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Luke Sample Higher Path Ventures Review: 21 Takeaways (Their Amazon FBA Strategy)

January 19, 2024

higher path ventures review (1)

Are you searching for a Higher Path Ventures review?

Well, we are going to dive into this strategy... it allows people to make money from home...

and the pros and cons of this business model.

You will also learn what my number one recommendation is for making money online.

So, let’s get to it.

1. Higher Path Ventures Uses an Amazon FBA Strategy to Sell Books Online

The name High Path Ventures could mean a million things.

To be honest-

-and I’ll bring this up again-

We really aren’t told what the business model is.

So, to introduce this article, I’ll be upfront with you.

This is an Amazon FBA scheme.

Higher Path Ventures uses Amazon FBA to sell books online.

Let's learn exactly what kind of Amazon FBA Higher Path Ventures does.

2. Specifically, Higher Path Ventures Sells Books with Retail Arbitrage

There are three FBA Models:

  • Retail arbitrage, or flipping products.
  • Private label, or putting your label on unlabeled products.
  • Wholesale, or selling known brands on Amazon yourself.

Specifically, Higher Path Ventures uses a retail arbitrage strategy.

Furthermore, they use Amazon Prime and their own custom book arbitrage software to sell books. 

Here’s what I’ve had to say about retail arbitrage in the past:
retail arbitrage

Really, it's the least productive of the three FBA strategies. 

And, it's only good if you want to make a few extra bucks here and there.

But, Higher Path Ventures has taken book arbitrage to another level, scaled it, and automated much of the process.

So, how can you succeed with book arbitrage?

We'll get to that next.


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Until 2014, like many of the people I review, I was working in a corporate job from 9 to 5.

Not only was it soul-crushing, but it didn't give me any time to pursue my bigger goals.

Luke Sample has also found a way to make money online. 

And I can't help but wonder in this Higher Path Ventures review, how his methods compare to my #1 passive income recommendation.

I've discovered a way to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients, like the one below:

I created the website you see above in 2015. Since then I haven't had to touch or update it.

And, guess what:

It has gained me a passive income of $2000 a month.

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in 5 years.

With no effort on my part, since it ranked on Google those years ago.

That's the magic of the Lead Generation business.

It's by far the best model to generate passive income. If you want to know more, just hop over here!

3. Here's How You Can Succeed with Higher Path Ventures

To succeed with Higher Path Ventures' business model, you will have to buy their product.

You will also need to pay a monthly fee

(Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly what that is next.)

The Higher Path Ventures product includes two software systems.

It also allows you to take advantage of outsourcing services that they have in place for you.

With these things in place, the results Luke will share are possible.

I will show you Higher Path Venture's software systems in just a bit.

But first- what does all of this cost?

Here's the skinny.

4. Higher Path Ventures Costs...

Ok- Here's exactly what Higher Path Ventures products and services costs:

  • $3,500 up front…
  • And $297 a month for the rest of the time you run your business.

Next, let's see exactly what you'll get from that expense.

5. You'll Receive Training, Tools, and More

When you buy from Higher Path Ventures, you also get:

  • Trainings
  • Access to their Facebook group
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Twice-weekly coaching sessions
  • Email support

And more.

Here's everything that Higher Path Ventures offers:


So, who will you be working with after purchasing this product and becoming a part of their community?

Let's find out.

6. There are Two People Behind Higher Path Ventures

Luke Sample

luke sample

Luke Sample is the presenter featured in this lesson.

Luke is an entrepreneur, and has been making money online for about 20 years.

Now, Higher Path Ventures is his main gig, along with his business partner.

Jon Shugart

jon shugart

If you sign up for the Higher Path Ventures product, you will have access to him.

He was the CEO of Book Profits.

Now that we know who is behind this business venture…

We can really dig into my Higher Path Ventures review.

7. I Had One Big Problem with the Beginning of Luke's Lesson

My Problem? He Makes Some BIG Promises

Luke says he will share two ways of making money online. 

He also introduces a “big bold promise” that he promises we can hold him to:

big bold promise
He says that a “huge percentage” of people have had success with this, and had “giant results.”

The skills aren’t difficult.

Time and money investment isn’t much.

According to Luke, nothing else you will see online compares to what he is going to share with you.

It’s worth noting that we’re a few minutes into the video, and we still haven’t been told exactly what we’re learning about.

Next, he promises that anyone can do this.

 anyone can do it

In other words, you won’t need:

  • Technical skills
  • Marketing skills
  • A website
  • A blog
  • Funnels
  • Funnel software
  • Email marketing
  • Ads
  • Chatbots
  • Phone calls
  • Real selling
  • Traffic

Here’s what else he added:

simple and easy

He does share this Earnings Disclaimer:

earnings disclaimer

Which he pairs with a few comments about how there are risks in any business.

I agree.

And, I have more to add.

First, a business model where you don't need any skills at all isn't necessarily a good thing.

You don't want to be in a business where anyone can do it.


Then, your business will get saturated and spammed.

This is just one reason why I'm a fan of the lead generation business.

It doesn't rely on a gimmick or a fad...

...something that works today, but might not tomorrow.

We'll talk more about that a bit further into this article. 

For now, Luke does say that  can’t promise you’ll make the amount of money he will show.

He CAN promise, however, that this is the best thing, according to the percentage of people who have had success, that he’s ever seen.

What is that percentage exactly?

I’ll let you know during my Higher Path ventures review at the end of this summary.

For now, let’s see what I did like about the beginning of this lesson.

But, He Also Gives Real Examples...

One user shared these results:

results 1
BUT: these numbers are sales totals.

To his credit, Luke does say that these sales numbers don’t matter…’s the profit that matters.  

With his method, you can expect to take home about 50% of that profit.

And, those are the lucky people.

With this type of business model, there are a lot of costs, like inventory, fees, etc.

Many Ecommerce businesses barely break even...

...and many lose money.

That same user had these results in a week:

results 2

Luke continues to share other examples of success, while quickly glossing over numbers.

results 3

He credits this to the methods that he is about to share.

Now, we are at least fifteen minutes into the lesson, and we STILL don’t know what these methods are.

And, we’re finally getting close.

8. I Learned A Lot About Higher Path Ventures with Method #1

Specifically, I learned:

  • What Higher Path Ventures version of Amazon FBA really is...
  • How to scale book buying...
  • How to find the right books...
  • And more details on their software.

You probably want to know all of the details.

Here they are:

method 1

Luke starts with two main ideas.

This is the first:

main idea 1

And this is the second:

big idea 2
At this point in the lesson, I still had no idea that Amazon FBA was the topic.

But, since we’re here:

How do you get the Amazon Prime symbol for your product?

Luke shares this:

fba fbm

There it is. 

Amazon FBA.

We touched on this at the beginning of the article…

...and we’ll dive in more after this Higher Path Ventures review.

For now, I just want to point out that it seems a little odd to me that Luke is not transparent about what his business venture is exactly.

Doesn’t really seem like he’s taking the “Higher Path” to me. 

Let’s continue…

Luke Explains Their Version of Amazon FBA

amazon fba
Luke’s first method is to buy products that do not have the Amazon Prime symbol, and turn them into products that do.

With this method, he focuses on book sales.

Here’s a Prime book example that he shows:


And, here are the non-Prime results for the same book:

non prime

Luke explains that he would buy this lower priced book for $11.52 total…

...and then, turn around and list it for $174.00 through Amazon FBA.

After all fees…

The profit comes out to:


But, who would buy a book for so much when a cheap one is available?

Luke does share these real results of people who have purchased such expensive books:

Luke then shares more results of people following this method:

results again

Throughout the lesson, Luke promises...

it gets better

...and builds into the next part of Method #1.

He Shows You How to Scale Your Book Buying

Here, Luke encourages you to buy all of the books:

buy all the books

And he breaks down the math here for us:


This seems like a huge risk.

What if you DON’T sell all 19 books at this jacked-up price?

Then, you’ll be out $1,112.

He refers back to his examples to prove that this works.

But, of course, there’s more to it. 

Let’s keep going.

How to Find the Right Books to Sell

Luke goes into how to find the best books to flip.

He does this by literally walking us through a demonstration…

...of his custom-built software.

custom software

In fact, the results he has been sharing all got those numbers by using his software.

Here’s an inside look:


This software stores data on millions of Amazon books.

So, by searching the software-

instead of researching on Amazon itself-

you save hours and hours of time and effort.

He continues by setting a budget of $20/book:

max 20

And sets a minimum sell on Amazon to at least $100.

min 100

Finally, he sets the software to only show results that sell highly:

one million

After applying the filters, Luke gets this result:

after search result

He researches the results...

And shows us that we could make this amount after all fees:


...if we sell the book.

He claims that this will get you on pace for $10K a month just as quickly as he demonstrated.

Especially since his software comes up with this many pages of results:

software results

There’s a mountain of opportunity to make tons of cash.

And, since this is a billion dollar industry, the opportunity is enormous.

He shows us a slightly different demo with different numbers:

different search

And shares that we will learn how to make more specific searches later.

In summary-

How do you get to the big numbers?

Luke’s custom software.

You Get A Lot When You Buy the Software

The software takes away the need for specialized skills.

Other services that Luke provides outsources your need to handle the books yourself, too.


This costs $1-$2 per book.

And, eventually, you can outsource it all...


That's everything that Luke had to say about his first method of online book arbitrage. 

Here's his second method.

9. I Didn't Learn as Much from Method #2, But One Aspect Was Super Interesting...

Another way that Higher Path Ventures makes money is trading in books.

Learning about trading in books-

instead of turning them around to sell-

was intriguing to me.

That is, until I learned how I would get paid.

Here's what you need to know.

Higher Path Ventures shares the results that some users have gotten using this second method:

method 2

Honestly... this seems a bit inflated, if not unrealistic. 

Sellers just wouldn't be able to keep up that pace.

Method #2 is really just a different way to do the same thing.

We’re still talking about Amazon FBA.

We’re still looking to turn Amazon Prime products.

But with this method, you trade-in the books you already have.

Here’s his math for this book:

trade in

Luke breaks it down like this:

break down method 2

Amazon pays for shipping when Luke trades-in, saving shipping costs.

Like Method #1, there’s no specialized skills here.

You'll just be looking for trade-in differences.

And, you will know if a book will make you money before you invest in it:

before you invest

So, what’s the catch?

It’s pretty significant.

the catch

All of your profit?

Gift cards.

And, you'll be spending a ton of tons working to find trade-in deals.

Not exactly passive income.

And, last I checked, my Amazon credits couldn’t buy my Tesla, or cover the rent at my San Fran apartment.

But, let’s keep breaking it down.

And I Learned How to Find Trade-Ins

how do we find the books

What’s Luke’s solution for finding valuable book trade-ins?

His custom software.

more custom software

This is a different software than he previously showed,

And he dives into another demo.

This software is a Chrome browser extension.

For those with Chrome, you’ll save hours of time searching for trade-ins.

This is what the extension does to your Amazon searches:


As you can see, your results will look quite different.

And, it provides you with links to other sites that sell the same book.

It also highlights the biggest profitable books with a green checkmark:

extension green
By searching for books with that green checkmark, Higher Path Ventures provides an easy way to see the books with the highest profit opportunities.

Eventually, like Method #1, you’ll be able to outsource:

outsource method 2

This also helps with those who are based internationally.

All without touching a book.

What does this all come back to?


10. Higher Path Ventures' Products are What Brings the Results

Luke has shared many results throughout the lesson.

But, the only way to get these results… to purchase his software systems.

software systems

And, this is how his lesson ends:

A giant sales plug for his two systems, or “businesses in a box”.

With them, you’ll be able to start both Methods without having to develop anything on your own.


That was a lot of information.

Congrats: you’ve made it through my summary of Luke’s lesson.

Now, here’s exactly what I think of his methods.

11. There are 2 Things I Really Like About This Lesson

First, the lesson is nicely presented.

It’s edited well, which makes it interesting to watch.

Throughout the video, Luke shares real examples of income. 

So, he is attempting to back up his claims with hard evidence.

12. But, There are 3 Things That I Really Didn't Like...

#1. There are Time Issues

higher path ventures review icon

First, there is no way to skip ahead to back up without starting the lesson over.

This was frustrating, as you are out of luck if you miss part of the content.

Another thing that bothered me about the lesson?

It’s length.

Is it 15 minutes?


I had to find a very low quality video on YouTube to find that the lesson is about an hour and a half long.

Seems like something that would be good to know from the start.

#2. He Leaves Some Questions Unanswered

higher path ventures review question

Also, it takes about twenty or so minutes to actually hear what Luke’s method actually IS.

higher path ventures review percentage

I also promised that I would share the percentage of successful users that Luke talks about.

I wish I could.

Unfortunately, he never shares exactly what that “huge percentage” is. 

And, when he claimed that there was “zero chance the methods don’t work”.

My warning lights went on full blast.

#3. Luke Presents Unclear Results

higher path ventures review money

He also shares results like this:

results 3

And I had to check the math on this myself.

That big red number…

The number he is banking you won’t check…

Is that sales number he has said is worthless.

Really, the net profit is $1,229,626.60....

And that’s only if this person had their “best day ever”-

every day-

for 365 days.


13. Wondering About a Refund? There's 5 Catches

It's definitely worth nothing that you can get a refund if you are unhappy with the product. 

However, this is only true if you:

  • Buy a certain amount of books within 60 days
  • Log each book into the software
  • Conduct two searches every day for sixty days with at least three hours between them
  • Document the searches with all relevant details
  • Share the spreadsheets before day 3 of your subscription

14. There are 4 Things I Just Don't Like About this Biz Model...

#1. It Presents This BIG Risk...

higher path ventures review downvote

My biggest issue with Luke’s methods,

And Amazon FBA in general,

Is that there is no guarantee that I will make money off of the books that I buy in the first place.

In other words, if I buy 19 books for $20, there’s still no guarantee I will make that $380 back in actual cash.

And- what college kid do you know that wouldn’t be thrilled to find a textbook for under $12?

I just wouldn’t base my business off of the hope that people tend to buy more Prime products than non-Prime products.

To wrap it up, most people would rather save $130, than put it in my pocket.

And that's just too big a risk for me. 

#2. Certain Aspects Really Bother Me...

higher path ventures review moral

Another problem I have  with Luke’s method?

Something about it doesn’t sit right.

He touts the sales of college textbooks, because they are so expensive.

And as for buying ALL of the textbooks off of Amazon, as he encourages...

And with the high cost of college in general… 

This just makes me feel horrible for those college kids trying to find the books they need.

#3. There's Just So Much Competition

higher path ventures review competition

Luke himself shows us all of the competition we’d have to fight to be successful. 

Another reviewer commented on this:
another reviewer

#4. Why the Unclear Name?

higher path ventures review hidden

Finally, why change the name?

If you do online book arbitrage…

...why call yourself Higher Path Ventures?

And another reviewer agrees:  

reviewer 2

15. Lead Generation is a Better Way to Make Money Online

Lead Generation is PASSIVE INCOME

passive income

We all want to find a way to make money while we sleep..

Watch a football game...

Or hang out with our kids.

And honestly-

Book arbitrage isn't going to do that. 


With lead generation, you will:

  • Create a website within a localized niche.
  • Rank that site to the top of Google's front page  (which is super easy, due to the local market)
  • Bring in passive income.

16. I Have These Results to Back it Up...

You probably saw the info on my tree care site towards the beginning of this article.

But, it's worth it to share a bit more...

Lansing Tree Service Lead Gen Property

Here, you can see how I was able to rank this site to the top of Google's front page. 

Since I ranked the site, it's been making me money.

And, I haven't touched it since.

Here's another one of my sites...

Now, I'm making $52K per month through lead generation.

Tell me that's not amazing.

17. Lead Generation is Less Risky than Amazon FBA

Of course, every biz model has some risk.

But, Amazon FBA has too much risk involved for my taste.

I don't love the idea of spending thousands of dollars...

...with no guarantee I will make that money back.

On top of that, I'd have to work hard to make sure my products stand out above the fray.

To put it another way...

The market is extremely saturated.

Too saturated to tempt me to attempt Amazon FBA in this day and age.

Plus, the market could change-

or Amazon could change their rules-

and my business would be out of luck.

On the other hand, with lead generation...

  • Small business are ALWAYS looking for leads.
  • Because we focus on LOCAL lead gen, those leads come directly to us.
  • Also due to our localized focus, the market is far LESS saturated.
  • And, we OWN our sites, so no one can change the rules on us.
Furthermore, this book arbitrage model heavily depends on external factors to make money.

These factors include finding the right deal at the right time...

and fighting the saturated market of other users that may buy the product, with no specialized skills needed.

In the end, it will become harder and harder to find these deals.

The reason why I like local lead gen?

It's an actual skillset, that not everyone knows.

In other words, not everyone can rank a site in Google. 

So, when you master this skill, you will have a long-term business in a high-demand market, due to your mastery of a scarce skillset.

Similar to how a brain surgeon makes more than a barber, your high level skill will also make you more money with local lead generation.

19. I Feel Proud of...

Small businesses need our help.

By providing leads, I am able to help local families run their dream businesses.

This helps the community find the services they need...

...and builds small local economies, too.

And, since I've tried many different ways of making money online, I can clearly see-

Local lead gen is a business I can feel proud of.

20. I Want to Share All the Details...

Want to learn more about getting started with lead generation?

Here are even more amazing things about this business model:


Still skeptical?

Here's what lead generation has done for me and some of our 7000 students.

21. Local Lead Gen Can Change Your Life

I've included just a few of the crazy things I have been able to do since becoming successful at lead generation:

And here's what some of those students have to say, too.

Take a glance at all 5 of these testimonials...

...and click the button to learn more about this business model.

Want to learn more about how lead generation can change YOUR life?

Click the button to learn more.

I'm so glad I did.

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