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Indestructible Wealth Review: Building Multiple Income Streams Using A Step-by-Step Process

May 19, 2023

Indestructible Wealth by Jack Gibson is a wealth-building financial course that teaches you how to create multiple streams of automatic, recurring cash flow from stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate from anywhere around the world, whether that's in the United States or the United Kingdom.

The two-part program is recommended for 40-year-old or older entrepreneurs or business-minded individuals who already have a consistent six-figure monthly income and want to invest this in different areas for maximum profit and financial success.

The goal of the program is the creation of scalable and consistent passive income streams. The keyword here is, “automatic”, which means that after a few months to a year’s worth of work, the wise investor can enjoy regular cash flow and true wealth without having to sit behind a desk for hours. 

Jack Gibson explains that more than the financial freedom his course attempts to provide, Indestructible Wealth aims to give you the time freedom to live your life the way you want to - at any age. This, he says, is the real wealth we are all looking for.

There are many avenues to consider, though Jack only goes into three (real estate, stocks, and crypto). My personal business model of choice is Local Lead Generation, which can give you the same benefits as the three mentioned earlier, without needing a large seed fund. 


Jack Gibson himself uses the methods he teaches

Easy-to-digest & step-by-step content

Opportunity for “copycat” trading

Good refund policy


Better suited for those who have money to invest

Lack of student reviews


$97 for the Indestructible Wealth Builder and $997 for the Advanced Indestructible Wealth Builder 

Refund Policy:

365-day money-back guarantee




Excellent reviews 

Why Multiple Income Streams? 

Having more than one income stream gives you a stronger safety net when faced with economic uncertainty. This means that even if something goes wrong in the local or international market or if your business faces an unexpected and negative change, you still have many other income streams to rely on. This places you in a better position than the average person, who typically only has one way they earn money (aka their 9-to-5 job). 

Compared to before, there are now more opportunities to make consistent extra money because of the internet. But with all the information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with which business model is the best for you, your lifestyle, your starting capital, etc. 

Jack Gibson simplifies this by challenging the “either-or” mentality to the “and” philosophy. Instead of choosing this model or that model, he asks, why not all of them? In particular, Jack recommends: 

  • Real Estate & Land Trading/Flipping 
  • Stock Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Investment 

Why a Financial Life Coach?

Going beyond simply giving you a blueprint to making more money, Jack Gibson helps you manage counterproductive emotions and improve your relationship with money

This makes him quite different from a financial advisor, who focuses on creating investment strategies and financial plans. Rather, Jack takes a closer look at the behavioral side of finance so that when you do earn money, you have the emotional resilience and fortitude to keep it and let it keep growing. You will find a good deal of salient advice scattered across the Indestructible Wealth course. 


Jack Gibson is not a licensed financial advisor. However, he says that he has made a multimillion dollar portfolio using the same advice he offers students. He does not sell securities or financially regulated products. 

Who is Jack Gibson

Jack describes himself as an ordinary guy who is willing to do extraordinary things. He has won and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in various opportunities and eventually found a reliable formula to build two multi-million dollar businesses all through intentional diversification

He has combined his two decades’ worth of experience and knowledge to give you the competitive advantage to start earning more now and do less later. 


Jack continually stresses that his program is based on his own experiences. He offers no guarantees that what he teaches will work for you. Indestructible Wealth is not a sure thing program.

Indestructible Wealth with Jack Gibson

This is a 3-part course that features 38 lessons and 8 hours of video content to build your investment strategy. This is the “beginner” course and is recommended for those who do not know where to start. 

Step One: Make It

  • Video: The 5 stages of building wealth
  • Activity: Your streams of income
  • Video: Increasing income vs. cutting back
  • Video: Stage 1 explained: Investing into YOU
  • Video: Side hustles
  • Video: Stage 2 explained: Create a strong cash flow producing business
  • Video: The 2 things you MUST track
  • Activity: What’s your P & L and net worth?
  • Section 2 Quiz

Step Two: Keep it

  • Video: How to Instantly Create $500 more investable dollars
  • Activity: Results of your financial audit
  • Video: Debt Paydown
  • Activity: Attack your debts
  • Video: Tax strategies
  • Video: When to incorporate
  • Video: Automation
  • Section 3 Quiz

Step Three: Grow it 

  • Video: Stage 3 explained: Buy cash flow producing assets
  • Rental real estate
  • Infinite banking
  • Index funds explained
  • Cryptocurrency - What’s the underlying value?
  • Basic crypto strategy
  • Section 4 Quiz

The Indestructible Wealth advanced course

This is a nine-part course with around 50 hours of Indestructible Wealth building lessons. This is for those who want to fast-track their income earning potential and learn as much as they can immediately. In this program, you will: 

  1. 1
    Learn how to buy cash flow producing assets 
  2. 2
    Discover examples of multiple streams of income with promising returns
  3. 3
    Buy “turnkey” cash flowing rentals
  4. 4
    Discover real estate investment trusts
  5. 5
    Answer the question: Should I get involved in fix & flips?
  6. 6
    Discover a proven way to generate income from the market and own a blueprint to buy individual stocks that are proven to grow wealth by 10x (The Monetari Fund is another program that shows you how to trade options.)
  7. 7
    Discover crypto lending & staking
  8. 8
    Learn the exact artificial intelligence system Jack uses to create crypto profits 
  9. 9
    Discover how to invest in crypto Alt coins for 10x to 100x possible gains
Those who complete the advanced course will also receive a one-on-one strategy session with Jack Gibson himself so that you can create a custom action plan for your specific situation. 

Premier Indestructible Wealth Mastermind

Want something more personal? Jack offers an exclusive mastermind program for those who want more hands-on guidance and actionable investments

You can choose from either a 6- or 12-month membership option and gain immediate access to a private Telegram group. 


One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in this program is that you gain real-time investment opportunities in stocks, crypto, and real estate. This means that you can potentially “copycat” what Jack and his students are investing in, as they are doing it for better financial gains.

The stages of building indestructible wealth 

Stage one: Fixing your money mindset

Jack Gibson believes that money is a tool; it is neither good nor bad. This is the first thing that he teaches in his courses because without the right mindset, you can earn money fast, but you can also lose it just as easily. 

You need to shift your perspective about money and remove any limiting beliefs you have about it.

Stage two: Create a predictable revenue that leads to independence

To make money, you first need to have money. A paradox: But this is why Indestructible Wealth is recommended more for those who have already been working for at least a decade and have a nest egg to invest.

This is not exactly necessary - and there are many examples of successful entrepreneurs who have made it big without a large investment - but Jack errs on the side of caution. 

Stage three: Invest in a cash-flowing business 

Consider whether the business you would like to start is scalable - this means how much can this business grow and how much of it can grow without you? 

Scalability allows to you grow a business beyond needing you to manage it. You can have the most successful business in the world, but if you need to be working 100% of the time, it is not sustainable. Consider building a team to handle day-to-day operations so that you can expand more rapidly, without the limitations of a single revenue stream. 

Stage four: Invest in non-speculative assets 

Now that you have a cash-flowing business, it’s time to focus on the protection and certainty stage. This means building a liquid store of cash savings and assets not correlated to the stock market

Jack Gibson goes over how to correctly pinpoint the assets that can earn you money in the next few years and more. 

Stage five: Save and invest in speculative assets 

This includes the stock market, cryptocurrencies, early-stage technology companies, and early-stage bio-technologies. Because these assets are inherently unpredictable, you need to research quite heavily on them and then just take a leap of faith. 

However, step #5 doesn’t necessarily have to be a risky investment. Jack Gibson explains that where most people go wrong is skipping the first four stages of wealth and then just putting all of their savings in high-yield but aggressively risky investments. A lot of people want to get rich quickly, but can be faced with a financial disaster because they didn’t create a wide enough income safety net. 

Is Indestructible Wealth a book?

Yes. Jack Gibson recently published a book with the same name as his course and is a more concise summary of the Advanced Indestructible Wealth course. The e-book costs $4.95 and includes: 

  • Exact blueprint to create sustainable wealth
  • How to find profitable investments with high- predictable returns (with two of them producing consistent 25-30% annual returns) 
  • Discover how to 10x your returns with Early Stage Investment
  • Discover advanced tax strategies (that will put an extra $3,000 to $5,000 in your pocket) 
  • Secret Wealth Multiplier Trick 

Is there any bonus content? 

Yes. Jack Gibson says that those who purchase his e-book, Building Indestructible Wealth will receive:

  • Building Indestructible Wealth Audiobook (read by Jack himself)
  • Six-figure earner Building Indestructible Wealth action steps checklist 
  • 3 days of exclusive bonus video training with Jack Gibson 

What is the refund policy?

The Indestructible Wealth book has a lifetime no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

Is Indestructible Wealth a podcast series? 

Yes. Jack regularly releases financial wealth management podcasts, which can be found on most major streaming platforms. In these podcasts, Jack reveals real tips, tricks, and secrets to help you increase, keep and grow your income and your time to let you live the life you want, no matter what stage of wealth building phase you are in. 

These episodes are released weekly. 

Is Indestructible Wealth a scam?

No. Despite the fact that there is a lack of student reviews outside of Jack Gibson’s website, the successful serial entrepreneur does seem to walk the talk and wants to help others achieve financial independence. 

His program is similar to that of Grant Cardone, a renowned financial coach who helps others identify existing opportunities and maximize them for business growth. 

CONCLUSION: Is Indestructible Wealth worth it? 

Indestructible Wealth by Jack Gibson is better suited for those who have at least a few thousand dollars to invest. The program does offer valuable information, but is targeted for those who can invest in real estate, cryptocurrency and stocks - so this may be a little trickier for the fresh college graduate. 

Still, you can always purchase the book or listen to the podcast if you still want to learn a few tips. 

Another great option is to try Local Lead Generation, which is a reliable business model that doesn’t require a large investment to begin with. Here, you can consistently earn passive income each month by targeting a specific niche market with an already interested audience. 

Also, local lead generation is quite similar to having multiple income streams because each website you build is its own entity generating income independently- so, you can have dozens of income streams, coming from the same skillset, operating without putting all your eggs in one basket.

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