44 Passive Income Ideas While on Maternity Leave: Money-Making Projects for Moms

July 31, 2023

One of the best passive income ideas while on maternity leave is local lead generation. Other ideas include affiliate marketing, selling digital products, investing, and more.

These income streams require different startup costs and skill sets. But with the right strategy, they can give you fast returns and lasting income even when you return to work. They’re also great passive income ideas for single moms, stay-at-home moms, and moms working from home during maternity leave. So, if you’re thinking about how to make ends meet on maternity leave, these passive income ideas make a great starting point.

Among them, local lead generation is the best option. It’s the least competitive, requires little investment to start, and offers higher returns within a short period of time.

The Best Passive Income Ideas While on Maternity Leave

1. Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation involves generating leads for local businesses in various niches.

This type of lead generation uses the rank-and-rent business model. It lets you own prime digital real estate and earn monthly commissions by renting them out to local businesses.

But there’s a bit of a learning curve. You’ll have to be skilled in driving organic traffic to a website to generate consistent leads.

Finding small business owners to rent your digital real estate can also be challenging. It takes time to build a relationship with them. So, start communicating with local businesses prior to your maternity leave to have income coming in after the baby comes. Once your site is ranked, it can bring in $500-$3,000 per month.

2. Paid Advertising Commissions

If you’ve done paid ads for clients before, take that experience to the next level by getting paid in commissions instead of hourly or flat service fees. You can do this when launching Facebook, Google, or email ad campaigns for different clients. This is an excellent passive income stream for moms with digital marketing backgrounds.

Charging commissions is also easier when you already have a portfolio of case studies to show your leads. That way, you can offer them a choice between paying you your standard rate or a lowball price, but you get a 5-10% commission for every sale. Of course, your normal rate should be above average to make your commission offer appealing.

Clients choosing the less expensive option will give you a better outcome if you're confident you can generate sales. And if they choose your standard rate, you still make extra income during parental leave.

This isn’t entirely passive, as you’ll need to manage the ads to ensure they work. But if you launch an effective campaign, you’ll only need to check on it for a few minutes and have the rest of the day to bond with your newborn. You can also launch long-term campaigns during your pregnancy to earn commissions from them while on maternity leave.

3. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing can earn you extra cash while promoting Amazon products. You’ll have to sign up for the Amazon Associates Program. And once you’ve been accepted, you can create affiliate links for different products to recommend to your followers. Each time an affiliate link gets clicked, you get paid a 1-10% commission for that sale, as well as qualifying purchases made within 24 hours.

This is a good option if you’re a mom on unpaid leave because becoming an Amazon Associate doesn’t cost anything. While having a blog with an existing audience is advantageous, all you need to start is an active social presence. And that can be a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or TikTok profile.

However, affiliate marketing requires patience. It’s possible to earn your first hundred dollars within six months. And you can potentially make $5,000 per month or more. But this option requires time, consistency, and strategy. If you start building an audience during your pregnancy, you’ll see commissions trickling in by the time you’re on maternity leave.

4. High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The focus of high-ticket affiliate marketing is on selling expensive products. These range from luxury items (high-end cars and jewelry) to digital products (premium courses and software).

You can find these high-payout products on platforms like Digistore24 and ClickBank. Most of these affiliate networks charge transaction rates from your commission payouts. Some also charge initial setup fees ranging from $500 to over $2,000.

High-ticket affiliate marketing can be quite profitable due to the commissions given for each sale. Some marketers are making over $50,000+ from just one sale. So, this is a great way to earn extra money while you’re on parental leave, and it might also pave your way to financial freedom.

However, consumers of high-ticket products aren’t impulse buyers. They do their due diligence in researching the product and ensuring it fits their needs. That means you’ll need a longer and more complex sales funnel.

So, before you go on maternity leave, start building an audience and build trust with them by providing value. You should also invest in a high-converting marketing campaign to draw in more prospects.

5. Write eBooks

If you have a passion for writing or extensive knowledge in a subject, you can make extra cash from writing and publishing eBooks. It can be about anything from relationships to finance. You can even write about your pregnancy journey or the experiences of being a new parent.

People read eBooks because they want to learn something. So, do your research and make sure you give value to your readers. AnswerThePublic is a great resource for coming up with questions. If you’ve started building an audience, you can also do live streams and talk with them. This builds authority, and you can come up with more topics to add to your eBook with the questions they ask you.

Writing about something you already know quite well doesn’t take much time. You can also write faster using voice-to-text software like Otter. That way, you can get your thoughts transcribed to the screen instead of typing them. Just make sure you polish and proofread the text to make it readable.

It’s also free and easy to format your eBook. You can use Canva to get thousands of free book cover templates. And when it’s time to self-publish it, you can use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, SendOwl, or Kobo Writing Life.

But to get people to buy, you’ll need an audience and a sound marketing system. If you finish your eBook before giving birth, you can spend your maternity leave promoting and selling your product.

6. Record Audiobooks

Audiobooks are convenient and accessible. If you've gone the eBook route, you can make money from selling audiobooks on platforms like Audible, ACX, or Findaway Voices.

Audiobook listeners have increased over the past ten years. And the industry is projected to account for over 21.3% of the world’s book publishing revenue by 2030. So, it’s definitely a lucrative business.

Narrating an audiobook might be difficult with a crying baby, though. So, you can either record it before the baby comes or outsource the creation to a narrator through Fiverr or Upwork.

To come up with audiobook ideas, browse Amazon and look at current bestsellers, popular topics, and emerging trends. If you can afford it, you can hire a writer and marketer, too. That way, you can focus on your mommy duties and enjoy parental leave.

7. Sell Stock Photos & Videos

You can earn royalties from uploading photos and videos to stock media marketplaces. Examples of these platforms are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images. Make sure to optimize your portfolio for search terms related to your content to make it easier for customers to find your work.

To make money from selling stock photos and videos, you’ll need to upload a lot. So, collect as many photos and videos as you can during your pregnancy and upload them right away to get exposure.

Getting a full-time income from this is unlikely, but you can make a few hundred dollars per month. This is a perfect choice for moms who love photography and taking videos.

8. Sell Presets & Mockup Templates

Presets are digital filters that can be applied to photos to create a desired effect. Mockup templates provide frameworks for creating digital designs like flyers and product previews.

Suppose you’re a creative mom and familiar with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In that case, you can list your own presets and templates on marketplaces like Envato Elements, Etsy, or your own website. You can then set a price that customers pay every time they purchase your products. If you can have preset and template packages ready for sale before you give birth, you can focus on marketing your creations during your leave.

9. Sell Video Effects & Animations

Upload and sell video effects and animations on your own website or platforms like VideoHive, which is a part of the Envato Market. This is best for moms with video editing or animation experience.

To get sales faster, start marketing your products before going on maternity leave. Do this by leveraging a YouTube channel to promote your creations using video demonstrations and tutorials.

10. Sell Music & Audio

Music and audio products include royalty-free tracks, instrumental music, sound effects, and songs. You can tap into this market if you used to be a musician or want to explore your creativity in this space.

Use digital music distributors like TuneCore and Catapult to put music and songs on Spotify or iTunes. Upload soundtracks and effects on Epidemic Sound, Shopify, or Sellfy.

You can create these materials from home in your free time with the right equipment and resources. Exposing your young one to music also gives them long-lasting cognitive benefits, which is a great bonus. And if you’re able to finish your collection before going on maternity leave, you can focus on marketing and sales when your leave starts.

Similar to selling stock photos and videos, it takes time and a lot of hard work to make a full-time living out of this. The music industry, in particular, is highly competitive. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll be spending a few thousand dollars on musical equipment, which will eat into your initial profits. However, if you’re genuinely passionate about music, you can make passive income from doing what you love.

11. Sell Website Templates & Assets

Selling website templates and graphic design assets is a worthwhile project for web or graphic designer moms on leave. You can put your products on digital marketplaces like Creative Market or ThemeForest, but it’s best to have your own website and branding.

Selling web templates is an evergreen business model. You can make up to $30,000+ with it. Spend your pregnancy keeping up with the trends and finishing a few web and graphic templates. That way, you can use your maternity leave to market and sell your products.

12. Sell Printables

Selling printables is another passive income idea that takes advantage of your graphic design skills. People are always looking for new and creative templates that they can use for their personal and professional projects.

Printables are generally inexpensive. And Etsy is saturated with them. But there's still potential for making money if you niche down and target long-tail keywords to lessen competition. If you've used planners throughout your pregnancy or maternity leave, convert and sell them as printables.

13. Sell an Online Course

Creating online courses is a great way for moms to make extra cash from sharing what they know, whether that’s about nutrition, fitness, or finance. You can even teach something closer to home, such as parenting, motherhood, or home management.

You can tailor your course to whatever niche you want and charge whatever price you think is fair. Course instructors make anywhere between $100 to $1,000,000+ in course sales. Once the course is created, you can upload it to an online platform like Udemy or Teachable.

Recording a course might be difficult with a crying baby, so if you can, finish all the modules and chapters while you’re still pregnant. That way, your job gets easier during maternity leave and you can focus on building an audience through a blog or social media.

14. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the process of buying and selling domain names for a profit. Domain names usually cost around $10-$15 per year and can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In fact, according to GoDaddy, the most expensive domain name ever sold was Cars.com, which sold for $872 million.

You need to know what domains are in demand and have a good eye for spotting potential domain names that could become valuable. You can use tools like Google Trends and Exploding Topics to come up with ideas. You can also use your experience as a new mom to brainstorm domain names that would be good for websites in the motherhood space. In addition, you should practice domain drop catching, which is the process of buying a domain name once it expires.

Once you have identified potential domains, you must register them quickly before someone else does. Then you can list them for sale at a higher price on marketplaces like Afternic, Flippa, or Sedo. If you start collecting domain names prior to maternity leave, you’ll have more to sell, which increases your chances of making a profit.

15. Website Flipping

Website flipping is a lot like domain flipping, only you’re selling entire websites in this case. This is a more complicated process as you usually create the website from scratch and market it when it’s ready for sale. Getting a website ready for flipping could take months or even years, so start this project before giving birth.

Once it’s done, the profits can be substantial. You can then list your website on Flippa, BizBuySell, and other marketplaces.

16. Build an App

For software engineer moms, building an app can help you make a reliable passive income stream during maternity leave. You can create an app for the web, App Store, or Google Play Store. If it becomes popular enough, you can make a decent side income from just one app.

Apps typically profit from advertisements, in-app purchases, and other monetization strategies. You can also create a free app and offer premium features or content as in-app purchases.

If you get your app off the ground prior to maternity leave, you can let it do the work for you when the baby comes (with proper marketing, of course).

You don’t even have to be a software engineer either, as solutions like Appy Pie and Bubble let you build web and mobile apps without writing a line of code.

17. Build a Micro-SaaS

A micro-SaaS (software as a service) is designed to be smaller and more focused than traditional SaaS products. So, it can be another profitable project for techy moms on parental leave.

Examples of micro-SaaS products:

  • Invoicing apps for freelancers
  • Appointment schedulers for business coaches
  • Inventory management systems for small businesses

Micro-SaaS products require fewer resources and are generally faster to develop. That means you can finish a micro-SaaS during your pregnancy and make money on maternity leave.

But you need good planning and execution. Do this by identifying a specific problem within a niche and developing an app that meets the user’s needs. You should also do proper market research, create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and continue to refine the product over time.

It's a lot of work. But if you hit on an idea that resonated with users, it can be a great way to create a successful business. It can even replace your job and give you more time to spend with your kids.

18. Develop Games

Creating mobile or PC games is a great passive income project for game developer moms. Increase the chances of your game making money on maternity leave by starting development early in your pregnancy.

When done, you can release your game using either the premium or freemium revenue model. With premium games, you make money upfront by selling your game for a set price. On the other hand, freemium games are free to download but can make money through in-app purchases and advertisements. You can implement ads using networks like AdMob, Unity Ads, and Chartboost.

Building games is complex and takes a lot of time, but it's worth considering if you already have the skills. Plus, you can start on your own or team up with other game developers to create innovative games that will bring in money while you're away from work.

19. Create Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are small programs or add-ons for larger applications like WordPress, Shopify, or Google Chrome. They provide additional features and functions that aren't in the original software. Developer moms can make passive income from plug-ins through subscriptions or one-time purchases. So, this is another excellent way to monetize your programming skills while on maternity leave.

20. Make YouTube Videos

To generate passive income from YouTube, create videos that an audience will watch repeatedly.

YouTube Video Ideas:

  • Instructional or tutorial videos
  • Vlogs about your journey through motherhood
  • Baby product reviews
  • Educational content

You’ll need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within 12 months before you can start monetizing your channel. If you start a channel during pregnancy, you can upload enough to meet YouTube's criteria and have money coming in when you're on maternity leave.

Other monetization strategies include ads, sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and fan pledges. You can also sell courses, merch, or other products to your audience. You’ll only need a laptop and microphone to start a channel during maternity leave.

21. Blogging

To earn passive income from a blog, you’ll need an audience and consistent traffic. This means already having a significant amount of valuable and evergreen articles that rank high in search engines. You can then monetize your blog posts by placing affiliate links, ads, and sponsored content. Other monetization strategies include selling e-books, courses, or physical merchandise.

New blogs are created every day, so it takes time to succeed in this space. But if you want to start, you’ll have to post multiple articles daily and optimize them with SEO best practices. It helps if you write about what you know, such as pregnancy, motherhood, or a hobby you enjoy, but you can start a blog about any topic you want.

Most bloggers start earning money at around 2 years after launching their blog, but many have done it in just 6 months. If you start a blog early in your pregnancy, you'll have enough published to earn passive income from blogging during maternity leave.

22. Start a Podcast

Podcasts can cover anything from personal stories to interviews with experts in your niche. They make money through sponsorships, affiliate commissions, paywalled content, and selling products.

It’s best if you launch your podcast prior to maternity leave, as it can be difficult to record if you’re baby’s crying in the background. You don’t need a lot to start one — just your voice, laptop, microphone, and audio editing software. You can also talk about topics you already know and invite guests to share stories. Growing an audience takes time. So, make sure you have enough maternity leave to dedicate to building your podcast or invest in online marketing to reach more people.

23. Write Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are easy and free to start with platforms like Substack and Mailchimp. They’re also relatively private, so this is a great passive income project for introverted moms.

If you start building an audience while pregnant, you can earn money from your email list while on maternity leave. Some email ideas include advice for pregnant women, stories from fellow moms, or tips for balancing work and motherhood. Though you can write about any topic you want.

Email newsletters can be monetized through affiliate links, sponsorships, and promoting your products. You can also create a paid newsletter where readers can access exclusive content by paying a monthly subscription. This can be set up through tools like MailerLite and ConvertKit Commerce.

Unless you have a team of writers producing emails for you, this money-making project isn’t completely passive. If you’re a one-mom team, save time by writing emails in bulk once a week or once a month. That way, you can spend the rest of your time with your newborn.

24. Manage a Paid Online Community

Managing a paid community can also give you passive income through monthly subscriptions. Platforms like Circle and Mighty Networks make it easy to create paid memberships. Through them, your community can engage in conversations, access exclusive content, and join live events.

Paid online communities are perfect for mompreneurs that want to build a close-knit community. You can also use the platform to promote your products or services, creating an additional income stream.

25. Become a Social Media Influencer

You don’t need a million followers to make a killing on social media. As a mom on maternity leave, you can focus on topics involving your experiences as a new mother. Businesses nowadays want authenticity, so they’re turning to micro-influencers. These are influencers with 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They're usually more relatable and build deeper connections with followers.

You can make money as a social media influencer in plenty of ways. These include affiliate income, selling products, or posting sponsored content. Brands always seek influencers with an engaged audience to spread the word about their product or service. Influencer networks like Klear and Tribe can help you find brands to partner with.

26. Sell Your Own Products Online

If you have a bunch of stuff you want to sell or are into crafting handmade items, you can list those items on Etsy, Shopify, or Facebook Marketplace. Use your pregnancy days to stock your inventory and build funnels that direct traffic to your products. Doing so will help ensure you’re only making sales on maternity leave.

To make your business fully passive, hire a team to manage every aspect of your business. Their roles can include product creation, inventory management, marketing, fulfillment, and customer service. That way, you can spend more time with your child while generating revenue.

27. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products without the hassle of fulfillment or keeping inventory. To start, you'll need a Shopify website or Amazon seller account to list your items. You'll also need a reliable supplier to ship products to customers on your behalf. Your role is limited to marketing, customer service, and business management. But you can outsource those, too, and make your business truly passive.

Product research is very important in this business model. With the right items, you can make money from dropshipping almost right away. So, spend some time before your maternity leave nailing the products you want to sell and finding suppliers. You should also invest in paid ads to get data on what works and what doesn’t.

However, dropshipping has its downsides. For instance, products usually have low margins, so you must sell in bulk to make the business model work for you. Shipping takes time, too, and sometimes customers aren’t willing to wait 7-14 days to receive an item.

On the other hand, many have succeeded in making thousands of dollars in sales right after launching a dropshipping store. They usually launch Facebook ads campaigns targeting impulse buyers who don't care about the shipping times.

28. Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is another way to start an online business without buying a bulk amount of products. Instead, POD companies like Teelaunch and Printful will print your designs on items and ship them directly to customers. These items include t-shirts, caps, mugs, and more.

Like dropshipping, you won’t have to worry about fulfillment, inventory, and storage space as the POD provider handles all that. With POD, you have more control over your branding. But the products are limited, and you have to come up with unique and creative designs that people want to buy.

Come up with designs and build a website before you go on maternity leave to make passive income after giving birth. You can also look to your baby for inspiration and create print designs for baby products like onesies, bibs, or hooded blankets.

29. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service that allows you to outsource your product fulfillment and shipping. This means you can focus on other aspects of your business while Amazon handles all logistics. You still own and control your inventory, but Amazon takes care of packaging and shipping your products.

If you’ve started selling physical products from home, FBA can help streamline your fulfillment process so you can do more family stuff. Or if you’re a dropshipper and you have products that are blowing up, you can buy wholesale from your suppliers and use FBA to handle the shipping for you. That way, delivery is quicker, and your refund rate can get lower.

30. Automate & Outsource Services

This option is great for moms who are online service providers or freelancers. Imagine reaching a point in your career where you have the systems to make client fulfillment faster. Then you can outsource the work to assistants and get more free time to spend with your child or learn something new. Eventually, you can build a small team or digital marketing agency and make passive income as the CEO of your own service-based business.

It sounds like quite the journey, and it is, but it’s doable. So, if you already have a skill, like freelance writing or social media marketing, you can automate and outsource some tasks to reduce client work.

Create all the systems you need before maternity leave so you won’t have to do any leg work anymore. That means all aspects of your business, like lead generation and client fulfillment, should be automated. You can hire employees for these positions on remote job boards like We Work Remotely, RemoteOK, and FlexJobs.

That way, you’ll earn passive income from your business while on maternity leave. Note that even if you have a team, you may have to manage your business every once in a while to make sure things are running smoothly. But you won’t be tied to your desk chair anymore.

31. Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market has a steep learning curve. So, this option is perfect for moms who are finance and business majors. But with the correct information and patience, you can create your portfolio and make passive income with stocks.

If you're a beginner, don't make significant investments unless you have an emergency fund. You should also eliminate your debt and put money into a retirement account. By doing so, you minimize the risk of financial loss. It can take years to earn money from investing in stocks, so don’t expect to make a full-time income from it while on maternity leave if you’re only beginning.

If you choose this path, make sure you do your research. Remember that past stock market performance doesn’t guarantee future success or failure. And diversify your portfolio to reduce risk and increase your chances of making money. You should also consult a financial adviser if you want to make sure your investments are in line with your goals.

32. Invest in Businesses

Investing in a business allows you to be part of the company's growth and gain returns from its success. You can find businesses to invest in through platforms like Mainvest. Morning Brew, a daily email newsletter, also sometimes recommends businesses you can invest in. Examples of companies they’ve recommended include LiquidPiston and Monogram Orthopedics. As usual, do your research before investing your money.

33. Start a High-Yield Savings Account

If you already have an emergency fund, you can make passive income by putting it in a high-yield savings account. This type of account typically offers higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. And they’re great for achieving financial goals like saving for a car, house, or your kid’s university fund.

According to Investopedia, the best high-yield savings accounts are:

  • CFG Bank
  • Newtek Bank
  • Salem Five Direct
  • TotalDirectBank
  • My Banking Direct

34. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending

In P2P lending, you lend money to individuals or businesses through platforms like Prosper and Funding Circle. While P2P lending has higher interest rates and offers monthly payments, it’s often riskier than other investments.

Default rates are also common because borrowers going to P2P lending platforms are usually consumers with bad credit. This means peer-to-peer lending isn’t the best money-making option for mothers on unpaid maternity leave. But if you understand the risks and know how to vet borrowers, you can make passive income from P2P lending.

35. Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs are companies that own and operate real estate. These properties include office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and more. They’re a way to invest in the real estate market without buying property directly.

Investors are paid REIT dividends at least once annually, though some REITs pay monthly or quarterly. So, if you find a good REIT to invest in during your pregnancy, you may start earning dividends on maternity leave. Check Nareit for a list of REITs you can look into.

As with other forms of investment, owning a REIT has risks, too. So, make sure you thoroughly research the company and its assets before investing. If done right, REITs can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and earn passive income during maternity leave.

36. Rent Out an Extra Room or Apartment

If you have extra space in your home, consider renting it out. Airbnb and other vacation rental services can help you list a room or apartment and make money while on maternity leave.

Of course, ensure you’re putting your baby’s needs and safety first if you’re considering renting a space in your home, and vet potential tenants.

37. Rent Out Your Yard or Garage

If you have a yard, garage, storage unit, or driveway that you barely use, rent those out to people needing extra space. Use your existing network to spread the word for you, or join Facebook groups in your local area to find people who might need these spaces.

38. Rent Out Physical Ad Space

You can also rent out your physical spaces for advertisement purposes. You can put up advertisement banners and signs in your yard or outdoor spaces in exchange for payment.

Spend your pregnancy finding companies willing to promote their products and services this way. If you build a big-enough network, you'll have consistent prospects renting out ad space from you.

39. Rent Out Your Car

If you have a vehicle you’re not using, you can rent that out, too. Renting out your property and assets can be a great way to make extra cash while caring for your newborn child. It’s also conducive if you’re on unpaid maternity leave since this is a fast way to make money on the side.

Remember to check with your insurance provider and local laws before listing property and belongings. Additionally, research rental rates in your area so that you can price yours competitively and maximize your profits.

40. Costume Rental Business

If you're an expert seamstress, starting your costume rental business can be a great way to make extra money. You can offer custom-made ensembles for special occasions like Halloween, proms, and weddings. You can also rent out ready-made costumes that can be used in theatrical performances or educational events.

This option isn’t exactly passive if you’re sewing all the time, but it can be if you hire a costume maker. And if you do this before the baby comes, you can have a big-enough collection that gives you rental profit while on maternity leave.

41. Furniture Rental Business

Furniture rental businesses are used by tenants who need temporary furnishings. It’s also an option for homeowners who are staging their properties according to modern trends. Offices and events also benefit from short-term rental furniture. Examples of furniture rental companies include CORT and Inhabitr.

While this business requires a ton of capital, you can start by renting out some extra furniture lying around. For example, perhaps you’ve cleared out a room in your house to use as a nursery for your newborn. You can rent the furniture you’ve moved out instead of storing them.

42. Collect Royalties from Traditional Publishing

If self-publishing isn't your thing, you can go the traditional route: Have publishers pay you for the rights to print and distribute your work. This path is more challenging, as traditional publishers tend to be more selective about whom they take on. But the rewards can be more significant, too, because you get an advance against future royalties for each copy sold and a cut of each sale. Of course, the exact percentage varies based on the type of work and the publisher.

Your pregnancy is an excellent opportunity to craft stories that your child can cherish for years to come. Finish your book during this time and find a literary agent to pitch to publishers on your behalf. That way, you can get paid your advance when the baby comes.

43. Vending Machines

You can make some passive income by purchasing vending machines that sell snacks, beverages, and other items. Place them in high-traffic areas (public transportation hubs, shopping malls, or office buildings). Then, watch your profits roll in while you’re home on maternity leave.

44. Earn While Shopping Online

This won't be a steady source of income. But you can take advantage of portals like Rakuten, Swagbucks, and Tada to get discounts and cashback on your online purchases. This way, you can shop for your newborn's items while earning money or saving it. Just take care not to whip out your credit card and make impulsive purchases whenever you see a reward.

What Are the Advantages of Making Money on Maternity Leave? (Is It a Good Idea?)

Starting a revenue source during maternity leave can supplement your income, help pay off debt, or save for a rainy day.

It’s an opportunity to gain experience in a new skill that you can use later down the road.

It gives you something productive to do during this time, which can help make you feel more fulfilled.

While maternity leave gives you added flexibility and freedom, it’s also filled with major life changes and added stressors. Before starting any income project, consider your financial resources, available time, and the demands of your new role.

How Can I Make Money Right After Having a Baby?

Work on a passive income stream during pregnancy to increase your chances of generating money from them after you give birth

Freelance your existing skills or apply for temporary work-from-home jobs

Start a home business selling physical or digital products

Launch a dropshipping or print-on-demand e-commerce store (learn more about e-commerce by taking an online course at Freedom Academy.)

Answer questions from online survey sites like Survey Junkie

Babysit, petsit, or house-sit while caring for your baby

Rent out property or items

How Can You Minimize Your Risk When Exploring Passive Income Ideas While on Maternity Leave?

Research thoroughly before committing to any passive income venture. Ask yourself if it makes financial sense and is a good fit for your situation.

Look for credible sources of support. For example, mothers who've successfully made passive income while on maternity leave.

Invest in lower-risk opportunities, such as local lead generation.

How Can You Survive Maternity Leave Without Pay?

Plan ahead and create a budget that works for you.

Cut back on unnecessary expenses and save what you can.

Look into government programs that can provide financial assistance during your maternity leave.

Apply for a loan or borrow money from family and friends.

Make extra money from your existing skills by doing freelance work. Examples of freelance gigs include graphic design, freelance writing, virtual assistance, and proofreading.

Start a passive income source while pregnant to reap the benefits during your maternity leave.

Government Programs for Mothers on Maternity Leave

Government subsidies and grants for new and expecting mothers vary for each country.

The US lacks good maternity leave policies. But some states, like California, New York, and Washington, D.C., offer parental benefits to residents. Some employers also provide short term disability insurance for their workers. But if your company doesn’t have this, you can purchase a policy through an insurance agent. Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you can also use accumulated sick leave for prenatal care and childbirth recovery.

In the UK, employed mothers receive Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP). This benefit pays mothers 90% of their average weekly earnings for the first six weeks and £172.48 or 90% for the next 33 weeks. Those who are not eligible for SMP or in self employed maternity leave can claim maternity allowance and still get paid leave.

And if you live in Canada, you can apply for Employment Insurance or EI maternity benefits through Service Canada.

Look up the paid maternity leave policies in your country and take advantage of the benefits to ensure you're not losing out on any unclaimed money.

How Do You Make Money on Maternity Leave Without Stressing?

1. Manage Your Expectations. Your leave won’t last forever, and you have a new human to care for. So, create a proper plan for the entire duration of your maternity leave, and consider the long-term.

2. Cut Down Expenses to Decrease Pressure On You. If your expenses cost $8,000 per month and you can cut that to $4,000 monthly, do it. This will help you worry less about sustaining your lifestyle, and you can invest some of the money in your new business

3. Enlist Help. Ask your partner, family, or friends for help. They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

4. Look Into Government Assistance Programs. You may apply for maternity leave benefits or income support depending on where you live.

5. Leverage Your Existing Skills. If you’re knowledgeable in an area like accounting or web development, consider working within that niche.

What Jobs Can You Do While Pregnant? (Best Jobs for Pregnant Women)

Non-physical office jobs, like accounting, admin assistance, or clerical work

Work-from-home jobs like freelance writing, data entry, or online tutoring

Passive income projects like local lead generation or starting an e-commerce business 

Many jobs can still be done while pregnant. Just avoid ones that are physically demanding or involve dangerous chemicals. 

Can You Quit Your Job Right After Maternity Leave?

Yes, you can quit your job right after maternity leave if it’s allowed by your employer and the terms of your employment. If no contract holds you back, and you decide that leaving your job is the best option for you and your baby, you can quit.

In Summary

Creating passive income streams during maternity leave can be a great way to generate extra income. It can also reduce financial stress and establish long-term economic security.

If you’re worried about money during maternity leave, the key is to find effective passive income sources. Among them, local lead generation is the most worthwhile, but all the options in this list can boost your earnings.

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