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Local Marketing Vault Review (Jason & James) Legit Business?

March 5, 2024

What is Local Marketing Vault?

They teach you how a local marketing model where you use paid ads (Facebook ads & Google Adwords) to generate leads for small businesses. Hair salons, plumbers, electricians, and countless other service niches. LMV gives you the training on how to prospect and do sales to get the client and how to run Facebook ad or Adwords, hopefully good enough to be able to keep the client paying you monthly longterm.

They also provide you with pre-built landing pages, which are Clickfunnel funnel pages.

How does local marketing vault help you make money?

Paid ads can help local businesses get more customers, yet there's a lot of different skills involved to run a successful paid ads campaign. Such as good copywriting, finding the right images, creating the right offer or hook, getting the targeting right. 

A lot of business owners don't have the time to mess with all of that themselves. This is where you come in and manage the paid ads for them and in return, they pay you a monthly fee.

Sometimes you can't wait for a website to rank organically. What if a client needs leads right away? You need to run paid ads. It's an essential skill when you own a digital marketing agency.

LMV helps you master paid ads and sales. If you do a good enough job for your clients they will continue to pay you on a monthly basis and then you have the opportunity to scale your business to have multiple clients paying you monthly.

The Main Issue with Local Marketing Vault Business Model

Local Marketing Vault teaches you to provide paid traffic (Facebook Ads & Adwords) to small businesses.

The issue of doing paid traffic is that clients can decide to fire you at anytime. In my experience, paid traffic clients only stick around 3-6 months. It's a lot of work to get a client in the first place because there's so many other people offering paid traffic services. So when you lose a client, you have to spend more time trying to replace that income. 

This is why owning your own website and ranking it organically then generating free traffic allows you to keep your client longterm which is why I like local lead generation using free traffic better.

Also with paid traffic you're operating on slim margins because the client is paying for every click.

Remember, Revenue is Not Profit

They have this thing called the $10K club, where you get a t-shirt and a plaque when you hit $10K in revenue. But when you're running paid ads, most of that revenue is being spent to Facebook or Google Ads. These students are making 15%-20% management fee on their paid ad clients. So a $10K revenue yields $2000 in profiit.

This is the downside of running paid ads. Therefore, I love the skill of ranking websites in Google, getting free traffic and generating leads organically, because paid ads are quite expensive long-term.

How Much does Local Marketing Vault Cost? & What's Included?

Local marketing vault costs $5000 & they do offer payment plans on the call. According to their terms of service, you can request a refund between 72 hours of initial payment. Here's what's included for the price:

LMV Modules 1-21

LMV shows you how to prospect & get clients, how to do Adwords or run Facebook ads for local businesses, how to structure deals and how to scale. When you're running a social media or paid ad agency the most important aspect of the business is prospecting. It's the art of reaching out to business owners, grabbing their attention and then closing them to become your client. You have to convince someone that you never met to hand over their credit card over the phone. This is not easy. 

Here's some of the strategies LMV teaches:

  • Craigslist Lead Automation
  • Cold Prospecting
  • 10 Call Challenge (Cold Calling)
  • 25 Email Challenge (Cold Email)
  • Leads in Advance
  • E-mail marketing

LMV's modules are thorough for starting a paid ads agency. But paid ads is only 1 skill in digital marketing. They do not cover local SEO.

Full In-depth Local Marketing Vault Module Summary

Worried about technical aspect of the business?

LMV Tech Concierge - you can purchase 1-on-1 technical assistance with a specific task, rather than waiting till the Q&A.

LMV Partnership Program

Next, we have LMV Approved Partners. 

Let's suppose that you want to focus in on sales without worrying about the techie stuff.

No sweat!

You can get a Tech Partner and have a top Vault member do it for you!

On the other hand, what if you're really excited to get into the tech side of things, but sales is your absolute nightmare? You can find a Sales Partner to work with!

LMV Accelerator

It's basically a $997 one-on-one training with the top vault coaches.

Their goal is to keep you focused so you can get a client in your first six weeks.

You'll find more things in the store, such as AdZombies run by Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz for outsourcing copywriting.

These guys murder the copywriting game, and come highly recommended by marketing agencies all over the world.

Private Facebook Group & Live Coaching

There's a private Facebook group of over 3000 students. They also provide live coaching calls once per week.

Pre-built ClickFunnels Landing Pages

They have over 50 niches of funnels that you can swipe and use for yourself. These are pages that you'll be sending your paid traffic too. The copywriting and the design has been optimized to maximize conversions. This is good value & a big time saver.

Local Marketing Vault Student Makes $270,000 Per Year In His SMMA Business

Sean's Background and Story

Sean is an ex-internet marketer who turned his career around after selling his company and serving in the military. He discovered his true passion after joining the Local Marketing Vault (LMV) program. He shared that the focus of the program is on Google pay-per-click and Google My Business. This shift in focus helped him move past his initial burnout and rekindle his interest in a new marketing niche. 

How Sean’s Business is Doing Today

Sean's business is currently doing well. His strategy is to focus on smaller clients that earn between $270,000 and $300,000 annually. These clients make over 70% profit, most of them are from local businesses. Sean also has some big clients like Diamond Bank and Southwest Brokers. He successfully uses Google My Business and Google Local Services to grow these businesses while increasing his own income.

Lessons Sean Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Client Selection: Sean learned the importance of focusing on clients who genuinely need help and can afford his services, rather than just chasing high-paying ones. 

Business Model Shift: He moved from working mainly with white-label companies to directly serving clients, and finds it more rewarding and profitable.

Mindset Importance: Sean emphasizes the significance of mental shifts in business, particularly in understanding and adapting to client needs for success.

Client Size Realization: A key lesson for him was that smaller clients can be just as profitable as big ones. He proved that small clients provide stable and consistent business opportunities. 

Advice for Marketers: Sean advises new marketers to actively apply what they learn, to embrace success, and boldly accept change. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Ashton Wilson's revenue number of $10,900 per month is not all profit. In paid ads agency, the profit margin is around 15-20% so his take home income is signficantly less than the reported number which could be misleading.

Also its not easy to keep a paid client long-term. A follow up interview would be neccesarry to see if Ashton was able to retain this client past 6 months.

Who are James Bonadies & Jason McKim?

James Bonadies started off his career in education. He was a Business Education teacher and then became a Vice Principal after getting his MBA in Administration & Supervision. 

But he realized that going this route wasn't going to provide the lifestyle that he wanted for his family, and he joined a lead generation coaching program called Job Killing ran by Dan Klein in 2014. (He's also my mentor) Few years later, he decided to shift his focus from getting clients to running his own coaching program with Jason, teaching paid ads, with Dan's help. Jason also dabbles in real estate, sources say he has $7 million worth of rental units.

Jason's original mentor

Dan Klein is the OG mentor that taught me and Jason how to make money online by ranking websites in Google that generate leads for small businesses. We now have 7400 students and counting. Click here for more info.

Jason McKim thought that he had failed at his entrepreneurial journey, so he got a "real job" as a financial consultant, but hated it. So he learned SEO on the side and started working with a law firm. After a while, he decided he can be doing this on his own and for more than one company. He kept mastering his craft about SEO and paid traffic. Started his own agency and got few clients. Then Jason and James met one day at a seminar. 

Jason is the guy that's teaching the students the actual skill of paid traffic in LMV. James is more of the motivator and helps promote the program. 

Local Marketing Vault vs. Job Killing


Local marketing vault and Job Killing often get compared because Jason first got started in JK & then Dan (mentor of JK) helped Jason get LMV up and running. Dan is a partner in LMV and provided LMV with a lot of the knowledge on running an online coaching program since Dan got started in 2014 with JK. At least 3 years before LMV got started. 

The main difference, between these program is that JK teaches you how to generate free traffic by ranking sites with SEO. Local marketing vault focuses only on paid traffic.

Job Killing is still going strong today with 7400 students. 

Instead of creating FB ad, in JK, you create websites that rank at the top of Google.

Tree Site

The great thing about these sites is that you own them. The top spot in organic is valuable because there's only 3 spots. So once you have this position, there are many business owners that would want to get those leads from you.

With paid traffic, the business owner can easily hire another paid ad agency and get similar results.

Top spot in organic search requires SEO skills to attain. Paid ad only requires a credit card. So it's much more rare plus its free traffic & leads are higher quality. Which is why once you own a top ranked website, it's a lot easier to keep your client long-term. In my experience, it's been the most consistent passive income source.

For more info: Dan's local lead gen program

Above picture was taken at LMV live event where they had Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wallstreet, as keynote speaker. 

Dan Klein also spoke at that event.

Both JK & LMV do live events. It's a lot of work, but building a culture has a lot of advantages.

Local Marketing Vault vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a blogging platform where you learn to rank for product / course reviews to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an Affiliate or other affiliate programs like Amazon. The issue with affiliate marketing is the payout if very low. Wealthy Affiliate's payout is $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 per month after that. 

Getting small business owners to pay you $500 or more per month to generate leads for them is a much more lucrative business model with paid ads like how Local Marketing Vault teaches. And it can become even more lucrative when you generate leads with free traffic like what we teach in Job Killing.

is Local Marketing Vault Worth it?

Local marketing vault training is legit and because they provide on-going support and live weekly coaching, if you're serious about starting a paid ads agency, it is worth it. You only need to land few clients to make your money back. This will require persistent effort in prospecting, setting up meetings with business owners that don't know you, explaining to them why you're the person that they need to generate more customers. You gotta be willing to put yourself out there, go through rejections with an attitude of indifference. 

Let's consider the pros and cons of the business model of running a paid ads agency.

Advantages of Local Marketing Vault's Business Model

  • If you're already good at sales, master the prospecting strategies and you could get clients quickly and make fast money
  • You don't have to spend your own money because you'll get the client's credit card to run all the ad campaigns with
  • Running paid ads is much easier than learning local SEO

Challenges of Local Marketing Vault's Business Model

  • If you're brand new to sales, it's challenging to convince business owners to hand over their credit card over the phone since there are so many people out there offering marketing.
  • The biggest challenge is client retention. How long will the client continue to pay you?Because they can leave for a number of reason. A competing agency gave them better rates. Maybe their sales team isn't good at closing the leads so they don't wanna spend the money for ads anymore, and they blame it on "poor quality leads".
  • Paid ads can be unpredictable. If there're more competitors in the area, that's also running paid ads. The price per lead goes up because it's a bidding system. If the price gets too high, it can become unprofitable for your client and they can leave you.

Advantage of the Job Killing Business Model

In Job Killing, you rank your own websites at the top of Google's search engine which means you're generating leads with free traffic. The great advantage of this is that now you are able to give small business owners FREE leads as a trial to convince them that you're the real deal. You don't even need to take their credit card to show them that you can generate leads and help them make money. You can do flat fee deals or deals where you make commissions on what they make. So it's no risk for the business owners. You get paid when the business owner gets paid. This removes so much of the hurdle, because your leads will always be profitable for the business owner.


Local Marketing Vault is not a scam. James and Jason are legit dudes and if you put in the work, you can take their teachings and make money managing paid ads for clients. It's one of the better online businesses, no hassle of dealing with heavy saturation or physical products.

However for me, I like owning my websites and generating free traffic with it because its more stable long-term. I don't have to always rely on clients' credit card to run traffic.

Paid ad clients are also not consistent long-term either, since running paid traffic is expensive. Clients are always trying to find better deals for leads.

However, when you own your own website that ranks in Google, those clients stick with you longterm. This tree service site of mine has been paying me $2000 since 2015.

Local lead generation

Paid ads clients will never last that long.

Today I don't tough paid ad clients for that reason. Takes too much on-going effort to maintain them and the results are not fully up to your control because ad costs can fluctuate overtime.

Another Coaching Program?

Dan Klein is the guy that taught me how to create these digital properties that make money long term. He also taught James & Jason. His coaching is also top tier, very high level entrepreneur with a net worth of $25 million.

I've been working closely with him over the last 4 years. He has helped many people build their businesses up including James & Jason.

Job Killing started in 2014, now in 2024, we have 7400 students & counting. Go here for more info on Dan's Lead Generation Course
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  1. Hi, Im a Registered Nurse in the but Philippines, I have a day job and planning to transition to online business/income source. Also not a tech person, I can only do email, a liittle of facebook and messenger including a little of knowledge computer actually totally newbie.

    Question? Can I do the business model you are offering? How expensive is the fee? Because here in the Philippines we dont have enough to avail this king of proposition although eager to do the online business.

    I hope ypu can enlighthen me better according to my description of myself and situation.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you!

    Digs Jamer, RN

    1. Hi Digs, look at As long as people are always looking to Google for local small businesses, then this business model will work for you no matter the country. If people don’t use Google as much, it might not work.

  2. Very interested on learning how to build an online lead generation business. This post is very helpful and would love to know more on how to get started with the LG Biz. Thank you for putting so much time and thought into this post, it was very informative.

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