Max Aukshunas Review: What Makes Him A Suitable Mentor for Shopify Dropshipping?

June 19, 2024

Max Aukshunas is an eCommerce entrepreneur who started a dropshipping business in 2017. He is a popular YouTube creator producing content on various eCommerce courses and money making gigs. With 16K subscribers, he claims to be on a mission to make as many millionaires as possible. He also started the Maxed Out Ecom learning platform for this end. 

There is not much user-feedback and reviews for Max Aukshunas except for what is posted on his websites. These are mostly testimonials that share about the earnings they made by following his eCom advice and course.

In this Max Aukshunas review, you will learn about his affiliate supported eCommerce course, the creator himself, and his overall Shopify dropshipping strategy. We will also cover his separate resource website, Wifi Hustlin, and the challenges of Shopify dropshipping today.

Max Aukshunas Pros And Cons


The course is free.

The course creator has years of experience and success as a Shopify dropshipper.

Lots of free resources.


The course is limited to Max Aukshunas’ affiliated products/tools.

Shopify dropshipping has a low success rate for beginners.


Maxed Out Ecom’s only course, Dropshipping Launchpad, is free.

Refund Policy





Max Aukshunas or his learning platform, Maxed Out Ecom, doesn’t have any external review.

June 19, 2024

Great value for a free course. I’m self-paced learner so having texts that I can read at my own pace instead of all videos helped me a lot.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Makes Max Aukshunas A Suitable Mentor for Shopify Dropshipping?

Max Aukshunas’ years of experience and success in eCommerce makes him a suitable mentor for Shopify dropshipping. He has also created multiple profitable Shopify stores, which proves his understanding of the business model.

As a mentor, he laid out a complete testing strategy and criteria for choosing a winning product. Max also recommends a set of tools for Shopify dropshipping and detailed instructions on how to use them. Through his course’s website, he regularly releases recommendations for winning products every month.

Max Aukshunas’ criteria for a winning product are the following:

  • It solves a problem

  • It is unique and special

  • Unsaturated (not many stores are selling it)

  • Selling, but still on the upward trend.

To avoid a saturated product, Max Aukshunas recommends the following:

  • Avoid products with 10K+ orders. Other dropshippers would usually get attracted to these, so they are most likely saturated.
  • Avoid products with 10M+ views on TikTok. People have most likely watched it already, so they won’t watch your ads.
  • Avoid products with 20+ stores selling them.

Overall, Max Aukshunas’ exact strategy involves focusing on a single winning product that is still in an upward trend, using TikTok ads or organic for marketing, and creating quality ad creatives with possibility of virality. This is not far from what other eCommerce coaches teach. It means that they are proven methods for earning money through Shopify dropshipping today.

Max Aukshunas Success Story

Max Aukshunas Review

Max Aukshunas was still at school studying computer engineering when he started dropshipping in 2017. He burned $7K on wasted products and took around two years before actually making significant profit. In this journey, Max notes the importance of a single winning product to succeed in a dropshipping business.

With over 7 years experience with eCommerce, Max Aukshunas became a full-fledged 7-figure seller. He sold over $2 million within 5 months, with 42,337 orders. He also shows a $1.9 million sales within 7 months. These two earnings proofs are some of his most notable successes in dropshipping.

Max Aukshunas notable earnings

What Are Max Aukshunas’ Recommended Dropshipping Tools?

Max Aukshunas’ recommended dropshipping tools are Shopify, Zendrop, Minea, Sell The Trend, and Debutify. He notes how using tools are important to reduce the time spent for product research and sourcing, competitor analysis, automations, etc. Max says that the upsides of these tools are higher compared to their monthly costs.

Here are some details about how they work and why Max Aukshunas likes them.


Max has used Shopify to create and manage his dropshipping business since 2017. He mentions how he uses the platform because of their various themes, easy set-up, and no downtimes. Shopify allows you to source products, tracking, processing, and shipping. Shopify has a 3 day free trial and a $1 a month offer after the trial.


Max uses Zendrop as a dropshipping supplier tool. It offers fast shipping, unique world class products and custom branding. Searching winning products here that ships directly from a US supplier is easy. Zendrop offers custom packaging and private labeling. They have over 1 million dropshipping products to choose from.

Zendrop is also the most user-friendly and reliable, according to Max. It offers the same cost and times for most of their products, and with auto fulfillment. What Max loves about Zendrop is if you don't want your winning product to have competitors, you can do a private product listing, so Zendrop will not add it to their catalog. Zendrop offers free trial for 7 days and a $49 and $79 plan monthly.


Minea is another recommended tool for tracking your competitors. Max loves this platform because of its spy tools, monthly product offer, and store analyzer. It is a tool for gathering data or ideas scraped out from your competitors. Max also created a Minea review highlighting how the platform scans and analyzes ads to prompt the best product. The starter plan costs $49/month or you can use Max’s affiliate promo code for 20% off discount.

Sell The Trend

Max prefers to use Sell The Trend for product research. He notes how this is the best platform for finding products because of its AI product discovery feature. It also allows integration for Shopify, Amazon, AliExpress and CJDropshipping. As of 2024, the platform has 7.32 million products to choose from.

In addition, it allows you to categorize products using the trend filter. Their AI will find you the best product that you can sell online. They have a deep analysis of each product and a Shopify intelligence tool that allows you to see others’ winning products


Max recommends Debutify for designing your Shopify store. It has multiple themes to choose from, is easy to use, and has fast load times. Debutify also includes built-in applications and 60+ conversion add-ons. What Max likes about Debutify is it has a beautiful layout that could make your store look like a 7-digit brand. Debutify costs $19/month with an initial free trial.

Are There Any Customer Reviews for Max Aukshunas?

There are customer reviews for Max Aukshunas, but you can only find most of them on his websites. The user feedback and thoughts on Max Aukshunas are also generally positive, especially the YouTube comments. Watchers and subscribers thank him for sharing valuable information for free.

Are The Students of Max Aukshunas Getting Results?

Yes, the students of Max Aukshunas are getting results. But this is only based on the Maxed Out Ecom testimonials posted on his website. They show screenshots from students showing their total sales for the month. There are also messages from students sharing their success with Max.

Here’s an example of a student testimonial about their sales of $54,435 within 3 weeks of purchasing the course. The screenshot proves the sales he made.

Max Aukshunas student testimonial

Here’s a screenshot of student messaging Max about their success. This student hasn’t even studied his course. Instead, they just learned from Max Aukshunas’ YouTube channel.

Max Aukshunas student message - testimonial

What Is MaxedOut Ecom by Max Aukshunas?

Maxed Out Ecom is a learning platform offering an eCommerce course on Shopify dropshipping. It only has one program at the moment, the Dropship Launchpad, which is a free course. Maxed Out Ecom is affiliate-funded. It earns money when visitors or students sign up to Max Aukshunas’ recommended tools through the site’s affiliate links.

Is Max Aukshunas’ MaxedOut Ecom Worth It?

Yes, Max Aukshunas’ Maxed Out Ecom is worth it. Its only program is totally free and the affiliate purchases that you can make through its links may also include some discounts. One downside is Max’s teachings are only limited to his affiliate tools. If you want to use some other tools, you may need to look for a different source of information.

Still, Maxed Out Ecom’s Dropshipping Launchpad provides valuable education for new eCommerce entrepreneurs. You will get a good idea of how Shopify dropshipping works, even without using Max’s recommended tools.

What Is Wifi Hustlin By Max Aukshunas?

Wifi Hustlin is a resource website owned by Max Aukshunas. From this site, you can access Max’s free course (redirected to Maxed Out Ecom), top tools for dropshipping, and student reviews. It also has a “contact us” page for inquiries. Note that the website includes affiliate links for services, products, and tools.

Is Shopify Dropshipping Success Rate High?

No, the success rate for Shopify dropshipping is not high. In fact, it is only around 10% to 20% in 2024, according to AppScenic. The same source also indicates that 90% dropshippers fail in their first few months. eCommerce entrepreneurs associate this high failure rate in dropshipping’s “low barrier to entry,” making it “very easy to quit.”

It will generally take 6 months to a year before seeing consistent profits in dropshipping. This is not bad, and Max Aukshunas considers this as an “investment.” In one of Max’s YouTube videos, he said breaking even as a beginner dropshipper is already a huge success, given that you learn something.

However, Max Aukshunas also admitted that he and other advanced eCommerce entrepreneurs “are no longer dropshipping.” Instead, they are wholesaling and only dropships to test products. He said that this is what beginners should aim for.

Switching to wholesaling makes sense, since offering 10-12 days of delivery time is already unacceptable, especially in the US market. Even his recommended fulfillment services, Zendrop and CJDropshipping, are no exception.

To conclude, here are the obvious challenges of Shopify dropshipping:

  • A lot of maintenance. You need to constantly check supplier pricing that can jump up overnight. You also need to check your ads every few hours to make sure you’re not overspending while gaining nothing.
  • Ad costs rise every year. There’s always the trend of every niche raising their CPC gradually.
  • Dealing with customer complaints can be stressful, while resolving issues relies on the fulfillment and supplier side. They are outside of your control.
  • Weeks of delivery time unless you’re sourcing products within the US. This makes it harder to gain repeat customers.

Why Go For Local Lead Gen Biz Than Shopify Dropshipping?

Go for local lead generation rather than Shopify dropshipping if you want a consistent passive income source. In this model, you can earn money without the burden of constantly checking orders, ad spend, shipping times, and customer service (remember, one or two shipping/product disputes are enough for a serious headache).

I tried dropshipping in the past and made $48.95K in 30 days. The downside is after subtracting ads and product costs, I only earned $3K. It led me to stick to local lead generation because 1 ranking website can pay me the same. I don’t spend money on products and paid ads since I use organic traffic.

local lead generation

I have been doing local lead generation since 2014, building and renting out many websites. I rarely update these websites because Google ranking usually sticks for months. One website can earn me $500 to $3,000 a month. I stick with local lead generation for its stability and profitability. Scalability is also great. As you create more websites, your profit increases.

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