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How to Start a Local Lead Generation Business in 6 Steps (Plus 3 Tips to Maximize Your Profits)

July 10, 2024

How to start a local lead generation business:

  1. Select a niche.
  2. Target a location with low competition.
  3. Create a local lead generation website.
  4. Use local SEO to rank the site on Google.
  5. Find local clients to make money from your leads.
  6. Scale up by creating more lead gen websites.

Starting a local lead generation business can be a good idea. It's way less saturated than most other online businesses because it's local. Plus, lead gen services are constantly in high demand among businesses. 

There are over 33 million small businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration. Many of these businesses struggle with lead generation. Top reasons include lack of marketing expertise and limited marketing budgets. A study by marketing platform APSIS also indicates that around 68% of businesses struggle to generate leads successfully. As such, there is a major opportunity for those who can help small businesses to find the right customers.

A local lead generation business performs marketing activities to help businesses gain leads. Using local SEO to rank a local lead generation website on Google can take 2 to 6 months. However, it requires a relatively low risk investment. Plus you can achieve profit margins of up to 95% with potential to earn passive income.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of other forms of lead generation business, like email marketing or paid advertisement. Those require a lot of on-going effort and pay a lot less. Your client may not stick with you long-term if you're relying on those common lead gen tactics.

I've been doing the local lead generation business model for 10 years now. It's very clear to me: doing lead generation by ranking websites, map listings, & local citations are most effective in achieving the best results.

1. Select a niche.

Selecting a niche is the first step to starting your local lead generation business. There are hundreds of service niches to choose from and here are a few of the most popular:

Carpet Cleaning

Event Rentals


Junk Removal

Wedding Videographer


Window Cleaning

House Painting

Tree Removal

The niche you choose directly affects your income potential. This is because the value of each lead varies by industry. For example, a niche like plumbing has a lead value between $30 to $150. Plumbers generally charge between $45 to $200 an hour for their services, according to Plumbing Webmasters. Meanwhile, leads for high-ticket services like HVAC installations can be worth $200 to $500 each. On average, HVAC system installation costs range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

Besides profitability, you also want to think about other important factors. For example, you should consider license requirements, seasonality, people you know in an industry, and your own passion. Niches like snow removal and lawn maintenance are susceptible to seasonality.

You also need to consider if the business is phone driven or not. A phone-driven business means that it has no physical walk-in location. This is more ideal if you're going to own your website and simply sell the leads.

However, it should also be noted that many of our students also found success going after much more obscure niches. Some even targeted niches that are not phone-driven but working out a hybrid deal where they work on their location & website.

2. Target a location with low competition.

Targeting a location with low online competition can help your local lead generation business. Of course, you should perform market research to do this. Start by looking at the population size. The sweet spot is to go into cities with a population size between 75,000 and 250,000. This range is ideal because there are likely a good amount of leads in the city. Plus it's probably not oversaturated with competitors like larger cities would be. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 1,300 cities in the United States that fall within this population range. This can provide your lead gen business with ample opportunities.

When assessing lead gen viability in a specific location, you should first search for the niche's main keyword and the city you want to rank in.

For example, you may see listings without websites in the Google Map Pack. There's a good chance you can outrank those businesses with your own site. However, these opportunities are relatively rare these days. Fortunately, there are various other criteria you can look at when assessing the competition level.

Next, look for low Google review counts. According to BrightLocal, businesses with fewer than 10 reviews are perceived as less trustworthy by 54% of consumers. This makes it easier for you to gain a competitive edge. If you see two listings in the top three positions of the Map Pack with 15 reviews or fewer, you can most likely outrank them. 

If all top three map listings have many reviews, as shown below, it is wise to find another niche or market.

The number of referring domains (RDs) is another indicator to see how competitive a market is. Referring domains are websites that provide at least one backlink to a website. Backlinks are one of the important signals that Google uses to understand a website's authority and ranking. Therefore, the more referring domains and backlinks a website has, the more likely it is to rank well on Google.

However, not every backlink is equal in the eyes of Google. Backlinks from high authority websites (government agencies, respected news outlets) carry greater weight than backlinks from less authoritative sites. Some backlinks can even harm your website rating in the eyes of Google. An example of this would be those derived from sketchy sources, such as link farms and private blog networks (PBNs). 

That said, you should dig into the source of a website's backlinks to really understand the difficulty of outranking it. For example, you can outrank a site that has 43 links with just 10 links from highly authoritative domains. According to Ahrefs, websites with backlinks from high-authority domains (DA 70+) are 3.5 times more likely to rank in the top Google positions.

It's better to find markets with ranking sites that have referring domains in the double digits or less. 

You typically want to avoid markets with websites that have higher referring domains in the hundreds or thousands, like the one shown below. This is because it will be difficult and costly to try to outrank these websites:

3. Create a local lead generation website.

Creating a local lead generation website is your next step to building your business. After choosing a niche and location, you can go buy a domain name and build your own site. In 2024, exact match domains still work well because they contain the main keywords. For local lead gen, that would be "city" + "service".

For example:


Having a city plus service domain establishes your site as the go-to business for your area in the eyes of Google and your potential customers. This authority goes a long way in establishing overall legitimacy & trust of your site. This method also helps you speed up your overall ranking process.

The only downside is that using a city name in the domain means you're stuck in that city. So if your city is not that competitive, it might be better to not use a city in the domain. Instead, you can use brand name in the domain such as: With this, you can easily target other cities, if you decide you no longer want to work on the same location.

I would purchase your site at and build it there. This web builder was specifically designed for the local lead generation business. It's fast and just as affordable as the popular options like Weebly and Wix.

In 10 years of doing lead gen, I cannot recommend building sites on cheap shared hosting & WordPress. These sites have all gotten hacked over the years. In fact, a Sucuri report says 90% of hacked CMS sites in 2020 were running WordPress. Plus the designs are always slow and buggy.

Your site should include a quote form near the top of the homepage. This encourages potential customers to submit their contact information, so you can capture leads. also has tools that can be quite useful for your lead generation business, such as:

  • Localgrids. This tool tracks Google map listing rankings based on geo-location around the city.
  • SnappsSEO. This tool gives you valuable insights into how to better rank your site.
  • Snapps AI Image. This tool seamlessly generates AI images for your site.

We encourage all our course students to build their own lead gen websites. You should it at at least few times so that you understand the entire process. It will lead to greater confidence & certainty for this business. Most importantly, you can also explain lead generation better to other business owners.

Once you got the hang of it, and you want my team to build it for you, we do offer that as a service as well. You can check out our Ippei's Done 4 You Lead Gen Sites.

4. Use local SEO to rank the site on Google.

Using local SEO to rank your site on Google gets your business running. Your goal is to reach the first page so that potential leads click on your website. Local SEO entails:

  • On page optimization (Site layout, content creation, implementation of relevant keywords, title tags, etc.)
  • Off page optimization (Citations, link building, Google Business Profile optimization, etc.)

The reason local lead gen focuses on "local" is that the ranking process is much easier. You won't have to compete for global keywords. Once you master the local SEO ranking factors, you can scale this business predictably. 

Build high quality backlinks to rank higher on Google.

Building high quality backlinks helps Google to view your website as a niche authority. This helps improve the chances of higher ranking. 

Here is a list of the high quality links you want for your lead generation site:

✅ Links from relevant sites. Relevant sites are sites within your niche. In our course, we have a private Facebook group of 7,400 students. This is where you can form link circles with other students. This is just one of the ways we use the community inside our program to give us an edge over the competition.
✅ Relevant guest post links. Guests post links are links that come from connecting with relevant sites. You provide them a free content piece and in return, you can get a link back to your own website.
✅ Links from influential sites. Influential sites are sites with high domain authority and rank well on Google. We have access to a large network of sites. These sites have a lot of authority behind them and this gives our site "ranking juice".
✅ Links from highly relevant directories. Directories are web platforms that host contact details for businesses, such as Angie's List or Yelp. Our team has a list of over 100 places to get these links from.

Are backlinks still relevant in 2024

Backlinks are still relevant in 2024, but not as relevant as before, according to Google. In 2016, Senior Search Strategist of Google search quality Andrey Lipattsev said that links were among the top 3 ranking factors for Google. This sentiment eventually changed. In 2023, Gary Illyes of the Google Search team said that links are no longer a top 3 ranking factor.

Despite what Google says, backlinks may even be more important than ever before. In 2024, SERPs are filled with tons of poor quality AI-generated content. Backlinks could become more important for Google as the search engine searches for ways to assess website relevance and authority in a world rampant with AI content.

I tend to believe this is another misdirection from Google. They have been known to do this from time to time to dissuade SEO's from taking advantage of their algorithms. What I find is that quality backlinks are still massively powerful booster of rankings. In fact, a MOZ study confirms websites with backlinks from high-authority domains (DA 70+) are 3.5 times more likely to rank in the top Google positions.

Do you need to create a Google My Business profile to rank a local lead generation website?

You do not need to create a Google My Business profile to rank a local lead generation website. It is possible to rank a local lead generation website on the first page of Google without a GMB. However, creating a Google My Business profile enables your website to get listed in the Google Map Pack. This increases your chances to attract quality leads to your website.

BrightLocal also says 64% of consumers use Google My Business to find contact details of local businesses. Also, businesses with a GMB profile receive 7 times more clicks than those without one. This highlights the importance of having a GMB profile for local visibility.

In our program, we have come up with many different ways to get our map listings verified. It takes creativity but what we do works.

5. Find local clients to make money from your leads. 

Finding local clients allows you to make money from your leads. This typically requires hopping on the phone with potential customers. You will be pitching to businesses on why they should take your leads. Don't worry though, it's actually an easy sell. In fact, a HubSpot survey says 61% of marketers admit generating leads is their top challenge. This makes your service highly valuable.

You can initially offer some free leads. This way, they can get a firsthand experience of the value that your leads can provide their business. You don't even have to tell them you're sending new leads. You can easily automate lead distribution by using call tracking. I like to use what our team made: Callsling. Every time they get calls from leads, they'll hear, "This lead was sent to you by...(Your name)." This method not only ensures seamless lead delivery. It also reinforces your brand name with each call.

You can learn more about getting clients with the free lead strategy in the video below:

results in advance are the keys to local lead gen. be successful.

Once they're convinced with the value of your services, you can start discussing about having a long-term partnership. This will allow you to earn $500 to $3,000 per month for the leads you send them. You can structure your deal in several ways, including:

  • 10% of closed business
  • Pay per lead
  • Flat fee per month (retainer)
  • Hybrid: Combination of flat fee plus 10% or pay per lead
  • What strategies can you use to reach local businesses and start selling them leads? 

    • Cold calling. 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who reach out to them, a RainGroup study says. This makes cold calling an effective strategy.
    • Attending local events. Networking events, trade shows, and local business meetups can provide direct access to potential clients.
    • Email marketing. A DMA study found that email marketing has an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. This makes email marketing a cost-effective way to reach business owners.
    • Visiting businesses in the local area. Face-to-face interactions can build trust and rapport more quickly than digital communication.
    • Direct messaging business owners through LinkedIn or other social media platforms. LinkedIn reports that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, which makes it a powerful platform for reaching business owners.

    These all work but I prefer sending business owners free leads first. Afterwards, I reach out to them after they've heard my name a few times through the call whisper.

    6. Scale up by creating more lead gen websites.

    Scaling up by creating more lead gen websites will grow your overall revenue. Besides, local lead generation has passive income potential. This means you have plenty of time to scale your business. Creating more lead gen websites allows you to create more passive income streams.

    Eventually, you'll end up earning more than a single-family real estate. According to Roofstock, the average annual return on single-family rental properties is around 8-12%. In comparison, successful lead generation websites can command profit margins up to 95%.

    The more money you're able to earn, the more bigger, competitive markets you can get into. You can build more lead gen sites to boost your monthly income.

    3 Tips to Maximize Local Lead Generation Profits

    1. Automate processes by outsourcing work.

    You can free up even more of your time and scale more quickly by outsourcing work to automate processes. For example, you can hire content writers on Upwork, and virtual assistants on  

    This enables you to focus more on high-level work like market research and client acquisition. Meanwhile, you can offload time-consuming tasks like content writing. Of course, the potential downside is you have to take the time to train your people. This is why a lot of our students just choose to outsource the build outs to us.

    Here is how I automate my local lead generation websites:

    • Content Writers. Responsible for niche research & content creation.
    • Web Developers. Responsible for taking the content and putting the site together on
    • SEO/Site Ranking Experts. Handles all the optimization, from building high-quality backlinks, citations, & more.

    I still handle basic business operations. I speak to business owners and work on closing deals. However, you could consider hiring a sales team to do calls and seal deals on your behalf.

    You can also use a time tracking software to keep track of your employee's activities. TimeDoctor can be a good choice. It'll stop recording if a VA has been inactive for over 1 minute. It also takes screenshots sporadically to ensure work is being performed. 

    2. Choose local lead generation niches with higher lead values.

    Choosing niches that have high client value can earn you more money. These businesses can afford to pay you more for the leads. Some of the best high ticket niches for local lead generation are:

    • Concrete Paving. The average cost of concrete paving projects ranges from $2,500 to $7,000. Quality leads in this niche are highly valuable.
    • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. The average kitchen remodel costs around $25,000, while a bathroom remodel averages $10,000. This high expenditure translates to valuable leads.
    • Roofing. The average cost of a new roof installation is between $5,000 and $10,000, with some projects exceeding $20,000.
    • Contractors. General contractors often handle large-scale projects with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. The costs could increase more, depending on the scope of work.
    • Epoxy Flooring. Epoxy flooring projects can range from $1,200 to $6,000, depending on the size and complexity.
    • Water Damage Restoration. The average cost for water damage restoration is between $2,500 and $7,500. Some severe cases can cost up to $10,000 or more.

    3. Achieve expertise in a specific niche.

    Instead of trying to attack many niches, you can improve your performance by achieving expertise in just one or a few niches. Each niche comes with its own intricacies and challenges. Case in point, you'll have to deal with different types of potential customer base. You'll also have to target different keywords, depending on their industry. By attaining a deep understanding of a niche, you can compete better and increase your income potential.

    How much does it cost to start a local lead generation business? 

    It costs between $500 to $1,000 to start a local lead generation business on average. The primary costs to consider are:

    • Website domain: Starts at $10 to $20/year per domain
    • Website hosting: Starts at $2.95 to $49.99/month
    • SEO software: Starts at $99/month (optional)
    • Call tracking software: Starts at $15/month

    These are the bare minimum requirements and associated costs to starting a local lead generation business. According to Entrepreneur, starting a small business typically requires an initial investment of $2,000 to $5,000. This makes local lead generation a relatively low-cost venture.

    What are the key software for the local lead generation business model? 

    • No code website builder (Ex:
    • Call tracking software (Ex: Callsling)
    • SEO backlink checker (Ex: Majestic)
    • All-in-one SEO tool (Ex: Ahrefs)
    • Google Map rank tracker (Ex: Local Grids)
    • CRM (Ex: GoHighLevel, optional)

    These are some of the key software for the local lead generation business model. You can incorporate them into your operations as you start and scale your business. As you invest in the right tools, you can significantly enhance your efficiency. Doing so also allows you to focus on growing your business.

    What is a local lead generation business example?

    A local lead generation business example is Ippei Leads. This is my own local lead generation company, which specializes in SEO and lead generation marketing services. 

    What are some examples of local lead generation websites? 

    Example #1: Limo rental site in Lansing, Michigan

    Here's an example of one of the first sites I put together in Lansing, Michigan, in the limo rental niche. I had no prior online experience but I followed Dan Klein's training and put this site together.

    It took about 4 hours to build and another 10 hours to rank. I haven't even logged into this site since 2014 and it's still paying me $750 every month. With each phone call that I generate, my client gets an email of the recorded call. This way, my clients know exactly how much money they're making from my leads.

    Example #2: Tree care service in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    This Grand Rapids Tree Care site generates 30 to 50 leads per month. It has made me $2,000 per month for more than 8 years now. It only took me 15 hours to build and rank. Plus it only costs me around $500 to create. So far, I've earned over $192,000 from it. 

    What's the difference between a local lead generation vs SEO agency?

    The difference between a local lead generation vs SEO agency is that in local lead generation, we generate results first. We then sell those leads to local business owners. Meanwhile, an SEO agency performs site audit on the client's website. Usually, they charge a monthly fee as they perform SEO tasks.

    The problem with SEO agency is that once you get the rankings, the business owner can decide to fire you at anytime. Also, the business owner can get impatient and constantly bug you for results. I love local lead generation because I own the sites. The business owner can never fire me. Instead, I can fire them.

    It's just powerful to have your own income producing digital assets. I get to rank them at my own pace. Once I do, I have a web property that will pay me long-term without much hassle.

    What are the benefits and challenges of starting a local lead generation business? 

    Benefits of starting a local lead generation business

    • Earn passive income.
    • High profit margin of up to 90% or more.
    • Low initial investment.
    • Maintenance costs are at a minimum each month.
    • You don't need to be good at sales. You only need to provide leads in advance and ask a business owner how your free leads worked out.
    • Easy to scale the business by creating and ranking more sites.
    • Easy to get started.
    • My clients can't fire me. I choose who I work with. As long as I own the websites, I have the control.

    Challenges of starting a local lead generation business

    • Some sites might take some time to rank, depending on the niche and market.
    • Due diligence may take time as you find the right niche and market to get into.
    • You're responsible for the upfront investment to build & rank the site. You'll need $500 to $1000 initial investment for low to mid-level competitive markets.
    • If your client decides to stop working with you, you'll need to find another local business to sell your leads.
    • You need to make sure you have the edge when it comes to your ability to rank websites. In our paid program, we go much more in-depth on high-level tactics for ranking.

    What is the best local lead generation course to help you get started? 

    Dan Klein's Lead Generation Coaching Program

    Dan Klein has been providing coaching in the local lead generation industry since 2014. I was one of the original students and I eventually became a top student. After reaching over $50K in residual income, I partnered with Dan to help people learn lead gen and quit their 9 to 5 jobs. Together, we've since taught students the great skill of generating leads for small businesses. It's all possible using online properties that generate free traffic. We also do live coaching calls twice per week.

    So far, we have over 7,400 students in our program. Our community provides a supportive environment where members can learn from each other. Moreover, we also do live coaching calls twice per week.

    New Training Coming Out in 2024!

    Me and Dan have now refilmed the entire training and we're now putting the final editing touches on it. This new training will be coming out in 2024. It's a lot more robust because now we have over 10 years experience. Instead of just 1 coach, we're going through the entire model from 2 people's perspectives: mine & Dan's.

    What are the legal considerations when starting a local lead generation business?

    • Data protection and privacy laws. Data protection laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protect internet users from unnotified collection and use of data.
    • Anti-spam and communication consent laws. Anti-spam and communication consent laws like the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) regulate the methods in which electronic messages can be sent for commercial purposes.
    • Telemarketing laws. Telemarketing laws like the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) apply to businesses that use phone calls to reach the target audience.
    • Intellectual property. Any lead generation campaign that uses content marketing on the website should make sure not to infringe on the intellectual property of others. For example, you shouldn't use copyrighted images from the web.

    • Contractual agreements. Contractual agreements with clients should include all necessary information (such as scope of service, lead delivery terms, and payment method).

    Is it Possible to Put Your Local Lead Generation Business for Sale?

    It is possible to put your local lead generation business for sale, but you must first go through all the steps of building and optimizing your assets. After positioning your assets well on Google, you can eventually sell your lead generation business or lead generation site for 40 times the monthly revenue it generates. All of your websites are lead generation companies that you can sell for a hefty profit.

    Is a local lead generation business legit? 

    A local lead generation business is legit way to make money. As a lead gen provider, you use digital marketing strategies to help small business owners with search engine visibility. You offer more qualified lead options than they would get from other sources. In comparison, Yelp & HomeAdvisor leads are often expensive & low quality.

    Lead generation can be a good business model because there's always a demand for high quality leads among businesses. Plus with your services, they can focus more on running their companies.

    In essence, the principle of lead generation has become a huge part of our everyday lives. For example, Uber is technically a lead generation app. It connects passengers in need of rides with nearby drivers. On the other hand, travelers use Kayak to find affordable flight or hotel deals. This website makes money by referring customers to its travel partners. Again, this is another type of lead generation business. 

    In short, lead generation is all about being the middleman. You make money by helping businesses attract attention from their target market. Compared with traditional business models, local lead generation is a lot more scalable. You can also enjoy more free time since it may possibly lead to passive income.  

    To illustrate, doing SEO on a global scale for affiliate marketing or ecommerce can be incredibly difficult. In this case, you are competing against everyone on the internet for traffic. Furthermore, Google’s new AI answers (or Self-Generated Entities) that appear at the top of search results are taking clicks from online publishers. Today, people don’t have to click articles to find the answer they are looking for.

    Local lead generation avoids these issues. Local lead generation websites only compete against businesses in the same location. It’s much easier to rank a website on page one of Google since you’re only going against 5 to 10 small businesses in the area.

    If you want to work with me and Dan, we have a local lead generation coaching program. You will not be disappointed with how much effort we have put into making it the best on the internet. Heck, we've been around 10 years now and we’re still going strong. We’ll teach you how I make up to $52,000 per month from owning multiple lead gen sites.

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    His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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    1. I am fascinated by your write up and wish I could be part of this trend am tired of depending on my monthly stipends was looking at drop shipping for passive income and luckily I clicked on one of your reviews, please can you mail me so I have a more robust conversation with you

    2. How do you get in contact with businesses once the lead generation website is created. Is this work heavily relationship-based?

      1. Hey, Eshan. We only contact the business once we got our site to generate leads, and then we send free leads to them at first using tracking phone number.

    3. Hi Ippei Shout to you for creating such a comprehensive website resource for starting a local lead generation business. Your published testimonials are very good to see too. Three questions I have for you to answer if that is ok ? … 1 in relation to you mentioning that the outlook is very good for this business model in 2024, how do you see AI lead generation tools impacting on the business model – i.e. possibly replacing the human business activity ? And if there is a risk of this, could this also possibly unlock the locked-in golden handshake with your clients you mention, based on the digital real estate one has built down the line . 2. Do you need to be in proximity of the city you choose – and if not, even in the same country – i.e service your clients remotely ? 3. Do you have any success stories from people who live in Australian, trained in your local lead generation model ? I am sincerely looking for a way to earn passive income that rewards desire and effort to build a successful business that stands the test of time. All the best Susan Davies PS This may be sent twice – just went back in to edit a sentence. My apologies if that is the case.

      1. 1. We’re already beginning to leverage AI to make our lead gen business better. Most blue collar small business owners don’t know how to build their own websites let alone begin messing with AI. Many of them are very bad with computers & tech, so there will always be a need for someone with very good digital marketing skills to help them.
        2. No, you don’t need to be in the same city or even in the same country. We have many students from overseas getting USA clients and vice versa.
        3. We have plenty of students from Australia. Check out Reggie & Ibi on this page:

    4. can you explain how you know when your clients do a job for a customer of yours? how do you know if you get paid for it or not?

      1. We use different softwares to autobill our clients even if its pay per lead, so we have a good way of tracking everything.

    5. Hi Ippei,

      If I start this lead generation program, How do I ensure that I get paid by my clients? I don't want to be
      Chasing the client for payment and dealing with bad debt?



      1. Hi Martina, you don’t need to be an expert. When I started, i wasn’t but with the training and coaching you receive in the program, you eventually become an expert because it’s rinse and repeat. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

        1. Thank you for your quick reply. How successful are people that are diligient in your program? Do you have any contacts that can share their success stories?

    6. I have two questions on this business model

      1) you said that its a high return model in a high ticket industry, would it still work in a lower ticket industry where these jobs arent as expensive.

      2) wouldnt there be much competition even by other classmates who already got into these niches for me to start now with no seo or selling skill sets (in 1st question i asked about country variations as a strategy to find opportunities by avoiding US existing competition)

      1. Hey, you will still see a profit margin of over 90-95% depending no matter if the industry is high ticket or low. As far as competition goes, there are thousands of niches and markets to get into. You can also do this business model in several countries around the world. The local lead gen training teaches you everything you need to know. Check out

    7. Hi, Ippei!

      Very interested in getting started in the lead generation business; what software do you guys use to track and send calls/leads to your partners? And how do I learn more about this endeavor?

      1. Hi Jacob! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. You can book a call to learn more about the lead gen model and our coaching program with this link: Our coaches are happy to answer any questions you have and I wish you much success! Look forward to seeing you in the group.

      2. Hey Jacob! Thanks for reading and your interest in our local lead generation coaching program. You can book a call with this link: and any of our coaches would be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with more information about our local lead generation coaching program. Best of luck and look forward to connecting.

    8. Ippei…. very interested to jump into this head first – I'm a well experienced marketer and have done a lot of paid lead gen so know most things Looking to build organically now.

      Do you have a link without a call, not interested in calls 🙂

    9. Hi Ippei,

      I was looking at drop shipping for passive income and luckily I clicked on one of yor reviews – I went deeper and read more articles from your site.

      I am interested in your Leads Geneatiin course. I am UK based.

      Could you send some info?

      1. Hey Kevin! I would love to connect. You can book a call with this link and schedule an appointment with one of our local lead generation coaches that best works for you. They’re always happy to answer any questions and share info about our program. Look forward to seeing you in the group!

    10. Hey Ippei thank you for this amazing content! The article was a very thorough and enjoyable read, and answered my of my questions on how to approach the lead generation business.

      I’ve been spending a lot of time on client research, but I didn’t even realize I had the whole thing backwards. My thinking was the process would be best to 1. Find a client 2. Setup lead gen but after reading your article its really opened my eyes (considering I am brand new to this and haven’t even made a website yet).

      I look forward to seeing how my lead generation journey will be doing in the future, and thank you for your helping me get my foot through the door.

      I have much to learn but I will humbly say I will work my hardest.

      1. Hey Gabriel! That’s awesome-congrats! If you want information about how our lead generation coaching program can help you get an edge feel free to book a call with this link: We’re always excited to connect with new people and answer any questions. Best of luck, and thanks for reading!

    11. Hello Ippei! I really love your content and am trying to start my own local lead generation company as well

      How do you track all the calls and leads? Do you have any more information on this?

      I Dmed you on Instagram as well. I got my first client and starting the website but don’t know how to track all the leads

      1. Hi Alisa! Thanks for the compliment! We have a software called Callsling that tracks everything for us. Our training trains you on everything you need to know about the software. Check out the training at

    12. I'm interested in getting started with this business model, but I am a bit confused on the idea of creating a website before having a client. How do you get the business information so the leads know they've found a legitamate company without first talking with the client? And do you have the authority to use their business name and company details without their consent? Also, once you've sent them free leads and they decide not to partner with you, how do you then change the website name for a different client? What if the client wants more control of what their rented website looks like and functions?

      Thank you for taking time to answer some of my questions.

      1. Hi Brianna. The site you create is going to be generic and focus on offering a service. Once you land a client, you can then get their permission to add their images or logo. Your website URL will be generic and optimized for the market and keyword. Ultimately, you own the site and have the most control. Your clients need to worry about the leads being sent to them every month. The site is your creation and your digital property to control.

    13. Hey thank you for this blog post. I would have a question please.

      How local would you suggest to go with the ranking in Google?

      Would you suggest to start ranking for the city name plus the part of the city?

      Because when you search from mobile it gives you basically the nearest businesses close to you.

      Or would you suggest just go for the whole city and ignore the city part?

      Be well

      1. Thanks for the comment Eduard. You would need to perform due diligence to see which would be the lower hanging fruit. Then go from there.

    14. how are u finding the business clients for the leads if not from online ,but arent those same businesses also the competition on gogle rankings, so essently they would be getting business leads from there competitor??

      1. Hi Yehoshua! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on my blog. Yes, the leads come from Google. Our coaching program teaches students a specific set of parameters to look for before entering a niche so that your website ranks quickly in the local search engines. Once your site is at the top, it produces leads you sell to a local business owner who wants to grow their company. So yes, you essentially sell business to the competition. Think of your site as a digital billboard that attracts potential buyers. Much like advertising, lead generation is a channel that produces more high-quality leads (and business owners are willing to pay for these leads). I hope this answers your question. If you would like additional information or prefer to speak with one of our coaches, you can use this link to schedule an appointment:

    15. Hi Ippei,

      I enjoyed reading your article. I have some questions that weren't answered that I hope you can clear up for me.

      1) Are you branding the websites you make for the referrals with your prospective clients business name and adding generic information about their company or obtaining the copy information from their existing website? If I recall, you go after the low hanging fruit clients that don't have websites.

      I'm wondering how the validation of the brand is reflected to the customers whom are finding your website and calling the phone number? Are they reading one business name but hearing the redirected referrals business name on the telephone?

      2) I'm sure there is more overhead than you mentioned. You didn't mentioned anything about the phone number costs or cost for recording and sending to clients.

      3) What is a typical ROI on this lead/referral service per website? I'm sure it depends on the industry and service but there must be a profit margin that you can give me to put some prospective into this type of business model before someone invests into training, coaching, or development.

      Thank you

      1. Hey Kevin, thanks for your questions. You can create a generic site, and within the content mention that your site (company) partners with your client. That way there isn’t any confusion. You can also just have your clients say you partner together which is 100% true. Leads are looking for the work to get done and aren’t going to worry too much about a business partnering with another business. Phone number costs can be anywhere from $5-$15 per month or more depending on how many phone numbers you use. As far as ROI, you’re looking at a profit margin of over 75%. Like you said, it depends on the niche you choose to get into, market, competition, online competition, etc. Once your sites rank, you don’t need to do much else to them but monitor lead flow, ranking, etc.

      1. Hey Aaron! Thanks for your comment-appreciate and glad you found the article helpful. How are you finding your lead generation journey? Best of luck, and thanks for reading.

    16. I like your post and I am struggling on online biz could not really find out how to get it right with the online stuff please can you help me with with few tips on this lead gen thing

      1. Hey Deralove thanks for your comment. If you’d like more information on our lead generation program please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment as we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can book using this link:

    17. Thanks for the article. Please, what're the differences between this lead generation site and blogging?

      1. Local lead generation is generating leads for local small businesses using free organic traffic and getting a percentage of the deals each month. Read this page… This blog is all about educating people on how to many money online, the different possible ways to make money online, course reviews, business model reviews and more.

    18. Ippei, you are fantastic…I’ve been in your program for a few years but only got serious this last Sept when I got let go because of my age (70) and covid…I love DK and his training, and you complement it greatly…thanks for all your work. Melvin

      1. Hey Melvin! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the program. Grind and keep winning! Wishing you continued success in your lead gen journey.

    19. Thank you, I have just been searching for info about this subject for a long time and yours is
      the best I have came upon so far. But, what about the bottom line?
      Are you certain about the supply?

      1. Hey Dhuna thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Rest assured that there is a ton of room in the lead gen market. I’ve been doing this business model full-time since 2014 and am still building sites. You should book a call-it would be great to speak with you and answer any questions you might have about lead generation or the program itself. You can schedule something with this link if you’re interested.

    20. Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs!
      Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward
      to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!

    21. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after looking at many of the
      articles I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely delighted I came across it and I’ll be
      book-marking it and checking back frequently!

      1. Thanks for reading. These 5 steps for getting a local lead generation business started and scaling are unlikely to change. It’s the process we’ve been using for a number of years and it’s still working for our newer students to generate quality income and leave their jobs to focus on just lead gen. What specifically would you want to know as far as a ‘part 2’?

    22. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
      I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your
      useful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Keep checking out the site because we are always adding new content about lead gen and online businesses.

    23. Hi Ippei,

      Came accross your website when I saw your comment in Quora about how a topic how to start FBA Amazon selling. I was so curious on your comment when you said that FBA amazon is not the best business model out there. I read your entire blog about the led gen business and it was really fascinating. I don't have any experience online but I am interested to provide leads to customers. I am wondering if you have some tutorial videos on how to get started with this kind of business you are into?

      Thank you

      1. Hey Christy, Amazon FBA works but when it comes to earning an income that is somewhat passive, lead gen wins. If you want to learn how to generate leads for other businesses, click this link below and follow the steps to get the training.

      1. Thanks for reading. Lead generation has changed my life. TBH there’s no better way to make money online. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to book a call. Would love to help you take your business to the next level. Best of luck to you!

      1. Generating leads is a skill that everyone should learn. It can benefit your business or someone else’s business. Happy to hear you found this post useful.

      1. Thanks! Come back anytime and check out the other post I’ve added about other business models and how they compare to lead gen.

    24. Hi, can you recommend any software for tracking phone calls that will have an automated message to say who the lead was sent from? I have searched for software like this but can't find any.

      Thanks, Dominic

      1. We have a call tracking system designed for our students so I don’t have a recommendation unfortunately. Some of the bigger players might offer this. Good luck and lmk how you make out.

      2. I use Callsling – we built it specifically for local lead gen with the announcement, text messaging capabilities, routing options, and lots of other features that are next level. There’s a special deal for it with coaching program.

      1. Thanks for reading and the feedback. We make the SEO part really easy to follow for our students – it’s a lot easier to follow the step-by-step videos to rank digital properties.

    25. Hi, I do understand this business model as I have a few local sites ranked for myself. My question is how do you do the GMB accounts? Are they all at the same address or what?

    26. Once you create the website, do you submit it to Google to be the business's website in the search results since that business does not have a website?

      1. no need to submit to google anything, just create the website and if you follow the process we teach it will begin to rank

    27. Hi ippei
      Do you have students in Australia?
      How are they going
      Can I contact Australian students
      What is the Cost for Australia $AUD

      1. Hey Frank,
        We have a lot of students from all around the world, including Australia.
        Local Lead Gen can be done anywhere from anywhere.
        The cost depends on what different package you end up choosing to go to.
        To get a clearer idea jump on a call that you can schedule here

    28. Hi Ippei
      I could not find an answer for th question from Chris on
      September 21, 2020 at 10:39 pm

      I am interested in that too, as creating a GMB listing for a website for a virtual company without an address

      Many Thanks

    29. Wow Ippei…this is the business opportunity I was looking for….thanks for sharing. I am really interested in your course.

      But I have 2 questions stuck in my mind

      1. Can i get clients from highly developed countries like US, UK, Canada etc…as I am from India (low income country) and I want to get benefits of High income country. ( Tim Ferris 4HWW)

      2. What about payment process from clients if they don't know how to use technology? I just saw a testimonial where a guy having sites ranked for some clients gets paid by checks? Can it be mailed to my country India.

      Only this much…I am waiting for your reply Ippei. 🙂

      1. 1. yes we have students from other countries getting US clients
        2. biz owners have credit cards, you can use stripe to process the payments

    30. Do you ever get customers that are confused when they contact "Grand Rapid Tree Service" and then someone picks up the phone and says "thanks for calling Joes Tree service" or when Joes Tree Service shows up to their house instead of Grand Rapid Tree Service. Or similar situations similar to that? thanks!

      1. once I explain to my client, my client treats it as if they own two separate businesses, if they answer my lead they will service that job as Grand Rapids Tree Service

    31. Hi Ippei…great article! I have a question. You said that the sites could be built on Weebly or WordPress. Did you use the basic free Weebly site, or did you pay for your stater site?

    32. Great article on lead generation and excellent way to articulate!
      I’m glad that I came across this amazing article.
      Thanks for the article with lot of different and meaningful conversations
      I appreciate your skills!

    33. Hello. I'm very interested in the lead gen business model. Although I live in Korea, I'd like to be generating leads in the U.S. You stress starting local is key. Does it affect what I plan to do?

      1. nope you can live in Korea and get US clients just fine, that’s the best thing about having an internet business, I can run this business from anywhere in the world.

    34. Hi Ippei,

      for the google map listing you mentioned, is this referring to GMB?

      So, how does one go about choosing an address for a website, especially one that doesn't have a client yet? Do you pick any random place in the city? I read somewhere mail might be sent to said address to verify.
      Anyway, how many addresses can one assign? I have seen someone suggesting as many as you can, but it doesnt seem right.

      Thanks for a wonderful review, I still receive emails from you and will eventually join

    35. Hello Ippei,

      In the examples of the limo business both sites (Lansing and Grand Rapid) use the same pictures. So when you advertise do you use the real name of the businesses and they provide you with the pictures of their fleet or you just a build a generic website, with stock photos and the number is not the real number of the businesses? This is a little confusing. Also if I were a client, the fact that there is not a physical address on the website would rise a red flag (and the fact that the websites seems very cheap). Your sites advertise that the there are may different kind of cars available (Audi Q7, Escalade, buses etc.) but what about if the client that buys the leads, doesn't have all the vehicles listed on the website? Isn't that false advertising? How does it work?




      1. the client I’m working with has those vehicles and he’s servicing both Grand Rapids and Lansing. First, you build a more generic site, once you get a client, you can make the site more specific. A physical address is not needed with service-based businesses, aka there is no storefront.

    36. Thanks for your inspiring post.
      Making money through online business like LG is my dream.
      I notice that you’ve put emphasized that LG works well in a local setting.
      What would be your advice to individuals with interest in the business but aren’t native nor residents of the US?

    37. I would like to know more about starting my own Lead Generation Business. I have done a little website and marketing stuff about 10-15 years ago and loved it. But just haven’t found the right opportunity since then. Not to mention how life and family gets thrown at you. I’m passionate and ready to try this new idea! I completely love the whole concept behind it!

    38. This is a fantastic business model and makes sense. I really like the real estate comparison (you basically have “digital assets”) because I dabbled in real estate for a bit. I think this has a lot more potential to scale up quickly without too much initial cash down!

      I had a quick question on the prospecting step and how it works – sent you a message on Instagram. Would appreciate any insights. Thanks so much for this article!

    39. Hello , I found this article very educational. I have a very small display marketing business in Long Island, NY and the virus and Amazon has hurt my business, it’s not scale able anymore and I’m back in the field selling products out of my van like when I first started my business 32 years ago, not good w no more sales reps working for me due to smaller profit margins. I am not tech savvy at all so this business is probably not for me but I will try to make a go of it by building a website and trying to sell product that way. Amazon is disgusting and hurt this country more than helped I feel, one guy makes money off of everyone selling on Amazon is insane to me but that’s the reality.

    40. Great info! At the start I was quite sceptical however these looks like a quite smart strategy. There is only one thing that is not clear for me.

      This is the GMB policy as in the google page

      “Ineligible businesses
      The following businesses are not eligible for a business listing:

      Rental or for-sale properties such as vacation homes, model homes, or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.
      An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don’t own or have the authority to represent.
      Lead generation agents or companies.”

      Lead generation appears as ineligible. So having the business in GMB is done in a creative way?

    41. Awesome hi and amazing article like always filled with full of information that
      is valuable. You are just remarkable. Keep sharing more like
      this. You would like to learn regularly and more from you!

    42. Great and informative post, thank you for sharing! I have one question, if your payment structure is 10% of closed business, do you just have to trust that your clients share with you truthfully how many of the leads brought actual sales, and share the exact amount of sales your leads brought? Or they allow you to record every call and email coming through your site? Thanks in advance for responding!

      1. every call is recorded, we also have other pay per lead models that you can use, essentially we know how much we should be making based on actual number of real leads

    43. Hi Ippei, the potential for this looks amazing, thanks for your very helpful site. I’ll definitely register for a call!

    44. Hi Ippei,

      Can the model and your phone call tracking software work for non-US cities, in my own country or any other countries outside of the US?

    45. Hi Ippei,

      Great article and I’m definitely interested in starting a lead gen business. Have a question I see alot of people starting this business and was wondering where do you see this business going in 2020 and beyond.



    46. Ippei, thanks for a quick reply.

      I would have thought that the paid ads get the most of the traffic, because you have to bear in mind that they are at the TOP of the search results. Yes, your ad won’t necessarily be on the top spot all the time and will be rotated with other ads, but it’s always going to be above all of the organic results.

      And to be honest, nowadays the ads blend in so well with longer descriptions that most people hardly know that they are clicking on an ad, especially if it’s well-written, so I wouldn’t say people skip over ads.

      Basically, what you are saying is to completely ignore the keyword search volume and simply go by city population, correct?

      Your logic is that if I blindly build a website for a city of 150k population, for example, and rank it #1 for its main keyword, then I would expect to receive 50-100 visitors per day, which will probably result in approximately 10 calls/day?

      Of course, that’s assuming that the website is well-built and the call-to-action is clear, etc. Are these the kind of numbers that you are seeing?

      In the past, I’ve always had some data to play with BEFORE I built a website knowing roughly what kind of traffic I could expect once ranked, but with local searches I’ve got nothing to go by, hence the reason why I’m asking how you do it?

      Thanks for your help


      1. a lot of people still like to call from the map listing because it has always been where local businesses are.

        population size is just one metric we look at. There’s other metrics as well. But because we are generating leads for free, it really doesn’t matter whole lot if we generate 50 calls per month or 200 calls per month, we’re gonna make money either way. We don’t need the exact call volume data that you are seeking before starting a site, call volume will differ greatly depending on the niche. Some sites might produce less calls but much higher ticket jobs. How do we know our sites will produce leads? Because we know that if there’s 20 plumbers in the city, we know for a fact that there’s businesses going on.

    47. Hi Ippei,

      Thanks for the post.

      Wanted to drop my few cents on this, as you’re almost making it sound too good and too easy.

      I’ve been in Internet marketing field since 2007, so the first thing that struck me unusual about this whole business model is the fact that all your local plumbing/junk removal/cleaning keywords have almost no search volume when checking in Adwords or using other keyword research tools?

      Taking as an example your Grand Rapids Tree website, searching only a few keywords brings up literally no results in Adwords: tree service bloomfield hills (0-10 searches/month), tree service lake orion (10-100 searches/month), tree service macomb (0-10 searches/month), etc.

      While arguably, “tree service grand rapids” shows up as having 100-1k monthly search volume, but in reality it’s probably closer to 100 rather than 1k.

      Yet, when I’m watching your videos where you showcase your existing websites, such as the Grand Rapids Tree website, you’re getting at least 2-3 CALLS every day? So I’m not sure how that works, when the websites are supposedly receiving no traffic?

      Also I’m not picking on this specific niche/website, because I’ve tried looking up other niches in many other cities, but the results are very similar – essentially, local keywords for service jobs have non-existent volume.

      Since this business model heavily depends on organic traffic from Google, I’m not sure how you make the numbers work, when clearly hardly anyone searches for these keywords?

      Also wanted to mention that I run Google Ads for local keywords in the past just to see if the actual volume matches what’s shown in the Keyword Tool, and the reality was even worse – I struggled to get 5-10 clicks/day.

      Would appreciate your thoughts on this and let me know if I’m missing something.



      1. Those search numbers are heavily inaccurate for local searches. If the city has at least 70-100K population, of course people are searching for tree serivce, plumbing, roofing, etc companies everyday.
        I’m getting over 10 calls per day for my grand rapids trees service site, not 3.

        Adwords will always under-perform compared to organic, because Google is rotating your ad with your competitors. With Organic you are permanently at the top of Google. Also a lot of people skip over ads.

    48. Does this course work for Vietnamese people like me? I come from Vietnam, English is foreign language. I’m beginner with digital marketing, with no skill, no experience in internet marketing. Does this course still work for me?

        1. I am impressed at how detailed you made this opportunity. I would love to be a part of it. But I’m in a different country. Can the business work outside US, I’m in Nigeria. Also, how much do I need to start up? I want to be trained.

    49. Hi Ippei,
      Congratulations on the content. I am interested in training, but first I would like to ask two questions, if you allow me.
      When setting up the site for a company that doesn’t exist generating leads for a company that exists whit another name, doesn’t that harms credibility with the customer and consequently Google ranking issues? Doesn’t google penalize the site with this practice?

    50. Hi Ippei,

      I have read most of your articles on affiliate marketing, etc after realizing you were not an affiliate and providing non-biased reviews on many courses. I have read a bit on lead generation too and wanted to take the plunge with coaching. Can a graduate student who may have just an hour a day do this successfully?


    51. Hey! Ippei!
      I just have 2 questions after reading every post you’ve written in this and all your other sites:

      . Would your call tracking software work in Nassau, the Bahamas, with local numbers?

      . Do you also coach on how to nail a contract with a USA customer, for example, if I’m from other country?, ’cause I don’t know how to…

      I’m just looking forward to your answer to join you all!!!

      Thanks a million in advance for your answer.

      1. yes there’s a work around to all of this, you can pretty much be anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet, you can build this business, get US clients, etc

    52. Hello

      I am from Germany, can I work this there and with german, or it is not possible?

      Many Thanks

      1. Hello Ippei,
        at first, thanks for your inspiring articles which changed my mindset!!!!!

        I live in Germany, too. Both of us know we have totally a different situation here, from a legal point of view. If you agree, we could exchange knowledge about this topic. Maybe Ippei could tell us our email adresses, so we could get in touch? Thanks in advance!


        1. How’s it different in Germany? You put up a website and add a client’s phone number as a recommended specialist for that kind of work. You don’t pretend to be him. Anything I’ve missed?

    53. Thanks for your quick response. I went to that page and don’t see anywhere to enter my email address. Where exactly on that page is the form? As an alternative you have my email address – please send me an email and we can schedule it that way. Thanks

    54. Hi. Can I schedule a call please? Unless I’m missing something every “start here” comment you make takes me to:
      but there is no actual way to communicate with you or information on exactly how to get started. Every link on THAT page takes me back to the same page. Am I missing something? Can I schedule a call?

    55. If I generate a lead from a local business, can I guarantee that the local business purchases the lead? Are you generating leads after contracting with a local operator in advance?

      1. you can either contact them in advance or begin sending them free leads to earn their trust, either way there’s many local businesses that want your leads.

    56. Of course Jolea Matzke did not receive a reply. This guy makes money by selling courses PERIOD.

      Always ask yourself the question, if this guy makes 600k a month, why on God’s green earth would he need to waste his time selling a course?

      If you could make the amount of money he says he is making you would be richer than Bill Gates.

    57. Dear Ippei,

      You replied to Ben on July 12th that you had payment plans and scholarship options available. However, when I went to the page for the Strategy Call, the 1st thing I noticed in the box on the left is not to call if you are broke. I use to make good money but was laid off in January. I am a nurse practitioner haven’t been able to find another job since. I don’t want to go back to working long hours. Take a chance I me. Please help. I will pay you back. I really want to do this.

      1. every business requires some money to be able to invest, including these lead-gen sites that you will be setting up, although the cost isn’t so insane, we’re talking like few hundred dollars, nonetheless you still need money, just like any other business, if you’re completely broke starting this biz isn’t recommended.

    58. Just joined your program, amazing stuff so far. Just wanted to show you my appreciation for starting this blog & showing me this incredible business. See u at the top!

    59. Hi, I am interested in this home-based business.
      Could you kindly send me more info regarding the business
      and how much do i have to invest on this, please!
      I just turned 65 years old!

    60. Ippei,
      Sounds like a great opportunity. How much does it cost upfront to get in? Also, what are the ongoing costs for membership, software, etc.?

    61. Hey ippei I been watching alot of your YouTube videos you and Dan and inside your testimony videos people in the group iam just like you I have a shitty job making like 12 an hour full time sometimes over time like 60 hour per week to pay bill I want to do this business how much will the course cost is there a way monthly payment would work how much should I save please message me back thank you

          1. WOW! What an excellent blogger!! NEWBIE here 48 yrs no techie. I started off on Google searching for something else, and he recommended lead generation. Exactly what I'm looking for! I've been cramming for a week trying to figure out what niche I should pick? I was about to go the other direction "affill". Can you help me or do I go through God bless to our success!!


    62. Can a 50 plus year old complete NEWBIE wanting to earn a substantial online New Biz income do this ? No experience, just limited knowledge about lead generation business

      1. Yes our course is designed in such a way that every newbie can get through it in a step by step training (training has been continually improved since 2014), not to mention we have weekly coaching calls twice a week and support 7 days of the week.

      2. 100% yes! I was 49 when I joined this program with ZERO technical skills. I now have 35 sites and quit my job of 20 years 8 months ago. If I can do it, anybody can. You got this! Like Ippei said, the coaching and groupthink that is available to you will get you through anything that attempts to slow you down.

        1. How much does this course cost, and how much money would I need to start off with for like making websites and getting the tools needed?

    63. Great post, looking forward to crushing it with local lead gen in 2019!
      I’ve only built a few sites so far, but every journey begins with the first couple steps, right?!

    64. Is this leadgen program just a course that one learns by going from step one all the way to the end of the course? I heard this also comes with coaching but I’m not sure where this coaching comes into play. Does it teach how to rank those mini-websites that generate leads on auto-pilot? How much do these mini-sites cost to start & maintain through the years? Other than paying for the program, what are the other expenses I should expect? I just have a regular 9-5 job so I need to know if I can afford the program or not. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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