How To Get Into High Ticket Digital Marketing | 3 Methods For Getting High Ticket Offers

January 29, 2024

How to get into high ticket digital marketing? You need to: 

  1. Engage in active learning digital marketing concepts
  2. Develop expertise in a high ticket niche 
  3. Establish an online presence
  4. Network and build relationships 
  5. Identify high ticket offers to promote
  6. Promote high ticket offers through online channels
  7. Expand online presence to uncover more opportunities and profit potential 

High ticket digital marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on promoting and selling expensive products or services on the internet. It places a premium on high commission products like luxury jets and watches or high-end software. Thus, a digital marketer would need to target businesses or individuals with larger disposable incomes or investment capabilities. 

In 2023, the value of the global digital marketing market reached an approximate value of $363.05 billion per Expert Marketing Research's data. Between 2024 and 2032, it is projected to grow at 13.1% yearly, reaching $1,099 billion in 2032. This trend only shows at least two possibilities for high-ticket digital marketing. First, there will be more opportunities for digital marketers. Second, more players in digital marketing means more competitors to attract customers. However, high-ticket digital marketers go for higher-priced products or services, which might bring down the competition. 

Among the successful high ticket digital marketers are Lucas Crumb, the co-founder and managing director of Lux Jets, Matt Diggity, the creator of Affiliate Lab, and Simeon Miglic, an entrepreneur from Slovenia. Matt Diggity shared that one of his personal high-ticket affiliate programs pays up to $2,000 per sale.

In this article, we'll cover the 7 steps to get into high ticket digital marketing and the 3 methods to get high ticket offers. We'll also discuss whether high ticket digital marketing is legit, and the simplest method for doing high ticket digital marketing. In the conclusion part, you'll learn the best method for doing high ticket digital marketing. 

1. Engage in active learning digital marketing concepts

To actively engage in learning digital marketing concepts, a useful starting point is signing up for newsletters from established digital marketers such as Neil Patel and Harry Dry. Subscribing to these newsletters provides you with industry leaders' insights, updates, and real-world experiences. You may also stay informed on the latest trends by regularly reading blogs and free resources provided by experts and digital marketing tool apps, including Hootsuite Blog and Sprout Social Blog. You may also enroll in online courses like Coursera, Edx, and Udemy. Edx, for instance, offers an extensive selection of 77 courses specifically focused on digital marketing. Most courses on Coursera have a 1-3 month completion period, providing a structured and time-bound approach to learning. Finally, actively experimenting with strategies and applying newly learned concepts to real marketing efforts helps you gain practical experience in digital marketing.

2. Develop expertise in a high ticket niche

You can develop expertise in a high ticket niche by focusing on one. This specialization can be tailored to a specific digital marketing category, such as SEO, social media, email marketing, or affiliate marketing. For instance, ad management is a lucrative niche, evidenced by Statista's projection (data as of November 2023) that digital advertising spending will reach US$740.3 billion in 2024. Another approach is to specialize within a particular industry, such as vintage items, cosmetics, entertainment, food, or technology. In 2023, the retail industry held the largest digital ad spending share in the U.S., with 27.9% of the total ad spending. In big-ticket e-commerce, the furniture market was valued at nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars and is projected to grow to 41 million by 2030. 

3. Establish an online presence

Establishing an online presence is necessary in high-ticket digital marketing. Using various online channels, including blogging, YouTube videos, and social media posts, can significantly enhance visibility and credibility related to selling a high ticket product. Recent studies show that over 85% of consumers research online before making a purchase decision for both products and services. Recognizing and exploiting users' consumption habits is strategic in attracting potential clients. YouTube, an example of a huge online platform, boasts over 2.70 billion monthly active users as of 2024, according to a recent article by DemandSage. YouTube holds a share of 51% of all internet users every month. Capitalizing on such extensive reach allows digital marketers to showcase their expertise, share insights, and build a connection with a diverse audience. Each social media platform contributes to online visibility, making it easier for potential high-ticket clients to discover and engage with the digital marketer's offerings.

4. Network and build relationships

Networking and building relationships are two important tasks that will help you find high-ticket opportunities in digital marketing. A survey by Statista among B2B marketers in July 2022 revealed that 78% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn’s global reach to distribute content and connect with potential clients. In 2019, The Manifest’s State of Small Business Advertising report found that 64% of 529 small business owners use social media. However, the same survey learned that 34% still turn to face-to-face interactions at industry events to make valuable connections. A wide network is a springboard for high-ticket digital marketers toward lucrative collaborations. You can also try to use customer tracking software to help you track, engage, and build a relationship with your audience and potential buyers. 

5. Identify high ticket offers to promote

Identifying high ticket offers to promote would mean offering products or services that are more expensive than their average counterparts. A high-ticket item's price point is relative to its market. For instance, Statista's data projected that the sports equipment industry would reach a global revenue of $172 billion by 2024 with a steady growth rate of 5.86%. Professional-grade and commercial exercise bikes can cost $1,995 to $12,540. Partnering with fitness equipment companies could be a great high-ticket opportunity. While price plays a crucial role, it's not the sole determinant of a high-ticket offer. A product's perceived value is likewise important, as well as its exclusivity and potential to transform the lives of your target audience.

3 Methods for getting high ticket offers

1. Find high ticket affiliate marketing products

To find high ticket affiliate marketing products, you need to do your research. You can join affiliate networks to explore different high-paying programs. Before picking a high ticket affiliate program, read reviews and understand the features, benefits, and target audience of the high ticket product or service. Also, consider the affiliate program’s reputation by researching the support they give to affiliates. Each program also has its specific affiliate commission structure for different high ticket items. Check the commission rate, cookie duration, and payment terms. Take a look at this offer from an independent site dealing with luxury watches. It's got an affiliate program that offers 5% commission for items with a cap of $1,000 and order amount from $19,999. The cookie duration for this offer shows 1 day. 

2. Offer high ticket agency services

To offer high ticket agency service marketing, you must have a strategic approach to attract clients willing to pay a premium for your expertise. Start by identifying a specific niche where you have expertise. You can offer a high ticket item or service, or digital marketing packages. This could include social media marketing, SEO service, content marketing service, or web design. To sell your digital marketing services to your prospective clients, you need to understand what your client needs. Using a sales pipeline will help you see how your clients move through each stage of the sales process. You can start by offering your marketing package to a small business to build your reputation. According to Aaron Martinez of the Remote Closing Academy, companies may pay for high ticket marketing agency services from $20,000 to more than $100,000. Below is the cost of different digital marketing services in 2024 compiled by WebFX. The table below shows that the average cost of website design is anywhere between $2,500 and $100K. Website copywriting also costs $25 to $25,000.

3. Create and sell your own high ticket product

The first step in creating and selling your high ticket product is identifying the market needs of high ticket clients and validating your product idea. You can do this by conducting market research. Analyze the existing high ticket digital products and identify unmet needs. You can conduct surveys to validate your product idea or gauge potential interest. Next, develop your high-ticket digital product. Define its core features and determine what makes it unique compared to alternatives. Aaron Martinez adds that you need to help your prospective client “see that the future cost of pain would be greater than the pain of investing financially now.” Focus on the value of your product and offer guarantees to mitigate the risk and build the client’s confidence. It’s also important to stay adaptable and be updated with market feedback. 

6. Promote high ticket offers through online channels

Promoting high ticket offers through online channels is most effective when tailored to the specific demands of clients and the immediate goal of a brand. If the objective is to build credibility, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are strategic to persuade potential customers of the value proposition of your offering. You can establish yourself as an authority in your niche by creating informative blog posts and optimized landing pages. Consider paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads for a more immediate impact. These channels allow you to laser-focus your message on specific demographics and interests, ensuring your high-ticket offer reaches the right audience at the right time. In particular, DataBox's "Google Ads Benchmarks by Industry" article reported that the travel and leisure industry had a significant 8.87% click-through rate in May 2023. This proves that Google Ads is a powerful tool for promoting high-ticket exclusive travel packages. In the lifestyle industry, as in high fashion and elite electronics, Instagram influencers have an established audience that marketers can leverage to reach a wider, engaged market. Citing Statista’s data, SproutSocial also highlighted the increase in influencer marketing ad spend, which is expected to reach $47.80 billion by 2027.

7. Expand online presence to uncover more opportunities and profit potential

Expanding online presence to uncover more opportunities and profit potential requires an active online presence. It is a fundamental prerequisite for brand awareness and business growth. A research titled “Impact of Online Advertisement on Customer Satisfaction With the Mediating Effect of Brand Knowledge” suggests that consumers are more likely to perceive positively and even purchase from a brand they recognize online than completely unfamiliar ones. The study was written by Anas A. Salameh, Mahrukh Ijaz, Abdullah Bin Omar, and Hafiz Muhammad Zia ul Haq. Brand awareness translates to trust and increased sales, particularly for high-ticket items where careful consideration and confidence are paramount. Consider the leading electronics brand Samsung, boasting over 107 million fans on Facebook alone. This active online presence fosters a sense of familiarity and trustworthiness, making users more receptive to their premium product line. Expanding your online footprint is also about actively engaging with your audience through inbound marketing strategies. Create valuable content like captivating videos, foster conversations on social media platforms, answer customer queries promptly, and personalize your outreach to cater to individual needs. The more you engage and educate potential customers, the more likely they will become loyal patrons.

Is high ticket digital marketing legit?

Yes, high ticket digital marketing is legit because it’s a business model that involves digital marketing of high-priced products. HubSpot defines digital marketing as synonymous with online marketing, where all your marketing efforts occur on the internet. In digital marketing, businesses use multiple digital channels to reach existing and potential clients. These include search engines (search engine optimization and search engine marketing), email, and social media (SMM). However, since high-ticket digital marketing involves selling expensive items or products, there is a different approach to selling. High ticket digital marketers use more targeted strategies to build relationships, eliminate low-ticket competitors, and close deals. 

As of December 27, 2023, a digital marketer in the US, according to ZipRecruiter, earns an annual average pay of $77,381 yearly or $37 per hour. A high-ticket digital marketer can earn more with commissions. If the commission is 10% per sale, and a high-ticket product costs at least $1,000, you can earn $100 per sale. Brian Jung, an entrepreneur and founder of Jung Media based in Washington DC, Baltimore area shares his record was earning $42,000 in one day in high ticket affiliate marketing, a business model that’s related to the broader concept of high ticket digital marketing.

3 high ticket digital marketing case studies

Lucas Crumb, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Lux Jets

Lucas Crumb from Stansted, England, United Kingdom, is the current managing director and a co-founder of the private jet charter company called Lux Jets. Lucas, who's also a solicitor, had a passion for aviation and marketing skills. The luxury jet service cost, depending on very light jets to top of the range heavy jets, is between $2,719 to $19,583 (€2,500-€18,000) per hour. In an interview with Samuel Jagger for Website Builder Expert, Lucas shared that building relationships with high-ticket clients involves reaching out via email or a telephone call. He said they've experienced having their emails ignored. Lucas added that having a website is important for businesses.

Ryan Levacy, Affiliate Marketing/E-Commerce Consultant

Ryan Levacy, from Austin, Texas, is an affiliate marketing and e-commerce consultant. Ryan shared on a 2019 Quora post that he earns as high as 23% with some partners, with some cookie windows set at 180 days. Some of his merchants also pay fixed amounts, like $250 per sale. He added that the affiliate sites selling high-ticket items that are highly targeted can get away with less traffic and pay higher commissions. However, he said you can also earn a lot on affiliate sites with lower commissions but bring in much traffic.

Simeon Miglic, Entrepreneur

Simeon Miglic is an entrepreneur from Slovenia who focuses on affiliate marketing. In a YouTube video last August 14, 2023, Simeon shared that he earns $4,400 in one day in just one company where he is an affiliate. In another campaign he showed on the video, he got $15,998.40 with 43 signups and 22 sales. Simeon emphasized the importance of promoting high-ticket affiliate products that offer $1,000-$2,000 commissions per sale. This allows you to earn substantial income with fewer sales compared to lower-priced products. He also suggested using a marketing system to pre-frame potential customers and increase conversion rates. This system will guide prospects from your landing page to the affiliate product you're promoting. Last, he advised marketers to avoid sending traffic directly to affiliate links, as this would cause intense competition with other affiliates. He recommended creating custom landing pages in your domain while building an email list.

What skills are essential for high ticket digital marketing?

Marketing strategy development, persuasive copywriting, and sales and negotiation are skills essential for high ticket digital marketing. The other concepts you should be familiar with to succeed are Customer Lifetime Value and sales funnel optimization Here’s how each skill could influence your success in high ticket digital marketing. 

  • Marketing strategy development. Marketing strategy involves strategic thinking applied in marketing. Bill Phillips, skills expert and creator of Future-basing®, says strategic thinking helps you create your future, identify opportunities for change, and increase your market share. If you can think strategically, you can analyze client needs, assess market trends, and develop long-term marketing plans. One helpful strategy is using conversion rate optimization tools to better track traffic patterns, examine user flow, and identify opportunities for improvement once the potential buyers are on your website. Digital marketing is a competitive industry, and you must cultivate strategic thinking to help your business stay in the game for the long term. 
  • Persuasive copywriting. Persuasive copywriting uses writing techniques that persuade potential buyers to take action and ultimately make a purchase, according to the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). In high ticket digital marketing, you vie for the buyer’s attention. Without an effective copy, you can lose your audience to other high ticket digital marketers. Copywriting covers calls to action or CTA. HubSpot’s study of over 330,000 CTAs in 6 months revealed that when you use personalized CTAs, your conversion is 202% better compared to basic CTA. Besides CTA, the Digital School of Marketing (DSM) says persuasive copywriting also uses elements of storytelling, social proof, and clear and concise language.  
  • Sales and negotiations. When selling high-ticket digital products or services, chances are you’ll experience buyers reacting to the high cost of the product. According to RAIN Group’s Top Performance in Sales Negotiation Benchmark Report, while most sellers experience buyers reacting emotionally to price, top performers in sales negotiations are 2.2x more likely prepared to manage those emotions. The same report revealed that 62% of buyers will pay more if the supplier (or seller) can show why the product is worth its price.

  • Customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value or CLV/CLTV refers to the metric that shows the total revenue that you can expect from one customer account, according to HubSpot. It helps you understand the value of each of your clients over the duration of the customer relationship. HubSpot’s data shows that 78% of customers look for a fair price when choosing a merchant. It means that high ticket digital marketers should be able to show the value of the products and services when negotiating with a client. Also, 81% of buyers would make another purchase if they had a positive shopping experience. However, 61% will go to a competitor after only one bad customer experience. If they get two bad customer experiences, 76% say they will switch to a competitor. With CLV/CLTV, you can enhance loyalty, improve decision-making, and decrease attrition. KISSmetrics has been cited by multiple sites to have reported that a lost customer costs a business $243 on average. Thus, it’s important to know how to avoid losing customers.
  • Sales funnel optimization. Sales funnel optimization involves refining a sales funnel and the stages to achieve increased client acquisition rate and conversion. In its Market Data Report 2024, said approximately 570K websites use at least one sales funnel creation tool. It helps them keep prospective clients, which is crucial in high ticket digital marketing. Not all clients will buy high-ticket digital products or services. Gitnux’s report also revealed that 80% of sales would need 5 follow-up calls. These facts only prove that mastering sales funnel optimization helps digital marketers nurture a lead and put up a clear CTA.

What is the most simple method for doing high ticket digital marketing? 

High ticket affiliate marketing is the most simple method of doing high ticket digital marketing because you don't need to create a product or offer a service. You don't need to spend resources on customer service or worry about supply chain issues. As a high ticket affiliate marketer, your main goal is to drive traffic to the offers you promote either organically or through paid advertising.

How long does it take to get into high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners?

It takes at least a month to 2 years to get into high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners. This is based on the length of some popular affiliate marketing courses you could take to start your journey in affiliate marketing. For instance, John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0, one of the best affiliate marketing courses we reviewed, offers a 6-week training and lifetime access to the modules and training videos. Stefan James’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery offers a program that will help you establish an affiliate marketing business within 1 to 3 months. However, consider that high ticket affiliate marketing requires expertise and a solid brand reputation. So, seeing consistent results might take longer. For instance, in his article on ahrefs, SEO and content marketing specialist Bill Widmer shared that it takes 6 months to a year to earn as an affiliate marketer. Bill added that it would take around 2 years before you can replace your day job with affiliate marketing. 

What are the top high ticket affiliate marketing products?

The top high ticket affiliate marketing products are software, online courses, business services, and luxury and travel. Looking at products and services in the software niche, you can earn as much as 150% of the cost as an affiliate. For instance, Liquid Web pays 150% of the monthly hosting cost, with a minimum of $150 commission. HubSpot pays 100% during the first month and a recurring 15%. MarketHire pays a flat rate of $2,500 in cash that is paid upfront for each referral. There are also affiliate programs that pay lifetime commissions, like Kajabi. The platform pays a 30% lifetime commission per new referral that will remain active beyond the trial period.

Conclusion: What is the best method for doing high ticket digital marketing?

Selling local lead generation is the best method for doing high ticket digital marketing because of its high passive income potential and scalability. In high ticket digital marketing, you'll need to hustle constantly in selling the digital marketing package or manage product creation. If you're into affiliate marketing, you face the challenges of having unpredictable returns because of differences in cookie duration and lack of control over the quality of the product or service. 

Unlike selling services or creating products, local lead generation involves the creation of website and using Google's organic traffic to rank it. You leverage local SEO to drive traffic. It requires minimal ongoing marketing efforts after the initial setup. The website is your digital asset over which you get full control. Meaning, you are the business owner. 

Once the website is set up, you command the pricing structure and the selection of local businesses or potential client who get to rent the website. A single client in local lead generation can pay you $500 to $3,000 monthly. With 5 websites rented to 5 small businesses, that's $2,500 to $15,000 each month or $30,000 to $180,000 a year

Local lead generation is inherently high-ticket because of the demand for leads. In 2022, Ruler Analytics found out that 91% of marketers recognize that lead generation is their most important goal. A single high-quality lead is equivalent to potential earnings for businesses. Start a scalable online business that provides stable and predictable passive income with local generation. Learn more about local lead generation business model through our program.

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