Stephen and Chelsey Diaz’s Rainmaker Challenge Review: 2 Pitfalls This Trending Program For Moms You Need to Consider

September 22, 2023

The 7-Day Rainmaker Challenge is an Amazon FBA introductory course created by Chelsey and Stephen Diaz that teaches individuals how to start a business through the platform. Known as the “perfect nap time biz,” the program is intended for stay-at-home moms, one that features an interesting twist on the usual courses that highlight the profitability of the Amazon FBA business model. 

A survey conducted by Jungle Scout in 2022 revealed that nearly half or 44% of Amazon sellers raked in between $1,000 and $25,000 per month. With an annual sales of $12,000 to $300,000, a big slice of profit is possible. And for moms out there, this is more than encouraging. While the promise of an Amazon FBA course is enticing, there are also roadblocks down the line that need to be addressed. Some of these include long-term storage fees, the often laborious product preparation requirements, and less passive features when it comes to generating income. There is one program, however, that doesn’t come with these and is ultimately more passive!

In this review, we’ll look into the costs involved with the 7 Day Rainmaker Challenge, the course’s inclusions, and whether or not the program is too good to be true. In addition, I’ll be revealing who the Rainmaker family is and what their show is all about!

What is the Rainmaker program?


The Rainmaker program is a 7-day course for stay-at-home mothers who want to learn how to start an Amazon FBA business. Developed by Stephen and Chelsey Diaz, the program is coached by the creators themselves live and on a daily basis at 9AM PST through the Rainmaker Family Facebook Group. Founded in January 2018, the Rainmaker Challenge course focuses on leveraging the #1 eCommerce platform, creating profitable and private label physical product brands, while establishing the right to-dos to generate income more passively.

What are the pros and cons of the Rainmaker Challenge?


Affordability. The training only costs $47.

Supportive and helpful community.

Tons of add-ons and giveaways.

Ideal for moms who want to strike a balance between family and work.


Basic course outline on Amazon FBA.

Comes with many upsells.


The price of the Rainmaker Challenge starts at only $47.


The training for the Rainmaker Challenge follows a 7-day schedule.


The Rainmaker Challenge has Facebook and Instagram groups.

Refund Policy

The Rainmaker Challenge has a "Make It Rain Guarantee," allowing moms to refund after "Day 2" of the program.


The Rainmaker Challenge was founded in 2017. It now has 11-50 employees.


The Rainmaker Challenge has 208K Instagram and 6.6K Facebook followers.

Does The Rainmaker Challenge Offer Any Bonus Material?

Yes, the Rainmaker Challenge offers bonus materials. There are six bonus features in total, ranging from a book that talks about building a business that generates passive income to access to experts in many money-making sectors of the industry. Here they are:

1. Bonus 1 

The first bonus feature, also known as the Rainmaker’s Exclusive Training, promises the mompreneurs out there the only things they would do in order to kick their business off even while they’re napping or asleep.

2. Bonus 2

The second extra is for those who might still be clueless as to what they’re going to do with their business. According to the creators, this free book is a tell-all on what you really need to succeed in this money-making journey.

3. Bonus 3

If you want to know the secret strategies behind acquiring free things on Amazon, this bonus is for you.

4. Bonus 4

Otherwise known as the counter profit tool, this 197 dollar-worth feature that comes with this bonus will allegedly allow you to avoid errors.

5. Bonus 5

This Instagram-centric free training course will enable students and moms alike to generate more leads via the app.

6. Bonus 6

The personal sourcing agent, courtesy of the Rainmaker Challenge program, gets to be revealed with this bonus feature. Meanwhile, mothers will learn important details surrounding the prized “How to Turn a Product Idea Into a Reality” course.

7. Bonus 7

They say this bonus feature has $10,000 up for grabs just for watching them live. 

What is the Rainmaker App?

The Rainmaker app refers to an online ecosystem created by the Rainmaker family that features tools, resources, and training that help moms to learn more about the Amazon FBA business. The app also allows them to discover how to make passive income online while doing it in less time.

What Is The Rainmaker Academy Cost?

The Rainmaker Academy cost is only $47. It should be noted, however, that the fee is just the base price of the program. With this fee, moms will be able to access the program’s training, along with resources if they need support.

So, here’s the caveat: While the Rainmaker Challenge cost features a very modest price, Stephen and Chelsey often recommend that you save up between $1,000 and $10,000 in order to actually start an Amazon FBA business. The amount already comprises the product price itself and the additional costs, which include Amazon Seller Fees.

On the other hand, the Rainmaker Challenge program also comes with extra fees, ones that are available as upsells. There is the Family Freedom Box, which costs nothing but with a shipping fee of $19.95. The box includes daily guidelines and a workbook too. There is also the Rainmaker Challenge Plus Experience, costing $127. This extra feature has many a valuable insight you can take advantage of when it comes to product research, with coaches at your disposal.

Finally, there’s the Rainmaker Lifetime Access Pass that includes access to transcribed documents, along with reruns and MP3 audio downloads. This one costs $97.

What Is Included In The Rainmaker Challenge?

The Rainmaker Challenge includes seven days of training, each of which is designed to help dedicated moms to learn about the Amazon FBA business in a gradual manner. We’re breaking these lessons down for you here:

Day 1

  • Basics of Amazon FBA

  • Understanding the value of instant wins

  • Developing a mindset for success

Day 2

  • Strategies on managing time by Stephen and Chelsey Diaz

Day 3

  • Introduction of the Power Profit Tool

  • Essential tools needed to run a successful Amazon FBA business are revealed

Day 4

  • Automating your Amazon FBA business

  • Maximizing your profitability

Day 5

  • Finding profitable products that sell

  • Four qualifiers that determine whether a product will sell are shared by the creators

Day 6

  • Product sourcing

  • Finding reliable manufacturers

Day 7

  • How to grow your business quickly

What is the Rainmaker Challenge?

The Rainmaker Challenge is a course developed by Stephen and Chelsey Diaz that is specifically designed for moms who want to find balance between work and family. The program includes topics essential to finding success in Amazon FBA. These topics are spread across a seven-day training.

How Does The Rainmaker Challenge Help You Make Money?

The Rainmaker Challenge helps you make money through the many features that come from the program itself that should boost your Amazon FBA business. Some of these include key product research and sourcing, automation, the Power Profit Tool, and the prized tools needed to manage such a business. Once these are learned, the course also ensures that you get to experience financial gain through allowing you to look into how to maximize profitability down the line. Ultimately, the latter is truly all digital.

What is a Rainmaker Affiliate?

A Rainmaker Affiliate is a member of the Rainmaker Family’s affiliate marketing program. With the membership and being part of the Amazon Associates Program (AAP), you and The Rainmaker Family may earn advertising fees by means of advertising on or directing readers to via the Rainmaker Family website. 

Rainmaker Challenge Review: 2 Pitfalls They Don’t Tell You Upfront

1. Basic course outline on Amazon FBA

While the Rainmaker Challenge course comes with a meager price of $47, the caveat becomes obvious as soon as the training on Amazon FBA starts. Stay-at-home moms will need to adjust their expectations in this regard as the course outline of the program’s core business model is basic at best. 

From the get-go, Stephen and Chelsey Diaz recommend that you save up to $10,000 to start an actual Amazon FBA biz. Meanwhile, this doesn’t still include the other fees that come with the program itself, such as the Family Freedom Box and the Rainmaker Challenge Plus Experience—both of which are valuable if you want to maximize the Rainmaker experience.

2. The program comes with many “upsells”

Whether it’s a ruse or a marketing strategy on their end, the $47 advertised starting price of the Rainmaker Challenge program is simply too-good-to-be-true. As soon as you get into the nitty-gritty of the course, a series of upsells is revealed. There is the $10K to actually start an Amazon FBA biz, the aforementioned extra fees you need to buy in order to maximize the Rainmaker program, along with if you plan to get the course replayed, and the 1-on-1 Product Feedback Session.

Is The Rainmaker Challenge a Scam?

The Rainmaker Challenge isn’t a scam. While the business model behind the program—the Amazon FBA business—doesn’t promise instant results, navigating through it, like any endeavor, also comes with some challenges down the line. Still, there are now many families and stay-at-home moms that benefited from getting into the Rainmakers academy. And at the core of these successes is not only the fact that the program works, but also because of its good foundation and community. So, is the Rainmaker Challenge legit? Definitely.

What Do Online Reviews Say About The Rainmaker Challenge?

The Rainmaker Challenge reviews are mostly positive. For instance, the program’s supportive group and community is a standout. Creators Stephen and Chelsey Diaz both provide a support desk that can attend to any concerns you might have. The program also has a Facebook group where they can get the help that they need.

Another hallmark of the Rainmaker 7 day challenge is that it isn’t expensive. For only $47, you’ll already be introduced to the basics of the Amazon FBA business. 

Who Are The Rainmaker Family?

The Rainmaker Family is the founder of the Rainmaker Challenge. Developed by Stephen and Chelsey Diaz, the program is intended for stay-at-home moms who want to learn about the Amazon FBA business model. The California-based group, which is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, has a podcast that aims to help moms to “work for the internet.” It now has over 100 episodes. The Rainmaker Family consists of Stephen, Chelsey, Kai, and Ollie.

What is the Rainmaker Show?

The Rainmaker Show is a weekly podcast that teaches and helps families to cultivate and maximize the “How Can I” mindset. Listeners, in their regular Rainmaker Challenge day also get to know how and why stepping into financial freedom is tied up to this mindset. Alternatively, you can also learn these through videos via the family’s YouTube account. Step-by-step walkthroughs of these teachings, along with the family’s adventures are usually the highlights of these uploads.

Stephen and Chelsey Diaz’s Claims

When stay-at-home moms choose to subscribe to the Rainmaker Challenge program, Stephen and Chelsey Diaz believe that she’d be able to reap critical benefits. At the top of the list is the chance to build an Amazon FBA business that also allows them to do it while in the confines of their homes, with their family. With the course, moms will also be able to have a business that gives them the pleasure of planning their days ahead while fulfilling the needs of their families.

Debunking The Rainmaker Family’s Claims in the Real World

While having an Amazon FBA business can be a source of a passive income, there are still obligations that you need to fulfill. One of them is sourcing goods to be sent to the platform’s warehouses. The biz model will also require you with laborious product preparation requirements. Some of these include specific packaging, along with labeling standards—both of which are often tedious and time-consuming. Ultimately, these make Amazon FBA to be less passive as a source for income stream.

Rainmaker Challenge Review: Rainmaker Challenge Alternatives

1. The Amazon Selling Machine

The price of this alternative Amazon FBA course is only $4,997 and comes with 180 hours worth of videos. Founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clarke, the Amazon Selling Machine program is for complete beginners who want to have a walkthrough to a six-figure generating income, with guidance from 7-figure with reputable Amazon sellers. Apart from this program, here are the best Amazon FBA courses.

2. Helium 10 Freedom Ticket And Tool Suite

The price of the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket and Tool Suite, an alternative course to the Rainmaker Challenge, will set you back at $39 per month. Other fees include the $997 for Freedom Ticker a la carte without Helium 10. The course is intended for those who find the Amazon Selling Machine a bit too steep with its fees. Best of all, you can learn the Amazon FBA program at a fraction of a time!

Is Selling on Amazon a Viable Option For You?

Selling on Amazon is still a viable option. While all business models come with their own benefits and disadvantages, the platform’s advantages outweigh the hurdles you might encounter. Here are some of its pros and cons:


Acquisition of new customers.

High traffic channel often means increased sales.

Modern day preference of shopping on marketplaces.


Fees associated with marketplaces.

Limited control for an Amazon FBA seller.

Related Rainmaker Challenge Courses

Final Thoughts: Why Local Lead Generation Is A More Viable Business Model In 2023

The business model behind the Rainmaker Challenge, the Amazon FBA, can be profitable. As Amazon is by your side, not only your logistics and shipment services are taken care of; the platform also comes with a massive customer traffic, which in itself is already a bonus.

The Amazon FBA program, like all business models, however, also comes with some roadblocks that need to be addressed. While it may be lucrative, the biz isn’t exactly future proofed. Companies are always on the go with up and coming innovations by their side, resulting in newer Amazon products. As for my recommended business model, the Local Lead Generation, the success of your business will entirely depend on you and your skill set in ranking websites. All that matters really is who to beat in the upper sections of Google.

The Local Lead Generation biz model is also definitely more passive when it comes to income stream and making money online than Amazon FBA. With the latter, you’re bound to be dealing with physical products—an indication that there is more to do. These include talking with suppliers, inventory management, and still dealing with customs despite help from Amazon FBA. Where as with local lead gen, all you need to do is rank websites for your clients on Google that generates leads. As it is, your passive income generating techniques are less and your profit margin is likely higher!

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