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Hustler’s University Review (HU4) – Is it Now Called The Real World?

February 27, 2024

Hustlers University 4.0 by Andrew Tate is an online platform that trained and coached over 220,000 students from around the world by helping them learn different ways of making money online and more. The platform taught ecommerce, copywriting, cryptocurrency, fitness, entrepreneurship, content creation, stock trading, freelancing, and AI. Hustlers University was rebranded to The Real World. What Hustlers University doesn’t teach is how to make passive income. The ways to make money online that he teaches are high-risk, have high startup costs, and saturated.

Hustlers University reviews are mixed, with many praising the diverse topics of the platform and others criticizing the quality of the training materials and mentorship. The platform is not on any review site and students have gone to social media, blogs, Reddit, and other platforms to give their review or post their complaints.


Andrew Tate had made hundreds of millions of dollars as an entrepreneur.

Hustlers University is a way to learn mulitple sources of income.

All the lessons they teach in HU are legit ways to make money online. 

In-depth stock and crypto trading training with plenty of practical advice for a complete beginner.


Discord isn't an ideal platform for a coaching program.

You do not have access to Andrew Tate and even getting help from the coaches is reported to be difficult.

Many of the content can be found online for free.

Hustlers University does not teach any passsive income business models.


Hustlers University costs $49.99 a month. You also get discounts by buying a 6 month membership for $250 or a 2 year membership for $850.

Refund Policy:

Hustlers University does not have a money-back guarantee. You only cancel your membership when you are done with it.


The Hustlers University community gets supported on Discord.


Hustlers University was created in 2021.


Andrew Tate is a polarizing figure. Many women may hate him and many men admire him.

Is Hustlers University Legit?

Hustlers University is legit, as it provides training to several business and skills to make money online. While the lessons are only for beginners, it is an affordable way to quickly learn the ins and outs to help you decide which one you would pursue. You will need to take other more specialized programs for more in-depth and advanced training. An expert in the particular field instructs each of the courses at Hustlers University. Andrew Tate himself does is not an expert on any of the businesses and did not create any of the courses. While he created the Hustlers University brand, he only does the marketing. Hustlers University 3.0 was briefly shut down following Andrew Tate's social media ban before being relaunched and rebranded.

Hustlers University Success Stories

Nox is one of Hustlers University's members. Before joining, he only had $3,000 to his name. Nox became a business consultant after learning skills from HU. He grew his consultancy to over $200,000 per month in revenue. He believes the sales training he learned was worth far more than the $49 per month that was charged.

After Jordan came across Andrew Tate, he felt the things Andrew Tate said about The Matrix were things he resonated with. Before joining the program, he was only making $100 per day delivering packages. After paying for HU, he jumped right into the freelancing campus and started his own business. He made over $60,000 in revenue in only 60 days

What People Say About Hustlers University

Review by Seth - "These courses are good for a simple introduction"

  • Verified Student

"Hi everyone my name is Seth. I joined Hustlers University in September, 2022. Hustlers University is exactly what I thought it would be because of the price tag. At $49, you can't expect to learn each business model in depth to the point where you're going to make a few thousand dollars a month.

Also, don't expect there to be any one-on-one support from any of the professors. It takes way too long to get a response from any of them in the chat. Besides, they don't want us DM-ing them, anyway. The course material is all on Discord, and each business model has its own campus. But each campus presents their material differently.

For example, one course will have embedded YouTube videos, while another course embedded Vimeo videos. It's not like most online courses where all the course material is together, organized on one website, in one section. The way they present, everything can be confusing, with no order.

Discord in itself isn't easy to navigate. It can throw you off. Plus, there's tons of spam going on in the chat section.

I thought I'd see Andrew Tate engaged in the group, but he's not. I kind of understand, especially with over 160,000 members. It would be hard to keep up with everyone.

Hustler's university. Isn't a complete waste of time, but this shouldn't be a course or platform or program you buy if you're serious about getting into a certain business model. These courses are good for a simple introduction to each one.

They've got courses on Amazon FBA. E-com, stock trading, copywriting and even freelancing. For me, the crypto course, and the dropshipping course are pretty good introductions. If you buy hustler's university and do find a course or business model you like, then, you should do more research and look for an actual expert who's selling a legit online course and go from there, so you don't waste your time."

Review by David - "If you're new to crypto, you're going to learn a lot here..."

  • Verified Student

"My name is David I'm from the UK, and I bought into Andrew Tate's, Hustler's University course, mainly because of how cheap the price to join is, and because of my curiosity, to be honest. I liked that I got access to several campuses or courses such as Amazon FBA and copywriting. But for me, the crypto campus was actually quite good.

It was more in-depth about crypto trading than I expected. Professor Adam spoke about a wide range of things regarding crypto. You learn exactly what Bitcoin is, what Alt coins are, the different types of cryptocurrency, the different crypto exchanges you can trade on, and he tells you which exchange you should first look to when you start to buy crypto.

He recommends FTX. He also shows you how to buy and sell crypto. You learn all about leverage and what shorting is. There are lessons on which wallets to use, tokenomics, staking, how to read charts, and much more.There's really so much detail in this course that I could be talking all day about it if I had the time.

If you're new to crypto, you're going to learn a lot here. If you've already been buying crypto for some time, I think you're still learning a thing or two that you didn't know before, that will help you improve how you view crypto trading and investing. 

If all I got was the crypto campus course, because for what I paid, I would have been very happy with that. I recommend you get into Hustler's University, just because of the knowledge you get in this course, especially if making money in crypto is something that interests you, even though we're in a bear market now."

Review by Charlie - "Breaks everything down, more than I already do"

  • Verified Student

Hey, I'm one of the more recent members of Hustler’s University. My name is Charlie and I really joined because I appreciated Andrew's different perspective on things that are happening in the world. And, I'm sick and tired of listening to one version of what's going on. So, Andrew is an intense breath of fresh air, and that brought me in. 

I am a writer- I'm a freelance writer, and so I figured the low price of his course was perfect. He has a copywriting course. And so, being new, that's the only one that I've done so far. I can see myself growing into another one of his courses, but for now I'll just be kind of going through this. 

I've been doing writing for a while. And this course is taught by not Andrew Tate, but another guy named Andrew and he clearly knows what he's doing. They kind of break everything down even more than what I already do. Like there's a whole section on short form copy and long form copy and finding clients, doing sales calls- different things like that to bring your income up which is interesting to hear those strategies and apply it to how I've been doing my business. So for now with this course it's definitely worth the money.

I wish that we had the chance to talk to the instructors, cause I've taken other courses on like Udemy and things like that for pretty much what I'm getting right now and those were a one-time payment of under 20 bucks for about the same level. Yes you get the Discord communities, but they're so overwhelming to look at I tried to just watch the videos and move on.

Review by Mathew - "Expensive for what it is but a lot of value in Discord group "

  • Verified Student

 "Hey guys, what's up? This is Matthew. I started doing Andrew Tate’s Hustler's University course around the end of October, and I'm going to give my experience with it so far. To start, I tried dropshipping because I saw in the Discord that a lot of people were posting some pretty incredible screenshots of their winnings, and it's a  simple business model to get into. So that caught my attention after hearing about it before and seeing that Andrew was offering some good guidance on the business model. I jumped right into it and I started with a product that I found myself. 

I went through the Facebook marketing portion of the dropshipping course and ended up spending around $400 over the course of a week trying to sell that product. Unfortunately, I only got back in return around $120 of that $400 I spent, so that was a big fail. At that point, I considered giving up on dropshipping and maybe looking into another business model, but everybody in the Discord said just to keep trying, so I decided to give it another go. 

In round two, I realized the website design that the course tells you to create and I had used on the first try to run my Facebook ads to for that product just wasn't very good. It doesn't even have any product reviews or anything to convince them to buy the product once they get there from the Facebook advertisement. So I just searched around on Google for other ways to make the website better and I found some great tips to implement into my site this time around.

Most importantly, you needed a good Facebook advertisement to get more clicks. I had a decent amount of clicks the first time around, but I knew I could definitely do a lot better. Looking through the Discord, I found a lot of people were recommending a website called DropVids to find video advertising content. I went to the website and it's around $10 to have access to the content there and I actually was able to find an advertisement for the product that I was selling right there on the website, already created for me! So I just took that and used it for my Facebook advertisement.

Once I had the advertisement the second time around, I ended up spending $500 on Facebook advertising over the course of a week and this time I pretty much broke even. So I was definitely happy to see that my updates, helped me to have some much better results. That's about where I am at right now with everything. 

I'm going to go ahead and continue to work on my dropshipping business and try to really get my Facebook advertisements doing better. I'm also going to look into some other courses and see if those are a better fit for me. Maybe Amazon FBA or cryptocurrency, because those are other popular options through  Andrew Tate’s program.

Overall, I do think it's a bit expensive for what it is, but I did find a lot of value in just the massive discord group because it helps me stay pretty motivated and there are a lot of great tips you can gain there from others who are also in the course."

The Ecom King Tries Shopify Dropshipping Following Hustler's University Strategies

The Ecom King's Background and Story

Kamil Sattar, known as "The Ecom King," is a young entrepreneur famous for his success in e-commerce and dropshipping. He started his online business career as a teenager and quickly became successful. Kamil runs a YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers and offers an online course. He is a respect figure in the digital marketplace. 

How The Ecom King’s Business is Doing Today

The Ecom King, Kamil Sattar, tried using the methods from Andrew Tate's Hustlers University 4.0 in a challenge. He set up a Shopify store with $1000, choosing only one product to sell. He used specific tools for reviews and marketing and advertised on Facebook and TikTok. However, the ads didn't do well. It was costing a lot but didn't make sales. 

Lessons The Ecom King Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Emotional Detachment: Learning the importance of not getting emotionally attached to products and quickly moving on if the performance metrics are poor. It's an aggressive strategy taught at Hustler's University that swiftly ends poor-performing products. 

Ad Challenges: Kamil encountered issues with Facebook ads, especially the high cost of implementation. He emphasized the importance of flexibility and problem-solving in online marketing.

Agility and Experimentation: He emphasizes the importance of experimenting with new products and the willingness to adapt to new strategies based on market feedback and performance data.

What's not mentioned in the interview: The review did not mention the low profit margins of a Shopify dropshipping business, only 15% to 20%. Shopify also charges a fix rate of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction for standard plan users. 

What is Hustlers University Reddit?

Hustlers University on Reddit comes with many people who speak in favor of Andrew Tate's program and many who are against him and everything he stands for. This person said that Hustlers University is a get rich quick course and that the content in the program is worthless junk.

Hustlers University reviews on Reddit can be harsh. This next person on Reddit said that going to Andrew Tate's Hustlers University to learn about a business model like copywriting is like going to Ice Cube's culinary school. Their argument is that Andrew doesn't have any credibility with any of the business models in HU, which is why they believe this platform shouldn't be trusted.

What is Hustlers University Trustpilot?

Hustlers University reviews on Trustpilot are also in favor and against Andrew Tate's education platform. Shaheer Shahid posted a review on Trustpilot that said the information that is taught in Hustlers University is not the most advanced information. It is all content that can be found on the internet. He also said he made $3,000 in one month from what he learned.

This next person said that the program is average and that it's only worth it to learn what business models exist how you can get started in each one. After a month or two, you can then cancel your subscription.

5 Controversies About Andrew Tate's Training

1. Andrew Didn't Teach Anything

What you'll notice as you scroll through the Discord courses is that Andrew didn't teach any of the business models. He hired other entrepreneurs who are experts in their field to teach. Hustler's University was a joint venture for Andrew Tate, where he created another income stream for himself.

2. You Didn't Have Access to Andrew Tate

Inside of the Discord channels, there's was no way to communicate with Tate. You only got to chat with the professors and students. For the one-year anniversary of HU, Tate jumped on a live call to answer some questions and share some victories students have had. Other than that rare occasion, they didn't want you direct messaging any of the millionaire professors. If you had any issues, you had to send a public message and tag a professor. The consensus was that it takes a long time for a professor to reach back out to you, if at all. There was a chat link if you needed support, but they also told you to be patient. Help was not readily available for you in Hustler's University. To increase your chances of getting responded to, you had to stay active within the chat, commenting and responding to people so that you can prove you're a legitimate person who needs help. That was counter-productive and time-consuming.

3. The Discord Server Was Confusing

Everything was confusing and unorganized. Discord is not the best place to teach online business skills because there were many tabs and moving parts within the platform, which could have ben overwhelming for beginners and experts alike. In the E-Com Campus and Copywriting courses, you were sent to a link where the course material was presented on Typeform. They created the course material in the Amazon FBA Campus with AI voice narrated YouTube videos, and the Freelancing Campus course was on Vimeo. There was clearly no congruency with the way they presented the content in Husters University.

4. Not Enough Content

Some of the training videos on YouTube lasted a few minutes. Those videos were AI voice narrated, making the course seem of very poor quality. The course content seems rushed, and if you did some research on YouTube, you could find those videos with ease because they were public.

5. Local Lead Generation is Missing from Hustler's University

Local lead generation is one of the most powerful online business models out there in 2024. In my humble opinion, it's more powerful than the business models Andrew shares in HU which includes copywriting, Amazon FBA & Dropshipping. These business models have too many moving pieces, like having to deal with physical products or suffer from low profit margins.

Even Andrew is a fan of owning digital real estate, or selling information, which is what Hustler's University is. Selling information is better because you have more profit margin and you don't have to deal with cumbersome inventory. 

With local lead generation comes, you're selling information or leads to small businesses that need leads to survive. Profit margin is 95% and it's the closest thing to actual residual income on the internet.

Meet Dan Klein, another business mentor that lives outside the matrix. He has taught over 7000 students since 2014 how to escape the matrix by teaching people how to make money by selling leads to local businesses. One of the most brilliant online business models out there. 

Limo Lead Gen

You set up sites like above that make anywhere from $500 to $2000 per month in NET profit for you on a monthly residual basis. The best part is that these sites are much cheaper to set up than e-commerce.

If you like Andrew Tate, you will also like Dan Klein because they have very similar world views. Here's a mashup I made between Andrew and Dan, sharing their views on the pandemic.

The courses in Hustlers University can teach you how to make money online but Dan Klein's local lead generation program is also a powerful alternative coaching program for showing people step by step how to make a good income on the internet and have a great support system to get you there. Amazing model of owning your own piece of digital real estate.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a British-American entrepreneur, social media influencer, former professional kickboxer, and TV personality. He is the creator of Hustlers University and The Real World. Andrew was born in Washington DC and raised on Chicago's south-side where he got bullied in school. After his parents separated, his mother moved them to Luton, which is the most dangerous city in Bedfordshire, England. While there, he continued to get picked on in school, which made him learn to become mentally tougher and develop "thick skin".

Andrew claims to be a Trillionaire and started the Hustler's University platform, which was updated in 2023. In August 2022, when HU3 was released, almost every social media platform suspended his accounts and banned him from using them. As of now, Twitch is the only online platform where Andrew can still post content. Still, many YouTubers like Patrick Bet-David and Candace Owens have interviewed Andrew. Those videos have generated millions of views.

In 2005, Andrew learned about combat sports and in 2009, he won the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England. In 2013, he won his second ISKA world title to become a world champion in two different weight divisions. Andrew's father, Emory Tate, was a chess International master and his mother was a catering assistant. At 5 years old, Andrew competed in adult chess tournaments. He has a brother named Tristan whom he has several businesses with. Andrew Tate moved to Romania with Tristan in 2017. He cited the loose enforcement of laws in Romania as the reason why he moved.

Andrew Tate's Net Worth

Andrew Tate's net worth is estimated between $15 million & $750 million. His money comes from course sales, a webcam business, casinos in Romania, and cryptocurrency trading. He also owns several luxury sports cars and properties around the world and used to own a webcam business.

Andrew and Tristan Tate 2023 Arrest

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested in 2023 in Romania along with 2 other women. They were charged with engaging in human trafficking across Romania, Great Britain, and the United States. The brothers were also indicted of rape and of forming an organized criminal group in 2021.

Hustler's University Breakdown of Campuses

After joining Hustlers University, you started by choosing the Time/Cash quadrant evaluation that best suited you.

  • Time Poor and Cash Rich
  • Time Rich and Cash Rich
  • Time Poor and Cash Poor
  • Time Rich and Cash Poor

Depending on which quadrant you chose, you'd be given access to a course. They state that once you reached $10K in revenue, investment professors from Hustlers University would train you to multiply your income. It took a day to complete a course at Hustlers University. 

Read through the next sections to see the pros and cons of each business model taught in Hustler's University. 

Pros & Cons of Each Business Model in Hustler's University

Amazon FBA Campus

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular online business models. You buy products at wholesale prices and send them to Amazon warehouses. Whenever someone purchases your product on the Amazon marketplace, Amazon handles all the logistics of shipping it to them and dealing with customer service. You can even private label products and sell them with your own brand without having to compete for the so-called 'Buy Box'.


Online business model that allows you to work from home.

No need to deal with customers since Amazon handles the logistics, customer service, returns, etc.

Amazon is a trusted brand that already has customers looking for your products.

Choose from thousands of products to sell. 

Amazon FBA shipping times are faster than dropshipping.


Many product categories are saturated.

Real brands and suppliers are becoming Amazon sellers themselves offering the lowest prices. This eliminates other middlemen Amazon sellers.

Amazon's refund policy favors customers more.

Competing for the 'Buy Box' is getting more difficult with around 4000 new Amazon sellers joining each day.

Amazon FBA fees are expensive.

It takes time and money to find quality products from trustworthy suppliers

Inside of Hustler's University, the Amazon FBA business model was taught by TJ Cunningham, not Andrew Tate.

E-Com Campus (Dropshipping)

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business model where you act as the middleman between customers and suppliers. You generate traffic towards landing pages and when a customer makes a purchase, suppliers handle the logistics. 


You don't need to keep any inventory on hand.

There are many ways you can promote your products (Facebook, Google, TikTok, Instagram, blogging, etc.).

Inexpensive to get started with Shopify dropshipping ($39 per month).

You can launch products much faster than with Amazon FBA.


Finding profitable products takes time.

Running paid traffic can get expensive fast, especially if they don't generate any sales.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times from China have increased.

You handle all customer support. 

Low profit margins (10-20%).

Andrew Tate did not teach the Ecommerce course either. It was taught by someone called Shuayb.

Hustlers University Copywriting Campus

Copywriting is a skill used in marketing to advertise products or services. Its purpose is to convince people to take the action you want them to with your words, whether it's buying a product or signing up for any subscription, etc. Your words need to be crafted in a way that resonates with your target audience and makes them feel comfortable.


Thousands of copywriting job opportunities world-wide.

High-demand, lucrative skill for all kinds of marketing. 

Copywriting jobs are often freelance jobs, which means your schedule is flexible.

You have the chance to be creative with your words.


There is no guarantee that you're going to get work; a company can lay you off at anytime if there's not enough work.

You've got to be disciplined with your time and keep yourself motivated.

Copywriting can be stressful if you don't have thick skin because clients are demanding.

Andrew was the Copywriting Campus professor and they presented the course material on Typeform.

To learn what each lesson in this comprehensive course taught you, read my article on the Hustlers University Copywriting Campus.

Freelancing Campus

When you're self employed and aren't tied down long-term to any job with a contract. You reject the notion that you're going to slave for someone else's dream and not yours.


You get to work with a variety of clients from several industries depending on what your specialty is. 

You can make as much money as you want if you can handle the work.

You can have a flexible schedule which allows you to work around your personal life.


No paid or sick time off (vacation or sick pay).

You have to find your own health insurance unlike if you worked a corporate job.

Doing your taxes isn't as straightforward.

In this Freelancing Campus, your professor was Dylan Madden who, on his YouTube channel, teaches people how to make money freelancing. 

Hustlers University Crypto Campus

Cryptocurrency is one of the most polarizing topics in the world of finance. Many people have become multimillionaires by investing in crypto projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,  Dogecoin and XRP, while many more have lost everything.


One of the easiest ways to multiply your money if you make the right crypto investment.

There are thousands of crypto projects to choose from.

There are many legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy crypto.

You can choose from a variety of storage wallets (hot & cold). If you don't forget your password or lose your wallet, your crypto is secure.


Investing in crypto is highly volatile.

If you keep your crypto on exchanges, your account can get hacked and you will lose your crypto investment.

If you keep your crypto outside of exchanges, you can lose your wallet or forget your password. No one can help you recover your password if you forget it.

Your professor in the Crypto Campus was Professor Adam.

Professor Adam seems to be an alias. This might be an online entrepreneur called Arno About who appeared in the section.

To learn what each lesson teaches, read my article on the Hustlers University Crypto Campus.

Stocks Campus

Trading stocks might seem like it's only possible to do it on Wall St. In the Stocks Campus, you learn the following skills. 

  • Requirements of trading options (Monetari Fund teaches trading options).
  • How to choose your broker.
  • How to manage  your risk.
  • The basics of stock options, trading, and charting.
  • Advanced trading strategies & more.


Trading stocks is less volatile than trading crypto.

You get to grow your money along with the economy.

Not much money is needed to get started investing in stocks.

You can stay ahead of inflation.


You can lose all your investment if the market crashes like it did in 2008.

You're competing against institutional and professional investors with way more experience than you have, which puts you at a disadvantage.

Returns are not guaranteed.

Professor Aayush taught the Stocks Campus. According to the Discord server, Aayush received his education in the United States and has over 10 years of stock market experience trading in Chicago and NYC.

Artificial Intelligence Campus

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT, Google's Bard, Jasper AI and more have been utilized to increase productivity, and scale businesses. This campus shows you how to use AI to make money online.  


AI is easy to use.

Automating your business helps you be more productive.

Cut costs.

Fun to use.


AI has problems with accuracy.

You may become too dependent on AI. 

AI lacks creativity to a certain extent.

What Is the Hustlers University Affiliate Program?

The Hustlers University Affiliate Program motivated the first 5,000 members of Hustler University 1.0 to promote the platform and earn a commission. Since Hustlers University 3.0, the affiliate program was no longer offered. There are no more affiliate programs for Hustlers University 4.0 or The Real World.

Who Is Hustlers University Made For?

Hustlers University is made for anyone who wants to learn different ways to make money. The platform is most popular among young men and is available anywhere in the world.

Hustler's University 3.0 Alternatives

Tim Sanders teaches private label Amazon FBA in his course, Private Label Masters. Tim is an 8+ figure Amazon seller who, in his course, teaches everything you need to know to make this business model work for you. He's sold over 120 products in the Amazon marketplace and did over $20 million in sales in 2021. In his course, you'll get in-depth training on PPC ads (Facebook and Google), weekly coaching calls by Tim himself, and he even shares plenty of content on his YouTube channel. This is the top Amazon FBA course we've found, especially compared to what you'll get in Andrew Tate's Hustlers University.

Price: Private Label Masters costs $5000.

More info: Private Label Masters review.

AC Hampton teaches Shopify dropshipping in his online course, Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0. AC goes in depth when teaching you how to build and scale your Shopify dropshipping eCommerce store. He updated his course in 2024 with the most up-to-date strategies. There is training on how to implement TikTok in your product research phase, and SEO training to help you optimize your listings. You learn which are the best tools to use in your business and how to leverage Facebook ads to increase sales.

Price: Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 costs $597.

More info: Supreme Ecom Blueprint review.

Matt Diggity teaches affiliate marketing by showing you how to build authority niche sites instead of just joining an affiliate marketing program like Wealthy Affiliate. Not only that, he shows you what you need to do to flip them for a large sum of money upfront. Matt is one of the top SEO experts in the world, which is why he's been able to flip many affiliate marketing niche sites for 6-figures. In his course, he teaches you how to build your site, rank it on Google, and monetize it. There are over 24 hours of video training and he is always available in the private community to help students with high level SEO strategies.

Price: Affiliate Lab costs $997.

More info: Affiliate Lab review.

four percent logo image

Four Percent by Vik Strizheus is an e-learning platform that offers different courses teaching you online business models. There is training on how to make the best use of Instagram, Facebook, e-commerce stores and more. Vik has a history of scamming his students and clients so, tread lightly. 

Price: Four Percent has different pricing options dependent on the membership you choose.

More info: Four Percent Review

A Better Alternative to Earn a Passive Income

Local lead generation is a business model that pays you each month on autopilot.You build websites like my tree care site and rank them on Google. Once ranked, they start to generate leads and you forward them to a local small business.

Over 7400 students from all over the world are building and ranking their lead generation websites to forward leads to a local business who is looking for more work each month. These lead gen sites pay you passively and the best part is that you are in control of how you run your business. You decide what niche you want to generate leads for, what business you'll forward leads to, and how much you're going to charge to rent your websites. You can become financially free by creating your own digital assets with local lead generation training program.

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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  1. I'm in JK. How do you solve the GBP problem (many many postcards not arriving anymore). The CTR on GBP is far higher but it's not clear how you'd solve the problem en most JKers are failing this business model because of it.

    I think, therefore, it's becoming similar quality (lack of) as Hustlers University. Grand Rapids Tree Service's GBP isn't ranking anymore.

    1. Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm and we have to always adjust to the changes. We have current training on how to get verified. Grand Rapids tree services GBP may have dropped temporarily, but the organic ranking is still #1 for “grand rapids tree services” and the digital property is still generating leads to this day and paying me. Get your organic ranking up, and optimize your GBP as the training lays out.

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