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Lead Generation Blueprint Review – 5 Reasons To Avoid Facebook Ads

January 13, 2023

In the Lead Generation Blueprint by Ryan Wegner, you learn how to generate leads for local businesses by paying for traffic on Facebook. His goal is to get you to start a 6-figure marketing agency in under 90 days even if you have no experience. If you're looking for a course to teach you the basics of advertising on Facebook, this course will suffice. You learn the basics of creating Facebook ads, and even learn about email marketing. Ryan also teaches you how to get clients, setup meetings, and close deals. He even shows you how automation can play a role in your business.

In this Lead Generation Blueprint review, I'll uncover what you learn in each module of Ryan's course, if the course is worth it, what alternatives exist to this course, and if running Facebook ads is worth doing in 2024

I'll also compare the Facebook business model with paid traffic to the popular local lead generation business model that uses organic traffic to earn you a passive income.


Ryan teaches the basic skills of running ads on Facebook

Email marketing training; client outreach

He teaches how to get clients on Upwork (profile optimization tips & scripts)


Not enough sales training; (Ex. dealing with objections, negotiating etc.)

No training on how to advertise on other platforms (Google, YouTube etc.)

Facebook training is only under an hour of video content and there are 6 modules before you even get to the Facebook ads training module


Lead Generation Blueprint costs $497

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee as long as you have completed less than 20% of the course


41 videos; 5 DFY funnels and templates


No private Facebook group


Ryan started the course in 2018


Ryan has many students he's helped achieve financial freedom. Not really any negative reviews on Reddit or Quora

5 Reasons To Avoid Facebook Ads

1. Expensive

According to a study, Meta's CPM (cost per thousand) has increased 61% each year over the past few years. This is because of the increase in marketers and business owners' advertising on Facebook. What used to cost cents to promote or advertise now costs dollars. When you split test your ads, you're also going to be spending more money if you want to find an ad that will be profitable. Not to mention all the time it's going to take to find the ad. 

2. Saturated Platform 

The increase in marketers and business owners advertising on Facebook has not only made it more expensive to pay for ads, but also more difficult to compete for leads. 

3. Ad Account Suspension

Playing in Meta's playground means you are playing by their rules. Many marketers and business owners have found it frustrating to get started running ads. Most times it's because they don't read Meta's terms of service. Therefore, when the TOS aren't followed, ads aren't approved, and ad accounts are suspended. If you aren't checking your ad account often, you may not notice this suspension in time, which can hold you back from achieving your goals when you need to. 

4. Ad Exhaustion

Ad exhaustion is a real thing for many advertisements. People simply tire of seeing an ad whether or not it converts. This is the reason you must always look to create a new ad that will convert. Pay attention to trends and what your custom audience wants and needs and you'll always be a step ahead.

5. No Passive Income Potential

The Facebook ads business model is far from passive because of all the reasons mentioned above. You've got to work tirelessly to overcome the fact that Facebook (Meta) is saturated, and more expensive to run ads. Also, you've got to pay attention to Meta's TOS to make sure you aren't creating ads that are going to get denied or, even worse, cause your account to get blacklisted. Not only that, you always need to work on creating new ads and split testing. Earning a passive income doesn't mean you don't do any work because there is always work to do. But Facebook ads are more of a hassle than they are passive.

Who is Ryan Wegner?

Ryan was born and raised just outside of London, England. He dropped out of school at 16 and joined the army two years later. When he got back, he worked 15-hour days as a truck driver. Living the dreaded "rat race" routine is something he and his girlfriend, who was being overworked at her fashion job, hated.

As a result, he started looking for business opportunities that could give him the flexibility to travel the world and make a serious income. He tried social media marketing, Amazon FBA and even a health and wellness blog, but none took off because he didn't give it his all, although he learned some skills.

He eventually took social media marketing for other businesses seriously.

In time, he became successful at generating leads for them and has now earned over 6-figures. The number one method of generating leads he teaches in this course is by creating paid ads on Facebook.

Today, his YouTube channel, Ryan Wegner YouTube Channel has over 9.6K subscribers where he teaches all things lead generation and digital marketing. Currently, he's focusing on helping coaches and consultants and marketers looking to take on coaches and consultants as clients.

Lead Generation Blueprint Course Overview

1) Introduction

Ryan gives you an introduction to his course, the Facebook ads business module, and emphasizes the importance of not being a slacker.

2) Things You Need To Know

In module 2, Ryan talks about following up with prospects, if you should use retainers, how to put packages together, how to create proposals, and how to price your services.

3) Prospecting

In module 3, Ryan shares the best niches for you to run Facebook ads for, where to find potential clients, how to qualify potential clients, and he also shares a way to speed up your prospecting. 

4) Contacting The Prospects

This module is all about the different ways you can contact your prospects. Ryan mentions how to cold call, how to implement email marketing and Facebook and Instagram direct messages.

5) The Meeting

Ryan teaches you how to close deals during your meeting with potential clients.

6) Building Your Funnel

In module 6, you learn how to build out your funnel. He shows you what your funnels need to have, reasons your landing page might not convert, and how to send leads to your clients automatically. 

7) Facebook Ads

Module 7 is the module where you learn all about how to get started with Facebook ads.

You learn to...

  1. Figure out your marketing objective
  2. Set up targeting
  3. Create custom audiences
  4. Optimize your ads
  5. Scale campaigns
  6. Get access to your clients ad accounts

8) Wrapping Things Up

In the last module, Ryan breaks down how you can scale your business, and shares 5 DFY (Done-For-You) funnels. He also shows you how you can earn 40% commissions by becoming an affiliate for this course.

Bonus - The Ultimate Cold Email Strategy

In this bonus module, Ryan shares content on how to implement email marketing in your business. He also shares proven cold email templates you can use immediately.

How to create a successful Facebook ad

For your Facebook ads to be successful, there are important things you must pay attention to and implement.

  • Have a clear objective (Brand awareness, lead generation, etc.)
  • Create an attractive offer, better than your competitors, but that isn’t too “salesy”
  • Make sure your landing page is visually consistent with the ad you created (Congruency is a must)
  • Use 2 to 3 colors in your ad (Colors can have different psychological effects on certain audiences so, critically think about your market & what they expect to see)
  • Use location specific images
  • Design for mobile (Ex. Start using vertical images since most people are on their phone most times)
  • Test different variables of your ad to see what works best (Image, text, headline, call to action, targeting, landing page)

Since things often change, it’s in your best interest to keep a pulse on what things work and what don’t. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments so that you can keep publishing ads that convert.

How much does Facebook advertising cost in 2024?

How much you're going to spend on ad cost varies from business to business and niche to niche because campaign objectives are different. 

According to WebFX, on average, Facebook ad cost is around $0.97 per click and around $7.19 per every thousand impressions. 

For ad campaigns that seek to increase their number of likes and downloads, they’re looking at around $1.07 per like and $5.47 per download.

What's clear is that it's getting more expensive to run ads on Facebook as time passes.

Should you invest in the Lead Generation Blueprint?

You should invest in the Lead Generation Blueprint if you’re 100% committed to learning how to start your first Facebook ad agency. Just know that you're only going to learn the very basics of running FB ads. It takes lots of trial and error to become an expert. Also, Ryan teaches you how to contact your ideal clients as well as how to price your services. You’ll even have direct access to Ryan through Facebook messenger for any additional support, which few course creators do, and you learn the basics of email marketing. In essence, you get two courses in one.

It's a decently priced course if you just want to learn how to get started with Facebook ads.

Lead Generation Blueprint Alternatives

6 Figure Ads Agency by Billy Willson will also teach you how to start a Facebook ads agency just like Ryan does, but his course is more in-depth. He takes the time to show you how to get clients, set up meetings, close deals, and provide results with Facebook ads. Billy trains you on how to scale your business with the help of automation software. You'll even get access to the tools and software he uses in his business. There is also training on how to set up your LLC.

Price: 6 Figure Ads Agency costs $500

More Info: 6 Figure Ads Agency Review

kevin david

Facebook Ad Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David is another popular Facebook ad course. This course teaches you Facebook ads more in depth than Ryan Wegner and Billy Willson do. You'll learn all you need to learn about getting started with FB ads and then some. Kevin's course is one of the more complete courses available. Kevin teaches you with real-life examples and is a high-energy instructor. 

Price: Facebook Ad Ninja Masterclass costs $1,997

More info: Facebook Ad Ninja Masterclass Review

To learn about other alternatives to the Lead Generation Blueprint, such as Paid Traffic Mastery, check out my article listing the best Facebook ads courses.

Do Facebook Ads work it in 2024?

Facebook do work in 2024 but it isn't the best way to earn a passive income. The cost of advertising on FB is rising each year because of the rise in competition. Also, keep in mind that Facebook often suspends accounts if they feel you are violating their terms of service. If you aren't paying attention to your ad account and campaigns, you'll end up spending a lot of money in a matter of days with no ROI. There are too many moving parts when running ads on Facebook and the effort isn't always worth it. 

Selling Facebook ads as a service is also more difficult than other services.

Like other online business models, Facebook ads work. They just don't offer the benefits and control that the local lead generation business model does. 

Final Thoughts

While many businesses use their money to spend on PPC campaigns on platforms such as Facebook or Google, I’m focusing on ranking simple websites that I rank without needing to spend time and money testing ads to see what works.

All I do is build websites that offer phone driven services, rank them on Google and only send the leads that come through my site to a local small business contractor looking to take on more work each month. 

Local lead generation

The best part is that I dictate how much I earn and who I work with without having to provide the service myself. All I'm doing is passing leads off, getting paid and, with the help of some tools, automating the entire process. 

Nothing compares to local lead generation with free organic traffic because of the time freedom you're afforded and the control you have. Over 7400 students from around the world are building out their digital real estate empire and earning a passive income in the process.

To learn how you can build and grow your digital real estate portfolio,  check out the local lead generation training program

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