Ian Nuttall’s Practical Programmatic SEO Review: Is This What Your Website Needs To Scale?

March 25, 2024

Practical Programmatic SEO is an extensive online course by Ian Nuttal. The course goes over the fundamentals of pSEO strategy and how to build websites for people of varying coding abilities. This is for developers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers wanting to scale and increase site traffic with programmatic SEO tactics.

According to Demand Sage, the SEO industry is over $50 billion in value. But, top ecommerce sites rank for 20% more keywords based on Bright Edge’s findings. There is a tight competition for the top results. Programmatic SEO generates web pages in bulk. So, you’re also risking your site losing rank or completely not appearing on search results.

Practical Programmatic SEO course almost has no external review. The testimonials of its students on the website are all positive. So, for this review, we’ll go over the course’s pros and cons, and what you’ll get when you sign up. And if this programmatic SEO is the best key to increase your revenue in 2023.

Practical Programmatic SEO Review: Pros and Cons


Reputable Creator. Ian Nuttal has a positive reputation. He is an active creator of software using pSEO so he’s built an authority on the topic.

Caters to All Skill Levels. The course includes lessons for people with coding and no coding knowledge.

Self-pace: The video lessons are accessible at your own pace.


No External Reviews. There are reviews on the website. Though it can be unreliable if you value peer reviews, since the course has an affiliate program.

No Community. You’ll get access to your learning dashboard on the website, but there is no community for members.


Practical Programmatic SEO by Ian Nuttall costs $197.

Refund Policy

Practical Programmatic SEO don't offer refunds.


Practical Programmatic SEO creator, Ian Nuttall, has a positive reputation online. He's also active on Twitter with 34k followers.

Is Practical Programmatic SEO What Your Website Needs To Scale?

Practical Programmatic SEO can be what your website needs to scale. It will help you generate a lot of pages in a short time. The strategy targets long keywords that traditional SEO doesn’t focus on. So it increases traffic, then revenue. However, Ian Nuttall also cautioned that programmatic SEO is only effective when you have valuable information on those generated pages.

What is Practical Programmatic SEO?

Practical Programmatic SEO is an online course on programmatic SEO strategy. Ian Nuttal will teach you the basics of the strategy. You can build a website or create hundreds of web pages regardless of your coding knowledge. The course also comes with datasets you can use for your pSEO.

What Will You Get From Practical Programmatic SEO?

Fundamentals of Programmatic SEO

The first module goes over the basics of programmatic SEO. It has 19 lessons in 4 hours of video lessons.

Population Data - No Code Case Study

This module dives into pSEO with no coding. This part is available at Ian’s Gumroad products as a standalone.

Golf Courses - Low-Code WordPress Build

The 3rd module goes over how to build pSEO in WordPress with low code knowledge.

Building Programmatic Website with Webflow

This module is one of the longest lessons since it’s for pSEO with coding. The module has 25 lessons in almost 4 hours of video lessons.

Building Affiliate Product Review Site

Building Affiliate Product Review Site deals with affiliate business that can be made using pSEO.

Using AI to Build Programmatic SEO Websites

This is a quick lesson on how to build pSEO websites using AI tools.

Setup Showcase - Real Programmatic SEO Sites

This is 2 hours of programmatic SEO at work in sample sites.

Programmatic SEO Masterclass

The last module lasts for 2 and a half hour on advanced programmatic SEO tips and advice.

How Does Practical Programmatic SEO Help You Get Lots of Traffic?

Practical Programmatic SEO helps you get lots of traffic through web page generation. It can build hundred to thousands of pages. The course will teach you how to set up datasets and templates for the pSEO strategy. Ian Nuttall will also go over targeting low competition and long-tail keywords. Once your pages get indexed, they can start generating traffic for your website.

Who Is Practical Programmatic SEO For?

Practical Programmatic SEO are for publishers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, web developers, and e-commerce owners. It is best for people who already know about the concept. And entrepreneurs who can provide unique content even with bulk page generation.

Who Is Practical Programmatic SEO Not For?

Practical Programmatic SEO are not for bloggers and business owners who are researching about programmatic SEO and are not sure how the strategy can help them. The course doesn't have a refund policy so every purchase is final.

Are The Students of Practical Programmatic SEO Getting Results?

It appears that students of Practical Programmatic SEO are getting results based on the website’s testimonials. But there are yet to be proof or detailed reviews. Niche Site Lady and Jon Kurtis gave positive feedback about the actionable value of the course. While Ankit Rana emphasized the course’s lack of fluff and Ian’s timely response to emails.

What Is Practical Programmatic SEO Affiliate Program?

The Practical Programmatic SEO affiliate program offers 30% commission per sale. It is open to anyone affiliated with Lemon Squeezy. Lemon Squeezy is the payment processor of the course. Interested affiliate marketers can sign up on Lemon Squeezy to get their affiliate links. The cookie window for the affiliate program is 30 days.

What Is Programmatic SEO Tips & How-To Guides?

Programmatic SEO Tips & How-To Guides is a free resource for beginners in the pSEO strategy. Each blog post fills you in on pSEO like indexing your pages faster through changing the title tag or rewording your introduction. There's also a blog post explaining why pSEO is not spam and 3 ways to find keywords for your pSEO site.

Is Practical Programmatic SEO Worth It?

Practical Programmatic SEO is worth it if you’re looking to learn about programmatic SEO. It also has value for those who believe their niche website needs programmatic SEO. The course includes programmatic SEO OS. The OS in Notion has a topic of pSEO in different platforms. Practical Programmatic SEO also caters to people with varying skills in coding.

Who Is Ian Nuttall?

Ian Nuttal is an SEO expert and entrepreneur since 2005. He is active on Twitter with a following of 34k. He is also a web developer building softwares and tools. Ian’s recent product launched last November 23, 2023 is the URL Monitor. It tracks urls in Google and index new pages in bulk at $10 per month. Ian currently lives in Bingham, England, United Kingdom.

He also acquired the Programmatic SEO OS from David Holt, a graphic designer. The operating software is in Notion. It's now included in the Practical Programmatic SEO course for members. The OS includes 50+ examples, and pSEO in different platforms, such as WordPress and Wix.

What Is Niche Site Metrics By Ian Nuttall?

Niche Site Metrics by Ian Nuttal is a subscription service. It provides site data like organic traffic, keywords and domain authority. You can use the database to find keywords and niche topics with low competition to venture into. Niche Site Metrics database gets updated on a monthly basis.

What Are Other Offers of Ian Nuttal?

  • Programmatic SEO Datasets. Programmatic SEO Datasets is a list of datasets that you can use for your pSEO strategy. It also comes as a part of the Practical Programmatic SEO course. It costs $5 or more if you’re willing to pay for more.
  • 0-60 Times Vehicle Dataset. 0-60 Times Vehicle Datasets is a ready-made dataset of 148 vehicle manufacturers. It is data from 1946 to 2024 for a programmatic SEO site. The dataset is available for subscription at $20 per year.
  • No-Code Programmatic SEO Course. No-Code Programmatic SEO is a video course on programmatic SEO with no code. It is part of the Practical Programmatic SEO course. It's also made available as standalone for people looking to learn pSEO in a tight budget. No-Code Programmatic SEO Course costs $97.
  • Product Review CSV Generator. Product Review CSV Generator is a tool automating the generation of product comparisons. It can process data from CSV and Google Sheets. The tool is priced at $5 or more.
  • Programmatic SEO Playbook - Transport Niche. Programmatic SEO Playbook on Transport Niche is a pSEO dataset on transportation niche. It includes ideas and tips on how to set up and scale the niche site. It is only available for 100 buyers at $60. 

Does Ian Nuttal Have A Good Reputation Online?

Yes, Ian Nuttak has a good reputation online. He engages with his Twitter following a lot. They exchange thoughts, answer questions and post updates for his current works. His tweets have an average impression of 8k.

Ian Nuttall Claims

Ian Nuttal claims Practical Programmatic SEO will increase your traffic and revenue. The programmatic SEO strategy will generate pages and rank on long tail keywords.

Ian Nuttall Claims DEBUNKED

Programmatic SEO is an effective strategy to drive traffic and increase your revenue if you have a robust and valuable dataset. But that depend on your niche and the information you have on it. As stated by Daniel Trick of Fatjoe, programmatic SEO is not for every niche. Otherwise, you’re risking your website losing rank. Since Google may tag the pSEO webpages as thin or doorway pages.

What Is Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO (pSEO) is the bulk generation of website pages. It uses a single template and database targeting long-tail keywords. pSEO generated pages are best for transactional and commercial intent.

What Are Programmatic SEO Examples?

  • Zapier. Zapier is an automation tool which lets you connect web applications and services. This is for ease of data transfers and synchronizations. The company employed programmatic SEO in creating a page for every application connection possible.
  • TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is a travel site to research accommodation, dining, destination and other travelers’ experiences. TripAdvisor generated pSEO pages for head terms like “best hotel” in every location.
  • Wise. Wise is an international banking service operating in 160 countries. The service utilized programmatic SEO for pages of currency conversion.
  • NomadList. NomadList provides remote workers with information such as internet speed, weather and demographics. The site used programmatic SEO for every category drawing information from a database.
  • Canva. Canva is a designing platform. It used programmatic SEO pages for templates specific search terms like resume, logo, business and education.

What Are Programmatic SEO Tools?

  • Ahrefs - Ahrefs is an SEO tool you can use to research keywords for your pSEO strategy. It can provide long-tail keywords you can target.
  • Airtable - Airtable is a collaboration software sharing databases, spreadsheets and workflow. Programmatic SEO needs a database to draw information from and create pages.
  • Webflow - Webflow is a website design and hosting SaaS dubbed as the best in the market as of today. It can set up your template page for pSEO. 
  • Whalesych - Whalesync is a data synching tool to sync your template and database for pSEO pages.
  • IndexMeNow - IndexMeNow is a tool for indexing your pages. Programmatic SEO generates hundreds to thousands of pages. Every one of them must be indexed so they'll show up in SERPs.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy of providing high quality and relevant content on your target audience’s search intent. Thus, increasing your visibility on top of search engines like Google and Bing.

Websites use this strategy as part of their marketing plan to drive traffic. According to Bright Edge, 67% of all internet experience starts in the search engine. Backlinko backed that up with 54.4% of all clicks go to the top 3 Google search result page. So, gaining a search engine’s trust through SEO will guarantee you a lot of traffic. There’s a lot of courses available online to guide you with this, but we listed the best SEO courses available right now.

Conclusion: Is Programmatic SEO The Way To Drive Traffic and Increase Revenue?

The best way to drive traffic and increase revenue is local lead generation instead of programmatic SEO. The biggest risk of programmatic SEO is Google tagging your site and pages as spam. This can decline your topical authority or you may not appear at the search results at all. With local lead generation, this is not a problem. You’ll be creating valuable web pages about local services.

Another problem of programmatic SEO is indexing. Since pSEO generate page sin bulk, search engines take a lot of time to crawl into all them. Local lead gen only requires 15-30 pages for Google to crawl and rank on search results. It is easier and faster.


Once you’re ranking, you can rent the website to local businesses. Then, it becomes passive income like the tree care site I set up years ago. And because there are 50+ niche services, you can rank and rent multiple websites. All the sites I own today generate me $52k per month. I also have a local lead gen coaching program if you wanna venture into this less risk and less effort business.

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