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Shaqir Hussyin Free Training Review: How Does He Help You Create a Profitable Sales Funnel?

January 30, 2023

Shaqir Hussyin is a highly successful businessman and serial entrepreneur who claims his success is due to his unique understanding of funnel marketing. Unlike typical sales funnel courses, Shaqir helps you market yourself as an expert in your field so that you can command premium pricing for coaching.  

In a free masterclass, Shaqir teaches you a 7-step process to accelerate and automate your sales funnels so that you consistently reach high-quality leads, allowing you to earn around $10,000 per month, conservatively. 

While sales funnels have grown in popularity over the last few years, it inherently only promotes a single product or service. In this class particularly, you are taught how to sell your knowledge and skills. This works great if you have a lot to offer, but also limits you to a specific niche. You can’t, for example, create a sales funnel as an architect, only to shift paradigms and offer a course on JavaScript the next day. 

On the other hand, there are other business models, such as local lead generation, that allow you to enter a specific niche, but not become too pigeonholed that you can’t expand and earn more passive income, regardless of your industry. 


Proven system

Thousands of success stories

Shaqir uses the exact methods he teaches

Great online support and community 


Single product/service promotion

Steep learning curve

Risk of depersonalization



Refund Policy:






What does Shaqir Hussyin teach? 

The free masterclass is broken down into 7 steps: creating a converting squeeze page or landing page, writing or recording an attractive sales letter or video, booking your first call, developing an integrated product suite, crafting a sound email marketing plan, recording a webinar, and speaking in live events. 

The core of the class is for you to command premium pricing for your specific expertise. Shaqir Hussyin says that people don’t pay you for your time, they pay you for the value of the outcome you deliver

This means that whatever it is you’re planning on offering, it should solve a major life or business challenge. This compels your target audience to willingly pay you upwards of four or five figures per session because what they receive in return is priceless. 

Further, on a psychological level, when you raise your prices, clients become more coachable and committed than ever to listen to you. Not only do you hit your income goals faster because you reinvest your profits, but you also don’t need so many clients, which means that you can offer each client a true VIP experience. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. 

The 7-Step Sales Funnel

Shaqir Hussyin describes his 7-step sales funnel strategy as this: 

  1. 1
    Creating a converting squeeze page or landing page - This is the gateway for people to find your business. 
  2. 2
    Writing or recording an attractive sales letter or video - This sells for you, so you don’t have to get prospecting, or talking to unqualified prospects. This is the only way to attract sales 24/7.
  3. 3
    Booking your first call - Picking up the phone to offer prospects the next step is the fastest way for you to get your first high-ticket sale
  4. 4
    Developing an integrated product suite - Start with 1-3 core products, and add in premiums, such as upsells, to increase customer cart value. 
  5. 5
    Crafting a sound email marketing plan - Most people don’t buy your programs instantly, so you need to follow up on them around 3-7 times. 
  6. 6
    Recording a webinar - Every guru has one or more recorded webinar that explains what they do and the value they offer. This is the ultimate “high ticket closing” automated system.
  7. 7
    Speaking in live events - To 10x your income, try adding live events to your repertoire. This is a powerful conversion tool to convert high-paying clients face-to-face. 


Shaqir Hussyin talks a lot about click funnel as his software of choice. While this won't be a clickfunnels review, a lot of entrepreneurs use this platform to generate their sales landing page.

Shaqir Hussyin explains that the old way of digital marketing, which he calls “cross your fingers” marketing relied on multiple channels to gain any sort of visibility. From SEO to LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook Ad to writing a best-selling book to referrals, the list goes on and on for the aspiring entrepreneur or coach who wants to be “seen”. 

Instead, Shaqir Hussyin has created a high-converting funnel builder that replaces all the steps into a simple process. Using his marketing tool, he claims, can eliminate 90% of time-wasting and help you automate your product so that you can easily earn five to seven figures a month. This is like what Ashton Shanks teaches in The Headquarters™ Package.

What is a sales funnel

A sales funnel is a marketing term used to describe the customer's journey to purchase. Each business has its own unique sales model, but all funnels have a top, middle, and bottom portion that captures interest in the potential market and engages them until they finally turn into paying customers. 

Usually, the widest part of the sales funnel is dedicated to marketing. This is where you need to increase your visibility and branding. Once you contact your leads, the funnel narrows as you focus on the sales process. This trickles further to the last section when the prospect becomes a client. 

According to Shaqir Hussyin, you are just a funnel away from your first five-figure coaching session.

What are the limitations of sales funnels?

In today's society, where information is abundant and attention is scare, the simplistic and linear funnel format has its own set of challenges, from building an attractive and converting sales page to creating a great marketing campaign to even having an excellent digital product that people would want to purchase again and again.

Whether you're using social media or using a tool such as click funnel, you still have to consider that most sales funnels are very linear. You only get to promote one product or create a landing page for an affiliate program.


There's also a risk of depersonalization in creating webinar funnels. Speak too generally, and you run the risk of sounding too passive. Speak too specifically, and your product feature will scare away some customers.

What does Shaqir Hussyin do differently? 

Shaqir Hussyin turns you into your own product. The concept of the sales funnel is still the same, but he teaches you how to find your specific niche, develop a course, program, service, or product that uses your expertise, and then attract prospects who are already looking for what you are able to offer, while also encouraging them to make an emotional decision for premium add-ons. 

He likens it to the psychology behind retail product placement. When you enter a grocery, for example, you go there with a specific list in mind. You want to buy peanut butter cups or a bag of potato chips, or whatever. However, as you stroll around and head to the checkout, you notice a bunch of magazines on sale. Since you’re already there, and the cost is not that much, you add a magazine (or two) to your cart. 

Shaqir Hussyin and his team help you market yourself so that your clients buy the one thing they are introduced to and then are introduced to other products as they check out. 


This all assumes, of course, that you are already an expert in your specific field. 

Who is Shaqir Hussyin? 

Nicknamed the “Backpack Millionaire”, Shaqir has traveled to over 65 countries before he was 30 while investing more than $500,000 into building his network, joining masterminds, and getting coaching and consulting from the world’s best. He has built 10 million-dollar businesses, with two of them growing past $10m in sales. 

He is the world’s only 2x2 comma club (8 figures each) winner under 30 years old and is considered by some to be one the leading authorities for digital marketing. 

He practices what he teaches and since 2009 has helped more than a thousand students achieve success and financial freedom. 

What was the 5-day Sales Funnel Challenge? 

Shaqir Hussyin launched a 5-day Sales Funnels Challenge. The challenge offered a more concise training of his full program and provided students with practical and instantly actionable copy-and-paste systems and worksheets, including ads, scripts, and funnel templates. Essentially, Shaqir helped students create their first funnel step by step.

Shaqir also provided a practical workbook of “fill in the blanks” for funnel optimization, with his  best practices to go from ideation to implementation. 

What’s the difference between the Sales Funnels Challenge and His Paid Course?

The Sales Funnel Challenge was a more intense training for beginner online coaches, consultants, experts, doctors, agency owners, and course creators who wanted predictable automated marketing.

Because everything was condensed, and each day had a worksheet you needed to fill out and complete, it was like a boot camp for aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to learn everything they needed to know about sales funnels

Students received:

  • 5 Days Step By Step Live Training with Funnels Expert; Shaqir Hussyin   
  • Million Dollar Marketing Exercises, worksheets, templates & Tools 
  • Breakdown Of Case Studies With Our TOP 7 Figure Successful Students   
  • 24/7 customer support  and customer service
  • Master Class BONUS SESSION 1: Private Masterclass From Russell Brunson on Traffic Secrets
  • Master Class BONUS SESSION 2: Roland Frasier - Achieving your 3 years goals in 3 months
  • Master Class BONUS SESSION 3: Jay Abraham  - Strategic Profit Secrets

The breakdown of what students discovered over 5 days

  1. 1
    Day 1: Sales Funnel Secrets Most Marketers Don't Know About
  2. 2
    Day 2: How To Get 24-7 Automatic Selling Machine (ASM) Deployed In Under 7 Minutes
  3. 3
    Day 3: “Get Money Now” Word For Word Enrollment Scripts
  4. 4
    Day 4: The HOLY GRAIL Funnels & Fill In The Blanks EP System
  5. 5
    Day 5: Launch Revolution, Get Paid What You're Worth & The Ultimate 90 Days Fast-Track To Success

Why was Shaqir Hussyin offering this course for so little? 

Shaqir Hussyin is on a mission to help more people become millionaires by 2023, using the strategies he promotes. This works both ways: people get to achieve financial freedom and Shaqir gets more feedback and positive reviews, which in turn adds to the attractiveness of his own sales funnels

Shaqir says that so many beginner entrepreneurs waste too much time on Facebook groups or spending too much money on unproven systems to create their first online business.

“It’s very sad to see this current state of affairs in the internet marketing community and as someone over the last ten years who's not only generated over 500,000 email subscribers and won multiple awards for creating and selling tens of millions of dollars worth of stuff, I've seen behind the scenes of what happens when someone is trying so hard.” - Shaqir Hussyin


The training was free during the challenge. However, if you wanted to access the course again through recordings, you had to pay an additional fee. 

Who was the Sales Funnel Challenge for? 

Who this was not for?

Those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

Who was this for?

Serious entrepreneurs who want to make an extra $10,000-$100,000 per month.

Entrepreneurs who are not willing to put in the work 

Businesspeople who want to attract high-quality premium customers. 

What If I don’t have a specific skill to teach or am not a coach?

This is a tricky question and one that Shaqir doesn’t outrightly answer, though he says he welcomes anyone who is willing to learn. That being said, before you can get inside the program and after watching the masterclass, you first need to schedule a discovery call with Shaqir and his team. Most likely, this will help him assess whether you would be a good fit for the marketing funnel program.

What if I don’t have enough capital or I am not sure if this is for me?

Shaqir Hussyin has his own YouTube channel, and he regularly posts videos on various tips and tricks and expert secrets on how to create your own automated sales funnel

Are the reviews of Shaqir Hussyin & his courses good?

The reviews for the masterclass are strangely lacking, considering it’s been up and about for at least 10 years. However, a careful digging into Shaqir Hussyin and his Wealth Academy Program (his other course and main business) does show something interesting. 

While most people agree that Shaqir Hussyin is NOT a scam, there are people who caution others of his charisma and charm. Shaqir is a very influential marketer who tugs at your heartstrings and makes you believe that if you just added a little bit more courses to your cart, you’d find the secret formula to success (much like what he teaches you in his free masterclass). 

Shaqir protects himself legally with disclaimers on his website that claim that he never guarantees that you will earn money with anything he teaches and that all students should do their due diligence in finding their financial mentor and attracting their potential customers.

But all these, naturally, are hidden in the website and buried in a lot of legal jargon. So, if you do lose money using his template, you can’t go after Shaqir because he expressly says his results are not typical. 


As mentioned previously, Shaqir wants to have more success stories of his program working. That is why he has lowered the price of the Sales Funnel Challenge to only $7. 

In a video by Miles Beckler, called, "WARNING! The Sales Funnel SCAM You Must Be Aware Of & The Conspiracy After Your Hard Earned Money", he says that certain click funnel alternatives (he was cautious not to name drop) determine how much disposable income you have so they can upsell you with various training products and other sales funnels. You should also be careful of a potential pyramid scheme. 

Again, these reviews are NOT for the free masterclass, but they are something you should consider. 

CONCLUSION: Is Shaqie Hussyin's free masterclass worth it? 

You will probably learn a lot from Shaqir Hussyin. He is a very successful businessman (granted, he may also have an excellent marketing team who hypes him up to no end), but he has achieved success using the tools and techniques he will teach you. 

However, you should be wary of being blinded by his own techniques, and adding courses or products you don’t need to your initial program. Even then, his class relies heavily on you being able to market yourself constantly and being on your A-game. 

Shaqir says that you can record your own sales pitches, but breezes through the portion of his own course that talks about talking to prospects or scheduling live events - which are inherently very active situations that require a lot of emotional bandwidth. Most likely, you will need to be friendly and approachable, at least for most of your day, as you gain new clients - all the more if you’re just starting out. It’s not as passive of a business income model as is painted. 

Now, if you’ve rather put a decent amount of effort at the beginning to then truly receive reliable and consistent passive income, I’d suggest going for local lead generation. Here, you already have leads that sell themselves and once you get your website running, you benefit from an automatic system that earns thousands of dollars for you. 

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