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Local Lead Generation Websites: 6 Power Factors

May 5, 2023

Owning a local lead generation website that ranks at the top of Google is like owning a virtual billboard in the busy part of town. It has great value to business owners.

Top of Google search is limited.

But there's more to it than that. In this article, you'll learn why its so valuable to business owners. Once you understand it, you'll know why having the digital marketing skills to create these top ranked websites will allow you to cut your own paychecks.

Why Local Lead Generation is so powerful

The way we set up our local lead generation websites provides twice the juice for dominating a local market.

Let’s break it down using my Grand Rapids Tree Service lead generation property that has been producing leads for years:

grand rapids tree service website

1. Its GBP is #1 in map pack

Being first in the “map pack” with it's GBP (Google Business Profile or GMB as it used to be called) is driving a ton of calls. 

grand rapids tree service top of map pack

When people are searching, especially on mobile, the map pack is what Google will usually serve up after a few paid ad listings (more on that later).

The map pack is eye-catching and considered a trusted source to find a local business.

Plus, Google makes is so easy to push the phone icon to call the business with one click and people love convenience.

grand rapids tree service GMB with push to call icon

While a GBP doesn’t replace the need for a website, it’s an additional asset to capture more calls. 

The power of its website drives this GBP but there are specific GBP ranking strategies you can apply to move the needle faster.

It's worth noting that It’s usually quicker to rank a GBP than a website. Meaning, you can start generating leads much quicker than with just a website.

2. Its website is ranked 1st on Google

The first page of Google is where all the action happens! 

According to Inter-growth, 75% of searches never make it past the first page. You can have the best website in the world, but if no one ever sees it, there won't be any leads to monetize.

A website is the most trusted and consistent route to generating leads.

Here's the Grand Rapids Tree Service site sitting at the top of page one in Google.

tree service grand rapids overview search query

3. The benefit of having two properties at the top of the search results

Both the website and the GBP sit at the top of the rankings and I have two funnels here to catch leads.

Grand rapids tree service search query overview

Some people will be looking for the fastest solution and that’s hitting the call option on a GBP. Others will prefer scrolling to the local lead generation website and browsing more details before calling. Either way, this lead gen asset is in prime position for both.

Additionally, having both properties sitting in their relative top spots is a huge trust signal that you’re the best in town and you’ll be getting most of the calls for that search query.

4. Why local lead generation is better than paid ads

There’s an entire industry of lead generators using paid ads but the website/GBP route offers significant advantages:

  1. 1
    Websites generate free traffic, whereas paid ads will cost you money, even on platforms like TikTok, which offers some of the best CPC for 2024.
  2. 2
    You’ll have to keep paying for the ads if you want leads because no pay, no display
  3. 3
    Paid ads need managing, but websites are mostly passive once ranked
  4. 4
    Competitors can easily sabotage your ads but not a website
  5. 5
    Websites carry more trust than paid ads

With paid ads, you're being charged every time someone clicks your link. Whereas a top ranking website generates 100% free visitors, no matter how many clicks you get.

Small businesses who use Google's AdWords are spending an average of $9,000 - $12,000 a month.

And keep in mind they’re paying for just a click. There’s no guarantee that a click turns into a lead or a sale.

tree service los angeles adwords results

One of the biggest problems with paying for ads is the lack of control.

While you can control your budget, the cost per click varies depending on several factors, including competition, location, and your quality score.  

And remember, you need to monitor your ad campaign regularly to make sure you're not squandering money and you're staying in compliance. This makes it impossible to scale at a high level. 

When you're in lead generation, you'll likely be pushing the envelope to maximize your your leads and revenue which carries the risk of getting your AdWords account suspended. 

And it doesn't take much to trigger their algorithm:

  • Abusing promo codes
  • Having more than one account
  • Suspicious payment activity
  • Trying to circumvent Google's processes
  • Quality issues

If you try to do paid ads at scale for multiple businesses while maximizing your profit, it's hard to avoid some of these issues.

Google is set up to milk business owners for money. Any time you try to deviate from what a regular business owner would do, it's a gamble.

If you end up with a suspension, your leads will come to a grinding halt and so will your income. You'll also have some pissed off clients if they're relying on your leads.

There's also the risk of competitors sabotaging your ad campaign with click fraud. There are actual sites offering this as a service using bots or microworkers.

tree service google sponsored results

While it depends on the demographic and the search query, a good percentage of searchers don't trust ads. They scroll right by them and go to the organic listings.

So, why do we see so many businesses who are willing to pay for ads? Because they don’t know of any other way to generate new business.

At the end of the day, using paid ads does work but factor in the time and cost compared to owning a website and GBP, local lead generation is hands down the better decision for reliable and scalable income.

5. Why local lead generation is king compared to Yelp, HomeAdvisor and similar sites

Yelp, HomeAdvisor (aka Angie's list), Thumbtack and similar sites are usually listed near the top of Google’s search. These are lead generation companies who operate on a massive scale with a page for every niche in every location.

These companies take one lead and sell it to several business owners, all trying to win the job which usually means having the lowest bid. They get charged for the lead whether or not they win the job.

image of homeadvisor logo

As you can imagine, the majority of small business owners despise dealing with these companies and their money-making tactics.

But this is where we have a couple of huge advantages in the way we run our local lead generation businesses.

First, Google wants to serve up the most relevant solution that solves the search query as quick as possible with the exact site.

yelp angi and expertise showing up in the google search results below grand rapids tree service

Google's AI knows, it's more relevant to provide a site that does the exact service in the desired location than send them to a site where there's dozens of companies to scroll through, research and fill all kind of details to get a quote.

Meaning it's easy to rank ahead of these lead-selling companies with solid ranking strategies.

Second, we provide leads exclusively to one business per niche and location. They get top quality, in-bound leads to convert to sales.

6. More examples of local lead generation properties dominating the search results:

The ranking strategies we teach our students have been working for years to generate leads in all types of service-based niches.

Here's more examples:

towing orlando with first place in map pack and organic search

Towing is a popular lead generation niche. Really high volume and plenty of urgency when someone has broken down. But the niche can have it's challenges. See the pros and cons of the most popular lead generation business niches here.

jersey city pest control with top spot in map pack and organic search

Another service that has solid call volume and the urgency factor when there's a serious infestation or dangerous critter involved.

elkhart cell phone repair with top spot in map pack and organic search

Cell phone repair is usually a lower ticket niche but often very low competition in most locations, making it easy to rank.

junk removal lead generation website and GBP in the top spots

Junk removal is a popular lead generation niche because there's usually plenty of potential clients and people are always needing to get rid of stuff from their home, storage unit or business.

Want to know more?

Here's an overview of our process for building local lead generation websites.

If you're interested in joining our program of over 7400 students to access the step-by-step process of building and scaling your own local lead generation business, this is the best place to start.

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