Chris William’s Swag Academy | Is It Still Available in 2024?

March 4, 2024

swag academy review

Swag Academy is a Forex day trading program created by Chris Williams. It is designed to teach beginner traders the foundations of Forex education. The courses were also developed to make advanced trading terms and practices more understandable to novices. As a result, traders can get started quickly and earn a substantial profit through day trading.

Forex trading can be an incredibly profitable opportunity. It is a great fit for individuals with time on their hands and have capital that will not affect their lifestyle should they lose it. If this doesn’t sound like you, feel free to check out my recommended alternative at the end of this post.

In this article, I will share the crucial details of the Swag Academy, including its courses, social media, and contact information. I’ll also provide reviews from real students and feedback from Reddit. Additionally, you’ll learn more about its founder, his background, reputation, and other companies he owns.

Is the Swag Academy Still Available in 2024?

No, the Swag Academy is no longer available for purchase in 2024. The Forex trading program has not been accepting new members since October 9, 2022. However, those who have bought it prior to the shutdown can still access their accounts. The official website still enables logins and continuation via Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google.

Swag Academy Review: Pros & Cons


Conversational & engaging teaching style: This is what sets apart Swag Academy from other Forex trading courses. Its founder has a fun and friendly teaching method that viewers enjoy and appreciate.

Easy-to-understand short videos: The course videos are also short. These make them easy to follow and digest. Moreover, this video format is especially helpful in learning day trading, where some concepts are complex and can be intimidating.

Popularity & high social media following: Due to its accessible teaching method, combined with the founder’s fame as a reality star, Swag Academy quickly became popular. Its social media following also grew, with active engagement.


Founder with questionable background: Critics of the program mainly focus on the founder, not the content of the courses. Many doubt his credibility since he gained his fame as a contestant in Big Brother, not as a reputable trader. He is also involved in controversies and has problematic statements on social media.

Unrealistic claims regarding profits: In one of his YouTube videos, the founder indicated that he has earned $10 million in one year. He also said that working 9-5 jobs, and even studying college, are scams because day trading is the guaranteed way to getting rich.

Course content needs improvement: The course has mixed reviews from its students. Some complain that the content is far too basic for the steep pricing. Others share that they’re already expected to know the foundations of Forex trading, and that the program is actually catered for advanced training.


Pricing for Swag Academy courses is $499 for a Starter membership and $799 for a Pro one. Both only require a one-time payment.

Refund Policy

Refund can be provided for individuals who watched less than 10% of the course videos.


The company was founded in February 2020.


Despite its massive following on social media, the Swag Academy courses remain unpopular. The main feedback states that its expensive pricing does not suffice for its content quality.

What is the Swag Academy?

The Swag Academy is an online educational program for Forex traders. Its features include step-by-step instruction on videos and written content, lifetime access to courses, and conversational teaching style. The program is also aimed at novices in the field, who need guidance in the world of Forex trading.

Is the Swag Academy a scam?

Swag Academy is not a scam. It is a legitimate course offered by Chris Swaggy C Williams. However, the founder tends to make overblown claims, implying that it is easy to make millions as a Forex trader. For this reason, many dismiss the online course as a get rich quick scheme. In reality, it requires a high skill level, extensive insight, and psychological training to become an elite trader who earns alot.

Swag Academy courses

swag academy courses

Swag Academy courses are The Forex Blueprint (2020), The Goat Academy (2021), The Shift Szn (2022), Written Course for Beginners, Gold VIP Content, and The Archive. The course contains includes necessary skills to excel in Forex trading. To enroll in them, the price is $499 for a starter membership. The Pro membership is also available for $799, which enables access to more courses. Both plans only require one-time payments. According to Wabbit’s case study, in early 2022, Swag Academy has surpassed 20,000+ course members.

Swag Academy contact details

  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Company address: 954 Ave Ponce de Leon Suite 205 - PMB 10492, SAN JUAN, PR 00907, Puerto Rico

Swag Academy social media

  • Facebook: @TheSwagxGoatAcademy, 1K likes, 1.1K followers
  • Instagram: @swaggyctv, 252k followers
  • LinkedIn: @swaggyctv, 114 followers, 107 connections
  • Twitter: @SwaggyCTV, 68.4K followers
  • YouTube: @KingSwaggy, 429K subscribers

Swag Academy Reddit (Positive & Negative Reviews)

Swag Academy Reddit reviews are both positive and negative. For those whose feedback is on the favorable end, they praised his free content on YouTube, stated that his videos are fun and engaging, and that his course is remarkably helpful. As for those who shared negative feedback, Redditors have stated that the free videos have better value than the paid program. There are also those who believe that he doesn’t earn most of his income from Forex trading. Moreover, others are concerned about his controversial statements and fights on the internet.

Swag Academy positive Reddit comments

  • Free content great for beginners: Redditor have commented that the free content he has on YouTube is good from learning the basics of Forex trading. His videos also show that he has experience in the trade and that he is a knowledgeable educator.
  • Enjoyable and energetic videos: His videos are enjoyable and he has an upbeat energy. This grabs the viewer’s attention and makes it easy to help them learn.
  • Exceptionally informative courses: A Redditor has said that his videos are highly informative and that they are very detailed. The courses have a professional setup.

Swag Academy negative Reddit feedback

  • Got rich from selling courses: Redditors have said that the main source of his wealth is in selling his courses, as well as profiting from being a reality star and an IG influencer. Accordingly, he isn’t the Forex millionaire he claims to be.
  • Info can be found for free on the web: Some people also indicate that what he teaches can be found on the internet for free. Meanwhile, others share that his YouTube content has better value than his paid courses.
  • Controversial statements and feuds: Another Redditor pointed out that Swaggy C has said in his channel that college and full-time jobs are scams. Coffeezilla, a YouTuber, revealed that Swaggy C blackmailed him and accused him of sexual assault.

Swag Academy Reviews (from Real Students)

Swag Academy reviews from the forum of stated that the courses are a splendid match for individuals requiring extensive tutoring and support. The lessons on fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and taxes were exceptional as well. On the other hand, students also shared that the program was leaning more on advanced training, lacking random chart pairings, and there was a low response rate from the support team.

In a post made on the 5th of November 2020, a Swag Academy student shared that they have absorbed a tremendous amount of information from the course. However, they also stated that it is more suitable for people who prefer extensive support and tutoring. This didn't fit them as someone who is independent and prefers learning from their own mistakes.

Meanwhile, in a comment made on February 26, 2021, an individual who purchased the Swag Academy course stated that the explanations regarding taxes, psychology, and fundamental analysis were incredibly helpful and detailed. Nonetheless, they were surprised about the content having more advanced training. For example, it started with counter trendlines and scaling in. Based on their opinion, it was assumed that students already knew beginner concepts like consolidations and trends.

They also noticed that examples were about similar charts, such as GOLD, GBPAUD, GBPUSD, and EURUSD. They would have preferred random and unedited pairings. Additionally, they learned about different confluences instead of being given trading strategies to back test on their own.

Lastly, they said that members had quizzes at the end of each section. However, this was difficult because some of the topics weren’t even covered. And that, even though members commented about it, there was rarely any response on Swaggy C or his team’s end.

Who is the Founder of the Swag Academy?

swaggy c

The founder of the Swag Academy is Christopher Jordan Williams, also known as Swaggy C. He is an entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in Forex trading. His fame was primarily due to his participation as a contestant in the 20th season of Big Brother in the United States. He also competed in The Challenge’s 35th season. Moreover, he appeared on the Say Yes to the Dress’s 19th season.

Chris Williams is the owner of a widely known YouTube channel, which was formerly named after the discontinued course. As of 2024, it’s renamed as the “Chris "Swaggy C" Williams “ channel. It has over 25,108,829 views, with high engagement per video and post.

Chris ‘Swaggy C’ Williams Companies

  • The Swag Academy is one of Chris Willliam’s first companies. It is a Forex trading beginner course program. As of October 9, 2022, it isn’t accepting new members.
  • The Live Trading Lab provides a community to communicate and connect with traders via mobile app. Members can also see Swaggy C trade in real-time, complete with his reasoning for them. It is priced at $125 per month.
  • Secure The Bag is a proprietary trading firm with a 2-step evaluation program. A demo account will be given to traders in order to test their skills. Should they pass, they can get funded up to $300K. It costs $1,469 to join this challenge.

Chris Williams Reputation

There is no doubt that Swaggy C is well-known among Forex traders. However, outside this field, he is quite unpopular. Swaggy C does not have a good reputation because of his involvement in a controversial fundraising event that involved prostate cancer survivor Kevin Schlehuber.

Chris held an exhibition basketball game on January 5, 2019. He marketed the livestream event on YouTube and Twitter as a fundraiser for Kevin. He also indicated that they will give a portion of the proceeds to him, 60-40.

In total, the event made over $19,000. Swaggy C gave himself a $2,000 fee for his "labor and playing the game," while Kevin only received $800 and his travel costs weren't even covered. This prompted Kevin’s daughter to post on Twitter revealing the situation to the public.

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Low-Risk & High-Profit Alternative to Forex Trading

Swag Academy is a good resource for traders who are starting from scratch. The course videos can be easily digested because of the format and teaching style. You can learn about a complex industry without the intimidation factor. You can always start with their YouTube channel for free (renamed and now @kingswaggy) and see if it resonates with you. You can also check out other authoritative sources in the industry. It’s always better to have a wide variety of platforms to learn from.

With that being said, I have to warn you that the market is unpredictable. Forex trading requires extensive risk management. You can lose your money quickly. And so, if you want to avoid that but still earn well, my top recommendation is lead generation. There’s no need to monitor it 24/7 because once you’ve set it and it ranks, it is a reliable source of passive income. To give you a real-life example, here are local lead gen websites.

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