Jazmine Torres’ Lets Jazz It Up Review | 10 Key Factors When Choosing a Business Mentor

June 29, 2023

Let’s Jazz It Up is a business/life coaching and mentoring program created by Jazmine Torres that will help you identify your goals, develop actionable steps and mitigate potential risks. It involves one-on-one calls with Jazmine herself to discuss your recipe for success. You will also get access to a messaging platform so they can track your progress and address your concerns.

Having a mentor can foster personal, professional or business growth. In fact, many individuals and organizations have undergone mentorship programs that have been pivotal to their successful milestones. According to research published by the Guider (based on 2023 data), 100% of Fortune 50 companies invest in mentoring programs. 

Starting a business is not an easy feat. This requires a lot of research, in-depth planning and the right execution to achieve your goals. With Jazmine’s coaching program, she can help you organize your ideas and develop a concrete plan to achieve your goals. And if you’re still in search of a profitable business venture, consider investing in local lead generation. This online business model only requires minimum capital investment with up to 90% profit margin.

Let's Jazz It Up Pros & Cons



Flexible payment methods

Personalized services

Direct interaction with Jazmine Torres 


No proof of success or case studies

No reviews about the program to verify its effectiveness 

No refund policy posted on the website 


Let's Jazz It Up has three packages to choose from:

1. Bronze - $80

2. Silver - $100

3. Gold - $150 

Refund Policy



IG - 15.6k followers | TikTok - 15.3k followers and 358.3k likes | YT - 98.4k subscribers


There are no testimonials posted on the website. I cannot find any reviews from reputable forums and review sites, as well.

What Do You Get From Jazmine Torres’ Let’s Jazz It Up Mentoring Program? 

Program Objectives

  • Identify your goals, whether for personal, professional or business growth
  • Develop a concrete plan to help you achieve your goals
  • Provide support and encouragement to help you stay on track with your timeline
  • Determine risk indicators and adjust strategies when necessary
  • Celebrate your wins with you

Bronze Package

  • 1 one-on-one call with Jazmine 
  • Chat support system and task monitoring
  • 1 - 2 hour coaching sessions

Silver Package

  • 2 personalized calls with Jazmine
  • Chat support system and task monitoring
  • Up to 4-hour coaching sessions

Gold Package

  • 3 personalized calls with Jazmine
  • Chat support system and task monitoring
  • Up to 60-hour coaching sessions

Who is Jazmine Torres’ Let’s Jazz It Up Mentoring Program for? 

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners who need more insights into starting and running a business, navigating challenges and making strategic decisions.
  • Employees and professionals who want to enhance their skills and explore new career paths may also benefit from this course or program. 
  • Individuals who seek personal growth and development may also learn a lot from this mentoring program.

Are the Students of the Let’s Jazz It Up Mentoring Program Successful? 

Unfortunately, I cannot find any case studies, testimonials or reviews on Jazmine Torres’ Let’s Jazz It Up mentoring program.

Who is The Creator of the Let’s Jazz It Up Mentoring Program? 

The creator of the Let’s Jazz It Up coaching and mentoring program is Jazmine Torres. She is a Youtuber and an entrepreneur, mainly selling handicraft products like journals, necklaces and other household accessories. You can purchase her products on her website, but she’s also been active in several vendor market events. 

Jazmine has had a lot of success with her side hustles, as well. This includes her recent “Tiny House” Airbnb rental project, notary signing, brand collaborations, and much more. [Check out the top Airbnb courses to maximize your profits.] In the past, she has done several online tutoring side gigs and also invested in a vending machine business. You can learn a lot from her YouTube channel.

She’s been sharing a lot of tutorials about her small business and side gigs to help her followers earn some extra income. You can also check our guide for top passive income streams while working full time and top online business ideas you can start in 2023

Is Jazmine Torres’ Let’s Jazz It Up Mentoring Program Worth It? 

It can be worth a try for aspiring small business owners. However, if you’re looking for more advanced business mentorships, this program might not be for you. If you’re interested, it’s best to start with the bronze package that includes a one-on-one call with Jazmine. Take this opportunity to learn more about her mentoring or coaching methods and find out if you’re comfortable working with her. 

It’s really hard to invest your time and money in a program that has no proof of success yet. So, it’s important to do your due diligence to avoid future problems. Check her social media platforms. The good thing about Jazmine is that she’s been honest with her income and has also shared some valuable insights about her projects, too.

10 Key Factors When Choosing a Business Mentor

Factor #1: Relevant expertise and experience

Look for a mentor who has a strong background and success in your specific industry or field. They should possess the knowledge and insights relevant to your business challenges and goals.

Factor #2: Compatibility and rapport

Building a strong relationship with your mentor is crucial for effective guidance. Seek someone with whom you have good chemistry, mutual respect and open communication. A mentor who understands your vision and values can provide more meaningful support.

Factor #3: Track record of success

Evaluate the mentor's track record of achievements and their ability to deliver results. Assess their previous experiences, such as business ventures, leadership roles or successful mentoring relationships. A proven record of accomplishment can inspire confidence in their guidance.

Factor #4: Availability and commitment

Consider the mentor's availability and willingness to commit time and energy to the mentoring relationship. Ensure they can invest in your development and provide the guidance, feedback and support you need.

Factor #5: Networking and connections

A mentor who has a strong network and valuable connections in your industry can be a significant asset. Their ability to introduce you to relevant contacts, potential clients or industry influencers can accelerate your business growth and opportunities.

Factor #6: Alignment with your goals

Focus on one or a few trading strategies that align with your personality, risk tolerance and trading style. This is one reason Maurice Kenny wanted to introduce his trading methods first before you can proceed to his VIP Trader Program. It’s advisable to practice your chosen strategies until you become proficient in executing them effectively.

Factor #7: Communication and teaching style

Discuss your goals and objectives with potential mentors to gauge their alignment with your aspirations. A mentor who understands and supports your vision can provide tailored advice and help you navigate challenges specific to your business journey.

Factor #8: Commitment to ongoing learning

Look for a mentor who believes in continuous learning and professional development. A mentor who stays updated with the latest industry trends and practices can offer relevant insights and guide you in adapting to the ever-evolving business landscape.

Factor #9: Integrity and ethics

Choose a mentor who operates with integrity, honesty, and ethical values. Their reputation and adherence to ethical business practices can greatly influence your own business ethics and decision-making.

Factor #10: Long-term perspective

While immediate support is valuable, consider a mentor who can provide guidance beyond short-term challenges. A long-term mentoring relationship can offer ongoing support, accountability, and strategic guidance as your business develops.

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