Skup Review | Can Their Courses Really Help You Earn 6 Figures?

June 8, 2024

Skup is a company that sells coaching, training, and software tools to online business owners. Furthermore, the official website says Skup provides online shop owners the solutions for “building, automating, and driving real profit from their e-commerce business. In particular, their business model focuses on print on demand jewelry. According to Matt Schmitt and Devin Zander of Skup, people buy jewelries “throughout the year, for all kinds of occasions.”

Skup belongs in both the coaching and software industry. Primarily, the company offers training and coaching services for ecommerce entrepreneurs. They also sell Shopify apps and themes.

So, can ecommerce business owners really reach 6 to 7 figures by taking Skup’s courses and using their apps? In this feature, we look at the company 's offerings and more. We also check out YouTube and Trustpilot to see what students have to say about their experience. Plus we take a look at who Matt Schmitt and Devin Zander are. Towards the end, we also introduce you to local lead generation - and why I think it's a better business model.

Skup Pros and Cons

Skup Pros

Skup offers both coaching services and software products. Their programs and tools are ideal for beginners and advanced ecommerce business owners.

Personal mentoring from top coaches. Students can receive personal mentoring from Matt, Devin, and other expert team members.

Community support. With the Incubator program, you become part of a Slack channel with 6- and 7-figure business owners.

Skup Cons

Lack of negative reviews. Skup generally has positive reviews online. Some may find it hard to trust providers that only have few negative reviews.

Pricing is unrevealed in some courses. The Skup website displays no pricing information about the Incubator and Diamond programs.

Tricky refund policy. According to a ScamRisk review, Skup has “misleading info” about their refund policy.

The coaching and courses are specific to the jewelry print on demand business model. Some potential students may consider this factor to be an advantage. However, others may look elsewhere if they do not want to focus on that industry.


Skup costs vary depending on the courses and software tools you choose. The 4 Day Workshop costs $9. Jewelry Profits costs $5,997. The Incubator private coaching’s price is not indicated on the website. More information will soon be provided about the Diamond coaching program. The 5W Framework costs $97.

Meanwhile, Skup's DFY Jewelry Software costs $37 per month. The Avatar Theme costs $220 and the Providence Theme costs $200.

Refund Policy

Skup has a "30-day satisfaction guarantee" refund policy "unless a different policy is stated on a specific sales page. To request for a refund, students have to create a support ticket and meet specific requirements for the product.

What Do The Reviews Say About Skup Coaching and Courses?

Reviews about Skup coaching and courses are mostly positive. Student testimonials on YouTube and Trustpilot user reviews generally praise Skup. There are, however, some criticisms out there. For example, one student shares about experiencing delays in customer support. Another also accuses them of being a “scam company.”

Skup Reviews on YouTube

On YouTube, the Skup Reviews channel features interviews and testimonials from former students. Case in point, Gary Hair claims he made over $70,000 selling one product and running one social media ad. He was a student under the Incubator program.

Meanwhile, Tifanny Cui shared how she grew her business from earning $0 to $10,000 daily in just 6 months. According to her, this became possible after signing up with the Jewelry Profits and Incubator programs.

Skup Reviews on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, Skup currently has a 4.8 star rating out of 84 reviews. For example, Claude Philippon says Skup coach Virol Marius was a big help for him. 

A certain Phenix describes the trainings as “easy to follow.” 

Newbie student Donna Clarke thanks Skup for helping establish her Shopify store and finetune her Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, Deja Balkey writes about waiting for 5 to 6 days before getting a reply.

A certain aldair vanegas warns other people to save their money and not be scammed. 

Skup responded to this feedback by apologizing and emphasizing they continually work on improving their services.

Skup Courses and Software Tools

Skup Coaching and Course Programs

Skup offers 5 coaching and course programs, namely:

4-Day Workshop (Level 1)

The 4 Day Workshop is ideal for beginners wanting to learn how to build a jewelry-on-demand business. Also, the program claims to teach students how they can earn their first $100 within 30 days. The workshop is divided into 4 parts:

  • Part 1: The Business Model & How You'll Profit
  • Part 2: Finding Your Best Product Ideas
  • Part 3: Setting Up Your Online Store
  • Part 4: How To Get To $100/Day With Our C-I-C Ad Method

Jewelry Profits (Level 2)

Jewelry Profits is Skup's best-selling program. It shares about the strategies and tools you need to build and automate a 6-figure business. This 8-week course focuses on the business model of selling print on demand jewelry.

Among the topics covered in the lessons include:

  • How to target real customers
  • How to create a Shopify store (even without coding and design skills)
  • How to optimize an online store to earn more

Jewelry Profits also offers several bonuses, such as:

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Zero Work Customer Support
  • Google Shopping Training
  • Email Marketing Profits
  • Skup Swag
  • Fast-Action Success Package

Incubator (Level 3)

Incubator is Skup's private coaching program that helps ecom brand owners make their first sale - or their first million. Students receive help in building and scaling their online stores. They also get to attend weekly group coaching calls with Matt and his team of experts. In addition, those who sign up for the Incubator program receive access to “all Skup courses, themes, apps, and trainings.”

Diamond (Final Level)

This 1-on-1 coaching program gets you a weekly coaching session with Matt for a year. He will personally help you “build a real and thriving business” leading to an 8-figure brand. Skup will also provide help in setting up a fully automated system so you can run your business easier.

The 5W Framework (New)

The 5W Framework focuses on helping ecom entrepreneurs discover who their customers are. The video program digs deep into teaching what buyers want, where they are, why they buy, and when they buy. This training includes live implementation calls, worksheets, and workshops. According to Skup, they applied the 5W Framework to one of their stores. That shop eventually went from making $3,700,000 in sales in 2019 to earning over $14,517,000 in 2020.

Skup Software Tools

Skup also sells 3 software tools for interested customers:

DFY Jewelry Software

The DFY Jewelry Software offers pre-built message card templates and more. Built by Skup developers, the tool promises new users can create hundreds of “profitable print on demand designs in minutes.” It can be a great alternative to Canva or Photoshop.

Avatar Theme

Skup claims the Avatar Theme to be the world’s first print on demand theme on Shopify. According to them, using the theme means your store “will be automatically optimized for maximum conversions.” The company also adds they have “personally used it to generate over $50MM in eCom sales.”

Providence Theme

The Providence Theme gives your online store a cleaner, more professional theme. It also features a faster and simpler checkout tool.

How Much Does Skup Cost?

Skup costs vary depending on the courses and software tools you choose. The 4 Day Workshop costs $9. Jewelry Profits costs a one-time fee of $5,997. The Incubator private coaching’s price is not indicated on the website. You’ll have to book a 10-minute call with Skup. More information will soon be provided about the Diamond coaching program. Meanwhile, the 5W Framework costs $97.

As for Skup’s software tools, the DFY Jewelry Software has a free 7-day trial and costs $37 per month. Meanwhile, the Avatar Theme is priced at $220 while the Providence Theme costs $200.

Who are the owners of Skup?

The owners of Skup are Matt Schmitt and Devin Zander. An entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in print on demand, Matt has successfully built and scaled POD brands, making over $50 million in sales. In 2016, he purchased a portion of Smar7 Apps and became the Chief Content Officer. The company rebranded as Skup in 2021 and Matt was named as Chief Executive Officer. He lives in St Louis, Missouri.

Devin Zander is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Skup. According to him, he founded the company when the Shopify app store failed to meet his needs as a Shopify store owner. “I decided to take matters into my own hands and Skup originally started as just an upsell app,” he said. Today, Skup provides training and coaching services for online business owners. Their goal is to help businesses transform their ecommerce stores into “multi-million-dollar brands.” Devin currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Other E-Commerce Course Reviews

  • ECom Family Academy. Ecom Family Academy is an online coaching program by Reginald and Tania Jennings. It is ideal for those who want to sell print on demand products via Shopify dropshipping. 
  • ECom Success Academy. Ecom Success Academy is a course by Adrian Morrison. It provides basic strategies on effective dropshipping. Students also get access to live coaching sessions each week.
  • Ecom Warrior Academy. Ecom Warrior Academy is a course by Matt Lepre. It teaches the step-by-step process of building an ecommerce dropshipping store from scratch. The program also discusses other topics, such as social media marketing, branding, shipping, and more.

Why Local Lead Generation is a Better Business Model Than Print on Demand Jewelry

The print on demand industry is currently a $5 billion dollar industry. Meanwhile, the global online jewelry market is a $21.5 billion market and is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2027. Skup’s trainings and tools may help you establish a profitable jewelry-on-demand business. Of course, results may vary from student to student. It depends on their motivation, effort, and the budget and time they're willing to invest.

Besides, the print on demand industry has its challenges. For example, you’ll have to keep spending on social media ads to gain interest from potential buyers. You'll also have to compete with thousands of other sellers before you can make money online.

In comparison, running a local lead generation is a lot easier. You won’t have to chase customers or compete in a saturated market. Instead, your clients are local entrepreneurs who are willing to pay you on a regular basis. As long as you can deliver quality organic leads for their business.

In lead gen, you won't have to go against big brands in the industry. You're targeting specific cities and niche keywords unique to your clients' needs. Your work revolves around creating websites and then ranking them online. Once your digital assets reach top search engine results, you can start offering them to business owners for rent.


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