Raising Voyagers’ Travel Hacking Masterclass Review – Book a First Class Flights For Only $95?

July 20, 2024

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass is a course by Bradey and Heather Jobson. The course teaches techniques aimed at making travel affordable and accessible. Participants benefit from the masterclass' affordable travel strategies and the Jobsons' expertise sharing. Participants can also appreciate the course's enjoyable content and accessibility.

The masterclass is unique because it teaches members to book a first-class flight for only $95. According to a 2023 survey by ValuePenguin, the average cost of a first-class ticket from the U.S. to Europe is around $5,000. This makes travel hacking a practical way of saving.

The testimonials for Raising Voyagers’ Travel Hacking Masterclass do not exist online. Even their page does not post any reviews or success stories. Joining the masterclass will reveal these reviews. What exists are comments on Raising Voyagers alone and not their masterclass.

In This Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass review, we’ll provide the course's inclusions. We'll also discuss its pros, cons, and general information. Additionally, learn about a travel-friendly business model because it generates passive income. This article will help you make an informed choice on Rising Voyagers, travel hacking, and whether it's worth it.

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass Pros And Cons


Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass has cost-effective travel techniques. It makes luxury travel accessible to more people.

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass always updates their planning guides and introductory videos. This offers ongoing value and up-to-date information for students.

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass has real-life applications. The creators share their personal experiences of travelling full-time.


Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass requires a time commitment. With 59 lessons and 3 hours of video content, it's challenging for busy individuals.

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass has an initial learning curve. It involves understanding complex points and miles systems.

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass is limited to specific techniques. These specific methods do not apply to all travel scenarios or destinations.


Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass currently costs $250. But it is on an occasional discount of 50% off, bringing it down to $125.

Refund Policy

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass didn't give details on the refund policy.


Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass doesn't reveal their origin date. However, the YouTube channel associated with the masterclass started in November 2018


Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass cannot be determined because of lack of reviews.

July 20, 2024

I’ve seen them too. I find it hard to watch the wife and kids because the fake baby talk drives me nuts. I usually just skip through the parts with the kids.


2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass Help You Book a First Class Flights For Only $95?

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass helps you book first-class flights for only $95 through strategic rewards and travel hacking. The masterclass teaches how to book international flights for less than $10. It also teaches tricks on booking first-class flights by earning and using airline miles, credit card points, and other loyalty programs. Additionally, they teach you how to save on accommodation, rentals, flights, and experiences.

Travel hacking is using different strategies to earn points and miles. These methods help you get free or heavily discounted travel. The goal is to maximize the value of points and miles for luxurious, affordable travel. This makes the course helpful for travel enthusiasts.

The specific strategies taught in Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass are:

  • Credit Card Bonuses and Rewards Optimization: Earn points to redeem flights. This includes first-class tickets. A 2022 Experian report shows sign-up bonuses can earn 100,000 points. These points can be worth over $1,000 in travel rewards.

  • Maximizing Airline Miles and Loyalty Programs: Use airline miles that lead to savings on flight bookings.

  • Award Flight Booking Techniques: Use award booking to reduce the points required for a flight.

  • Point Transfer Strategies: Transfer points to the right programs and enhance the value of your points.

  • Travel Deal Hunting: Staying updated on deals provides opportunities for reduced rates. Sites like Scott's Cheap Flights and The Flight Deal can help travelers find discounts of up to 90% on airfare.

  • Utilizing Travel Hacking Tools: Tools streamline finding the best deals and maximizing rewards.

  • Advanced Booking Strategies: Proper timing leads to better availability and lower flight costs. According to a study by CheapAir, booking flights 70 days in advance can save travelers an average of $50 per ticket.

  • Travel Hacking Ethics and Best Practices: Prevent potential issues and maintain access to travel hacking opportunities.

What Can You Get From Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass?

You can get 59 lessons with 3 hours of video content with Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass. The lessons teach you to hack your travel expenses, giving you a luxurious experience. The strategies help you save hundreds of dollars for your adventures. A 2019 study by American Express found travelers can save $1,200. They save this amount yearly using points and miles effectively.

The topics covered in Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass are finding cheap flights. It also covers credit card rewards, booking affordable accommodations, and car rental hacks. Additionally, it has money-saving tips for travel, destination-specific guides, and personalized travel strategies.

Getting Started

This section provides the introduction to the masterclass. It also contains instructions on how the course works. This section explains the travel mistakes the Jobsons made when they started traveling.

Booking Flights

This section explains how to find the cheapest flights. It reveals methods to save significant money on airfare. Readers will discover how the authors saved $1,200 each on their flights. Additionally, it covers how they visited an extra country at no extra cost.

The section teaches how to reverse engineer flight paths. This strategy can save travelers thousands of dollars. It also explains how to get notified about cheap flights and mistake fares. Tips include avoiding baggage fees and why reserving a seat is unnecessary.

Flexibility is crucial in booking flights, as emphasized in this section. It discusses the best times to stock up on flights. The section also explores the pros and cons of taking kids out of school for travel. Readers will find strategies to maximize savings and travel opportunities.

Point-Based Travel

This section introduces point-based travel, showing how to use rewards to cut costs. It explains booking a $10,000 first-class ticket for $95. Personalized help is available, starting with points of travel hacking. It also highlights important considerations for using points.

Book Accommodation

This section covers booking accommodations and securing discounts on Airbnb. It compares Airbnb to hotels, analyzing which option is cheaper. Practical tips and personal experiences help illustrate the best ways to save on lodging.

Car Rentals and Ground Transportation

This section explains how to save up to 75% on car rentals and avoid common scams. It explores alternative car rental options. You'll learn how to lease a brand-new car for a third of the rental price and whether renting a car is necessary. Additionally, it provides tips on avoiding taxi scams.

Top Money-Saving Tips

This section shares tips for avoiding ATM and foreign transaction fees. Learn how to use travel geo arbitrage and slow travel for $700 monthly. It also covers how to be paid to travel with no need for a social media following. Additionally, it includes a parking hack to avoid paying for airport parking.

Miscellaneous Tips

This section advises against visiting the Eiffel Tower. It emphasizes that each country requires a unique travel approach. It provides simple tips to avoid jetlag and discusses essential items to pack to save money. Learn to reduce cell phone costs abroad and save $20 per person on travel days.

Additionally, the section covers tipping culture in various countries. It also shares insights on learning a new language. It concludes with practical travel advice. This helps you make the most of your adventures and save money.

Venice, Italy, for under $500

This section introduces how to explore Venice on a budget of $500. It covers key attractions, affordable accommodations, and essential travel tips. You'll also discover top sights like San Giorgio Tower and off-island trips. Enjoy a gondola ride and unique activities. Find the best sunrise spots in Venice.

Learn where to eat affordably and the best walking streets for shopping. Get tips on navigating Venice with a cost-effective boat pass. Also, determine how long you will stay and the best times to visit Venice. Learn to book affordable flights, including $30 options and hotels for $40-$60. Finalize your itinerary and budget for a memorable, affordable trip.

Travel Planning Guides

This section offers a comprehensive guide for planning a trip to Isla Mujeres. It includes information on top attractions, local cuisine, and the best times to visit. The guide offers advice on affordable lodging, transportation, and unique island activities.

Who Is Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass for?

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass is for frequent travelers seeking luxury on a budget. It's perfect for travelers who love exploring new places. Frequent travelers, families, and budget-conscious adventurers fit the Jobsons' target market. This demographic can effectively relate to and apply the course creators' strategies.

Travel hacking is for people wanting to use credit rewards, airline miles, and loyalty programs. Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass makes travelers' dreams more affordable and accessible. The masterclass provides the tools and strategies to save money. Participants will learn to navigate travel rewards for more affordable trips.

Are The Clients of Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass Getting Results?

There is no information on whether the clients of Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass are getting results. You must buy the course before you see their client's success stories. However, Raising Voyagers creators are getting results with travel hacking as a family. Mimicking Raising Voyagers' strategy and resources allows clients to get equal outcomes.

Is Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass Worth Joining?

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass is worth joining if you want to learn cost-effective travel techniques and make luxury travel accessible. One major benefit is learning cost-saving travel strategies. The masterclass regularly updates new planning guides and introductory videos. This ensures that students receive ongoing value and up-to-date information.

Additionally, it has real-life applications because creators share their full-time travel experiences. However, the masterclass requires a lot of time commitment. With 59 lessons and 3 hours of video content, it can be challenging for busy individuals to keep up. There is also an initial learning curve, as understanding the complex points and miles systems can be difficult. The techniques are also specific and may not apply to all travel scenarios.

I think travel hacking is financially worth the time and effort if you want to focus on traveling. However, managing finances while providing for your loved one's needs is more important. Travel comes next once you achieve financial freedom.

Who Are The Raising Voyagers?

Raising Voyagers is a family of travel journalists and content creators. They document their adventures as they travel the world. The family comprises Bradey and Heather Jobson, along with their children. They sold everything to travel full-time and share their experiences through different platforms.

Their mission is to show their daughters the world and raise them to be culturally aware. They aim to explore, challenge themselves, and grow through travel experiences.

Bradey Jobson is the father and co-creator of Raising Voyagers. He is a passionate traveler, and this passion rekindled after his first date with Heather. After marrying and having a daughter, they created Raising Voyagers to share their adventures. Bradey uses his video production skills to make high-quality videos for their YouTube channel.

Heather Jobson is the mother and co-creator of Raising Voyagers. She grew up in Ohio, always dreaming of traveling the world. Conversations with Bradey made them decide to make sacrifices and prioritize travel. Heather handles managing and planning family adventures. Through cultural awareness, Heather aims to raise their daughters as compassionate.

Alexa Jobson is the eldest daughter of the Raising Voyagers family. She is five years old and loves learning and exploring new things. When not traveling, Alexa enjoys creating artwork, playing with toys, learning about space, and aspiring to be an astronaut. Her favorite travel experiences include surfing and volcano climbing, reflecting her adventurous spirit.

Chloe Jobson is the younger daughter of the Raising Voyagers family and is three and a half years old. She loves playing with her sister, picking flowers, and dressing up like a princess. Chloe has a particular affection for animals and bugs, showcasing her curiosity. Her favorite travel experiences include eating bugs and playing with elephants.

Raising Voyager YouTube Channel

Raising Voyagers’ YouTube channel is a collection of travel vlogs featuring their experience around the world.

Raising Voyagers’ YouTube channel is a travel vlog compilation featuring their experience worldwide. It features the daily life of a full-time traveling family in different countries.

Raising Voyagers is filmed mostly in the foothills of the Italian Alps. They are renovating a historic stone house as a DIY project. However, Raising Voyagers also films in other countries since this family travels full-time.

Raising Voyagers has 310k followers on YouTube. As of now, the channel's net worth is $229,930. Their estimated average earnings from advertising on the channel are $270 daily. Given this, their average weekly earnings is $1,896, $8,216 monthly, and $98,597 annually.

What Are Raising Voyagers Memberships on Patreon?

Raising Voyagers Membership in Patreon provides exclusive content to their supporters. As a result, it helps Raising Voyager with their ongoing projects. Raising Voyagers has four different membership packages for its supporters. These are:

  • Production Assistant Membership - $3 per Vlog: This membership supports our video creation, historic home restoration, funding tools, and supplies. Benefits include having a fruit tree planted in your name after 20 episodes. Members get early episode previews and monthly behind-the-scenes videos with Q&A. You'll also receive priority notifications for meetups and exclusive project updates. Additionally, you get bonus content on Patreon at no extra cost.
  • Director Membership - $8 per Vlog: You get all the benefits from the "Production Assistant" tier and will receive an engraved brick with your name. This is on their patio after 28 episodes of support. You also get a 15-minute video chat with Heather and Bradey. The package includes invitations to special meetups in the USA and Italy.

  • Producer Membership - $25 per Vlog: With all the benefits from the previous tiers, you will receive an engraved brick with your name on our patio after 16 support episodes. You also get a 30-minute video call with Heather and Bradey after 16 support episodes. Enjoy free access to all our digital guides and courses after 16 episodes of support. Invitations to special meetups in the USA and Italy are included.

  • Angel Investor - $175 per Vlog: Along with everything mentioned in the previous tiers, they will offer you a Zoom call to thank you properly. You also get exclusive access to investment opportunities after three months of support. Additionally, you will receive a brick engraved with your name. Enjoy free access to our digital guides and courses. You'll be invited to an exclusive meetup, one in the USA and one in Italy.

Raising Voyagers' Claim:

Raising Voyagers claim that travel doesn't have to be expensive. Their family travels all around the world, exploring different countries. Part of their claim is encouraging you to go out and see the world without breaking the bank. Additionally, they back up this claim by allowing us to travel full-time as a family of four. Also, the expenses are less than they used to spend living in Ohio.

Raising Voyagers' Claims Debunked

Raising Voyagers' claim of affordable family travel worldwide is too optimistic. Travel hacking saves money but doesn't cover daily expenses. Some can make a living, but it's hard for most. Here are the reasons Raising Voyager's claim might be unrealistic:

  • Cost of Living vs. Travel Expenses: Ohio's cost of living is lower than the national average. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis highlights Ohio's affordability, especially in housing. Full-time travel incurs expenses like flights, accommodation, food, and insurance. Even in budget-friendly areas, travel costs can reach $1,000 monthly per person. These expenses add up, especially with fluctuating travel costs.
  • Hidden Costs of Travel: Comprehensive travel insurance is expensive and essential for long-term travelers. InsureMyTrip states it costs 4-10% of the trip expense. Healthcare access while traveling can be inconsistent and expensive. Travel insurance often has high deductibles, leading to out-of-pocket costs. You need many visas for long-term travel, adding time and expense.

  • Variable Costs and Lifestyle Adjustments: Platforms like Airbnb can reduce accommodation costs but aren't always viable long-term. Hostels and budget hotels lack comfort for extended stays. Transportation costs vary between countries, adding to expenses. For instance, a monthly public transport pass in London is $160.

  • Earning and Expense Management: Many full-time travelers rely on remote work or passive income. But, only 3.4% of the U.S. workforce works remotely full-time. Travel expenses fluctuate because of seasonal changes and geopolitical factors. Flight and accommodation prices can surge during peak seasons.

  • Selective Financial Context: The claim that full-time travel is cheaper than living in Ohio may overlook hidden costs. Travel insurance, healthcare abroad, and emergency funds can increase expenses. Full-time travel requires sacrificing stable employment and career advancement. These opportunity costs affect long-term financial stability. Individual cases also affect the affordability of full-time travel.

  • Income Sources and Sponsorships: Full-time travelers like Raising Voyagers supplement their income with remote work. Sponsorships and revenue from travel blogs and social media also help. This financial support can offset travel costs. It creates a misleading impression of affordability for average people.

  • Statistical Reality: According to the U.S. Travel Association, the average American spends $1,145 per vacation. For a family of four, this totals $4,580 per trip. Ohio's annual living costs range from $50,000 to $60,000 for a family. Occasional travel can be affordable in comparison. Sustaining full-time travel requires careful financial planning and extra income.

Lux Travel Hacks vs Raising Voyagers' Stance on Travel Hacking

Lux Travel Hacks teaches individuals how to achieve luxury travel experiences. This is at a fraction of the usual cost through specific techniques and strategies. It provides practical advice for booking flights and accommodations. It also teaches how to find deals on high-end travel experiences. The program aims to make luxury travel accessible through hacks and insider knowledge.

Raising Voyagers' Travel Hacking Masterclass also aims to make travel more affordable. However, it has a broader approach to travel hacks. These are maximizing credit card rewards, airline miles, and loyalty programs. They provide comprehensive education through video tutorials, guides, and personal experiences. Their program targets individuals wanting to reduce travel costs while enjoying luxurious trips.

Lux Travel Hacks specializes in luxury travel while Raising Voyagers covers various travel hacks. Both platforms use tutorials and guides, but Raising Voyagers includes personal travel experiences. Lux Travel Hacks targets budget-conscious travelers, while Raising Voyagers targets a wider audience. Raising Voyagers offers regularly updated materials and ongoing support. Lux Travel Hacks provides detailed strategies and hacks for immediate use.

Conclusion: Why Local Led Gen Is the Best Hack to Enjoy Traveling?

Local lead generation is the best hack for enjoying traveling because it's a steady path to passive income. By renting out lead generation websites, individuals can secure financial stability. This approach benefits your global travel aspirations without financial strain. It's a practical solution for earning and exploring simultaneously.

The model is also a better alternative to traditional travel hacking. According to Statista, over 50% of travelers seek sustainable funding solutions. Local lead gen provides a passive income stream for months through rented websites. Unlike travel hacking, it ensures financial stability and comfortable travel.

Successful local lead generation website landlords also enjoy financial security and global mobility. According to Forbes, plenty of entrepreneurs travel and earn from lead generation sites. These benefits show local lead generation's effectiveness in securing finances while traveling. By avoiding travel hacking complexities, individuals focus on sustainable income sources.


Try the local lead gen biz as an alternative to travel hacking. Rent out websites to secure steady, passive income streams. This approach ensures financial stability while funding your travels. Explore the world without worrying about financial constraints.

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