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Gabriel Ansel Review: Can You Make Money With “Locked in Leads” Even in 2024?

August 12, 2022

Gabriel Ansel is a successful e-commerce business owner, email marketer, display advertiser, and Facebook marketer. His estimated net worth is at least $5,000,000. And he currently co-hosts the podcast, “7 Figure Entrepreneur,” along with his partner, Tyler Devin. Before he achieved his current success, he was a simple car washer with hopes of earning big money one day. And only because he ran into a “suspicious” but wealthy fellow did he embark on his current millionaire high-roller path.

But the question is this - is he a legitimate Facebook marketing expert and course creator? I was able to locate some positive testimonials for him and his course. But outside his Instagram and course sales page, there’s practically no talk of him. Is it because he doesn’t push his course hard? Or is it because his course is so bad nobody wants to talk about it? So in this course review, we’ll be discussing who Gabriel Ansel is. If you should take his course, Locked In Leads. And whether he’s a legit businessman you can rely on.

We'll also be comparing Gabriel Ansel's course to a similar business model called Local Lead Generation. Both models use lead generation to create profit. But Gabriel's model uses paid advertising while Local Lead Generation uses free traffic. You can check out my short comparison between the two at the end of this blog post. But for now, let's review Gabriel Ansel and his Locked In Leads program.

Pros & Cons of Gabriel Ansel


Been in internet marketing since 2006. He has a wide range of experience including email marketing, display advertising, Facebook marketing, and e-commerce. This would make Gabriel a reliable go-to source for many things in internet marketing.

Runs a regularly updated podcast called 7-Figure Entrepreneur with his partner, Tyler Devin. This suggests he practices what he preaches and is still in the online money-making game and moving the needle.

Honest about his marketing experiences in the “black hat” internet days. Even though using black hat tactics was normal back then, seeing him not shy away from it is a good sign.


Almost zero discussion about Gabriel Ansel online. This makes it hard to assess whether he’s truly legit or unreliable overall.

No official website. Only a somewhat unmanaged Facebook page, an Instagram page mostly filled with pictures of him and expensive cars, and a minimalist “Locked In Leads” sales page that doesn’t describe the course in much detail. Again, lack of data makes it hard to grasp his overall legitimacy.

Doesn’t share any proof or evidence of his personal success. Since he talks about working with budgets in the hundreds of thousands, it’d be great if he could demonstrate what this looks like within his own work.



Locked In Leads


Refund Policy

3-day cancellation policy in place. No refunds available after grace period.


The only people talking about Locked In Leads are his close friends, business associates, and testimonials. They all say good things like you'd expect.

But due to lack of discussion outside these people, there's no feedback or talk about Gabriel Ansel. So it's hard to get a clear idea of the course's true effectiveness and value.

Who is Gabriel Ansel?

Gabriel Ansel is a successful e-commerce business owner. He’s currently married to Rebecca Cann as of June 20, 2020. And lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gabriel Ansel grew up in Victoria BC. He used to work in a car lot washing cars. And although he felt the work wasn’t too bad, he wanted to earn more money.

One day, he ran into a guy who was spending cash like nobody’s business. The nameless man was buying drinks for everybody at the bar they were drinking at. And he was even wearing a stylish $4,000 Breitling watch. The man’s apparent wealth was extremely impressive to Gabriel.

Although Gabe suspected the man was a drug dealer, he chose to pursue him to learn more about how he earned his wealth. Eventually, he discovered the man became rich through spam email marketing.

So by blasting millions of emails to random email addresses (back when SPAM rules were laxer), he amassed a large amount of cash. Gabriel was amazed by the idea of writing up a simple email and making big money with it. And eventually, Gabe convinced the man (who he never explicitly shares the name of) to work together with him a year later. Gabriel found it to be an amazing experience. However, Gabe struggled to maintain the new internet/party lifestyle he’d been exposed to with this man. And after 4 years, the spam email market tanked and the wealthy man just wanted to party all the time after that. At that point, Gabriel parted ways with the spam email marketer and went his own way.

So at age 25, Gabriel continued working so he could make more money, plan for the future, and of course, buy expensive cars. Eventually, Gabriel moved to Vancouver. There, he met his business partner, Tyler Devin, in an office. And to this day, they work together on their podcast, 7 Figure Entrepreneur. Additionally, Gabriel transitioned into advertising on Facebook. So Gabriel, along with his friends Dustin and Brian, sold green tea pills and other diet pills during the “black hat” days of advertising. He made $2,000 daily around this time at 27 years old. 

Today, after many rounds of Facebook account shutdowns, Gabriel Ansel now focuses on CPL (cost per lead) for Facebook-friendly industries like education, nursing, and home improvement. Based on Gabriel Ansel’s past income and current accomplishments, we estimate his net worth to be at least $5,000,000.

What is Gabriel Ansel’s Main Money-Making Course?

Locked In Leads headline

His main course is called “Locked In Leads.” It’s a course that’s aimed at intermediate-skilled Facebook marketers and focuses on affiliate lead generation. The course emphasizes immediate action. And it’s designed to get your first affiliate lead generation campaigns launched in only 24 hours. It also states you’ll get conversions quickly with these methods. And that means it’s promising a quick return on your investment.

Something strange I noticed is that searching “Locked In Leads Gabriel Ansel” shows his course is available on MANY course-selling websites. And typically at a fraction of its $3,497 price (e.g. $45). See below.

Locked In Leads Google search results

This may explain why there’s not much discussion about the course when you search it online. These course-selling websites often don’t have a discussion area to rate and review the programs. So the course just gets lost among thousands of other money-making and self-improvement courses. And that means there’s no way to talk good (or bad) about it.

At the moment, he also doesn’t seem to promote Locked In Leads very hard. I did find out about him through a Facebook advertisement. But can’t seem to learn more about him or his course even on discussion boards like Reddit or Quora. The lack of talk is a downside as it doesn’t tell us if he’s reputable or not.

What does Locked In Leads Come with?

  • Every digital tool needed to quick start your affiliate lead generation business
  • Gabriel’s top recommended business manager & ad account setup
  • Access to personal affiliate agencies used by Gabriel Ansel
  • How to find profitable converting lead generation affiliate offers
  • How to find working campaigns to borrow ideas from
  • List of personally used presale pages & how to modify them
  • How to set up your affiliate Facebook pixel
  • The optimal ad setup for your Facebook marketing campaign
  • The key metrics that guide your biggest profits
  • Simple rules for easy hands-free conversions
  • How to rent Facebook accounts
  • How to work with agencies to keep your Facebook accounts active

It also comes with three bonuses as well.

  • Gabe’s Top Secret Ad Creatives. A complete swipe file of images and videos proven to work in Gabriel’s own Facebook campaigns.
  • Locked In Lead VIP Facebook Group. Instant access to a private Facebook group of successful affiliate business associates. Great for getting help any time you need to ask for it.
  • Quick Scale Guide. The exact methods Gabriel used to grow his campaigns from $100 to $1,000 a day in two weeks.

Does Locked In Leads Actually Work?

Finding proof for this course was oddly difficult. On the course page, there’s four testimonials. But these testimonials don’t even seem to be from people who took the course. Instead, they’re people who Gabriel has helped over the years and benefited from his expertise. 

Here’s a few highlights.

Chris Fammy

Chris Fammy

  • Chris Fammy is a friend/business associate with a Shopify background
  • Says Shopify drawbacks are customer service, chargebacks, refunds, and inability to produce big numbers quickly
  • Gabriel showed him how to use affiliate lead generation to get big returns fast (no numbers provided)
  • He suggests others get into the course to make more money
  • Doesn’t seem to have taken the course personally
Joe Welch

Joe Welch of Refresh Media

  • Joe Welch is a friend who runs Refresh Media 
  • He contacts Gabriel occasionally for tips with Facebook marketing
  • Gabriel will often provide new tactics and techniques to push Facebook marketing campaigns forward. Gabriel also provides complete Facebook marketing strategies as well
  • Says Gabriel has his finger on the pulse of Facebook updates so he’s constantly updating his own methods to stay profitable
  • Doesn’t seem like he took the course but believes in Gabriel due to his beneficial relationship with him over the years

Things pointed out by the other two testimonials were:

  • Gabriel is good at helping people with Facebook account issues
  • He’s great at bringing Facebook advertising profitability back after sinking
  • He can take people with zero Facebook marketing knowledge and make it so they can run campaigns completely on their own

Though this information is telling about Gabriel Ansel’s abilities, they aren’t helpful regarding the course. Why? Because these guys did NOT take the course themselves. They’re only touting Gabriel Ansel’s general skills. If the goal was improving his overall credibility, this would be fine. But that’s not the case. Since the goal is to sell the course, then obviously we should be hearing from actual course-takers.

Luckily, after inspecting Gabriel Ansel’s Instagram page, I managed to find multiple testimonials taken from screenshots on his phone. For some reason, they’re quietly tucked away in a tiny, hard-to-notice area on this social media page (which is loaded with distracting pictures of him and expensive cars).

Why these aren’t on his sales page I have no idea. But it’s a good thing I found them as it’s the only proof that Locked In Leads even works. There's about a dozen testimonials in total but here's three of them you can check out.

Locked In Leads testimonial

Earned $55,230.95 profit in a week

Locked In Leads testimonial

Averaging $1,600 per day

Locked In Leads testimonial

176k revenue in a month

On average, the testimonials suggest students make roughly $2,000 daily. But the total range is about $250 - $10,000 in a single day. So the numbers vary a bit. But at least there’s proof the course has the potential to earn you profit.

The only downside is all the discussion of Locked In Leads is limited to what his students and friends say. There’s no mention of him on major sites like Reddit or Quora. And as you can expect, the people he’s close to will mostly have only good things to say about him.

Of course, this is better than nothing. But to get a complete picture, it’s important to hear people talking about him away from the digital assets he has control over.

It would also help if Gabriel posted his own numbers as well. After all, his sales page literally says “Copy and Paste my EXACT Ad Set-Up That Helped Me Generate Multiple 7-Figures.” If that’s the case, it’d be great to see what his own efforts are producing. Of course, most course-creators don’t share their own numbers. But considering the lack of discussion about Gabriel and Locked In Leads online, this could be a way to offset that lack of external proof.

Does Facebook Affiliate Lead Generation Work in 2022?

The core of what Gabriel Ansel does is called “affiliate lead generation.” But you might be confused since it combines two different online money-making methods:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Lead generation 

Let’s look at affiliate marketing first. Affiliate marketing is about having people (affiliate marketers) send you leads and then paying a commission for every sale those leads convert into. For example, you might own an affiliate cooking website. In this case, you could promote various cookware from Amazon by adding a link to them in your content. Then, if the reader clicks the link and buys the product, you’d then get a percentage of that sale. That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

Lead generation is about attracting prospects and leading them into a sales funnel. It works by attracting prospects via a website or advertisement. Then sending that prospect to another business through link clicking or even phone calls. You would then get a small (and usually upfront) profit for that lead. The benefit of lead generation is there’s no need to hope the business has a strong sales funnel and can convert well. Instead, you (usually) get paid upfront for the lead. Alternatively, you can get a monthly payment (like a retainer) for all the leads you generated.

So by combining these ideas, you get “affiliate lead generation.” And it’s about paying affiliate marketers to send you leads (rather than paying them commission on sales).

As a business, it’s a nice way to get guaranteed money when you consider that some business owners randomly take their products off the market. Compared to lead generation, where you're paid for the traffic and don't depend on sales, it's a bit more stable.

With that out of the way, the question then becomes this - does affiliate lead generation work in 2022? Is it worth pursuing affiliate-style lead generation at all? The data says yes.

Affiliate marketing statistics

Source: Statista

According to Statista, affiliate marketing spending will likely increase by about $600,000,000 in the next year. And it’ll probably keep rising like this for years to come.

This tells us three major things:

  1. Affiliate marketing works

  2. There’s a future in affiliate lead generation

  3. It’s a consistent (yet increasingly crowded) market

This means you CAN make decent money in affiliate lead generation. However, because of how saturated the space is, you’ll likely have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort, just to make it work. More competitors mean a more cutthroat environment. 

You’ll need to learn, adapt, learn, adapt, over and over again. What worked yesterday may not work today. So you may find yourself tossing out strategies you’ve spent weeks or months on and starting from scratch. So it’s a potentially profitable but volatile and unpredictable business venture to pursue.

If you decide to go this route, be prepared to work hard and be VERY flexible with the tactics and strategies you use. They may be obsolete tomorrow through competition or policy changes in the platform you’re using (e.g. Facebook changing its advertising rules).

Is Gabriel Ansel and his course, Locked In Leads, worth your time and energy?

If you’re interested in using lead generation as your primary online money-marking method, I can’t recommend Locked In Leads. Even with the testimonials, when you combine the lack of discussion about Gabriel online, the lack of content or numbers proving his personal experience, and the $3,497 price tag, you’d be better off trying something else. There's simply not enough proof that the course works "in general." That could very well change in the future. But for now, it would be best for your wallet and time to wait for the course to stir up some discussion first.

However, if you’re looking for general entrepreneurial advice on topics like mindset, advertising, and affiliate marketing, you can find this information on his 7 Figure Entrepreneur Youtube page. It’s got a lot of useful information that can help keep you motivated and provides basic information on several business-related topics.

Final Thoughts About Gabriel Ansel

Gabriel Ansel is an experienced internet marketer with friends and business associates who praise his Facebook marketing and affiliate lead generation skills. Based on this and some content he’s shared on 7 Figure Entrepreneur about affiliate lead generation, he seems to be a legit expert in Facebook marketing. 

But his course, Locked In Leads, lacks discussion from his non-successful students or others in general. We don’t get any outside perspective on his character as a whole because nobody talks about him. And without a fair perspective, a $3,497 ticket price simply doesn’t make sense. So with no findable discussion about his course anywhere on the internet, there’s no way to recommend Locked In Leads as it’s impossible to tell if the course works for people in general.

Local Lead Generation VS Affiliate Lead Generation

Lead generation is definitely a great way of making money online. But there’s a big difference between how Gabriel does it and how I do it. With Gabriel’s method, you're competing with thousands of other affiliate marketers. Some of which are highly seasoned and able to beat any fresh competition that comes their way. This leads to failed campaigns and potentially hundreds or even thousands of “test” dollars down the drain. You’ve only gained experience from the money you’ve lost. And while valuable, you’ve gained nothing tangible in return. 

Let’s compare it with Local Lead Generation. With this, your competition is always limited to a select few companies. And most often, they don’t have a strong marketing system in place. Most local businesses simply don’t have the expertise to do so. Instead, they rely on word-of-mouth to grow their business. This means if any of their competitors began to get ANY online traction, then they could easily dominate their entire local area. 

And that’s where Local Lead Generation comes in. When you find a good locale with only a few businesses competing with each other (compared to the thousands online), you’ve got a recipe that can easily net you at least $500-$1,500 monthly. All you need is a VERY basic website that only costs about $20 to get started ($10 to create the website and another $10 for a phone line that tracks leads). 

Besides the time investment to create the website, which can be done in about a day, you can easily scale by creating more websites and finding more low-competition businesses to reach out to. And with each website valuing at least $500 monthly, it’s easy to see how I’m able to generate over $50,000 each month with this business model.

It’s definitely the #1 method I’ve found so far to make money online (and I’ve tried MANY) and believe you’ll think the same after trying it yourself. You can learn more by heading here.
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