Home Service Launch Review – Top 3 Challenges with a D2D Window Cleaning Business

April 6, 2023

Home Service Launch is an online coaching program by Oliver and Josh Lester that shows you how to start and scale a door-to-door window cleaning business. They accomplish this by training you on how to improve your D2D sales techniques and hiring a team of workers so you can generate thousands of dollars in revenue each day. 

This Home Service Launch review will uncover if you can earn a passive income each month by creating a window cleaning business, even with the challenges you may face. I'll then explain how the popular local lead generation business model can help a home service company like window cleaning grow. 


Oliver and Josh Lester make thousands of dollars per day in their window cleaning business.

Excellent sales training.

Training on the proper techniques for cleaning windows.

They train you on how to hire a team and train them on the work that needs to be done. 


Going door-to-door is far from passive because you have to manage a team, knock on all the doors in any neighborhood, and do your sales pitch over and over.

This business model requires you to be more of an employee than a business owner.


Home Service Launch costs $7,500. (Currently closed for enrollment)

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee if you don't make $1,000 per day in the 6 weeks of joining the program.


6 week training course with 6 modules. 


Private Discord community for support.


Josh and Oliver Lester started their window cleaning company in 2020 and put this course together based on their knowledge and skills.


When you look up Exclusive Property Master reviews, you'll find mixed reviews on the work they did cleaning windows. Some customers are happy while other say the Elite Property Masters window cleaning company work was subpar. 

Top 3 Challenges with a D2D Window Cleaning Business

1. Putting a team together

Putting a reliable team together can take some time. Not every worker you hire is may do a great job. Therefore, you need to take time looking for workers that are on time, provide a great customer experience, and have no problem communicating with you. Who you hire is going to represent your company, so you need to ensure they are disciplined and responsible. Vetting several workers requires patience on your part. You should ideally train each of your workers in the correct way to clean windows. That way, if your workers do a poor job, there will be no reason to keep them on the team and you can fire them when you want.

2. Many home owners telling you no

All businesses need to generate leads if they want to stay in business. As a door-to-door window cleaning business owner, you're going to get told NO every day as you knock on homeowners' doors offering your services. Though you will get some homeowners who will agree to letting you clean their windows, you will talk to many who will say no. They don't want to be solicited or bothered. Some homeowners do their window cleaning themselves because they don't want to pay a company.

3. Unhappy customers

When working on home or business owners' properties, you will come across unhappy customers no matter what you or your employees do to please them. This is a part of business and it may cause you to receive customer complaints and negative Google reviews. The best you can do is treat customers with respect, even if they are unhappy. If you receive complaints or negative Google reviews, respond politely and professionally. 

Home Service Launch Course Overview

Buyer Psychology

In the first section of this course, you learn how to understand the way buyers think. You learn why people are emotional when making a purchase, how to understand sales patterns, how to not sound like you're making a sale, and more.

Seller Psychology

In this module, you learn what to pay attention to in yourself as you sell. Some of the important topics you learn are:

  • The relationship between price and value
  • The relationship between pleasure and pain points
  • Tonality while conversing
  • Law of averages

How much does window cleaning cost?

According to Angi, the average cost of window cleaning is between $150 and $303 depending on how many windows a property has and how easy or difficult it is to access them.

How to Get Started

This module details all the equipment you need to buy and use. You learn which window washing tools to use like squeegee, Di Tank, and waterfed pole to use. You also learn which specific services to sell and at what price point to sell them at.

They break down how to clean windows, gutters, and siding as well as how to take payments. Oliver and Josh uncover the difficulties you'll face in your day to day the ideal areas to knock on doors and sell your window cleaning services.

How long does it take to professionally clean windows?

To professionally clean windows, it can take anywhere between 1 and 2.5 hours for one home. How long you take will depend on the size of a property, how many windows they have, and where the windows are positioned.

Doubling and Tripling Your Numbers Overnight with Workers

To increase sales, Oliver and Josh explain everything you need to hire workers, how to train them, and how to pay them. 

How to Sell Jobs Going Door to Door

This section teaches you all of Oliver and Josh's door-to-door sales techniques. They explain their straight line system, how the front half of the presentation should go, and how to structure the back half of your presentation.

On The Door Training 

This section goes over everything to keep in mind when talking to your potential customers at the door. You learn about:

  • Upselling
  • Body Positioning
  • Pulling the homeowner outside

In Field Footage

This section has over 12 in-field sales footage videos to see how Oliver and Josh close deals.

Who are Oliver and Josh Lester?

Oliver and Josh Lester are 6-figure entrepreneurs and CEO's from Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. They grew up in the suburbs of McKenzie Lake. Oliver and Josh grew up playing hockey and had dreams of playing in the National Hockey League. At 18 years old, he started looking for jobs to do and found window cleaning. Josh dropped out of high school and began working with his brother. Oliver played for the Prince George Cougars in British Columbia, Canada, for his last season with hockey.

Exclusive Property Masters is a window cleaning company Oliver and Josh founded in 2020. They made $1,000 per day working 10-12 hours, 6 days per week and grew their company to over multiple 6-figures in revenue. 

On social media, they promote their businesses. Oliver has over 14K followers on Instagram. The Josh Lester Sells Instagram account has over 39.5K followers and he posts content that teaches people how to make money by knocking on people's doors and cleaning their windows. He also shows himself in the field talking to homeowners and selling them on window cleaning services.

On the Josh Lester YouTube channel, he has over 82K subscribers and the content is like what he posts on Instagram. 

Home Service Launch Successful Student

Simon is a successful student of the Home Service Launch program. Simon would knock on doors on the weekends and set appointments for the week. He put together a team of employees to help do all the jobs he set up. In only 26 hours of door knocking, he would make $1,450 for 5 window cleaning jobs. Two of which he did himself. 

Home Service Launch Alternative

Home Service Academy by Johnny Robinson and Sergio Silesky, is another online training program that will teach you how to start a window cleaning company. Their method shows you how to find contractors to outsource the work to instead of hiring employees like Oliver and Josh do. With this course, you also learn how to generate window cleaning leads and there is a private forum-style community for support. When you sign on to work with Johnny and Sergio, you'll get 90 days of one-on-one training. If you don't make $10K per month or more within your first 90 days in the program, they keep providing support. 

Price: Home Service Academy costs $2,600.

More Info: Home Service Academy Review

Is window cleaning profitable in 2024?

Window cleaning is profitable in 2024 because overhead costs are low, you collect payments on the spot and upselling your customers isn't difficult if you provide excellent service. You will make money with this business model because it is an in-demand service. If you can hire a team of workers and train them properly, you can make 6-figures in a year the same way Oliver and Josh do. This business model is much less complicated than the way Desmond Acha teaches in the USA Contract Solutions program.

The problem with starting a D2D window cleaning business is that you are working long hours every day, even if you have a team of workers. You have to track sales every day, the quality of the service your team is providing, and any issues with unhappy customers. Also, the more workers you hire, the lower your profit margins will be. To earn a passive income, you have to hire many workers, expand your operations to nearby towns or cities, and put a project manager in place to manage everything.

You can make money by cleaning windows, but there is a better method of having success with your window cleaning business. One that lets you do most of your work up front and outsource window cleaning jobs. 

Local lead generation can help a Home Service company like window cleaning

A day in the life of Oliver and Josh Lester is hectic. They have to meet their workers, prepare their equipment, drive to neighborhoods, knock on every door, and repeat the same sales pitch after doing a window cleaning job, and deal with angry homeowners who don't like to be sold at their door.

With local lead generation, you don't have to go door to door knocking. Leads flow through your lead generation website and are sent to your local client who will do the work. All you need to do is build and rank your site at the top of the search results for the keywords relevant to your business, where highly interested leads are searching. You don't have to go knocking on doors and try to get them to pay for a service. Also, there's no need to get dirty doing any physical work.

Having leads be generated for you instead of you having to go door knocking can save you time and make you more money. Once a lead is generated, you can have your team go straight to the location and get the job done. 

You can even cover more ground in your business and provide your service in nearby towns. 

This tree care site I built over 7 years ago has paid me $2,000 every month since I built, rank and rented it to a local small business owner.

Local lead generation

The best part is that it only takes a few hours to build your digital property and a few weeks to rank locally.

You don't have to do any work and you still have all the control in your business because you own the digital property. All you do is get paid every month or even every week for the leads your sites generate. Local lead generation will pay you a more passive income every month and scaling this business model is as easy as building, ranking and renting more sites for more services.

If your client doesn't want to pay, you can stop sending them leads and forward the leads to their competitors. 

To learn how you can earn a passive income online without having to go door-to-door offering a service, check out the local lead generation training program

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