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Anik Singal Review – This Action Movie Star Will Teach You Email Marketing With Inbox Blueprint 2.0

March 11, 2024

Anik Singal is a successful entrepreneur and creator of the email marketing program, Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Anik is a recognized coach who has trained over 150,000 entrepreneurs through his company, Lurn. He's recognized by BusinessWeek as a top 3 best entrepreneur under 25. And was awarded company of the year by MTech plus Entrepreneur of the year by Hinman CEOs. To top things off, Anik Singal also starred in his own movie, Lethal Commision. 

And in this Anik singal review, we’ll be going over his program, Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Unlike Local Lead Generation, which only requires the creation of a few simple websites you can “rent” out for profits, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 requires you to build up an email list that you regularly email to get sales. So we’ll go over this business model and also discuss who Anik Singal is, if he’s legit or a scam, What Inbox Blueprint 2.0 comes with, and more as well.

Anik Singal standing

Pros & Cons of Anik Singal & Inbox Blueprint 2.0


Anik Singal has trained 150,000+ through his business, Lurn Nation

You can take a free course in addition to his paid programs (he’s got multiple free courses you can take)

Known by and works with other successful entrepreneurs, such as Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and more

Generated over $100 million in online sales


Requires costly paid facebook ads with his business model

Online reviewers complain about outdated material with Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Lack of testimonials makes it hard to gauge the profitability of Inbox Blueprint 2.0

No refunds allowed

Anik Singal’s Movie - Lethal Commision

Lethal Commission movie poster

In 2012, Anik Singal released a short film for internet marketing purposes. It’s based on James Bond's “Casino Royale” and he invested over $300,000 to create it. He’s the lead actor in the movie and here’s what he said about it:

“I’m a listed producer and actor on IMDB. What was supposed to be a 20-minute spoof for a marketing video ended up being a 45-minute film. The campaign was called “Lethal Commission,” which is the name for the software we were marketing. I played Bond in this “Casino Royale” spoof. We filmed it in India, with a professional crew that works in Bollywood. We even had an action director that filmed stunt scenes and cars exploding. If you search “Lethal Commission” on YouTube, you can find it.” - Biz Journals

Who is Anik Singal?

Anik singal's face

Anik Singal was born on June 14th, 1983. He was born into an affluent family composed of high status workers, including lawyers, engineers, and doctors. He was pushed into the medical field by his family and ended up in an Ivy League school as a pre-med student.

But as he spent nearly all his time studying, ignoring his friends, and even neglecting his health, he learned that medicine wasn’t for him. Eventually, he left the school to attend the University of Maryland for business instead.

He began studying finance once got there. But surprisingly, he ended up hating that as well. At this point Anik was concerned because he wasn’t enjoying anything he pursued. But he realized that although he wanted to become a entrepreneur, the problem lay in the fact that he was just learning theory. He didn’t want to just learn the theory behind business - he wanted to create a business. So to figure out how to get started, Anik went on Google and typed “how to make money.” Google then auto-filled the rest, which led to “how to make money online.”

How Everything Changed For Anik Singal

With the information he gained from Google, Anik began working on his first online business. Unfortunately, he struggled to make it work for over 18 months. However, after that he began to master SEO and copywriting which led to eventual success. After 6 years, he was making millions, traveling around the world to places like Singapore and Malaysia, and working as a public speaker. Suddenly, his business fell apart and he was $1.7 million in debt. Anik had to struggle for 16 months before his business was successful again.

Today, Anik Singal is rated in Businessweek as a Top 3 Young Entrepreneur, earned an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company award, and earns over $20 million in online sales every year.


Anik Singal

Net Worth

Estimated $23 million


Los Angeles, California, United States


University of Maryland, Finance, 2003 - 2005. University of Maryland Baltimore County, Pre-Med, Biology 2001 - 2003.


Founder & CEO of Lurn Inc. Co-Founder & Board Member of Tenacity Watches. Founder & Chairman of Singal Foundation. Chairman of Kurma Group, Inc. Co-Founder & Board Member of Sendlane. Also Co-Founder of WebinarCon. Co-Founder & Board Member of iPro Group. Founder & CEO of VSS Mind Media, Inc. Also Founder & Chairman of Lurn India. Copywriter/Researcher for Seeds of Wealth. President of Singal Marketing Consultants

What Are People Saying About Anik Singal Online?

Most of the commentary about Anik Singal online is good. Many people say they’ve achieved some degree of success with the courses Anik has produced. And some are saying they’re able to travel the world while working successfully. But some people are unhappy with their experience with Anik and his courses. Below are two examples:

Charles testimonial

“Charles was unhappy with the difficulty, technical issues, and inability to get a refund. He paid $9,997 in total.”

Loni's testimonial

“It’s not clear what Loni is upset about but she was also unable to get a refund.”

Getting refunds seems to be a common issue when it comes to Anik Singal. However, keep in mind that the terms of service clearly says no refunds will be issued, which somewhat negates these complaints:

Lurn's refund policy

In general, most of the comments for Anik Singal are actually good. In fact, he’s got a great reputation on the Better Business Bureau website:

Anik Singal's Better Business Bureau policy

Below are a few reviews that applauded Anik Singal’s courses. They helped them earn money and live better lives:

Jyry's testimonial

“Jyry took Anik Singal’s copywriting course and was able to move to Bali and earn $7,500 per month.”

Andrea's testimonial

“Andrea learned how to freelance with Anik’s course and replaced her old 9-5 job.”

Overall, although some people had major issues with getting refunds, most reviewers are happy with their experience of working with Anik Singal and his programs.

Is Anik Singal a Scam or Legit?

No, Anik Singal is not a scam. When you pay for his programs, you get the complete program. Even if some people are unhappy with the program and want a refund, being unable to get a refund doesn’t mean Anik is scamming people. Additionally, it’s written in the terms of service that no refunds will be issued. Aside from this and some people complaining about outdated material, no person claimed to have been truly scammed.

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 logo

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 online marketing program teaches you how to create profits from email and affiliate marketing. You'll learn how to create a profitable sales funnel, which includes how to drive traffic with paid ads, create one-page opt-in websites, create emails, and generate affiliate sales.


Inbox Blueprint 2.0


Email and affiliate marketing training program


5 Payments of $399.00 (total $1995)

Refund Policy

No refunds


Relaunched in 2014


Has over 600 hours of learning material but some of it is said to be outdated. You may need to supplement the course with modern materials.

Who is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 For?

  • Email marketers. You’ll get a streamlined process for growing an email list and creating click-worthy emails using templated content. 
  • Affiliate marketers. You’ll learn where to find profitable affiliates you can generate the most sales with.

What Does Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Come With?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 comes with 8 core learning modules, supplementary training videos, and a free business consultation.


In this module, Lead Transformational Coach Jeremy Bellotti teaches mindset hacks and techniques to prepare you to engage the content. This module sets the stage for what's to come in the course.

Introduction: Understanding The Business

Anik Singal gives you simple instructions to get the most from the course and get results as soon as possible.

Claim Your Free Business Consultation

Claim Your Free Business Consultation in this module.

Module 1: Different Kinds of Email Businesses

Learn the different types of email businesses you can pursue for your own business.

Module 2: Picking a Niche

Discover the best niches to suit your personality and financial goals.  

Module 3: Making Money

Learn how to make money using email and what you can expect along the way.

Module 4: Creating The Pages & Gift

Learn how to create the webpage you’ll drive traffic towards and how to create a give-away that will encourage traffic to give you their email address.

Module 5: Your First Emails

Learn how to create your first emails and get your email list to trust your authority.

Module 6: Generating Traffic

Discover the key methods for generating traffic and growing your email list.

Module 7: Broadcast Emails

Learn how to use broadcast emails and why they’re so important in addition to automated email messages.

Module 8: Scaling Your Business

Learn the four key areas to invest in to scale your email business.

LaunchPad Training

Learn how to master the LaunchPad with simple tutorials.

The Traffic Center

Get access to traffic boosting resources.

First 1,000 Organic Leads

Discover how to get your first 1,000 organic leads.

The Monetization Center

Get the best training you need to monetize your email business.

The Email Center

Get access to a variety of email resources.

I. Bonuses, Trainings and Resources

Get access to live recordings and done-for-you templates to quickly get your business up and running.

II. Advanced Digital Marketing Replays

Get access to advanced digital marketing replays to boost your business.


Replays of live trainings and interviews from experts who have generated multiple 6 and 7 figures from Email Marketing.

IV. Traffic Academy

Get access to traffic boosting lessons and materials.

How Do You Make Money With Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 process

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 uses a combination of email marketing and affiliate marketing. The email marketing aspect will generate traffic and leads. The affiliate marketing aspect will generate sales and profits. Here’s the basic process you’ll go through.

  1. Create a one-page website (aka an opt-in page)
  2. Send traffic to the website via search engine or paid ads (Anik Singal teaches the paid ads route)
  3. Provide a freebie (e.g. free report) on your website in exchange for an email address
  4. Add their email to an email database and put it in an email autoresponder
  5. Send them emails containing affiliate links
  6. Get clicks on those links and send them to affiliate sales pages
  7. Get paid 50%-75% commission per sale on traffic you send the affiliates

Do Students of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Actually Make Money?

Yes, Anik Singal’s students do make money with Inbox Blueprint 2.0. The range of the testimonials and proof suggest you can create a $15,000 monthly business with enough time and effort. However, there aren’t many testimonials proving this. So don’t expect your success to be as good as these students:

Zane Baker's results

“Zane is making $15,000 - $20,000 per month.”

Ippokratis's results

“Ippokratis generates $15,000 monthly.”

Les Brown proof

“Les Brown earns an ‘extra’ 7-figure income… which means at least an extra $1,000,000 per year.”

Risks Involved With Email Marketing?

Email marketing has 3 major downsides to consider before you do it. The first is email deliverability. If you don’t create your emails in certain ways then they can be filtered into the spam category. You’ll essentially be spending time and energy creating emails but nobody will be able to read them. And that means no profits for you. So it’s necessary to stay up-to-date on the latest email sending rules and regulations. This will ensure your emails aren’t flagged by email services and your email list can actually see them so they can buy your offers. 

The second issue is competition. Your email list will also be getting emails from big companies with high-budget email marketing teams. You’ll need to create emails that are even more enticing than those created by their experienced designers and copywriters. And that requires skill and experience you may not have time or patience to achieve. And third, you need to spend time growing an email list who’d be interested in whatever you’re selling. This requires SEO skills, list-building know-how, copywriting ability, and more as well. Plus, a degree of patience will be critical because you’ll need an email list of a certain size to guarantee you earn a decent income.

All of these things will be required to succeed with email marketing. But if you can acquire all of them, then you can make email marketing work.

3 Key Signs That a Business Partnership will Succeed According to Anik Singal

Alignment of Values: Anik shares his experience with a partner who valued free time above all, which contrasts with his own values of placing work as priority. He emphasized that partners should have compatible values, especially in terms of their approach to business, work-life balance, and personal priorities.

Avoiding Constant Rebuttals: Anik discourages the habit of constantly rebutting or debating every idea or suggestion in a partnership. He emphasizes the importance of choosing battles wisely and respecting each other’s ideas. He notes that persistent arguments and disagreements can lead to frustration and could damage the relationship.

Dealing with Feelings of Inequity: Finally, he discusses how perceived inequity in contribution or reward can destroy partnerships. Anik used his personal experience as an example. He said partnerships fail because resentments build up over time. He suggests clearly defining roles, contributions, and expectations from the outset to prevent feelings of unfairness.

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2022?

Yes, email marketing is still relevant and it’s likely to become more important as time goes on. In a way, it’s more valuable than social media because you’re given a direct line to your prospect to market to them. That’s because they have to consider whether you’re “worthy” of getting their email address in the first place. But once you’ve got it, you’re given access to their email inbox, which many businesses aren’t privy to. From there, you can send them private emails designed to educate, entertain, and most importantly, sell. And emails are a great way to sell your products and services. In fact, it’s so effective at generating profits that email marketing revenue grows by roughly $2 billion per year:

Email marketing statistics

“Email marketing revenue grows by roughly $2 billion per year - Statista

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, programs such as Igor Kheifets' List Building Lifestyle continues to grow in popularity online. Done right, email marketing is highly profitable and will only become more valuable as time goes on.


If you’re interested in email marketing and/or affiliate marketing, this course may be a good fit for you. The major goal with Anik Singal’s course is to streamline the process with simple directions and templated content. It can help you get a business up and moving quickly and efficiently. 

However, some are complaining the material is outdated. You may need to make alterations to the program in order to make it work in a modern setting. So it would be best if you already have some experience with email marketing and affiliate marketing before investing in this program.

Why Local Lead Generation is Easier Than Both Email and Affiliate Marketing

Email and affiliate marketing are both proven business models. However, they both require time, patience, energy, and if you’re using the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 model, money as well (from investing in paid ads). You’ll need to learn how to write high-converting paid ads, how to create websites, how to write email copy, how to find affiliates, and you’ll need to spend a never-ending amount of money on ads with this model. It’s a lot to invest if you’re a beginner.

On the other hand, Local Lead Generation is a bit simpler in comparison. You’ll also learn how to drive traffic but you’ll be using a FREE traffic source instead - Google. This is much easier on the wallet and far more consistent in terms of overall traffic as well. You’ll also need to make a simple website but these are basically the only technical tasks you’ll need to master. Then you simply “rent” out the website to business owners and you’re good to go. The website then generates leads for the business owner and you're then paid for it. 

I get paid about $500 - $1,500 for each website I create. So you can get a quick and decent income in just a few months if you create 3-5 websites (or you can create over 80 of them like me if you’re feeling crazy). If you’re interested, learn more about Local Lead Generation with me today.

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