Jacob and Jordan’s The Growth Partner Accelerator Program Review | 3 Differences From Traditional Agencies

March 8, 2024

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program by Jacob Le Vine and Jordan Lee is a mentorship program that helps digital marketing agencies boost their growth and profits through attractive offers and effective sales pitches. Their method differs from traditional agencies because they teach you to partner with CEOs, offer more value, and charge higher fees. With the help of such industry experts, you get to work with fewer clients but earn more, leading to better business deals.

Online reviews of The Growth Partner Accelerator Program is limited, but the positive ones said the program has improved their business' earnings and financial security, especially for learning how to make deals through emails and calls with Jacob and Jordan's methods.

However, navigating this lucrative yet competitive field demands advanced marketing skills and a commitment to mastering new client acquisition strategies. With over 45,000 digital marketing agencies in North America alone, and an industry projected to soar to $786.2 billion by 2026, the journey to growth and scalability is both promising and challenging.

In this article, we will review The Growth Partner Accelerator Program and what you should expect, including how it differs from a traditional marketing agency, how you can join the program, and how earning money is more consistent using their business model.

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program Review: Pros and Cons


Very engaging program with experts guiding you on how to land clients effectively

Does not discriminate between startup agencies and long-time agencies

Lets you get into the program first before paying


Requires plenty of active work and marketing for multiple clients

Marketing agency is a very competitive business model


The Growth Partner Accelerator Program has no fixed and stated price. Jacob and Jordan will determine your unique needs first through a free strategy call before giving a price.


The Growth Partner Accelerator Program is self-paced


The Growth Partner Accelerator Program has a private Slack channel

Refund Policy

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program guarantees to refund in full if your agency does not make $50,000 in 5 months.


The Growth Partner Accelerator Program started in April 2022


The Growth Partner Accelerator Program received praise from different marketing agencies, turning profits from $5,000 per month to more than $100,000 per month.

3 Things That Make The Growth Partner Model Different From Traditional Agencies

The Growth Partner model stands out because it focuses on partnering with the CEOs and earning through equity rather than getting paid per service. Jacob and Jordan work closely with your marketing agency, unlike typical agencies that act more than advisors or trainers.

1. Fixed Income & Revenue Percentage

This program lets you partner with CEOs. You get a set monthly pay between $5,000 to $20,000 plus a part of the profits. This means your earnings grow with the client's success, moving away from the usual pay-per-service model to one that rewards outcomes.

2. Freedom To Choose Your Clients

With this model, you can pick who you work with. It's about quality, not quantity, allowing you to spend more time and offer tailored strategies to each client. This can lead to stronger partnerships and better results.

3. Skill Enhancement & Greater Focus on Outputs

The program expands your role to cover all aspects of a client's project, from ads to sales processes. This not only makes your service more valuable but also improves your skills. You'll focus more on results, enhancing your work's quality and your value to clients.

What is The Growth Partner Accelerator Program?

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program is a mentorship course by Jacob Le Vine and Jordan Lee that teaches partnership marketing. It turns your digital marketing agency from traditionally earning for your services to partnering with the client and receiving money through equity—a percentage of your client’s profits. If they earn money, you earn a share of it.

It is a unique type of course because it does not have specific modules to follow, but one-on-one meetings with the coaches to boost your agency. Your struggles in your business determine the price you will pay for Jacob and Jordan. According to past clients, their solutions have been very effective and made them earn more money than they could imagine.

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program caters to the marketing agency industry, showing struggling startups and traditional agencies the right way to make millions of dollars in a short time while maintaining those profits in a lucrative and long-term way. A great example of this is multi-millionaire Alex Hormozi, who uses a hybrid marketing model for GymLaunch, which provides coaching, licensing, and content creation for gym owners, earning him $40 million.

How Can You Apply for The Growth Partner Accelerator Program?

You can apply for The Growth Partner Accelerator Program through the “Book Call” button in The Growth Partner Accelerator Program’s official page. It will ask you to answer questions, including your name and location, your specific marketing/coaching agency’s niche, how much you earn, and what problems you struggle with. 

Once you fill out everything, you will need to wait for them to respond to your application form. They will provide a specific date and time for you to show up. Failure to do so will cause them to block your IP address from rebooking them.

Because of the high demand for The Growth Partner, waiting for them to reply may take days to weeks.

What Do You Get With The Growth Partner Accelerator Program?

You get daily one-on-one mentorship, custom business growth plans, and community support through a private Slack channel in the Growth Partner Accelerator Program. It offers strategies for repositioning, campaign development, sales processes, client onboarding, and team recruitment. Participants get unlimited access to executive workshops, videos, templates, SOPs, and a private community of growth partners. This program aims to help scale businesses effectively, focusing on long-term value creation.

The program also gives you strategies to work the best and highest-ticket clients, such as using one form of sales pitch to 40 CEOs. If a CEO shows even the slightest negativity, that person is removed from the client list. Other CEOs that comply with your pitch will turn into partners and you earn a share of their profits.

The focus of The Growth Partner Accelerator Program is to close the best deals with other businesses than stacking up as many clients as possible.

Who is The Growth Partner Accelerator Program for?

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program is for agency owners and entrepreneurs with existing skills, aiming to transition into a growth partner model. It's designed for individuals who want to scale their businesses, focusing on building long-term wealth and enterprise value. Ideal participants are those seeking to work with fewer clients, charge higher fees, and build a sustainable business by offering comprehensive growth strategies rather than just services.

Are The Growth Partner Accelerator Program Students Getting Results?

Yes, The Growth Partner Accelerator Program students are getting results. Examples include individuals who have gone from earning minimal amounts to securing monthly revenues between $40K to $60K within a few months. Others have successfully closed deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period, demonstrating the program's effectiveness in helping participants scale their businesses rapidly.

Who are the Creators of The Growth Partner Accelerator Program?

The Growth Partner Accelerator Program was created by Jacob Le Vine and Jordan Lee, two entrepreneurs with a background in business growth and marketing. They combined their skills to develop a model that helps agency owners transition to growth partners, enabling them to scale their businesses more effectively and build long-term enterprise value.

Who Is Jacob Le Vine?


Jacob Le Vine is the co-founder of FE Growth Partner and The Growth Partner, where he focuses on partnering with education companies to significantly increase their revenue through a proven 5-step method. He has been instrumental in creating impactful case studies and launching effective marketing campaigns for his clients. Jacob is also the CEO of Arrow Digital Marketing Agency. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Bournemouth University and has been actively involved in the marketing field since July 2019.

Who Is Jordan Lee?


Jordan Lee is a co-founder at FE Growth Partner and The Growth Partner, focusing on aiding education companies to boost their revenue with a strategic approach. His experience includes serving as Vice President at Olive Group and working as a Recruitment Consultant at First Class Supply. Jordan's expertise lies in crafting marketing strategies that significantly impact educational businesses' growth and profitability.

What is The Growth Partner?

The Growth Partner is a specialized program for marketing agency owners aiming to elevate their businesses using the co-branding partnership model. It promises to secure a $50,000 client within 11 months using a unique model, with a full refund guarantee if unsuccessful. The program includes a four-step method focusing on offer customization, client acquisition without free work, wealth generation techniques, and systemizing operations for scaling beyond $100k per month. It targets agency owners currently earning $1-50k/month, providing them with tools to become unparalleled in their niche and potentially exit with a significant enterprise value.

The Growth Partner Reviews

People who paid for The Growth Partner reviewed it with high scores. The Accelerator Program has significantly boosted their profits, such as the Olive Group, which accelerated its profits from $150,000 per month to $800,000 per month. Max, another The Growth Partner client, went from $0 to $30,000 per month in 75 days. Jake, an outbound sales expert, made $195,000 in four months.

There are no existing negative reviews online, and the positive ones have shown remarks on The Growth Partner's helpful community.


Jacob and Jordan’s Claims

Jacob and Jordan claim that joining The Growth Partner will help you earn at least 25% more revenue and increase client retention by 300%. They also claim that they are just “business owners helping other business owners” grow their partners’ profits through their marketing program. With their help, your agency's profits will earn more than what you make on average.

They have been helping businesses for years, claiming that each of them made six-figures in less than five months. According to their landing page, you don't need to offer the perfect package and skill set, because they will teach you which sales pitch will work best for you based on your niche.


The reviews show how much Jacob and Jordan are hands-on with their partners. The marketing tactics helped achieve the businesses to close high-paying deals with CEOs.

Jacob and Jordan’s Claims DEBUNKED

As much as it is a dream come true for a marketing agency to boost its profits by just joining The Growth Partner, landing million-dollar deals is harder than you think. After all, competition is stiff in marketing, and, while Jacob and Jordan are there to help, they are not the only ones with a partnership program to do so.

While CEOs and large business owners are constantly in need of marketing solutions to keep customers, it always comes down to which agency provides the best offers. For example, an agency will constantly provide all the marketing tools for that business (SEO, social media marketing, referrals) in exchange for a share of the profits. Meanwhile, the competing agency, will have the same offer except they know a popular infuencer that can endorse the client's product while having a lower price offer.

Partner marketing will require good PR skills and the right words to convince a business owner to agree to your terms of sharing their profits with you. CEOs are very picky about the right marketing agency. If your business does not have a large portfolio of high-quality results, they would never call you back because they found a better one. 

Even with the help of The Growth Partner and its community, you won't earn great deals if you don't actively pursue amazing results for clients.

Is Starting a Marketing Agency the Best Way To Make Money Online?

Starting a marketing agency can be one of the best ways to make money online, given you have the right expertise, strategy, and commitment. Pros include high demand for digital marketing services, scalability, and the potential for significant profit margins. Startup marketing agencies typically charge between $80 to $150 per hour. With minimal ongoing expenses, a new agency can achieve a profit margin of around 90%. Assuming a workload of 30 hours per week at $80 per hour, this translates to an annual revenue of about $125,000, translating to a profit of over $110,000, given the high margin. 

However, the cons include tight competition, the need for continuous learning and adaptation to industry changes, and the challenge of securing and keeping clients. 

Struggling marketing agencies often face profit losses because of various factors such as under-servicing and over-servicing clients, poor capacity management, inaccurate cost tracking, high client and staff turnover, scalability issues, changing pricing strategies, confusing payment terms, and not staying up-to-date with industry trends. Each of these issues can significantly affect an agency's profitability and require careful management and strategic planning to overcome.

Is Starting a Marketing Agency Worth It?

Yes, starting a marketing agency is worth it, but it comes with its set of challenges and rewards. On the positive side, there's potential for high revenue, the ability to work on diverse projects, and the satisfaction of driving client success.

However, the business model also involves intense competition, the constant need to stay ahead of digital trends, and the pressure of delivering measurable results to clients. Balancing these aspects is key to making a marketing agency a worthwhile venture.

Free Leads and Unlimited Growth: Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than a Marketing Agency

While marketing agencies can provide a broad spectrum of services, local lead generation offers a more targeted approach with higher conversion potential. Agencies often struggle with challenges like high competition, constant innovation, and ROI pressure.

Local lead generation avoids these issues by capturing high-intent leads within a specific geographic area, making it a more streamlined and effective model. It doesn't need constant content creation and is less complex.

Considering these advantages, incorporating local lead generation into your business strategy could be a game-changer, offering a more focused and efficient pathway to growth. This model uses local SEO and digital marketing strategies to generate leads for businesses.

If you're looking to build a sustainable business with consistent revenue streams, explore the opportunities local lead generation provides and consider making it your strategic focus.

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