Mostafa Nouman’s Full Dropshipping Course Review: A Zero-Cost Marketing Strategy for Your Dropshipping Products?

March 6, 2024

Full Dropshipping Course by Mostafa Nouman teaches beginners to use TikTok for marketing products. Instead of using traditional dropshipping (that uses social media or Facebook ads) Mostafa uses TikTok ads.

The course is for beginners and experts who want to leverage TikTok dropshipping. It includes lessons about finding a profitable product, building your own Shopify store, and advertising. You'll learn how to automate the entire process, and have access to the software and tools he uses. 

One of the greatest challenges of TikTok dropshipping is the short attention span of viewers. The attention span of an average human is 8.25 seconds. Your paid ads should be enticing and interesting for viewers to watch and buy from your online store.

A successful dropshipping business required hard work and high capital for paid ads. That's why only 10% succeed. 

Full Dropshipping Course Review: Pros and Cons


Mostafa Nouman’s introductory video gives enough details about dropshipping and the course.

Mostafa’s 5 year dropshipping experience.

The Full Dropshipping Course is only a one-time payment.

There are no course upsells.


The website is too simple with little information.

No student testimonials or success stories.

The private community is not included in the course. The Inner Circle is another payment of $24.99 a month.

There are no refund policies.


The price of Full Dropshipping Course is a one-time payment of $89.


The training of Full Dropshipping Course is a self-paced video training 4 modules.


Mostafa Nouman has a private Discord community for $24.99.

Refund Policy

The Full Dropshipping Course does not offer any refund.




The online reputation of Mostafa Nouman is positive. There are many articles that praise him as a young entrepreneur.

Full Dropshipping Course’s Zero-Cost Marketing Strategy: How to Sell Products Without Spending  a Dime on Ads

Mostafa Nouman’s technique for a zero-cost dropshipping involves creating high-quality content on TikTok. While this takes up mroe time, it works - but you'll need to promote unique products. Mostafa claims this is the "easiest method" of using TikTok ads, compared to Facebook ads. 

It costs $50 to $100 to start your own business in TikTok. The cost depends on your domains and tools. The average cost for website domains is $10 to $20. Beginners should take advantage of Shopify's 3 day trial for a cheaper cost. It's cheap and affordable until the free trials expire. 

According to Mostafa Nouman, you can start a Shopify store by finding a product, using tools, creating a Shopify store, promoting and marketing.

  • Finding a unique product on TikTok to sell. Mostafa's technique has 2 methods of finding unique methods to sell. First, create a new TikTok account and optimize the account. Search for TikTok videos with the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit and #amazonfinds. And look for these 3 criteria for a unique product: problem solver, high profit, fast shipping.
  • Problem Solver. See if the product solves a certain problem. Give the product a purpose.
  • Fast Shipping. Look for a product that buyers can get after a few days. You don’t want issues with shipping.
  • High Profit. Check if you can sell the product many times. It can be 3 to 4 times.
  • Use Auto DS tools. Auto DS is a tool you can use to help you with your products; stock, track, order, process, etc. Mostafa recommends this tool for TikTok Ads Spy. You can try it for 30 days, but it costs $19.90 to $49.90 after the trial. 
  • Complete Shopify store creation. After picking the product, you can now create your Shopify website. Make it appealing and professional to increase credibility. Mostafa suggests to only use 3 colors. 
  • Promote the product using TikTok Ad Strategy. Mostafa recommends using Viral Ecom Adz that will help create videos for your TikTok account. It offers different packages, such as split testing, video ad, vertical ad and combo ad packages. It includes promotional videos and testimonials.
  • Improve marketing using TikTok Ads Manager. Create a TikTok campaign and optimize by adding 30 hashtags. Mostafa shows the settings he uses so you can copy on your own campaign. According to him, Spark ads are more effective than normal ads.

What Will You Learn with the Full Dropshipping Course?

You learn Mostafa’s steps of creating a Shopify account, product researching, setting up a store website and TikTok ad strategy in the Full Dropshipping Course. The course includes 4 modules with 9 videos.

Full Dropshipping Course Curriculum

Module 1:

E1: Introductory & Mindset

Mostafa introduces dropshipping and how profitable the business model is. He explains why the traditional method of dropshipping fails. And why TikTok dropshipping is more profitable. 

E2: Shopify Account Setup

You learn to create and set up your Shopify account. Mostafa helps you choose what is the best plan to go for.


Module 2:

E3: Winning Product Research

Mostafa shows his technique for finding a product you can sell. The technique includes leveraging TikTok and using tools for an efficient search. 

E4: Finding A Dropshipping Supplier

You learn where to look for trustworthy suppliers. Mostafa shows his process that you can easily copy on your own business.

Module 3:

E5: Brand Name & Logo

Watch how Mostafa decides on a brand name and logo. He shows his decision-making process in picking a store name that captures the attention of potential consumers. 

E6: Store Settings

Learn what your store settings should be based on Mostafa's settings. You can copy Mostafa’s settings and do it on your own business. 

E7: Store Setup & Design

Mostafa teaches the right settings for your website. He suggests to only use 3 colors if you want a professional-looking website. 

E8: Important Shopify Apps

You learn how to take advantage of available online tools Mostafa uses. A combination of free and paid tools.

Module 4:

E9: TikTok Marketing

Mostafa teaches his technique of selling products using TikTok. He explains how creating quality content increases the chance of generating sales. 

Full Dropshipping Course Reviews: What Are Students Saying About the Course?

Students do not have reviews or testimonials found online. The landing page of the website is only a one-scroll web page where you can apply. It does not show any success stories. It may mean that the course has not had students yet or because the course is new.

Although there are few success stories found on The Inner Circle's website. The screenshots show the increase in revenue. But, there are no pictures or names of the students who achieved the results. 

Not everyone can succeed in dropshipping. A Quora discussion mentions that only 10% to 20% succeed. It's a business model that is easy to start and shows profitability if done right. The statistics show that many people jump into dropshipping without understanding the business model. 

Who Is Mostafa Nouman?

Mostafa Nouman is an Egyptian YouTuber, online entrepreneur, influencer, and the creator of Full Dropshipping Course. He was born in December 2003 and‌ raised in Cairo, Egypt. He studied at Heritage Canadian International School from grade school to high school. He is now studying at Thompson Rivers University.

Mostafa started at 14. He has an active YouTube channel with 61.6K subscribers and an Instagram with 942 followers. He is also the founder of an online community named The Inner Circle. 

Mostafa is known for creating YouTube videos about different ways to earn money online. He posts content about NFT, crypto, dropshipping and other business models. The most popular video he created was a review of a dropshipping course (Hustler's University Review) with over 2.2 million views in 8 months. 

What is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle Mostafa’s exclusive Discord community for people with a thirst for wealth. Mostafa offers this exclusive community at $24.99 a month. The Inner Circle offers more than expanding your connections. It includes a health section where you can find guidance on diet and workout routines. And a community of aspiring individuals, you can build wonderful conversation, insights and advice.

It includes 100 video tutorials and courses on cryptocurrency, stock trading, content creation, SMMA, Amazon FBA, Amazon KDP, car reselling, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

Mostafa Nouman’s Dropshipping Claims

Mostafa Nouman claims the Full Dropshipping Course makes dropshipping easier by using Instagram and TikTok to get free marketing. He claims to make $5,301 in 24 hours using this technique. The claim mentions that the course includes all information which is helpful for beginners to apply for their own business. He also claims that he tried dropshiping without spending money for 30 days and it still worked. He still earned money without spending money on TikTok ads. 

His YouTube channel contains claims where he tries different ways without spending money on paid ads. He takes part in dropshipping challenges spending the smallest amount and shows how he is earning 5 digits in ‌weeks or months. 

Mostafa Nouman’s Dropshipping Claims DEBUNKED

Mostafa’s claim of using TikTok and Instagram for free marketing is unrealistic. He mentions in the course’s introduction video that TikTok marketing is “almost no money” and cheaper. Given this instance, even Mostafa knows that you still need to spend money. In his 4th course module, he talks about TikTok marketing, which requires you to spend money. The creation of a Shopify account alone requires money. Although they offer a 3 day trial period and $1 trial for 3 months. You still need to pay after the trial, which can be misleading to beginners. 

The claim of not spending anything on TikTok dropshipping can be true, but it requires a lot of time and knowledge. He can say these things because he already has the experience. He already knows how to find profitable products to sell and how to market them on TikTok.

Mostafa’s claim of earning $5,000 in 24 hours is not realistic for beginners. Since he already knows the tools to use and what to do. It is much easier for him to speed up the processes before selling the items on TikTok. In this challenge, he claims that you need to spend $50 in return for $5,000 in 1 day. He mentions two costs; Shopify subscription and website domain. Shopify’s pricing ranges from $25 to $399 every month. While website domains cost $10 to $20, depending on premium extra services and extensions, according to Forbes. Note that if you do not know how to do web design, that is another cost for outsourcing the task. 

Mostafa’s claim of spending $0 for 30 days is somewhat true. But the video shows how he struggled to keep his audiences by creating engaging and appealing TikTok videos to entice viewers into buying. It shows that there are days where he is not selling the product. Although he made $16,579 in 30 days. He struggled. The video shows that only when he created multiple high-quality content, that’s when he earns profit.

What Are the Downsides of TikTok Dropshipping?

Paid ads are expensive, saturated, and unpredictable, which are the downsides of TikTok dropshipping. TikTok ads required cost is $500 with a minimum daily budget of $50. It is more expensive than Facebook ads. TikTok CPM is $10 while Facebook CPM is $7. This business model relies on paid ads to generate sales. It is a business model, whereas you spend money as you generate more money. If not done well, you could risk losing all without the guarantee of returns. 

Other dropshippers might sell the exact product for a cheaper price is also a risk. They can also present the product with a better promotion. There is no guarantee that your product selection will stand out even with using TikTok ads. Even if you find a trending product to sell, it will only stay profitable for 2 to 3 months.

Alternative Dropshipping Courses

  • Dropship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly is a dropshipping course that teaches you how to find US distributors instead of overseas. This is an old course that has helped 15,000 students and counting. 
  • Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 by AC Hampton covers Facebook ads in growing a dropshipping Shopify store on your own. You learn AC’s list of successful products plus weekly live webinars.
  • Biaheza Dropshipping Course comprises 13 lessons in a video format that focuses on teaching beginners. It is an hour and a half long course to get you started.
  • Trillion Dollar Growth by Royston G King is a program offered to online entrepreneurs in building their own Shopify dropshipping business. It offers 1-on-1 mentorship, weekly Zoom calls, plus 2 free courses about print on demand and dropshipping. 

What’s a Better Low-Cost Business Than TikTok Dropshipping?

Local lead generation is a better low-cost business than TikTok Dropshipping because you only need $500 for the start-up cost. Unlike TikTok Dropshipping, that requires you to create a product website. Plus the extra money needed for ads. Although it is possible to generate sales without ads. But the needed dedication to create quality content increases. The content has to attract attention in order to boost sales. Mostafa proves that you can earn without ads, as shown in his YouTube videos. But it also proves that it is not as easy as Mostafa says. 

Dropshipping courses are worth it if you are persistent in learning and have extra funds to spend on ads. Local lead generation works without ads. It does not require you to spend money on ads without the assurance of profitability. This business model works as long as you rank the website on Google and other search engines to get free traffic. You rank your website by optimizing it using SEO. It is more predictable than dropshipping. As long as the website ranks, free traffic. You also don’t compete with other dropshippers. Since your niche selection comes from targeting local businesses from a specific city or town, you only compete with 3 to 4 other websites. 

Local lead generation

This is an example of a tree website I created years ago. I targeted a local tree business and built my website from that. Even after years, I earn $2,000 every month. The leads I get from the website are what I sell to local businesses. I have been doing this business model since 2014 and it’s easier to learn than dropshipping. It is more stable than selling a trending product and earning for only 2 to 3 months before it dies down. 

I rarely edit the tree website. And I only maintain and check the website if it still ranks on Google. I have full control of the business. If you’re interested in learning more about this business model without the challenges of dropshipping. I teach a local lead generation program. This is a true passive income money maker so you can try this 2024

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