SEO for Real Estate Investors Review – 5 Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

September 23, 2023

The SEO for Real Estate Investors course by Jerryll Noorden teaches you how to generate highly motivated seller leads using SEO for your real estate business. The problem most real estate agents have is that marketing isn't always the easiest and doesn't earn you a predictable passive income month after month. SEO takes a long time in real estate and is very competitive because you're going up against more established platforms. PPC ads in general are getting more expensive year after year. PPC ads for real estate were always some of the more expensive and competitive ads to run. I am not a fan of paid traffic, no matter the business model and I'd rather use SEO for a more predictable and passive business model.

This course is very expensive and shouldn't be one that anyone wanting to get started in real estate should look into. This is for real estate investors already making a decent income from rental properties looking to buy more homes to flip. 

In this SEO for Real Estate Investors review, I'll dive into 3 marketing mistakes real estate investors make that hold them back from growing their business, we'll go over Jerryll's story, what you learn in each module of the course, if anyone has had success taking Jerryll's course, and how real estate SEO compares to local SEO with the popular local lead generation business model


Jerryll teaches a high-level skill that can allow you to dominate your market if you follow through with what you're taught

They provide you with high-converting website design templates

One-on-one mentoring available

Jerryll himself checks your work as you go through the course. This holds you accountable.


It takes too long to see any ROI with real estate lead generation regardless if you're looking for serious buyers or sellers

It takes a long time to rank a website in real estate

There is nothing passive about the real estate industry on top of you having to do SEO on your website, which is highly competitive for real estate and takes more time than usual to reach page 1


SEO for Real Estate Investors costs $25,800


15 modules each, with several training videos in each one. They host the course on the app.


Private Facebook group


Jerryll designed this course after working and testing different SEO techniques on his website for over 3 years. Everything he's put in his course are things that have worked and allowed him to grow his business past 6-figures.

5 Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

1. No Plan of Action

One of the biggest reasons a real estate agent or investor fails at generating leads is that they have no clear plan of action. If you don't know the path you're going to take to generate leads, you're going to remain stagnant in your real estate business. You must take time to decide if you're going to get leads using Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, or other methods. Once you decide on which method is best for you, then you can take the steps necessary to put yourself in front of your ideal audience. With no real estate marketing plan of action, with no initiative, you make no money.

If you want to create a solid action plan, then you should check out Blake Choisnet's 90 Day Rental Roadmap for a comprehensive course about starting in real estate investing.

2. Changing Your Campaigns Often

Many investors and agents also lose their patience while their campaigns are active because they aren't seeing the results they want when they want to. They panic and change up their campaigns. As the days, weeks and months pass with no qualified leads, an agent may think their campaigns just aren't good enough or not working at all. Real estate is all about timing and requires patience. The result of always changing different things in campaigns is that you don't get to see what works. You won't get the ROI you're looking for and you won't be able to scale the campaign that works. By the time you find one that works, ad exhaustion may have already kicked in.

3. Not Implementing Video Marketing

It's 2024 and everyone is consuming video content more than ever before. Especially with platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. To ignore this aspect of marketing as a real estate investor is borderline negligence. According to one study, over 85% of American internet users watch videos on their phones every single day. Video marketing is a must, especially with real estate. Many investors are too lazy to do videos or too shy to be in front of a camera. Either way, they are losing money by not taking advantage of this free form of marketing. 

4. Incorrect Use of Social Media

Because there is no consistent income in the real estate industry, real estate investors and agents may feel inclined to spam social media platforms. Doing this only gives you a negative reputation online, and it doesn't take long to ruin it even on social media platforms. It's best to build your authority by sharing helpful, relevant, and authentic content. When your audience sees your content, you want them to find it valuable and look forward to your next posts.

5. Failure to Follow Up on Leads

Following up on leads is another reason investors or agents have a hard time closing deals. There are thousands of people who are simply looking for the best deal to sell their home. Sometimes, all it takes to convince a seller to sell is a friendly follow up. What you say can make all the difference. Someone may not be ready to sell their home on the first call. But what if all it takes for them to sell the home is for you to follow up once or twice? This has been the case many times. If you don't follow up with your leads, you are holding yourself back from potential deals.

Who is Jerryll Noorden?

Jerryll Noorden is from Stonington, Connecticut. He is a real estate SEO expert, investor, keynote speaker, and influencer. Jerryll attended the Florida Institute of Technology from 2000 until 2009 and got a bachelor's in mechatronics, as well as a master's degree in engineer management, and robotics. 

In 2007, he joined the robotics team at IHMC, which is a research institute that deals with human and machine cognition. Jerryll was in charge of a robotic exoskeleton project that would help paraplegic people walk again. In the meantime, he was renting a 3-bedroom home and 2 other rooms as a side income. In 2011, he started working as a robotics research scientist and mechanical engineer at NASA. From 2014 to 2016, he again worked in the robotics department, this time at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genoa, Liguria, Italy.

After seeing that he was earning a passive income with his rental properties, Jerryll realized he wanted to go into the industry full time. His first business was called We Buy Houses in Connecticut and in 2020, after meeting his girlfriend Jessica Roman, founded their real estate investing SEO company known as SEO for Real Estate Investing and put this course together. Currently, they make 6-figures every month.

The SEO for Real Estate Investing YouTube Channel only has over 1.17K subscribers and Jerryll only posts content about real estate investing, on average, every week.

SEO for Real Estate Agents Overview

1) Setting Up For J-SEO

In the first module of this course, Jerryll shows you how to find an SEO friendly domain name for your website with Carrot, set up a business email with your domain name, set up Google Analytics, set up your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) and to create a standalone blog site.

2) Branding & Social Media

Module 2 is exactly what it sounds like. You learn how to set up your branding with a logo, business cards, business swag (t-shirts), how to set up your social media accounts, and also talks about a citation service.

3) Preparing Your Website for Content

In module 3, you learn how to add content to your site that is focused on converting site visitors into leads, so you have the chance to close deals. Jerryll also shows you how to set up automated blog posts.

4) On Page Credibility - Content Writing Strategies

Here, Jerryll shares several content writing strategies that will add credibility to your site, such as how to set up structured content. He specifically shows you how to write your home page, how it works page, sell my house page, and more. To have success with Jerryll's course, you must follow the instruction in modules like this one to a T.

5) On Page Credibility - Website Personalization

You learn how to personalize your website in module 5 even using videos, implementing a photo fade effect.

6) BONUS - Get Your 1st Deal Forced Traffic & Conversions

To help you get your first deal, Jerryll shows you everything you need to do to get setup on paid traffic platforms. Jerryll calls it forced traffic because you are paying a platform like Facebook to promote your offer or service to people who are already interested in it. Results are supposed to be quicker. 

You learn how to create Facebook ads, landing pages that also include videos, and marketing campaigns. 

7) On Page SEO

In this module, you learn how to optimize each page of your website for Google.

8) Expanding Your Reach 1: City Pages

Jerryll shows you how to create a city page, how to clone it, and how to interlink your city pages.

9) Topic Strategies: Stalking the Watering Hole

In module 9, you learn about how to assemble...

  1. Topic pages
  2. Topic videos
  3. Topic graphics

10) Off Page SEO 1: Becoming the Authority

This module focuses on showing you how to become the authority online. This is accomplished by creating profiles for your 3rd party blogs, writing articles on those blogs, writing blog posts on your private blogs each week, posting on forums, consistently posting on social media (you can use a platform like Buffer to help you schedule and automate your posts to make the process easier), and more.

11) Off Page SEO 2: Back Link Strategies

In this module, Jerryll gets into the backlinking strategies that are working for him. Some of those strategies include...

  1. Guest blog posting
  2. Broken link building
  3. Podcasts
  4. Copy Cat linking

12) Off Page SEO 2: Serious SEO Ninja S***

You get more in-depth SEO training in this module.

13) Off Page SEO 2: Research & Development 

Here you're taught how to interview potential clients, agents and more.

14 & 15) The SEO Coalition of Awesomeness (Group SEO...)

In the last two modules, you learn about press releases, Facebook group sharing, and more about how to leverage social media, blog writing, and email marketing.

SEO for Real Estate Investors Success Stories

Brad Dwin is one of Jerryll's students from Maryland. He's been a real estate investor for 4 years in the highly competitive Baltimore area. Before getting started with Jerryll's course, he had worked with 3 other SEO companies but wasn't able to find success with paid ads because of how expensive they are. After joining the SEO for Real Estate Investors course, Brad was able to generate a lead that was worth $15K after implementing everything he learned from Jerryll.

Erik Wright is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and did real estate full time in the summer of 2020. For 12 years, he was only doing it part time with a handful of rental properties. When he came across Jerryll, he had no experience with SEO, web design, or anything. After 2 years, he became the #1 cash home buyer in Chattanooga and his website ranks in the top 3 of every city within 50 miles of his location. The third deal he took a few months after joining the program made him 3 times the price of Jerryll's course. Today, he has made over 6-figures in revenue and says he's on pace to becoming a millionaire. Erik says that it wasn't easy, but he gives credit to what he learned in the SEO for Real Estate Investors course.

Nathan Clair is from Jacksonville, Florida and also took this course. He always knew that SEO was important, but didn't know the exact steps to take to succeed with his real estate website. When he came across Jerryll, he couldn't believe the success Jerryll was having, so he reached out to him. Within 7 months of joining the program, his website ranked #1 for several competitive keywords in Jacksonville. Now he's getting many leads and has already closed some deals which have helped him make back the money he spent on this course.

Is SEO for Real Estate Investors worth it?

SEO for Real Estate Investors is only worth if you have $25K to put into the program and business model to start with. As many students have attested, this course will only give you the framework of what you need to do. It's your responsibility to put in the work if you want to successfully generate leads.

If you're considering paying $25K, though, it should be a given that you're aware you need to do anything possible to succeed.

SEO for Real Estate Investors Alternative

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets by Van Sturgeon is a training program that teaches you how to make money in real estate using the 4-F framework. You get 8 training modules where you learn all of what Van learned in his 30 years in the industry. You learn how to find good real estate deals, how to grow your portfolio quickly, how to fix properties and flip them successfully. When you sign up, you get a strategy session with Van and after you go through the course, you are offered his higher ticket program.

Price: Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets costs $29.99.

More Info: Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Review

Is SEO profitable in 2024?

SEO is profitable in 2024 for many industries. According to Zero Limit Web, the first five organic results account for 67.6% of all clicks. It's quite obvious that putting in the work to get your site to rank as the top Google search result is worth the effort.

SEO for real estate investors is a different ball game, though. With real estate investing, the percentage of leads that turn into sales is very low. If you generate 5,000 leads, for example, you may only close a handful of them. For that reason, SEO for real estate investors may not be worth it. You can spend thousands of dollars of your own money for months on end to get your site to show up a top the search engine (Google) results before you ever come across a serious lead. Are you patient enough? Do you have enough capital to get you through months or maybe years of digital marketing with no return on investment?

Such is the case with other online business models, search engine optimization for real estate investors can work, but it doesn't have all the benefits that SEO for local lead generation has. 

Top Choice for Lead Generation

With local lead generation, leads turn into paying customers exponentially quicker than real estate leads. There's no need to wait months on end before you make money.

All you do is build out simple websites that offer services like limo rental, pool cleaning, plumbing, and more. You rank them on Google (which is easier to do when ranking locally for these types of phone driven services) for the keyword or keywords most relevant to the service people are searching for most (keyword research necessary), and send the leads to a local small business looking to take on more work each month.

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago and because many people are more likely to pay for a tree care service once they call the number on my site, my client has closed many deals, which has resulted in me getting paid $2000 every month ever since then.

Local lead generation

What's great is that your real estate investment doesn't require you to own any physical property. Your digital real estate is all online and easier to scale. 

To learn how you can earn a passive income without worrying too much if leads are going to turn into paying customers for your clients, check out the local lead generation training program.

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