Preston James’ Money Press Method Review: Can Traders Generate Consistent Income Using Weekly Options?

October 31, 2023

Money Press Method is an option trading guidebook and collection of DVD training videos by Preston James. The book teaches readers to focus on weekly option trading as the main trading strategy. Through this method, option traders can “generate consistent income… no matter what the market does.”  

Option trading can be potentially lucrative. In 2022, option trading volumes reached 10 billion. Meanwhile, the first quarter of 2023 already has 1.8 billion options traded. That said, it’s important to always stay updated with market trends and conditions to succeed in the industry. Plus, you'll have to learn the best trading practices to avoid investment losses.   

So can the Money Press Method provide you with the best trading strategy? We discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and what people can expect from the program. We also share info about the creator and check out honest reviews out there. Finally, we discuss a better business model for those who may not have the risk tolerance needed for trading business.

Money Press Method Review: Pros and Cons


The learning materials are available for free. The guidebook and 2 instructional DVDs cost nothing. People only have to pay for the shipping.

Part of the training teaches about “How To Get Started On $10,000 or Less.” According to their website, this is a $79 value product but is also available for free.  

The method is beginner-friendly. Beginners will benefit from the market-neutral strategy shared in the Money Press Method bundle.


Some of the methods may be dated. Since the digital book was published in 2021, some of its content may need updating to fit current standards.

The method covers basic information. For the most part, Money Press Method contains basic information. Advanced learners may not benefit as much from it as newbies will.    

No community or 1-on-1 coaching. There isn’t a private community for students or 1-on-1 coaching services from Preston James.

Video trainings are on DVD. The instructional videos are on DVD format, which seem pretty archaic for 2024.


The Money Press Method costs nothing. However, people have to pay $7 for the “printing, duplicating, shipping and handling” of the guidebook and DVDs.

Refund Policy

Money Press Method has a refund policy. Anyone unsatisfied with their bundle may request for a refund of their $7. They also get to keep the learning materials if they want.


The Money Press Method was published on July 19, 2021.


Preston James has been in the trading industry since 2016. He established Traders Edge Network in 2003.

Generating Consistent Income Using Weekly Options: What Is Money Press Method?

Options trading is the practice of allowing investors to buy or sell options contracts on a specified date and price. Through options trading, investors may speculate on the future of stock market or individual security assets for 1 day or up to several years, depending on their preference.

The Money Press Method is an options trading guide created by Preston James. His method focuses on generating consistent income using weekly options. According to him, is a more efficient way to make more money. On their official website, Preston says his Money Press 'Weekly Paycheck' Method made it possible for a $54,000 account to grow into $174,000 “in less than 9 months.”

Money Press Method can be ideal for anyone who wants to learn about Preston’s strategies on option trading. One of Preston’s readers comments that his methods “work for the non-typical trader.” is the website advertised on the ads and it leads visitors to the Money Press Method sales page.

Who Is Money Press Method For?

Money Press Method is for:

✅ Beginners who want to explore options trading for the first time
✅ Experienced investors and options traders who want to learn Preston’s methods

How Does Money Press Method Work?

Money Press Method works by providing a step-by-step, how-to guide for earning money through options trading. People can start making money by learning and implementing the program’s weekly options trading strategies.

According to their official website, Money Press strategies are “market neutral” which means risks on weekly income potential are managed. The program says the methods work “under any set of market conditions.”

You can start making money with the Money Press Method in 2 to 3 weeks. This is possible as they learn and implement insights they gain from the guidebook and videos.  

Meanwhile, some learners and observers have compared the Money Press Method with PMCC options (Poor Man’s Covered Call), pointing out that they use similar concepts.

What Are The Contents Of The Money Press Method?

The Money Press Method guidebook contains 121 pages.

To set reader expectations, the first 20+ pages of the book talks more about Preston's background story. Information on Money Press Method's weekly option trading then follows, as we read examples and stories demonstrating how the method works. Towards the end, Preston pitches the high ticket Weekly Options Windfall (WOW) insiders program. 

As for the free tutorial bundle, people can get:

  • A physical copy of the Money Press Method guidebook
  • Instant access to the guidebook's downloadable copy
  • 2 quick-start training videos
  • "How To Get Started On $10,000 or Less" ($79 Value)

What Do People Say About Money Press Method?

People have mixed opinions about the Money Press Method. On Amazon, for example, the book has received 3.7 stars out of 22 ratings. 

Shyana Lindeman describes Money Press Method as “the best $7 I ever spent.” According to her short review, Preston’s strategies “changed my life drastically.” “He explains everything so well and makes it easy to learn,” Shyana also adds.

Meanwhile, Yougotiger gave the book 2 stars and wrote, “The depth of material isn't great, and it leaves the user with lots of questions.” The netizen also urges others to save their money and look elsewhere.

We also read some student testimonials on the Money Press Method website. Jeff S. of Asheville, NC shares, “I never thought I'd see the day, but last Thursday my account was up $150K in a single day!”

Money Press Method Reddit Reviews

On Reddit, user pinoroosteering shared that the Money Press Method can be a great confidence builder for new traders. 

On the other hand, Redditor Desert_Trader dismisses it as "a bunch of tacky sales sh*t trying to package options for people that want to take a shortcut."

Is Money Press Method a Scam?

Money Press Method is not a scam. It teaches a legit way to make money using option trading strategies. Despite the mixed reviews, several testimonials prove that the method does work for some. As with most programs, results vary from one student to another.

It is worth noting that while Preston James promises “consistent income” regardless of market conditions, success in options trading often relies on a person’s tolerance of market risks. While it can be potentially profitable, not everyone can stand months of losses before finally seeing a positive outcome in their financial investments.

What Are Traders Edge Network Reviews?

Traders Edge Network is a company and brand founded by Preston James. On Google, it has a 4.8 star rating out of 57 reviews. Josh Oakes credits them for helping him go "from zero trading experience to implementing multiple stock and options strategies."

Jeff Smith writes that the Money Press Method is "real" and is a "brilliant strategy," mentioning that he has used it "for several months in a very volatile market." 

Meanwhile, Justin Maxwell gave Traders Edge a 1-star rating, pointing out it was only "great at first." Eventually, "all the strategies and rules went out the window" following a market downturn. 

Lynn Rosenberg shares she has lost "a ton of money" and describes Preston's live video trainings as "the worst." According to Lynn, Preston struggles with staying on topic and often talks about different topics that "do not matter when you are losing money."  

On Better Business Bureau, Traders Edge Network has a 2-star rating out of 4 reviews. Jesse B gave them 4 stars, saying "Every trade they have issued so far has made a net positive gain."

David M gave the company a 1 star rating and shares about losing "30%  of my account in the last year." Traders Edge Network responded to his review, defending that his review contradicts his earlier comments in their members' area. "Any strategy that has a potential return brings a potential risk," the company also mentions.

In addition to the Money Press Method, other products and services available from Traders Edge Network include the 1% Solution Guidebook, Weekly Options Windfall Home Study Course, Preston James' W.O.W. Insider Service, Mike's Mastermind Project (by Mike Curtis), Small Account Mastery Series (S.A.M.S.), and One-On-One Mentoring. 

Who is Preston James?

Preston James is the owner and CEO of Traders Edge Network, which he founded in 2003. He took up Bachelor of Science in Finance at the University of Utah from 1989 to 1993. As a student, he credits his football scholarship as the reason he completed college. In 1996, he began exploring trading and started trading his own accounts. Over the years, he built a reputation as an industry expert, attracting followers who wanted to learn his effective trading techniques.   

Preston is the author of the book The Money Press Method: How To Generate Consistent Income Using Weekly Options No Matter What the Market Does. The trading expert from Salt Lake City, United States describes himself as a “stock market linebacker.” He is also known by his nickname “Pirate.” 

On Facebook, the Preston James & Traders Edge Network page has 9.2 likes and 9.6k followers. Meanwhile, the Traders Edge Network YouTube channel has 2.24k subscribers, so far. 

Preston James' Claims

1. The “market-neutral” strategy makes the Money Press Method work regardless of market conditions.

According to their sales page, the weekly option trading strategy is “market-neutral.” This makes it less risky and more effective compared with other trading strategies. They also say students who apply the methods enjoy a “sleep-at-night protection,” meaning they won’t have to nervously check their accounts day and night. “The Money Press works under any set of market conditions, including NOW,” they also emphasize. 

 As the title of the book also claims, students can “generate consistent income” using the Money Press Method. Case in point, Preston believes 4 weekly option premiums can lead to double the earnings compared with a 1 month premium option.

2. Anyone can succeed in trading options.

Options are “fast moving” and while most investors “lose money over time,” Money Press Method assures students they can achieve success in trading options as they follow Preston’s system. “The biggest reason is because it works IN SPITE of you, your moods, emotions and hunches,” they also add.

Preston James' Claims Debunked

1. The Money Press Method does not guarantee results.

Despite repeated promises that Money Press’s weekly stock option trading works, the company’s Terms of Use makes it clear that there are no assurances or guarantees that students “will receive profitable returns, or have favorable performance.”

According to them, income statements and income examples are merely “estimates of what we think you could earn.” They also add that “testimonials are not representative” of average earnings.

2. Not everyone succeeds in trading options.

Longtime stock traders will tell anyone that the stock trading market can be unpredictable. Not every stock trader can experience success in the industry. Money Press Method takes the same stance on this topic, as seen in their Earnings & Income Disclaimers shared above.

Also, it’s interesting to note that despite shipping over 50,000 copies of the book, Preston has only had “hundreds of students FINALLY find success in trading options.” He does not mention the exact figure but we can imagine it’s not a big percentage of his readers.

Is Trading Options Worth It in 2023?

Yes, trading options is worth it in 2023 if you have the money and are aware of the risks. Although it’s one of the top ways to make money online from anywhere in the world, there's always the risk of losing the entire premium you pay because of its speculative nature. It requires skill, knowledge, and intuition to succeed in the industry. For these reasons, some hire options trading alert services to guide them.

An options trading alert service is group of professionals who notify you about trading opportunities. These experts can also help new traders go to the next level by offering insights when they need to make an informed decision. Some of the top options trading alert services in the industry include Market Chameleon, Mindful Trader, Motley Fool Options, and The Trading Analyst.     

With the right tools and strategies, traders may avoid significant losses as they explore option trading markets.

Do People Really Make Money Trading Options?

Yes, people really make money trading options. A ZipRecruiter report that an option trader’s average salary in the US is $102,302 per year. Some top earners even make as much as $139,500 annually. 

$5,000 to $10,000 is needed for options trading. You will need a clear understanding of how option trading works so you can invest your money wisely. It’s important to do your research before buying call and put options to manage your trades with caution. 

3 Challenges of Options Trading

Among the common challenges of options trading include:

  • 1. Time decay. Time decay can be a challenge for options trading, especially for newbies who may be unaware of how fast options decay. Investopedia defines time decay as “the rate of change in value to an option's price as it nears expiration.” Traders have to understand how it works to make a profit.
  • 2. Implied volatility. Implied volatility measures the stock market’s probability of security changes. Investors can use this to determine supply and demand in the market, as well as stock price options for contracts. In any case, not accounting for volatility can affect your future earnings, so you may want to consult experts before making big decisions.
  • 3. Diversification. Traders also have to embrace diversification to thrive in the industry. This may mean buying stocks from different companies and industries, as well as buying calls and puts. By exploring multiple option strategies, you can beef up your stock portfolio and increase chances of success.

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  • Nour Atta’s Stock Hours - A day trading signals chat where you can enter and exit the same trades as Nour Atta. The trading strategy used is scalping, and Stock Hours also offers training.

What Is My Number 1 Recommendation To Make Passive Income In 2023?

In options trading, you have to be highly familiar with effective trading strategies and market trends all the time. Generating profit from this business model is not impossible, but could take a lot of work and investment at the beginning. You have to learn as much as you can, then trust your advisers - and your own judgment - to make a sound financial decision. Given its challenges and the volatile nature of stock options trading, the risk of failure is also great. No wonder some people steer clear from this industry and instead try other money-making opportunities online.

I’ve myself tried different business models since becoming a full-time internet entrepreneur in 2014. I’ve done Amazon FBA, Shopify dropshipping & affiliate marketing to name a few. Today, my #1 recommendation for making passive income is lead generation. Compared with options trading, the risks are far lower. You won’t have to invest huge amounts of money and spend months of losses before you can start earning. You’re also not dealing with unpredictable market conditions. 

Local lead generation

All it takes is to build a location and keyword specific business website, rank it on Google, and then offer it to business owners who want to build their lead base. As you implement proper SEO techniques, outranking local businesses using the same keyword should not be difficult. As your site - or your digital real estate - moves up search engine results, you can look forward to earning passive income each month. Now imagine owning multiple sites and offering your services to multiple local entrepreneurs. Well, that’s what I do and I make up to $52,000 a month from doing so. I also have a lead generation coaching program for anyone who wants to learn how I do it.  

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