrack or ambient music
  • Make fun trivia questions or quizzes about popular books and authors
  • Host a book reading session. Record your hands holding and turning the pages as you read aloud. Focus on the illustrations or text to keep viewers engaged

One example of a faceless book review TikTok account is FindThrillerBooks. True to her love for thrillers, she builds suspense by giving her take on the book first. After that, she turns over the book to show the title. This keeps people watching to the end to see what books delighted or ruined her week. This type of book review has garnered more than 100K followers, plus millions of views and likes.

Book reviews and recommendations

11. Faceless TikTok Fashion and Style

Fashion and style videos on TikTok are known to get high engagement rates. This is because it resonates with a huge audience. A Vogue Business survey saw 48% of Gen Z’s look for fashion recommendations from algorithms. And TikTok serves as a great fashion outlet. Here is how to go faceless with this TikTok niche:

  • Film from the neck down, showing your outfits in creative ways. Use smooth transitions to switch between different looks
  • Focus the camera on the clothing items and accessories. Show close-ups and different angles to demonstrate how to style pieces
  • Show the clothing items on hangers of flat lays. Let the camera capture the textures and details of the fabrics
  • Film the process of creating or customizing clothing items, focusing on the materials
  • Capture your OOTD from the neck down in front of a mirror or using a tripod
  • Show accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry through close-up shots. You can also model them with different outfits
  • Create videos featuring seasonal trends, focusing on textures, colors, and details
  • Give a tour of your closet, showing how you organize your clothes and accessories
  • Demonstrate how to pack efficiently for different types of trips
  •  Share your thrift store finds and how you style them
  • Participate in popular TikTok fashion challenges without showing your face
  • Show behind-the-scenes footage of fashion shoots, store setups, or the design process

Mr. No Face on TikTok is the perfect example of this faceless niche. He posts his OOTDs, style recreations, and outfit challenges from the neck down. His celebrity fashion recreations, as well as his hidden identity, keep viewers engaged. This has gained his account 14K followers in less than a year.

Fashion and style

12. Faceless TikTok Educational Content

Educational content on TikTok has the highest engagement rate per follower (16.3%). This means it has ongoing interaction with existing followers. There's no need to seek out new viewers for high engagement. The best part is that it's common to go faceless, unlike other niches like fashion or fitness. You can create educational faceless TikTok content by focusing on engaging visuals, clear voiceovers, and informative text overlay. However, there are LOTS of educational content to choose from. Here are some of the top ones that work well in TikTok:

  • Children’s education. Create fun and educational topics that engage kids in learning
  • Language learning. This includes immersive and contextual language lessons that mimic real-life conversations and scenarios
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Use visually stimulating experiments, detail breakdowns of complex theories, or show relatable analogies
  • Financial literacy. Cover topics from budgeting and saving to investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Art, music, and creativity. Share techniques and creative processes in digital art, music lessons, writing tips, etc…
  • Social science and humanities. Give insights into human behavior, historical events, and cultural phenomena
  • Health and wellness. Offer supportive content for both physical and mental health
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability. Highlight the impacts of climate change and ways to reduce carbon footprint

Sciepro uses medical illustrations and animations of the human anatomy. They post inside looks of body parts, did-you-know facts, what diseases can do to the body, and much more. The realistic videos fascinate people by revealing the unseen workings of the body. The Sciepro TikTok account is now at 1.5M followers and still growing rapidly.

Educational content

13. Faceless TikTok Funny and Comedy Skits

Funny and comedy skits do well on TikTok as the app has a reputation for being quirky and lighthearted. One Kantar research found that TikTok users feel happier after spending time on the app. You can use humor in your faceless TikTok content through relatable situations, absurd or unexpected elements, or funny scenarios. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a funny voiceover to narrate a story or describe a funny situation. You can pair the audio with animation or stock footage
  • Use props and costumes to create characters for short skits or comedic scenes
  • Use stop motion to create funny and engaging stories with objects or drawings
  • Feature pets doing funny things or reacting to situations
  • Use popular memes or create original memes with a humorous twist
  • Create parodies of famous movie scenes, TV shows, or other TikToks. You can wear a mask or hide your face in creative ways for this

Justin Tracy created the Funmations account to post relatable and funny animation skits. His simple stick people animation brought a charm that made the skits even funnier. Also, viewers couldn't resist commenting "This is me" on relatable scenarios. This increased his video engagement and led to 1M followers.

Comedy and funny skits

14. Faceless TikTok Motivational Quotes and Clips

Motivational quotes and clips on TikTok spark positive interactions. This niche might not seem relevant in the app. However, Influencer Marketing Hub found that 41% of users look for mood-lifting content. You can use your TikTok to build a safe space for everyone who watches your videos. Plus, this is one of the easiest niches as it doesn’t require much effort. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Find a motivational or inspirational quote that will resonate with a wide audience
  • Share personal stories or experiences to connect on a deeper level
  • Add visually appealing backgrounds or animations
  • Use trending sounds or calming music
  • Make a compilation of motivational quotes from well-known people
  • Interact with your audience through comments and messages

Ekinghandwriting uses art to help motivate others. His videos feature a close-up of his neat handwriting creating the motivational quote. He improves the experience by adding inspiring music in the background. Mesmerizing to watch and encouraging to read, Eking built a community of 1.3M followers on TikTok.

Motivational quotes and clips

15. Faceless TikTok Nature and Relaxation Videos

Nature and relaxation videos on TikTok create a soothing escape for viewers. Serene landscapes, gentle water flows, and ambient music reduce stress and promote well-being. It’s no wonder people are drawn to these types of videos. This provides an excellent opportunity to attract attention to your account. You never have to worry about showing your face, either. Here is how you can do this niche:

  • Film beautiful landscapes, water flowing, sunset time-lapse, animal close-ups, or use stock footage
  • Add soothing, instrumental music or natural sounds
  • Use video editing software to improve the quality and enhance colors
  • Add captions or quotes about relaxation and nature
  • Include relevant hashtags like #naturelovers or #relaxation to reach the right audience

NatureNest provides relaxing nature videos in a unique way. The beautiful sceneries and epic houses are all AI generated, mostly created by Siyad Ali. They combine and enhance nature sounds and calming songs to make it even more relaxing. This doesn't just calm viewers, it also transports them to a fairytale world. Even though the TikTok account was created less than a year ago, it already has almost 850K followers.

Nature and relaxation

16. Faceless TikTok ChatGPT Hacks

ChatGPT hacks on TikTok are gaining popularity. As it's widely used for creativity and innovation, more and more people want to learn how to use it. And TikTok's fast-paced video formats are a great way to quickly learn it. However, users are more inclined to trust instructors that show their faces. This is why you’ll need to offer very helpful content to build credibility without showing your face. If you have a few ChatGPT hacks up your sleeve, here’s how you can turn it into a faceless TikTok video:

  • Record your screen while you demonstrate the ChatGPT hack. Showing exactly what you're doing can make up for your faceless video
  • Provide a clear and engaging voiceover explaining each step
  • Use text to highlight key points and instructions
  • Use animations, transitions, and other visual effects to keep attention. A good way to prove that you're an AI expert is to use AI graphics
  • Add royalty-free music to enhance the video
  • Keep the video concise and to the point, ideally under one minute

AIToolsList dedicates the channel to all things ChatGPT and AI. They provide direct prompts, cheat sheets, and other useful AI tools. They make it interesting by changing up their videos. Some videos are very direct with on-screen text. Others have an AI avatar presenting news and facts like a newscaster. Some videos combine other clips with a voiceover for added context. This informative page has 46.2K TikTok followers and many more views and likes.

ChatGPT hacks

17. Faceless TikTok Mystery and Riddle Challenges

Mystery and riddle challenges on TikTok get some of the highest engagements. It sparks curiosity and encourages viewer participation. Most people want to know if they’re smart enough to guess the challenges. They also won’t hesitate to tell everyone that they were able to solve the riddle or were too stupid for it. You can make the riddles and challenges super easy and people will still play along. Here are some ideas you can take:

  • Post a riddle every day and encourage viewers to solve it in the comments
  • Create short mystery stories where viewers can guess the ending or the culprit
  • Show a zoomed-in image or a shadow of an object and have viewers guess what it is
  • Present a logic puzzle and ask viewers to solve it within a time limit
  • Play a sound and let viewers guess what it is
  • Post two nearly identical images and challenge viewers to spot the differences
  • Create word puzzles or anagrams for viewers to solve
  • Post simple math puzzles or equations for viewers to figure out
  • Share optical illusions and ask viewers to explain what they see
  • Give clues about a movie or book plot and have viewers guess the title

MyRiddle challenges viewers' detective skills. They provide a scenario with several people in the picture. The viewers will then have to guess “Who is the rich person” or “Who is the mother”. The viewers have a few seconds to observe the picture and make their guesses. What they love is that the answer is given right at the end. These fun riddles gained almost 500K TikTok followers with thousands of likes, comments, and views on each post.

Mystery and riddle challenges

5 Worst Faceless TikTok Content Ideas & Niches You Need to Avoid

1. Mukbang. This niche involves eating large amounts of food. Sure, you can just show your mouth on the videos. However, one key element of these videos is facial expressions to convey joy or disgust. Hiding your face will not give the viewers the full eating experience

2. Personalized coaching or mentoring. Effective coaching and mentoring rely on connection and trust. These two things are built on knowing each other on a personal level. Well, you can hardly achieve that if you never show your face to your audience

3. Dance tutorials. You can do dance trends without showing your face. But when it comes to tutorials, part of it is showing the expression and emotion in the dancer’s face. Tutorials without facial expressions can seem less dynamic and engaging. It will also be harder for viewers to connect with the performance

4. Reaction videos. Reactions are mostly about facial expressions. People watching these kinds of videos want to see shock, laughter, or awe. This makes the video entertaining and relatable. You can’t really produce a good reaction without showing your face

5. On-camera interviews. Facial expressions, nods, and other non-verbal cues play a significant role in communication. So if you’re a content creator who does Q&As or gives expert tips, it’s a must to show your face. Going faceless will quickly make viewers uninterested in what you have to say

What Faceless TikTok Content Ideas & Niches Get the Most Views on TikTok? 

DIY and crafting, recipes, and product reviews are the faceless TikTok content ideas & niches that get the most views on TikTok. With the rise of DIY home projects, many people are turning to TikTok’s short video format to get ideas. One video showing how to make a DIY potato cutter got 19.5M views. Quick recipe videos also saw a surge in views. Allrecipes says that their most viewed recipe video on TikTok got 7.5M views and is still growing. One Adobe study found that 49% of TikTok users like watching product or service reviews. So a popular or unique product review may garner millions of views.

Motivational quotes and riddles are the best faceless TikTok content ideas for beginners. This is because you don’t need your own images or videos to get started. You don’t even need a particular skill to see success. All you need is a good selection of quotes or riddles and basic video editing skills to create engaging content. There are tools, like Canva and InShot, that will make it much easier for you. It’s also great as these niches appeal to a broad audience. They’re shareable and attract high engagement, too.

How to Find Your Faceless TikTok Content Ideas & Niches? 

  • Identify your interests and skills. Consider what you enjoy or are skilled at and how you can turn that into faceless TikTok content
  • Research popular niches. Use the TikTok Discover page, trending hashtags, and popular creators to see what faceless content works
  • Experiment with different types of content. Try tutorials, time-lapses, unboxings, or ASMR and see what works for you and your audience
  • Engage with your audience or TikTok communities. Ask people what faceless content they want to see
  • Analyze competitor content. Identify top faceless creators and analyze their most successful videos 

Adding a twist to a common niche is how you come up with unique faceless TikTok content ideas. One perfect example is NatureNest's relaxing AI nature videos. Besides enjoying the beautiful views and calming sounds, viewers also marvel at how realistic AI can be. Funmations' animations are unique because of the basic stick people characters. You have to think outside the box to stand out among the other faceless TikTok content in your niche.  

How Do You Make a Viral Video Without Showing Your Face?

  • Know your target audience. Research who your TikTok audience is and what type of content they engage with the most 
  • Create engaging content. TikTok makes videos viral based on engagement rate rather than number of followers. Tutorials, arts and crafts, ASMR, and quizzes are great ways to get people to like, comment, and share
  • Focus on high-quality content. Make sure your videos have good lighting and clear audio 
  • Leverage trends and popular sounds. Always use popular hashtags in your niche to increase discoverability. Incorporating trending music or sounds also makes it easier to find your videos 
  • Use captivating hooks. To make viewers watch your video, you need to get them hooked in the first few seconds. Since your content is faceless, direct statements are what can catch their attention
  • Encourage interaction. Posts videos that prompt viewers to respond in the comments. You can also ask them to like, comment, share, or follow for more
  • Post regularly. TikTok’s algorithm favors active accounts. If you want to appear in people's 'For You Page' (FYP), you need to have a consistent posting schedule
  • Use creative visuals. Animations, graphics, and text overlays make your videos more engaging. The more people engage with it, the better the chances of it going viral
  • Collaborate with other creators. Partner with other TikTok creators in your niche to reach a wider audience. You can also engage with popular content through TikTok’s duet and stitch features 

How Much Does TikTok Pay per View, Like, and Follower?

TikTok pays $0.002-$0.004 per view, nothing per like, and $0.0025-$0.005 per follower for a monetized video. These are very small numbers. Your videos need to get millions of views and followers to earn a decent amount. The type of content you monetize matters, too. Here’s what someone from Reddit says:

How much does TikTok pay.

There are more effective ways to earn money in TikTok. This includes brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, selling products, or promoting services. For brand partnerships, you get paid depending on your follower count. If you have 100,000 followers, you can earn a few hundred to several thousand dollars per branded post. Earning from selling products will depend on factors like price and audience size. For example, Bobbie Goods promotes her self-made coloring books by sharing videos of her drawing them. She then links to her website where she sells them and other products. Goods prices her coloring books at $22. Since they constantly sell out, she can earn an average of $2,200 for 100 sales per month.

Successful faceless tiktok

What Are Some Ways to Make Money Online Without Showing Your Face?

Here are some ways to make money online without showing your face:

  • Local lead generation

  • E-commerce

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Dropshipping

  • Print on demand

  • Blogging

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Wins Over Faceless TikTok Content? 


The local lead generation biz wins over faceless TikTok content as it earns a lot more. Plus, success depends on your efforts, not on an algorithm that frequently changes. Local lead generation involves creating a service website that you'll rank on Google. Once the website ranks and attracts organic traffic, you can rent it to a local business. Since this will attract a lot more customers for the business, they’ll be willing to rent it for $500 to $3,000 per month.

The challenges of creating faceless TikTok content is that you need to post videos regularly. You also need a good strategy to reach an audience and resonate with them. What’s more, all that effort may only earn a couple of dollars. Local lead generation, on the other hand, can earn you passive income over time. Sure, you need effort in creating and ranking a website. But once that’s done, you’ll enjoy a steady monthly income without doing anything.

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