Agency Coach Review: Does Mike Schmidt’s Training Really Teach You How To Own Your Life?

November 27, 2023

Agency Coach is an online coaching service that helps digital agency owners build and scale their businesses. The program was created by Mike Schmidt who is also the founder of the digital marketing and web design agency Anchor Wave. Agency Coach teaches agency owners how to get more clients, increase sales, and achieve financial freedom. Mike Schmidt claims that by owning an agency, you can “own your life.”

The digital agency market is profitable but not without its obstacles. With fast-changing online trends and growing competition, about 50% of digital agencies don't make it past their fifth year. It's challenging to grow an agency while maintaining quality. Getting new clients, managing a team, and keeping up with the latest digital strategies are key factors for success.

This Agency Coach review will examine the pros and cons of Agency Coach, its free and paid coaching programs, and who it's for. We will also examine if Mike Schmidt’s methods can really help you “own your life” as an agency owner.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Agency Coach?


Focuses on web and digital agencies. Programs come with step-by-step guides specifically for agency owners and online freelancers.

Coaches are marketing professionals with expertise in sales, lead generation, client management, and advertising

Includes one-on-one coaching sessions for students to get constructive feedback and valuable insights into running a successful digital agency


Some of the free trainings and resources seem outdated for 2023.

They have multiple programs where the content overlaps.

The strategies taught in the training are what Mike Schmidt did in his own agency, Anchor Wave. It may not apply to all types of digital agencies.


The Agency Coach training includes self-paced modules and live coaching sessions.


The program started out as Agency Mastermind in 2017. It rebranded to Agency Coach in 2019.


Agency Coach has a 5-star rating out of 34 Facebook reviews. It also has a 4.8-star rating out of 74 Google reviews.

How Much Does Agency Coach Cost?

Agency Coach costs around $20-$5,000, depending on the type of coaching program. They also have free consultations and resources. Their refund policy states that you can get a 30-day discretionary refund if you submit a request. They will need proof that you implemented the strategies in your purchased training.

What Is Agency Coach?

Agency Coach is an online training platform for entrepreneurs who want to build and scale a successful digital agency. Members can learn from a mix of free and premium training modules that provide insights into improving business performance. They have a team of experienced marketing agency coaches who offer knowledge and community support. With Agency Coach, agency owners gain access to essential tools for areas like digital strategy, content creation, and client acquisition.

Review PRO Launchpad

Review PRO Launchpad is an online program that helps agency owners start a profitable online reviews business. It includes coaching with Mike Schmidt on how to land clients fast and sell higher offers using positive reviews. While participants aren't required to be digital marketing experts, the program teaches hands-on techniques for automating the review and lead generation process. Members of the Review PRO Launchpad also benefit from all-around support which includes course materials, a Facebook community, and email assistance.

Agency Coach Ignite

The Agency Coach Ignite is a step-by-step program that teaches low-profit agencies how to get new clients in 30 days. It shows students how to apply the "leveraged service model" to manage their time better, increase productivity, and improve client satisfaction. The program also highlights the essential skills for sales. Agency Coach Ignite is specifically for web design and digital marketing agencies.

Digital Agency Momentum Kit

The Digital Agency Momentum Kit is a package of digital assets that helps agency owners “supercharge” their operations. It includes web design and digital marketing proposals, training sessions, and tools for effective sales and lead generation. This kit claims to simplify running and scaling a digital agency into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Agency Coach Mastermind

Agency Coach Mastermind is a one-on-one coaching program that teaches digital agency owners how to create time and financial freedom in their business within 12 months. It offers personalized strategies based on systems that Mike Schmidt and his partners have tested. Coaching clients gain insights from coaches who have managed hundreds of digital marketing campaigns, led teams of over 20 full-time members, and generated millions in annual revenues.

Agency Lead Funnel Kit

The Agency Lead Funnel Kit is a lead generation toolkit for a digital marketing agency. It includes an eBook on Google Business Profiles, pre-built conversion-focused funnel pages, pre-made promotional materials for outreach campaigns, and delivery emails to nurture and convert potential leads. Users also gain access to a 5-day group coaching challenge and an online community.

What Are Agency Coach's Free Training Options?

Agency Coach has 5 free training options. These are the 4 Keys Training For Digital Agencies, Google Business Profile Exposure Guide Lead Magnet, Web Services Agreement Template, 27 Questions to Ask Every New Client, and How to Start a Super Profitable Online Review Business. 

The training on building an online reviews business includes a section on reputation management. Reputation management can set you apart from the competition. By maintaining a positive online image and addressing customer feedback, you establish trust. Trust can increase customer loyalty and referrals.

4 Keys Training For Digital Agencies

The 4 Keys Training For Digital Agencies is a free on-demand webclass for web design and digital marketing agencies. The training aims to transform agencies from “high-stress, low-profit enterprises” into “thriving business machines.” During the webclass, participants will learn how to generate a steady supply of leads without incurring costs.

Google Business Profile Exposure Guide Lead Magnet

The Google Business Profile Exposure Guide is a free guidebook that Mike Schmidt uses to attract 400 monthly leads. This lead magnet works for both cold leads and existing clients. It claims to help agency owners introduce additional offers to current customers.

Web Services Agreement Template

The Web Services Agreement Template is a contract template. It’s the same document Mike Schmidt used to generate 10 million dollars for his agency. It includes a two-page agreement to protect agency owners for any type of project. The document features clear and simple terms so clients can easily sign it.

27 Questions to Ask Every New Client

The 27 Questions to Ask Every New Client is a list of questions agency owners should ask new clients during the initial meeting. It includes a 20-minute training session on using these questions to establish authority and increase sales.

How to Start a Super Profitable Online Review Business

How to Start a Super Profitable Online Review Business is a free training that teaches agency owners how to start an online review business or add it to their current strategy. In the training, Mike explains how easy it is to get your first client for reviews. Mike claims that once you help clients with reviews, it’s easier to sell them other digital services.

What Do You Learn In Agency Coach?

Agency Coach teaches students how to create a profitable digital agency. They do this through paid and free training that teaches the step-by-step process for getting clients and building recurring revenue. They also share tips on how to close client projects. The secret to closing client projects is understanding the client's needs, presenting tailored solutions, and building strong, trust-based relationships.

Agency Coach trainings combine hands-on learning with proven strategies from Mike Schmidt’s own agency. The goal is to help small businesses increase their impact, reduce stress, and improve their online presence.

What Is Anchor Wave?

Anchor Wave is a digital marketing and web design agency founded by Mike Schmidt in 2003. They specialize in online reviews, search engine optimization, branding & awareness,  Facebook and Google ads, and content marketing. The agency helps businesses improve their client acquisition and lead generation strategies. Since its founding, Anchor Wave has launched over 1,400 websites.

How Does Agency Coach Help You Make Money As A Business Owner?

Agency Coach helps you make money as a business owner by:

  • Investment in Knowledge

    They emphasize the importance of learning, with agency owners heavily investing in their own education, pointing out investments of over $100,000 in various educator-driven experiences.

  • Practical Experience

    Agency Coach's strategy is rooted in real-world experience, not just theoretical knowledge. They advocate for strategies that have been proven in the actual business landscape.
  • Clear Recommendations

    Their agency is the proving ground for sales and service delivery strategies. This means the recommendations they make aren't just good ideas on paper but actionable insights that have been tested and validated.

  • Focused Training and Coaching

    The training and coaching provided by Agency Coach come from real-world examples. They have a structured approach, ensuring that the teachings are tailored to the needs of agencies.

  • A Supportive Community

    Emphasizing that you're not alone, they highlight the significance of collaboration. The community around Agency Coach is composed of many members striving towards a common goal, fostering a spirit of collective growth.

  • Driving Local Business

    Their manifesto underlines the goal of helping abundance-minded business owners power up their customer activity. They recognize the importance of local businesses and aim to bolster their operations and presence.

  • Strategies for Sustainable Business

    With principles like "Great clients are made not born" and "You deserve recurring revenue," they emphasize the importance of building long-term, sustainable relationships and revenue streams rather than chasing one-off projects.

  • Mindset Shift

    They encourage a shift from time-based revenue to value-based revenue. By focusing on delivering value, businesses can avoid the pitfalls of “trading time for dollars” that limit growth.

Who Is Agency Coach For?

Agency Coach is for agencies, freelancers, marketing professionals, and small business owners who are looking to start or scale their own digital agency.

Who Is Agency Coach Not For?

Agency Coach is not for those who can’t commit to learning and growing. It is also not for those who believe they will get rich quick with the agency business model.

Are The Agency Coach Students Getting Results?

Yes, Agency Coach students are getting results. Student reviews on their Facebook page and Google profile show positive feedback and success stories.

Crystal Lynn Marsh from Minnetonka, Minnesota, owner of Crystal Clear Solutions Digital Agency, shares that she closed her first deal after signing up for the Agency Coach Ignitor program.

Terry Rossi from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founder of PICS ITech, says that the Agency Coach Mastermind helped him kickstart his own agency. He talks about the program’s playbooks and how important they were in his business.

The Agency Coach website also features dozens of reviews from students. James Levisee is the founder of Lingo Digital, a web design agency based in Little Rock, Arkansas. He shares that he built a projected $17k recurring revenue model after taking the ReviewLead program.

Is Agency Coach Worth It?

Yes, Agency Coach is worth it if you value structured guidance for building or scaling your digital agency. They have coaches and mentors with decades of experience in the digital space. You’ll learn insights and best practices from industry professionals, which can reduce the learning curve for newcomers. In 2023, it can be worth starting a digital marketing agency. However, as with any investment, it's important to do your own research, understand what the program offers, and determine if it aligns with your goals.

Who Is Mike Schmidt?

Mike Schmidt is the Co-Founder of Agency Coach, LLC based in Tucson, Arizona. He attended the University of Arizona where he studied Media Arts, New Media, and Computer Science.

Mike got his start in web design when he created his high school’s website in 1993. His work was eventually featured in the MSNBC show The Site.

Since then, Mike has helped small businesses expand through digital marketing. This includes offering advice on web design, usability, SEO, and reputation management. He founded his own agency Anchor Wave after graduating from college in 2003. Mike has also served as a Managing Partner at WireHire from 2008 to 2015.

Mike Schmidt's Claims

Mike Schmidt claims that if you own your agency, you “own your life.” He suggests that owning a digital agency is the solution to creating time and financial freedom.

The Agency Coach website suggests that agency owners “should easily attract clients” if they have the proper training and strategies (which Agency Coach claims to know).

Mike believes there is “no shortage of clients or money” to be made through the agency business model. He also claims that an agency should be set up to function without the constant presence of the owner.

Mike Schmidt's Claims Debunked

While Mike Schmidt believes that when you “own your agency” you “own your life,” the reality may not be as simple. There is no guarantee that owning a digital agency can lead to financial freedom. The Agency Coach website proves this point in its disclaimer.

Personal success stories of agency owners like Mike are not the typical outcomes for everyone. They mention that “the average person who buys ‘how to’ information gets little to no results.” This “how to” information includes all Agency Coach training and programs.

Even with proper training, agency owners can’t be sure they’ll “easily attract clients.” The industry is competitive with the U.S. alone having 120,000 digital agencies. Attracting clients requires skill, experience, networking, and sometimes even luck. Given the competition, it’s also misleading to think there is “no shortage of clients or money” in a digital agency.

What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is about influencing public perceptions about a brand or business. It involves monitoring customer reviews and responding to them to create a positive image. Managing online reviews is important given that 93% of people read reviews about local businesses. This shapes customer decisions and helps businesses increase their sales. Agency Coach helps agency owners get more 5-star reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Citysearch.

Why Do People Like Reviews?

People like reviews because they:

  • Provide honest opinions about a brand or business from real customers.
  • Help make informed decisions about a product or service.
  • Give insights into the quality and reliability of a business.
  • Compare experiences from different customers.
  • For a social media marketing agency, these reviews can showcase their ability to manage and promote positive client feedback.

What Do Agency Owners Struggle With The Most?

According to Agency Coach, agency owners struggle the most with insufficient knowledge and training to scale their business. They often feel overwhelmed with tasks like managing client relationships and delivering quality results. Some are also unsure of the steps to start a digital marketing agency from scratch. Agency Coach offers guidance to agency owners so they can gain clarity and streamline their operations for growth.

Is Reputation Management Worth It?

Yes, reputation management is worth it if you want to maintain a positive brand image, attract more customers, and build trust. The challenge with this business model is that a single negative review can impact your credibility. It can even cost a business 22% of its potential customers. So you need to monitor comments and reviews across all online platforms. Failing to address negative feedback right away can harm your business.

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To A Reputation Management Agency?

Local lead generation is about attracting potential customers to a local business through SEO, paid ads, or social media. 72% of consumers say search is their primary method of finding local business information. This means that a well-optimized website can increase traffic and drive more sales.

On the other hand, a reputation management agency focuses on monitoring and improving a business's online image. This involves responding to reviews so the business maintains a positive online presence. While local lead generation aims to bring in new customers, reputation management makes sure that these new customers find positive information about a business or company.

Agency Coach Alternatives

  • Seth Jared Hymes’ Digital Marketing Career Blueprint teaches you the fundamentals of digital marketing, including training for Google Ads, Google Analytics, WordPress, and SEO. The course also offers lifetime access to its content, mentorship, and job opportunities.   
  • Jim’s Digital Marketing Masterclass teaches you how to establish and manage a social media marketing agency (SMMA) using the "8-Step Antman System". It guides you through the process of getting clients and automating your agency.
  • Marketing Agency Program teaches you how to find and close potential clients for your marketing agency and effectively set up and run Facebook ads. The course covers topics such as prospecting, sales techniques, contract finalization, and advertising strategies for client success.
  • Peaceful Profits helps coaches, freelancers, and consultants gain more clients through low-ticket book offers and funnels. They also help businesses scale through systems and automation.

Conclusion: Can You Really Make Money With Reputation Management In 2023?

Yes, you can make money with reputation management in 2023 given that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If your business has multiple positive customer reviews, it can encourage new prospects to buy your offer. But it can be challenging. There are now dozens of online platforms you’ll need to monitor. Replying to reviews becomes a big task that can take up most of your time and resources. The sheer volume can overwhelm many small businesses.

Local lead generation provides a more streamlined and reliable business model. It directly addresses the needs of local businesses by connecting them with potential customers. With over 97% of consumers searching for local businesses online, there's a clear demand that the lead generation model taps into. 

Local lead generation

By creating local service websites and getting them to rank high on search engines, you can capture consistent and targeted traffic. You can rent out a top-ranked local service website and earn $500 to $2,000 monthly. The stability of these sites gives them an edge over the constant monitoring required in reputation management.

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