Million Dollar Renter Review (What Course Options Does Sean Rakidzich Offer?)

April 13, 2024

Million Dollar Renter is a brand created and founded by Sean Rakidzich. Through the company, he shares various courses focusing on short term rentals using Airbnb automation.

The Airbnb arbitrage business model is when entrepreneurs rent out properties to sublet them to clients. With the use of automation technology, Season believes people can make a 6-figure income.

As a business model, Airbnb can be profitable but it also has its challenges. Starting out can be hard for beginners. Also, you’ll have to deal with bad customers, negative reviews, neighbor complaints, slow months, and more.  

In comparison, lead generation is fairly low-risk and requires lesser investment. As long as you can deliver leads to business owners, they’d gladly pay for your services each month.

What is Million Dollar Renter?

Million Dollar Renter is a brand established by Sean Rakidzich. Through this website, he shares his expertise on building a profitable Airbnb rental arbitrage business. He promises its possible to become a millionaire in the real estate industry without owning a property.

On Sean’s LinkedIn account, we read that Million Dollar Renter “owns and distributes the #1 education product in the Short Term Rental space.” Furthermore, the company’s LinkedIn account also shares that their goal is to “give everyone a chance at starting a business, regardless of their financial status.”

Million Dollar Renter currently offers several courses, both free and paid.


Million Dollar Renter was founded in April 2020.


Course costs range from $0 (free) to $5,000.

Refund Policy:

Students can request for a refund via email. Refunds are allowed if the course has been purchased in less than 14 days and the user has viewed less than 20% of the content.

Million Dollar Renter Pros and Cons


Sean Rakidzich is a trusted authority. With his extensive experience in short term rental property management and Airbnb automation, Sean is more than just a course creator. He knows what he’s talking about. He makes it a point to stay updated about the real estate and rental arbitrage industry and shares his knowledge with students.

Numerous students have shared positive results after following Sean’s teachings. Browsing around his websites and social media pages, we see a lot of glowing reviews about Sean and his programs. Many of his students share how his courses and webinars helped them understand and learn practical Airbnb strategies. As a result, they’re now earning from the business model.

The courses are recorded videos. This means students can proceed at their own pace to make the most of the lessons.

Some helpful resources are available for free. Sean is a generous teacher. Interested students can check out his free course Airbnb MBA 2.0. Other than that, there’s a plethora of helpful Airbnb arbitrage and real estate information on his YouTube channel.

There is a refund policy. Unsatisfied students can request for a refund via email within the first 14 days.


Pricing is not included in some courses. This means you'll have to get in touch with them to know how much certain courses cost. 

Lack of negative reviews. Some potential students may hesitate about availing the courses because bad feedback can be hard to find online. Unbiased reviews that point out both the strengths and flaws of programs and courses can help people make an informed decision.

Most courses are previews of Cracking Superhost. Most of the courses point students toward the more expensive program Cracking Superhost.

Million Dollar Renter Available Courses

The available courses from Million Dollar Renter are Airbnb MBA 2.0, RE: Algorithm, Target Price, Pricing Masterclass, Closers Crash Course, Big Data, Upsell Course, and the Cracking Superhost.

Airbnb MBA 2.0

Airbnb MBA 2.0 is a free course recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to have a real shot” in the short term rental industry. Among the topics covered in the course curriculum include:

  • Airbnb Millionaire Explains What is Airbnb & how to Airbnb owning no property
  • How Much Does an Airbnb Cost? (All methods explained)
  • How Much I Made My First Year On Airbnb
  • The Math Behind Short Term Rentals And Rental Arbitrage
  • Is Airbnb The Right business for YOU? (Cons of starting a Airbnb business)
  • The 6 things you MUST change on your Airbnb Listing Immediately After Publishing
  • Airbnb Pricing Strategy 101 A Beginners Guide to changing your prices
  • Airbnb Property Management Tutorial Cohosting, Cleaners, and Admin Accounts

RE: Algorithm

RE: Algorithm is a replay of a webinar hosted by Sean Rakidzich where he teaches how to “break through the algorithm to the first page of Airbnb.” The webinar video runs for 2 hours and requires a one-time payment of $174.

Target Price

Target Price teaches learners about how to create a pricing strategy “that drives bookings and maximizes profits.” This comprehensive 161-minute webinar discusses topics such as:

  • How to spend $0 on cleaning fees
  • How to access proprietary price calculation tool
  • How consumer psychology can affect pricing
  • How to set your price based on your competitors
  • … and more. 

The Target Price webinar recording costs $410.

Pricing Masterclass

In Pricing Masterclass, Sean shares the same methods he uses in his own business. “With thousands of testimonials my pricing strategies have proven more than anything else available online,” he adds.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Intro To Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Definitions
  • Introduction To Dynamic Pricing
  • Introduction To Length Stay Discount
  • Pricing Settings With Or Without Cleaning Fees
  • Using The Multi Calendar
  • Pricing Techniques With Rule Sets
  • Booking Velocity
  • SEO Strategy
  • … and more.

Course enrollment for Pricing Masterclass is worth $525.

Closers Crash Course

The 5-hour Closers Crash Course covers “negotiation, property acquisition, renting with bad credit, market research,” and more. Other topics in the curriculum are:

  • Free Market Research Airbnb Host Growth Hacking
  • Where To Find Properties
  • Script For Single Family Properties
  • Script For Multi Family Property (Apartments)
  • How To Negotiate Deals In Person - Beginner To Expert in 27 Minutes
  • 5 Ways To Rent An Apartment EVEN IF You Have Bad Credit or Have an Eviction on Your Record 

Also included in the bundle are access to the Closers Crash Course ebook, lease addendums, the Airbnb MBA 2.0 course, and course companion files.

No information is given about the course's cost.

Big Data

Big Data is a webinar that focuses on short term rental market research. We read in Sean’s website that he will “teach you what data matters, what that data means, and how you can use that data to find the best properties, anywhere.”

Big Data covers everything from competitor analysis and opportunity finding, to Sean’s secret research process and newest research techniques.

For interested learners, the 142-minute webinar recording is available for $180.

Upsell Course

The Upsell Course costs $405 and those who avail get access to:

  • 4 Proven Techniques To Upsell Guests
  • $270 Discounted Off Of Sean's Flagship Course Cracking Superhost
  • Potential To Make An Extra $400 Per Month Per Listing
  • 6 Step By Step Training Videos

Cracking Superhost

According to the Million Dollar Renter site, the premium course Cracking Superhost covers: 

  • Property Acquisition
  • Setting Up Your Property
  • Optimizing Photography
  • Going Live/Maximizing Listing/Customer Service
  • Optimizing Listing For More Profit
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Becoming a Superhost
  • Scale and Automate

Those who sign up for Cracking Superhost also get access to the 5-hour Closers Crash Course Workshop, available resource files, plus past coaching calls from July 2020 to present.

Pricing is not mentioned anywhere in the website but a Reddit user shares that the course is worth $5,000.

Million Dollar Renter Review and Testimonials

Students generally have positive thoughts about the Million Dollar Renter. On Sean’s website, we read Andrew Alanis’ testimonial which says:

“I have taken other gurus courses before Sean's and I have to say his is the only advice that works in different markets and conditions. If you want a winning business model and coaching to keep you accountable and attain goals, Sean is who you want to learn from. I am now over 12 properties and easily getting 20K+ a month.”

On Reddit, ProfessionalLoss9 describes Sean and the Cracking Superhost course as “worth every penny,” adding they’re now “operating 9 houses,” making $45,000 to $50,000 per month “with a 45% profit margin.”

On Instagram, Sean has also shared the following screen-captured posts and messages::

Who is Sean Rakidzich?

Sean Rakidzich is a trusted authority in the short term rental and Airbnb education industry. He is the founder of Million Dollar Renter. According to the company’s official website, Sean “currently holds 155 properties in his Airbnb portfolio spread over 8 cities.” He currently earns over $200,000 monthly on Airbnb without owning any property. In 2021, he took a year off while also managing to scale his business through complete automation. Overall, he has already generated over $10 million in revenue as an Airbnb host. In addition, Sean is also the President of Media Press Promotions and the founder of Basilisk.

Sean Rakidzich YouTube channel

Sean also runs a successful YouTube channel where he shares his expertise through Airbnb-related content, discussing topics such as boosting occupancy rates, pricing strategies, design ideas, property management, and more. As of this writing, Sean has over 249K subscribers on his channel. He has also uploaded 550 videos and gained over 13 million views since joining the platform in June 2017. His most popular video ‘How I Make Millions On Airbnb With No Property And No Credit’ has attracted over 953K views.

Sean Rakidzich social media presence

On social media, Sean has 177.7K TikTok followers, 32.7K Instagram followers, and 2.8K Facebook followers. With the Million Dollar Renter Team, he also runs the private Facebook group The Hosts of Airbnb Automated, which has over 54K total members.

Sean Rakidzich media coverage

Sean has also been featured on various media outlets including New York WeeklyLA WeeklyCNBC, CEO World, and Financial Times where he was described as “the internet’s ‘LEADING expert in Short Term Rentals and Airbnb Education.’”

Million Dollar Renter Alternatives

  • The Airbnb Course - This 10-module course by Nathan Rice teaches the basics of setting an Airbnb listing in the United States. According to the program, students can have their own Airbnb arbitrage or rental arbitrage business in as little as 2 days.
  • 2024The Real System - A real estate investment training and coaching program by Jorge Contreras, The Real System shares how people can make 6-figure passive income without owning properties.
  • Beyond BnB Secrets - A corporate housing Airbnb arbitrage mentoring program by real estate investor Dr. Chau Ong, Beyond BnB Secrets teaches how beginners can earn $10,000 to $20,000 a month while working only 5 hours or less per week.

Conclusion: Is Airbnb automation worth it? 

Airbnb automation is a worthwhile investment. It can help streamline the operations of managing a rental business while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. With automation tools, you can easily handle guest inquiries, update bookings and pricing, and more. 

As you put your Airbnb business on autopilot, you achieve greater work-life balance. You get to focus your attention on other important matters. Just be ready to spend your time researching which automation software tools are best for your business.

Million Dollar Renter’s courses can be an excellent way to learn all about Airbnb automation, how to make money with Airbnb without owning property, and how to build an Airbnb empire. Sean Rakidzich is a legit, credible expert who sure knows a lot about the industry. Alternatively, you can also check out other top Airbnb courses available in the market. 

For anyone looking for an online business model that requires minimal investment but also yields huge profits, lead generation is a good option. You won’t have to worry about the demands and expenses of managing several Airbnb properties. Plus you won’t have to deal with customers and property owners all the time. Lead generation is not as stressful. This type of business only requires you to create, rank, and rent out websites for local businesses through proven SEO strategies. As you successfully generate organic traffic and leads for your clients, you get to earn passive income month after month.

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