Mike Shreeve’s Peaceful Profits Review: Is The One Book Millions Method Worth Buying?

March 5, 2024

Peaceful Profits is a service specializing in scaling through low-priced book offers created by Mike Shreeve. His eBook One Book Millions Method is a clever demonstration of this method. Mike states that using the strategies he applies to his own business, he can help entrepreneurs scale to $100,000+ per month. He shares that through his done-for-you, done-with-you, and do-it-yourself methods, entrepreneurs can scale with ease of mind, thus their name “Peaceful” Profits. The program also assists in market research and testing, audience expansion, team hiring, marketing and sales services, as well as automation and systems.

According to Statista, the market for digital books is set to grow to $14.16 billion dollars by 2023 and US$15.33bn by 2027. Peaceful Profit’s main strategy of having low-cost books as starting offers appears to be profitable and future-proof. The founder even states that using this technique, marketing can pay for itself. However, reviews online show that this method dismays some prospects. Is the strategy that this program offers sustainable for long-term credibility and profitability?

In this article, I will disclose details about Peaceful Profit reviews, what particular services it offers, the prices of its programs, and who it’s best fit for. You’ll also learn about the founder’s background, past clients, and his claims.

Peaceful Profits Review: Pros & Cons


Flexible options for clients: Peaceful Profits has three options for their customers: done-for-you, done-with-you, and do-it-yourself.

Low-cost book/course funnels: The program also specializes in low-cost book and mini-course offers and funnels, which are popular in the coaching/consulting space.

Access to Mike’s team: Entrepreneurs without an established team, can work directly with the founder’s staff. Mike will also help hire them.


Little info about the founder & his team: There's little information about the founder and his work online, save for the videos posted on the official website. Details about his staff isn't available as well.

Expensive pricing: To work with the Peaceful Profits program, the cost can be as high as $50,000, with their system priced at $16,000.

No cost transparency: The price of these services is not readily available on their website. Customers have to contact support via email.

Refund Policy

Peaceful Profits has a 30-day refund policy.


The Peaceful Profits program was founded in July 2017.


Peaceful Profits has a mixed reputation according to two 2023 reviews on Trustpilot. One feedback stated that the courses are easy to digest while the other shared that the methods promoted are outdated.

How Much Does the Peaceful Profit Program Cost?

peaceful profits cost

The Peaceful Profits program costs $1,500 to $50,000. The price varies for businesses that work with Mike and his team. The higher the cost, the more support and automation is made available.

As for The Peaceful Profits System alone, it’s priced at $16,000. There are also payment plans that are mentioned below.

  • $8,500 for 2 months
  • $6,000 for 3 months
  • $3,500 for 6 months

Additionally, The One Book Millions Method, which is a digital book featured on the Peaceful Profits website, costs $4.99. It has a one-year money-back guarantee. It also has 7 bonuses listed below.

  • The 6.5-Hour Audiobook
  • 3 Clients Per Day With a Short Book
  • 7x7-Figure Book Selling Breakdowns
  • How to Come Up with Your “Book Hook”
  • 3 Offers to 7-Figures Workshop Recording
  • Sales Mastery - How to have conversations that turn book readers into clients
  • The 14-Day Book Writing Challenge - How to write your book in just 14 days (without ChatGPT or AI Tools)

When buying the book, clients also get the option to purchase 3 Peaceful Profit products at discounted prices. The first one costs $35 and teaches how to sell $1,000,000 in audiobooks. As for the second product, it is priced at $95 and includes templates for selling 1,000 books per month. The third item is a 3-course bundle for writers, with the price of $67. It includes a guide on eliminating writer’s block, productive writing, and a content guide.

What Is The Peaceful Profits Program?

Peaceful Profits program is a service for digital entrepreneurs with a focus on scaling. It specializes in low-ticket book offers and funnels. It features done-for-you, done-with-you, and do-it-yourself options. For done-for-you services, they help with planning, writing, designing, implementing, and running media. Regarding the done-with-you assistance, clients will work with Mike Shreeve’s team for goal-setting. And as for the DIY option, they have courses, training tools, templates, and books available.

Since 2017, Peaceful Profits has served 100+ clients. According to Mike Shreeve, they get up to 30 customers in one year. As of 2024, he states that all call calendars are full but interested clients can still contact them via email.

Peaceful Profits services

Peaceful Profits services are marketing, sales assets, audience expansion, team creation, automation and systems, scaling, as well as market research and testing.

#1 Peaceful Profits marketing services

Peaceful Profits marketing services include assistance with offers and funnels. They come up with lower ticket books and mini-course funnels. They also help create, develop, and design offers. The program crafts and launches marketing funnels as well. They create acquisition and second-order consequence funnels, with a focus on book funnels.

With acquisition funnels, their goal is to be able to earn money before the main offers are sold. As for second-order consequence funnels, using these, they aim to boost the demand for offers. Both can be managed and run by a Peaceful Profits staff.

#2 Peaceful Profits sales assets assistance

Peaceful Profits sales services involve sales assets assistance. They create evergreen and measurable assets. Their objective is for it to be beneficial long-term, automated, and generate clients all year round. They also aim to boost high-ticket sales conversions, as well as create and design sales pages.

#3 Peaceful Profits audience expansion services

Peaceful Profits audience expansion services include increasing follower count and attracting a high-quality customer base. They target to widen the reach and impact of their clients.

#4 Peaceful Profits team assistance

Peaceful Profits provides team assistance by hiring, building, and restructuring them. Their priority is the proper placement of team members to maximize team capacity. Clients can also work directly with Mike Shreeve’s staff.

#5 Peaceful Profits automation & systems

Peaceful Profits offers the creation of automated services and systems to facilitate passive entrepreneurship. Their goal is to help business owners focus on their areas of expertise.

#6 Peaceful Profits scaling services

Peaceful Profits enable scaling by simplifying the process. Their aim is for business owners to have a “peaceful” way of scaling. Their goal is for their clients to earn $100,000+ per month.

#7 Peaceful Profits market research & testing

Peaceful Profits aids in market research. They also provide market testing for offers and ideas. Moreover, they help entrepreneurs create a business in a niche of their choice.

What Is the One Book Millions Method book?

The One Book Millions Method book is a 68-page step-by-step eBook guide by Mike Shreeve. It exclusively reveals 40+ methods to scale businesses to 7 figures. Mike personally applies these strategies to his business, and accordingly, they have Added $5,000,000 per year to his coaching business. In this eBook, he shares a marketing strategy that’s no-pressure, has net zero costs, and enables the sale of up to 150 books daily. It also contains lessons, exercises, self-assessments, and example downloads that promise to teach readers how to do the following listed below.

  • Write a non-fiction book in 14 days
  • Turn book readers into loyal clients
  • Grow an email list from book readers
  • Build a $100k/month business from selling books

Is the One Book Millions Method worth buying?

Yes, the One Book Millions Method is worth buying if you’re an online entrepreneur seriously considering working with Mike Shreeve and his team. The low price can be an attractive starting point to learn more about what the Peaceful Profits program has to offer to scale your business. If you’re also interested in having a book as an offer for your business, this can give introductory information. However, if you just want a book that will teach you recent and various marketing methods, try out other books instead.

Who Is the Peaceful Profits Program For?

The Peaceful Profits program is for coaches, creatives, freelancers, agency owners, and professional service providers. Although they serve clients who are beginners, they mainly serve businesses that are scaling, with a revenue of $40,000 per year.

Who Is the Peaceful Profits Program Not For?

The Peaceful Profits Program is not for large businesses. It’s also not for individuals with an annual revenue below $40k.

What are Peaceful Profits Reviews?

Peaceful Profits reviews are found on Trustpilot. As of 2024, there’s one positive and negative review for the program. It has a TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5.

Peaceful Profits positive reviews

Peaceful Profits positive reviews on Trustpilot share that the courses are beginner-friendly. The materials also thoroughly explain the topics and they enable ease of creation and clarity. This review was submitted on the 5th of October, with the date of experience as September 5, 2023.

Peaceful Profits negative reviews

Peaceful Profits negative reviews on Trustpilot indicate that the courses are outdated. According to a review posted on the 20th of August, the strategies that the program teaches are from 2017 and are no longer applicable in the current times. The date of experience was on August 18, 2023.

Are the Students Of the Peaceful Profits Program Getting Results?

Yes, the students of the Peaceful Profits Program are getting results. This is based on their clients and results video under the What We Do page. Accordingly, Mike Shreeve has worked with notable clients that include Russell Brunson, Mel Robbins, Brendon Burchard, John C. Maxwell, John Wooden, Jim Rohn, Success Magazine, Zig Ziglar, Tom Bilyeu, and Peter Diamandis. Mike also has success stories from clients such as Dr. Price of TalkWorks Dialogue,  Anne Helmstadter from The Story Immersion Project, Bill Mueller of The Story Sales Machine, Kim Jacobson from The Webinar Lady, as well as Jackie Swift, Matt Rudnitsky, Kate Schell, Natalie Arriola, Paul Buzan, and May Cunningham. It should be noted that although this video was posted on the official Peaceful Profits website, these individuals are not clients of the program alone. They are people who have worked with Mike Shreeve since he started his business in 2007.

Who Is Mike Shreeve?

mike shreeve

Mike Shreeve is an online business coach, podcast host, marketer, and course creator. He is also the founder of the Peaceful Profits program and the No Pants Project. In the past, Mike was a freelance copywriter and a ghostwriter. Accordingly, he began his first business in 2007, published his first book in 2012, and has worked with thousands of clients. Mike has 31,000+ followers on Facebook with the handle @mikeshreve.worksmarter. 

Mike Shreeve background

Mike Shreeve’s background is visible on his LinkedIn page. He shared that he was a freelance copywriter from 2007 to 2011. After this, served a digital ad agency named Maven Digital Marketing for 9 months. Then, he started mikeshreeve.com where he served well-known clients including Russell Brunson, Mel Robbins, and Brendon Burchard. Following this, in 2019, he began the podcast No Pants Show. And in July 2017, he founded the Peaceful Profits program as a business and career coach.

Mike Shreeve reviews

Mike Shreeve reviews are both positive and negative. They can be found on the Lipstick Alley Forum, the Helen Nutall blog, as well as from the r/writing and r/freelancewriters subreddits. Positive reviews on Mike Shreeve state that his course is highly profitable, helpful for building a freelance career, useful for landing clients, and includes a supportive community. As for negative reviews, they indicate that Mike’s training is pricey, claimed that some feedback on Reddit was faked and that the open Facebook group deletes any form of criticism.

Mike Shreeve positive reviews

Mike Shreeve positive reviews

Mike Shreeve positive reviews are found on the Lipstick Alley Forum and on Reddit. In a comment made on the 8th of April 2020, Lipstick Alley Forum user stated that Mike Shreeve’s training helped her grow a profitable freelance writing business. As for the Reddit reviews, they were comments made by four people 5-6 years ago. They shared that Mike’s No Pants Project helped them land clients. Another Redditor stated that the community filled with other writers put a lot of value on the program. One user said that college degrees are worth $40,000+ and offer low prospects, whereas Mike Shreeve’s training is more profitable. And one commenter said that they made an average of $3,000 per month after joining the program.

Mike Shreeve negative reviews

Mike Shreeve negative reviews

Mike Shreeve negative reviews are present on the Helen Nutall blog and on Reddit. On October 4, 2022, blogger Helen Nutall shared that although Mike’s videos were inspiring and helpful, his courses were too expensive for her. Meanwhile, a Redditor shared that Mike’s ads on Facebook promoted a free webinar, but upon completion, had an offering priced at $1,000-$2,000 per year, or $97 per month. Another commenter shared that the advertisement they saw offered a free template but later directed to a $1,200/year program for the No Pants Project. Additionally, a Reddit user accused Mike Shreeve of shrilling or faking positive feedback on the platform, either through buying accounts or asking his students to do so. Then, another Redditor stated that the open Facebook group was highly monitored and removed negative posts.

What Is The Peaceful Profits Podcast?

The Peaceful Profits podcast is an audio program by Mike Shreeve. This show is centered on helping service providers, coaches, and consultants grow their businesses up to $100,000+ monthly revenue. It is available on the following platforms listed below.

  • Ivoox
  • Audacy
  • Podbay
  • Podbean 
  • Rephonic
  • Player FM
  • Goodpods
  • Podcasts.nu
  • Listen Notes
  • Pocket Casts
  • Apple podcast
  • YouTube (playlist from the official Peaceful Profits channel)

Mike Shreeve's Claims: Peaceful Profits Can Help Businesses Scale 7 Figures & Beyond

peaceful profits claims

Mike Shreeve claims that the Peaceful Profits program can help businesses scale to 7+ figures. He states that this is possible because of his extensive experience, having served 1000+ clients since 2007 and 100+ from Peaceful Profits alone. He also shares that his team members are some of the best and most ethical people in the world.

Mike Shreeve's Claims Debunked

Mike Shreeve’s claim of having helped hundreds of businesses scale beyond 7 figures is difficult to give credence to for three reasons: there are little to no third-party testimonials, the founder doesn’t disclose images of his life, and there are no details about his supposed world-class team. Recall that, to work with Mike Shreeve, it costs $1,500 to $50,000. It would be helpful for potential clients to learn more about these three factors because of the high costs.

Although Peaceful Profits has been around for 7 years in 2024, there are only 2 Trustpilot reviews online, one positive and one negative. The only available testimonials for the program are in a video posted on the official website, not from third-party sites or directly from the customers.

Also, Mike himself has a mysterious online presence. He does disclose information about himself on his YouTube channel, mikeshreeve.com, thenopantsproject.com, and peacefulprofits.com. However, he rarely posts pictures or videos of his personal life, working with clients, or being with his team. Additionally, Mike Shreeve started as a ghostwriter so it’s hard to verify his work and find articles with a byline.

As for his staff, there are also no names, job descriptions, or any details regarding them. Since he states that they are ethical and excellent, it would be helpful for interested clients to get to know their backgrounds and expertise.

Moreover, as evident in the Reddit and blog reviews, Mike Shreeve’s strategy of having a low-cost starting offer, which is then followed by expensive upsells, backfires. Even if the course/program/book offered is good, there are some audiences who are put off by the sudden upsurge in cost. This, in return, can harm your online reputation.

What Is Prospecting?

Prospecting is the process of identifying, contacting, and engaging potential customers. This is one of the first steps in the sales process.

What Challenges Does An Agency Face Landing Clients?

Challenges that an agency faces landing clients are communication, retention, varying needs, budget constraints, burnout, and competition. In 2024, they also need to gain an understanding of search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Peaceful Profits alternatives

How the Local Lead Generation Business Lands High-Paying Clients

While Peaceful Profits helps course creators, freelancers, and consultants, there's a better way to land high-paying clients. This is through local lead generation, which teaches advanced SEO skills

With a lead gen biz, you will learn how to create websites and rank them on the internet. Your clients are happy to pay up to $3,000/mo per website because they will have customers through your site.

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