8 Key Software For The Local Lead Generation Business: How To Be Unstoppable In The Industry

October 20, 2023

Key software for the local lead generation business attracts the right people to your product or service. So choose software that will fill your pipeline with high-quality leads that convert to more sales. Lead gen software aims to automate tasks and integrate existing systems so you can scale fast.

But you need an end goal. What tasks do you want to manage? What's your budget? You can increase your organic reach and offer potential customers the best user experience possible. But you need to pick the most suitable software for your business. Of course, there are hundreds of options. So how do you choose?

We have curated a list of our top seven key software for the local lead generation business. Tools that will help you automate your business, scale faster and make more money. Learn why starting a local lead generation business is the best way to make a passive income. And why you need these tools if you want to be unstoppable in 2024.

8 Key Software For The Local Lead Generation Business: Use These If You Want To Dominate In 2024

Good automated lead generation management software works for you and helps you streamline systems. As a result, you can spend less time doing busy work and more time building your digital empire. In addition, you want a tool that aligns with your budget and meets your company's needs.

For example, do you want to nurture a potential client or generate a higher volume of calls? Is your goal to grow an email list or drive online traffic to your site? But which lead gen strategies should you be automating?

Lead generation strategies you should be automating are tasks that take time but don't make you money. (Like inputting client data or creating invoices). Other include things like:

Lead Gen Strategies To Automate

  • Invoicing clients
  • Minimize your sales process's 'grunt' work (follow-up emails, requesting reviews, etc.)
  • Prospecting & tracking your KPIs

Of course, software is an investment. So research the available tools and know what you want them to accomplish. Then you can make sure you get the best payout. To dominate the industry in 2024, use our 8 recommended key software for local lead generation business:

1. Snapps

The best platform for lead generation websites is Snapps. The focus of the model is on phone-based service industries for local businesses. Most people go to Google to find what they need. (Google sites are the top-ranked visited platform in the USA and get over 270 million unique visitors)But you want a website builder that is user-friendly and optimized for mobile. Plus, it needs to have an attractive interface with fast load speeds.

Snapps provides a custom-curated option for the local lead gen model. With 76% of consumers wanting easy navigating sites that are mobile responsive, it's our number-one choice for website software. Snapps boasts easy drag-and-drop widgets and aesthetically pleasing templates. Furthermore, users can access clear calls to action and linkable telephone numbers.

snapps.ai website builder for lead generation websites

In addition, Snapps.ai offers integration and automation features with top providers like CallRail, Docusign, and Zapier. Key features of Snapps include the ability to create professional websites in hours. (With zero coding and minimal web design skills). Other highlights to note: 

Key Features:
Key features of Snapps include the ability to create professional websites in hours with zero coding and minimal web design skills.
Snapps is explicitly developed for lead generators
24/7 customer support
Users receive professional SEO reports and tools to help identify the most critical technical SEO issues. Then, know what actions to take to improve the health and performance of your website so you can rank faster.

Snapps pricing includes numerous plans to suit every budget. Monthly plans start at $79/month for 5 sites ($16/for each additional build)-$997 for 100 sites (additional $10 per site)
Yearly plans start at $66.25 for 5 sites ($13.25 for each additional build)-$830 for 100 sites (add $8.25 for each extra)

2. Callsling

Callsling is the only tracking software you need for your online business. Setup is simple and advanced filtering means you get fewer spam calls. You can also automate tasks like invoices and payment gateways. In addition, Callsling offers an app that allows you to make outgoing calls to a potential customer from your tracking number. (So you don't need to use third-party apps like burners). Plus, you can track metrics on the go. 

Callsling also provides customized reports so you know where your calls originate. Plus, how many qualified leads your site is generating every month. Callsling key features include:

Key Features:

24/7 customer support
Lead filters
Individual company logins
Interactive voice response (IVR)
SMS Leads


Pricing options for Callsling range from basic business plans ($15/month) to Widget+Business for $49/month and 100 numbers for $499/month pricing

3. Gamechanger

You can increase your lead-to-close ratio by 2100% with one tweak. The key is to get back to the consumer in the first 5 minutes. Gamechanger software allows you to take your contact form and turn it into an instant callback. As soon as a potential customer hits the submit button, a phone call is triggered at the place of business.

Then the business owners can connect directly with the consumer. The software instantaneously grabs the customer's telephone number and dials. (Calls and contact forms will still come in via email). Key features of Gamechanger include:

Key Features:
Integrates with all contact forms
Instantly calls the place of business
It allows you to close more deals without any heavy lifting
Basic: $127/month (1 website + 20 funnels)
Pro: $157/month (1 website + 100 funnels)
Funnel Hacker: $208/month (3 websites + unlimited funnels)

4. Majestic

You can only get to the top if your website has authority. And the best way to prove to Google that you're the boss is with backlinks. Backlinks are like votes from other websites on the internet that show Google your digital property has value.

Tools like Majestic allow you to find high-quality backlinks from sites with a high DA. You can also see where the competition gets their links and find the best keywords. The top features of Majestic include:

Key Features:

Locate the leading websites with the Site Explorer tool
Track your favorite sites with Majestic Campaigns
Use Link Context to find local links
Filter by topic, quality, language, and a range of industry-standard metrics
Compare top-level metrics for websites and URLs


Majestic offers tiered pricing options that range from
$49.99/month for their LITE package
PRO at $99/month
$399/month for API

5. Ahrefs

"Everything you need to rank higher and get more traffic." Ahrefs is the most popular marketing and lead generation software in the industry. With weekly tutorials and free learning tools, they offer stellar customer service and support.

They have a community Facebook group and are highly revered in the digital space. In addition, Ahrefs provides an array of high-end features like:

Key Features:

Dashboard-shows you an overview of all your projects so you can track SEO performance and progress
Site Explorer-allows you to check out the competitors' backlink and keyword rankings
Keyword Explorer-find winning keywords you can rank for fast
Site Audit-automatically scan your website to access SEO errors
Rank Tracker-see where your asset stacks up against the competition
Content Explorer-research content ideas and discover linking options


Ahrefs offers several pricing options depending on the size and needs of your agency like:

6. Local Grids Heatmap Tool

Local Grids is a rank-tracking software that utilizes proprietary technology. Change how you track your visibility in local searches and get ahead of the competition to hit the top of Google search engines. Stop missing out on local searches with this one-of-a-kind tracking software.

Local Grids is the next level and the best way to see how your LG site ranks against the competition in real-time with actual data, not just a cognito search query. In addition, Local Grids offers additional features like:

Key Features:

Offers a proximity-based search that displays your GMB “map pack” rankings
Automatically scans and stores previously conducted searches to track your progress
Adjust your search location for actual results from all areas of your target market


Local Grids runs on a credit system and uses credits to fund payments directly to Google. 

7. GoHighLevel CRM Software

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform with automated booking options. This software offers everything you need in CRM with noted features like:

Key Features:

Online appointment scheduling
Customizable campaigns
Drag & drop surveys
Payment gateways
API functionality


GoHighLevel pricing is two options: $97/month or $297/month, depending on the individual needs of your agency.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM software refers to customer relationship management and shows you the whole picture. Then you can see where your sales are coming from and how customers interact with your site.

As a result, CRM helps you provide the best user experience possible. CRM can also help you organize data. Plus, it will save time and increase your productivity. You can automate daily tasks and improve customer relations. (And that's how you retain more customers).

What Are The Features Of CRM Lead Generation?

The features of CRM lead generation include the ability to automate daily tasks and integrate them with existing systems. Of course, other benefits include things like:

  • Personalized reporting & collaborative tools like activity tracking
  • Mobile accessibility & integration of social media channels
  • Capture & respond to customer reviews to elevate your sales

CRM software is the best way to stay organized. And it's key if you want to keep track of critical aspects of your lead gen company. It's also a way to streamline your systems so you can scale faster.

What Are 3 Types Of CRM?

CRM offers a few choices. But there are three types of CRM you should be aware of and include the following: 

  1. Analytical-allows you to collect and analyze pertinent data
  2. Operational-stay organized by automating your processes
  3. Collaborative-share results with your VAs or sales team 

8. The Niche Directory Citation Finder Library

Citations are anywhere the NAP (name, address, phone number) of your GPB is listed on the internet. And they're the fastest way to build trust and get your GPB in the map pack. But not all citations are created equally. (Plus, their 'juice' tapers off with time).

So you want to get listed in A-level directories, websites, and social platforms. The Niche Citation Finder Library is in a league of its own. A collection of more than 300 niche-specific citation directories.

Get listed on top sites you didn't know existed. Rank faster and increase revenue sooner with this citation tool. Developed for lead generators who want to take their Google My Business game to the next level.

What Is Lead Generation Software? 

Lead generation software is an online tool. It can help you automate daily tasks and get access to customer insights and real-time data. For example, you can fine-tune your systems when you know more about your target audience.

Then you can capture a sales lead from people who want to buy your product or service. As a result, you save time and money. But for key software for the local lead generation business to work, you need to have the following:

  • A traffic source or advertising platform (like a website or landing page)
  • A way to get a potential customer's contact information (funnel, contact form, etc.)
  • CRM tools to keep track of customers

Three main types of lead generation tools you can use include:

Inbound: Customer acquisition using content marketing, on-page and off-site SEO, and social media strategies
Outbound: Acquire customers through prospecting and outreach tactics like email marketing, email address finders, advertising tools, and cold calling
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Lead management software to manage your contacts in one place using automation systems and communication tools for prospecting and outreach.

The best lead generation software is Ahrefs for analyzing the competition of the SERPS so that you can rank websites and generate leads. After you rank, the best way to monetize the traffic is to use a call tracking software called Callsling that records and tracks every lead you generate.

But the software you choose needs to align with your needs. Features of lead generation software you want include things like:

  • User-friendly & integrates with your existing systems
  • Offers real-time data and analytics & targets your ideal audience
  • Cost-effective & affordable pricing plans
  • Stellar customer support & easily accessible

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lead Generation Software? 

The benefits of using lead generation software include saving you time and money. Of course, there are other benefits like:

Why You Need To Use Lead Generation Software

Provides seamless CRM integration so you can scale quickly

Become a lead magnet & close more deals

Improves KPIs & helps create a successful lead gen campaign

It allows you to learn more about your target audience and the right potential lead stream

What Are Free Lead Generation Software Can I Use?

Free lead generation software that you can use include VideoAsk, and Slintel. Lead generators need to streamline their process. But when you first start your online business, money can be funny. So take advantage of free key software for the local lead generation business to help you find more leads. Get accurate contact lists, and do face-to-face lead generation at scale.

Free lead generation software that you can use includes:

VideoAsk: Create personalized funnels with pre-recorded videos that include text and audio options. This free software also allows you to streamline meeting scheduling and payment options. With a free trial, monthly costs are a one-time option of $24/month after that. 

Slintel: Personalize your pitches. And get access to verified leads and buyer intent scores. This free lead gen software provides key features to enhance prospecting, engagement, and close rates. Slintel offers a 3-tiered package option and customizes quotes based on your agency's needs. 

What Is The Best Email Lead Generation Software?

The best email software for local lead generation is MailChimp. With numerous add-ons and integrations, you can create targeted email and ad campaigns that convert to revenue. MailChimp also offers a few key features that include:

  • Progress updates on your campaigns
  • Detailed reports & tracking
  • Automations to trigger emails based on customer behaviors

Know with certainty what emails get opened (and not landing in the spam folder). Plus, get tips on improving engagement (and open rates) with this affordable local lead generation email software.

MailChimp pricing options include:

  • Free
  • $13/month
  • $20/month
  • $350/month

What Is The Best GPB Management Software?

The best GMB management software for local lead generation is LocalViking. A lead gen software developed explicitly to streamline your GPB rank tracking and scheduled posting. Lead generators can organize GPB posts, track rankings and manage all of their LG properties from "one easy-to-use dashboard."

LocalViking also offers features that include:

  1. Supports offer, standard & event posts
  2. You can schedule posts & create recurring posts
  3. It allows you to post to multiple locations

LocalViking offers a few pricing options to suit every budget. Monthly packages start at just $20/month. Other options include:

  • $39/month
  • $69/month
  • $99/month
  • $149/month

Simplify and streamline your GPB to rank faster and save time with this best local lead generation GPB management software. 

What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads?

The best way to generate leads is to rank organically at the top of Google's SERP. Consider that most people still use Google when they need a service. And these people are already looking for your service; therefore, it's a much more interested buyer than interrupting someone with a paid ad.

Plus, you can get to the top of Google in as little as 3-6 weeks. Then, as soon as your websites start producing, you have a steady source of qualified leads that you can sell for profit. Next, create an even more authoritative entity by adding a few local SEO tactics like: 

  1. Create a Facebook page to generate leads organically through social media 
  2. Set up and optimize your GPB (Google My Business)
  3. Include 5-star reviews and customer testimonials

You can generate local leads with no money with the business model because the focus is on organic traffic. That means you don't need a budget to cover the cost of paid ads. You just need to learn how to leverage the SERPs and be willing to invest the time and do the hard work at the beginning.

It's not hard to generate leads. But it takes time, and you need to create a lead source that aligns with your target audience. For example, where do they spend their time online? How will you grab their attention? Next, you need to pick the right source for your lead generation campaign. A few online sources of leads you can leverage include:

Top Lead Sources For Local Lead Gen

  • SEO & social media
  • Email marketing & paid ads

  • Content & videos/reels

Your source and where you develop your lead gen campaign need to be where you will get the most traffic. Use third-party platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Audience, etc., to determine where your people hang out. And what lead generation strategy will provide the best option. 

Read my article on how to start a local lead generation business to take advantage of these tools.

What Are Lead Generation Methods?

The two main lead generation methods are ranking high in Google's SERPs and creating paid ads on platforms like AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. Software is vital to sift through the leads and filter out low-quality leads. For example, Callsling allows you to block robot and sales calls.

When using the paid ads lead generation method, you have to keep track of ROI on ad spend by using software like CRM tools like GoHighLevel. You also need to know where your GBP ranks in specific geographical locations. And for certain keywords and search terms. So use a GBP map tracker like Local Grids and see where your rank against the competition.

Is Local Lead Generation Profitable?

Yes, local lead generation is profitable. You can make a ton of money if you build and rank multiple sites. Each site costs around $500 to build and rank, and you can rent your lead gen sites for $500-$2000/month. That's an 85%-90% profit margin. So even if you create an LG property that isn't profitable, you're still making bank with the sites you get to the top of Google search engines.

The concept behind the business model is to leverage local SEO strategies and rank your sites organically. Then you don't invest in paid ads. Once you're at the top of the SERPs, you own prime real estate. Plus, you typically stay there because Google views your asset as an authoritative site. (You don't need to spend additional time working on your digital asset).

You attract a new lead because your website is at the top of Google. So people searching for the product or service you offer find you first. The site, tracking number, and leads belong to you. Sell your leads to a small business owner for a monthly fee, and they 'rent' your online asset. (Much like a landlord in traditional real estate).

For example, the local contractor is your tenant, and you act like a digital landlord who gets paid a percentage every month. It costs under $500 to start lead generation companies. But, of course, you need money to cover expenses like:

  • Domain: $10-$15/year
  • Hosting: $3-$12/month
  • Tracking Number: $25/month

The focus of the business model is on the local market. So it takes less time to rank organically than at a national level.

Google has 91.9% of the market share as of January 2022

As a result, you can get to the top of Google much more quickly and for less money because you're not relying on paid advertising to generate leads. The most important part of the local lead generation business is to ensure you rank highly in the search engine. Then you get as many leads as possible. Software like Ahrefs can determine the competition in the SERPs. Plus, it helps you understand how to outrank them.

Also, it's crucial to track your leads with software like Callsling. Then the client knows exactly how many leads you're responsible for so they can justify paying you what you're worth. You also need to pick the right service in the right city. Use lead gen software like Keywords Everywhere or Majestic to find high search terms that you can rank for fast. Then pick niches that don't have much competition but still offer a decent number of businesses. (Then you have choices when it's time to rent your sites).

Generate a stream of high-quality leads that will convert to sales by being front and center for your target audience. Have a clear call to action and provide the best user experience possible. It can take 4 days to 6 weeks for your website to show up on Google (up to 6 months for larger sites). This is because Google indexes 30-50 billion web pages. There are a few ways for the bots to crawl your site faster like:

Tips To Rank Your Site Faster

  • UGC & informative content
  • On & off-page SEO
  • Local SEO techniques (citations, backlinks, etc.)
  • Integrate your site with Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Set up your robot.txt correctly

Once your site starts producing, you can look for a local company. (Even if your site isn't at the top of Google yet). Plus, you can build multiple sites at a time and as many as you want. 

To find lead generation clients check out Google Ads listings and see which business owners are paying for paid ads. They understand the power of marketing. And are a good candidate (especially if you can prove how your site will increase their ROIs).

You can also look at the second page and beyond in the search engines to find companies hungry to grow their sales. Or you can check out platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Find local business owners who don't have an online presence but want to scale. 


The local lead generation business is the best way to make money online in 2024. Not only is it a proven concept. But natural barriers like location and a learned skillset minimize competition and market saturation. However, there are a lot of moving parts with the business model. (Specifically, as you build and scale your digital empire). 

Stay organized and track what's working well in your lead generation company. And see what you need to alter with the right tools and software. Starting a lead gen business is a way to harness time freedom and make a passive income. Once you understand the business model, take advantage of our 8 key softwares for the local lead generation business. You'll scale faster and reach your money goals a lot quicker. 

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      As the industry becomes increasingly competitive, having access to powerful software can give businesses a significant edge. The article provides valuable insights into eight key software solutions that can empower local lead-generation efforts and help businesses achieve unstoppable success.

      From lead management and customer relationship management (CRM) tools to search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management platforms, these software recommendations are essential for staying ahead in the industry.

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