Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy Review: 3 Secrets For Creating Successful Content

March 29, 2024

Elite Blog Academy (EBA) is a once a year 3-level blogging course, led by Ruth Soukup, designed to guide individuals from beginners to advanced bloggers in monetizing their blogs. The course covers topics such as content creation, networking, affiliate marketing, and business growth. 

While the reviews for Elite B‌log Academy are positive, these are caused by the course’s affiliate program. Discussions on Reddit questioned the legitimacy of the course and some Reddit users claimed the course content was found freely on the internet. Despite these concerns, there is a lack of negative course reviews. 

The success of a blog depends on proper website management, consistent content creation, and strategy. Statistics from 2022 reveal that 80% of 60 million created blogs fail because of these areas. Elite Blog Academy aims to address these challenges by focusing on foundational skills rather than traditional methods of building an email list. In this Elite Blog Academy review dives into the 3-levels of EBA, who the course is for, and if it’s worth it. It explores Ruth Soukup, her claims, and if blogging is the best business model for making money, or if there is a better alternative.

Elite Blog Academy Pros and Cons


Elite Blog Academy has 3 levels that cater from beginner to advanced bloggers.

Elite Blog Academy has a Private Facebook community.

Ruth Soukup offers a lifetime access to the course.


Elite Blog Academy is only once a year.

Elite Blog Academy has too many affiliate articles.

Elite Blog Academy is full of upsells.


The prices of Elite Blog Academy differ according to the plan.

Level 1 has 3 tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum. Silver costs $597 without coaching and access to the community. Gold costs $997 and Platinum for $1,497.

Level 2 costs $1,597 or 5 payments of $377.

Level 3 costs $4,997 or 6 payments of $947.


The group of Elite Blog Academy is a private Facebook group with 219 members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is an action-based 90 day policy.


Elite Blog Academy started in 2014


The training is self-paced.


Ruth Soukup’s reputation is mostly positive. She is featured on Woman’s Day, HuffPost, Family Circle, The New York Times, The Daily Buzz, Chicago Tribune, Martha Living, Fox News, Time, Entrepreneur, and Home & Family.

3 Secrets For Creating Successful Content

Secret 1: Target Audience

Ruth Soukup prioritizes quality over quantity. She challenges the traditional method that success is tied to having a large social media following, instead focusing on reaching the right audience - those who buy from you. Ruth shares her own model for success, offering insights that she not only teaches but lives by. A market research guide by Global Survey mentions the importance of using precise messaging to build a connection with your audience. You can also use a language that your audience use to express their desires and problems. 

Data from The Marketo Engagement Gap report says that consumers (56%) feel that businesses should understand their needs. While 51% of consumers see the irrelevance of other content brands make. That is why Ruth persuades you to spend an ample amount of time brainstorming your ideas. 

Secret 2: Create Huge Amounts of Content

Ruth reveals that confidence solves business challenges. And the key to earning money is by creating content; books, blogs, offers, and services. US Bank mentions that small businesses fail because of not managing their cash flow over 80%. Instead of focusing on one product or content, Ruth's secret is to create different content to never ran out of products to offer. 

Secret 3: Know What to Sell

Unlike some bloggers who stress the importance of finding the perfect product, Ruth provides a unique perspective. Her framework guides you in launching your blog without initially focusing on selling. A different approach to overcome challenges. She mentions how doing nothing and being scared is a challenge you need to overcome. Harvard Business Review's research shows that business owners see fear as a motivator and inhibitor. 

Ruth teaches that it is okay to not be perfect when you start because you get to learn along the way. The important thing is to learn from mistakes and start doing it. 

What is Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy or EBA stands out as an online course with a non-traditional blogging approach. It caters a broad audience, including affiliate marketers, though it does not instruct on building an affiliate income stream. The course features 3 levels, allowing flexibility based on needs, preferences, and experience. All content is based on Ruth Soukup’s 13 years of experience in the field.

Who is Elite Blog Academy For?

  • Beginners and new bloggers who are interested in making money through blogging and want to learn from Ruth Soukup.
  • Experienced writers, content creators, and bloggers who want to enhance their knowledge and skills by applying through courses.
  • Stay-at-home mothers who enjoy writing and want to spend their extra time being productive and earn extra income by affiliate marketing.
  • People who are interested in having a sustainable income through working from home.

Who is Elite Blog Academy Not For?

Elite Blog Academy is not suited for the impatient or those lacking self-control, as mentioned by some affiliate students. The video format of the course requires dedicated commitment to watch, learn, and study, making it unsuitable for people to invest time. If you struggle with commitment, this course may not be the right fit for you.

What’s Included in Elite Blog Academy?

Level 1: EBA Foundation

Ideal for beginners and aspiring bloggers, this level concentrates on the 11-week “EBA Foundation”. Ruth provides a step-by-step framework guiding you from building your idea to launching your online business. Additionally, you gain access to Elite Blog Academy’s team of coaches and other blogging resources. 

Level 2: Product Launch Playbook

Geared towards established bloggers to those aiming to monetize their blogs. This playbook helped Ruth earn $25 million in sales after 2010. This level, with a 13-week duration, centers on Ruth’s guidance in identifying profitable products to sell. The focus is on creating blog content for increased traffic, along with building your own funnels. And taking advantage of social media, including Facebook ads.

Level 3: SCALE Active Coaching Program

At this advanced level, Ruth provides training and coaching on planning, business, and marketing for blog growth. It focuses on the SCALE system: System, Clarity, Acquisition, Leadership, and Experience. Ruth’s Customer Superhero Path comprises attraction, initiation, investment, transformation, and ascension.

Who is Ruth Soukup?

Ruth Soukup, is a mother of two, a successful blogger, content creator, author, entrepreneur, founder of Ruth Soukup Omnimedia and the creator of Elite Blog Academy from Punta Gorda, Florida, United States. She graduated from Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI, with a Bachelor's degree in Arts. She wrote inspirational books like Do It Scared, How To Blog for Profit, Unstuffed, 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life, 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero, 3 book series of Living Well, Spending Less, and How Big is Your Brave?, a children’s book.

Ruth started her blogging journey as an outlet while taking care of her children. Ruth Soukup Omnimedia was founded in 2010 and is still active today. It offers different programs such as Living Well Spending Less, Elite Blog Academy, Living Well Planner, and Do It Scared. In 2022, Ruth founded the Living Well Spending Less, Inc, which is a website and a book. It aims to help individuals organize their lifestyle and spend more time achieving their dreams. The Living Well planner is to help you start for an organized budget and balance your life schedule. Do It Scared is a book helping individuals overcome fears and take action based on her own depressive experience. And the Elite Blog Academy is the program she offers for monetizing blogs for a business.

How much is Ruth Soukup’s Net Worth?

Ruth Soukup’s estimated net worth is $5 million to $60 million, although the exact amount is unknown. She shows her 2018 income, which is $5 million, but there is no recent information about her net worth. She does not say how much she owns from her blogging business and books nowadays.

How is Ruth Soukup As An Entrepreneur?

Ruth Soukup is a well-established entrepreneur with different businesses, including her published books. Her own company, the Ruth Soukup Omnimedia, is still growing even after 13 years. She offers different programs like EBA Foundation, SCALE Your Business, and Product Launch Playbook which are also known as the 3 Levels of Elite Blog Academy. Aside from that, Ruth offers a free course, a beginner friendly program for beginners who want to launch their online business. She has different resources like the one-on-one coaching, different downloadable on how to brand your blog, plug-ins, and checklists. Other than the Elite Blog Academy website, Ruth has launched other websites, aiding with lifestyle, productivity, motivation, and business.

Elite Blog Academy Reviews

The Elite Blog Academy reviews are mostly positive. Some EBA student reviews are found on the website, and some are YouTube reviews and articles. They have no reviews on Trustpilot, but there is a Reddit discussion about the legality of the course. Although majority reviews are positive, it may not be honest reviews because most are affiliates.

Found on the website are David & John and Kim Anderson’s review. Kim mentions how the program helped her and her husband earn an income and build her website, Thrifty Little Mom. Her website offers inspirational books, tools, tips, and hacks to improve lifestyle. David and John’s review is brief by saying EBA helped them achieve results in a few months.

Rosemarie Groner, blogger, created a 33 minute YouTube review of Elite Blog Academy. It is a long review, but the content of the review seems biased. The review includes an affiliate link to the course, which may mean she is an affiliate. She also has a blog dedicated as a review for the program. It mentions how she is making an income through blogging after 10 months. Additionally, she earned $5,000 a month and over $35,000 after 2 years.

Elite Blog Academy Reviews Reddit

A Reddit discussion in 2018 that talks about the course has mixed reactions. Most Reddit users suggested that you can start your own profitable blog by information found online. And mentions how any courses about affiliate marketing and blogging are not worth it and it would only be worth it if it comes from a famous and successful blogger. Another Reddit user agreed and said that 70% of blogging content is online. And adds that blogging is not an efficient way of earning money.

One Reddit user commends Ruth’s organizational skills and says the original course is for bloggers who want to increase their knowledge and skills. But later suggests cheaper courses since Elite Blog Academy is on the expensive side.

Can You Really Make Money From Blogging with Elite Blog Academy?

Yes, you can make money from blogging with Elite Blog Academy if you are persistent about learning and are serious about making blogging the primary source of your income. The Blogging Income Survey in 2022 says that bloggers earn an average of $14,000 to $16,000 a month. This shows the profitability of blogging, especially when done well. But remember that blogging is a long-term business. Aside from gaining traffic from paid ads, you also have to write content for 1 to 2 years. 

How Does Elite Blog Academy Compare To Other Programs?

Elite Blog Academy differs from other programs because Ruth does not focus on selling a product. She does that later in the course. Compared to Ryan Robinson’s Built to Blog that still uses the traditional way of blogging that builds your email list, EBA does not. Since the Elite Blog Academy is on the expensive side, it differs from other cheaper blogging courses like The Blog Village. Although EBA offers different price plans for different levels and tiers, The Blog Village costs $299/year for the pro plan.

Ruth Soukup Claims

Ruth Soukup claims she knows the ultimate guide for a clear path in building a sustainable income through blogging. She claims that the way to earn money is within these 3 steps; get the starter kit, get Ruth's live training, and learn her other programs. Ruth is confident that she can help people with sustaining your blog income.

Ruth Soukup Claims DEBUNKED

Although the students of Ruth Soukup are successful with blogging. It does not mean that every student that takes this course will be the same. The claim that blogging is the clear path to making a sustainable and predictable business is not true. Success in blogging depends on the student’s skills, perseverance, and determination. Aside from that, it is hard to appreciate the claim since it’s full of upsells.

Blogging is profitable, but the competition is intense. Data shows that 1.98 billion websites are live on the internet. Optinmonster says that WordPress has 70 million posts each month. Which makes blogging challenging in making your website stand out.

According to the 2023 Blogging Income Survey, your income as a blogger varies depending on the longevity of your blog. Blogs that are 1 to 3 years old earn an average of $1,366 a month. Compared to 10 years old blogs that earn $4,929. 

Is Elite Blog Academy Worth It?

The Elite Blog Academy course is worth it if you are passionate about writing or blogging. It is worth it if you don't mind the long wait of writing for 1 to 2 years without the assurance of profit. You can  take this course if you have the budget to spend for the course and want the easiest way of gathering information for learning. If you enjoy someone teaching you coming from their own experience and if you idolize Ruth Soukup, Elite Blog Academy is worth it. The 3-level-program of EBA is worth it since you’ll find the program that best suits your needs. Some students also mention the return of investment they receive after acquiring the program.

Is Blogging Really The Best Way To Make Money?

No, blogging is not the best way to make money if your goal is to make fast money. A successful blog requires a lot of time, patience, and self control. You need constant learning to improve your copywriting skill and content creation. The average time spent on writing is 4 hours and will spend a lot more hours if those skills are not improved. 

Patience is needed for blogging because it is not an overnight type of income. Data from the 2023 Blogging Income Survey shows the average time of earning a profit for blogging is 1 year and 8 months. Some Elite Blog Academy students claim that they started earning after 6 to 8 months of blogging. Beginners may have a different outcome and duration because of new information needed to learn and absorb. Productive Blogging’s research shows that 38% of bloggers make a full-time income after 2 years. Don’t forget your audience. Not every content you produce will attract the right audience and not everyone will buy from you. This means that aside from competing on a worldwide scale, you also need to think about attracting your audience.

Why Local Lead Generation Beats Blogging

Local Lead Generation beats blogging in terms of competition and the long wait before you can earn a profit. Unlike blogging that competes on a worldwide scale, local lead generation does not. Since you target small businesses or niche in a specific city or town, your competition is lower. Sometimes you compete with only 2 to 3 businesses or websites. There are 10 million businesses in the United States that do not own a website showing the possibilities of targeting multiple businesses. Productive Blogging's research shows that you need to wait 20 months before you earn through blogs. But ranking a local lead generation website only takes 6 months to rank a website.

Local Lead Generation works when you create a website that ranks on SERPs. The website’s upfront cost is $500. The people interested in the service you picked will click the website and view it. And the leads you earn are what you offer local businesses for a price. You can earn $500 to $2,000 a month and it all depends on you. You are the boss and you decide. It is cheaper than starting a blog since aside from buying a domain, you also have to spend money on advertising fees which are expensive.

A great example is this tree service website I created in 2015. This website is still running. A website I rarely touch is still earning me $2,000 a month. It differs from blogging, which is not a passive business since you have to create continuous products to promote and offer. But in local lead generation, you earn as long as your website ranks on search engines or Google. If you create more ranking websites, the more passive income you earn. This makes local lead generation a better business model that offers true financial freedom.

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