Damien Belak’s The Affiliate Escape Plan Review | Can You Succeed With Zero Knowledge and Technical Skills?

March 28, 2024

The Affiliate Escape Plan by Damien Belak is an online course for aspiring affiliate marketers. Damien covers the basics of affiliate marketing, niche research and the best affiliate programs you can join. The Affiliate Escape Plan comes with done-for-you funnels and templates.

The few Affiliate Escape Plan reviews you can find on the course sales page are positive. Although they're all from the course's sales page. Two of them are beta testers who reported good results after taking the course.

Affiliate marketing is attractive for beginners because of its low startup cost and notable affiliates like Matt Diggity and Pat Flynn having a net worth of over $3 million. However, aside from affiliate marketing, Matt is known in SEO and Pat is a skilled entrepreneur. So, they're not relying solely on affiliate marketing.

In this Affiliate Escape Plan review, we’ll go over the creator’s background, and the pros and cons of the course. We’ll also list what you’ll get if you sign up, and the profitability and challenges of the business model. And if there’s a better business model for financial freedom in 2024.

The Affiliate Escape Plan Review: Pros and Cons


Lifetime access to the modules and future updates.

1-on-1 coaching with Damien Belak

Purchasing The Affiliate Escape Plan offers access to exclusive groups, templates and resources.


Little information is known about Damian Belak, the course’s creator. It’s a red flag for people looking for the creator’s reputation.

Lack of reviews. Even in the sales page, there are few student reviews on the course.


The Affiliate Escape Plan costs $497. There is an ongoing promotion which dropped the price to $197.


The Affiliate Escape Plan modules are released every week after signing up.


The Affiliate Escape Plan has a private group on Facebook

Refund Policy

The Affiliate Escape Plan has a 30-day money back policy. Although you’ll have to provide proof you used their strategy.


The Affiliate Escape Plan started in 2022.

Can You Succeed in Affiliate Marketing With Zero Knowledge and Technical Skills?

Yes, you can succeed in affiliate with zero knowledge and technical skills if you’re willing to learn. The Affiliate Escape Plan course goes over the basics and how to find your niche. Damien also teaches how to leverage social media for traffic.

Affiliate marketing courses are worth it as per Authority Hacker, beginners who took an affiliate marketing course earn 57.7% more. Further study showed that 66% of successful affiliate marketers earning more than $10k per month have taken affiliate marketing courses.

Affiliate courses can help others start a profitable business. They can help beginners avoid costly mistakes. Legendary Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Lab and Super Affiliate System are just some of the alternative affiliate courses you can find.

What is The Affiliate Escape Plan?

The Affiliate Escape Plan is an online course on affiliate marketing. The course covers finding a profitable niche and setting up a plug and play sales funnel for passive income. It also teaches how to do affiliate marketing campaigns on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

What Do You Get With The Affiliate Escape Plan?

You get video lessons, 3 profitable niches, and email marketing secret strategy with The Affiliate Escape Plan. The course also comes with 1-on-1 support from Damian Belak, a private student mastermind facebook group, done-for-you email swipes, a clone of Damian’s sales funnel and Damian’s CPA Marketing Mastery course as bonuses.

The Affiliate Escape Plan modules are:

  • The Affiliate Escape Plan
  • Niche Research Academy
  • The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  • Email Marketing Academy
  • Free Traffic Academy
  • TikTok & Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Profile Funneling
  • Facebook Reels
  • Launch Jacking
  • CPA Marketing and Paid Traffic

Who is The Affiliate Escape Plan for?

The Affiliate Escape Plan is for aspiring business owners, advertisers, marketers, online entrepreneurs, creators and influencers. The Affiliate Escape can help them set up a sales funnel to earn those commissions.

According to The Affiliate Escape Plan sales page, the course is not for anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not also for people who are not willing to work and wait for 6 months to see profit.

Are The Affiliate Escape Plan Students Getting Results?

Yes, The Affiliate Escape Plan students are getting results based on the social media screenshots found on their site. According to Raul, the Affiliate Escape Plan helped him make $4k in 7 days.

Beta testers Mike and Anis both recommend the course to anyone looking to start an online affiliate marketing. According to Anis, The Affiliate Escape Plan is worth every penny. Although it's worth noting there are no external reviews and testimonials of the course.

Who Is Damien Belak?

Damien Belak is an affiliate marketer known for his CPA Video Marketing. Very little information about Damien's life is available online. He’s only active on his Tiktok and Youtube. Both accounts all talk about affiliate marketing. His Instagram has no activity and his Facebook page’s last post is 4 years ago.

Based on his websites, he has a wife and a child. According to Starstat, Damien’s net worth is estimated to be $8,887.

What is The CPA Video Academy?

The CPA Video Academy is another online course on CPA affiliate marketing by Damien Belak. CPA or cost per acquisition is a type of performance marketing. It is for driving customers to take specific action.

CPA Video Academy covers the basics, the best CPA networks and the difference between push notification and popunder traffic.

Damien Belak’s Claims

Damien Belak claims The Affiliate Escape Plan will help students go from zero to $10k per month using free traffic. He also claims you don't need experience or technical skills to achieve it.

Damien Belak’s Claims DEBUNKED

It takes 6 months to 2 years for affiliate marketers to gain profit, according to Ahrefs. Authority Hacker revealed 45.3% of affiliate marketers say gaining traffic is their biggest challenge. Affiliate marketers are also highly affected by algorithm changes. Further study by Authority Hacker showed 47.4% affiliate marketers are negatively affected.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, it's also important to have a skill set that'll set your apart. Matt Diggity and Pat Flynn are an example of this. Matt Diggity's knowledge on SEO made made him exceptional in affiliate marketing. 

Can You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make money online with affiliate marketing given you produce quality content for your audience. According to Authority Hacker, 87% of consumers search products online before purchasing them. So there’s a demand for it. A beginner can make $0 to $1k per month according to Clicta Digital. However, Ahrefs reported it takes 2 years to earn a decent living out of affiliate marketing.

You can boost your potential income by joining multiple affiliate programs. ShareASale, an affiliate program, has merchants with 4% to 50% commission rates. Although they also take 20% of the affiliate commission. Another way to increase your affiliate commission is improving your site. According to Demand Sage, if your site loads for more than 2 seconds, you’ll lose 40% of your potential leads. 

Adam Enfroy, a multi-million blogger and YouTuber featured in Forbes, said the best strategy is the content first approach. He put emphasis on creating valuable content and building your audience. Then, once you're pulling thousands of traffic, it'll be easy to join affiliate programs that match your niche. Adam also highlighted the balance of transactional and informational content. According to him, not all blogs or videos must have an affiliate link. Out of 26 content in a year, around 20 should be informational to gain the trust of your target audience.

What are the Common Challenges in an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Generating sales, producing quality content and low commission rates are the common challenges in an affiliate marketing business. This is why 95% of affiliate marketers quit, according to Demand Sage. 

Better conversion rate helps sales. You can improve your conversion rate with a better call-for-action button or by putting an affiliate link to images. A tracking pixel is a transparent image which records user behavior. In a case study by Cr. Cash, the Keto Guru weight loss is successful with its 106% ROI, but some data are lost due to tracker reinstalment. And data is important for affiliates to know which strategies to improve for better conversion.

Content production can be increased through outsourcing. When doing so, it's vital to give them a data feed for the product or service, and SOP  for your branding. According to The Institute of Customer Service, 81% of people holds brand trust as an important deciding factor. 

For better commission rates for referral traffic, you can partner with small businesses who aren’t part of any affiliate program. This way, you can forge a better relationship with them and ask for an increase in affiliate commission.

Escape Affiliate Market Saturation: Go With a Local Lead Generation Business in 2024

Affiliate marketing’s biggest benefit is its low barrier to entry. However, that also resulted in saturation. According to Google Trends, “How to create content for affiliate marketing” is one of top 20 search questions. While local lead generation’s startup cost as low as $500 and you don’t compete on a global scale.

Another challenge of affiliate marketing is affiliates have no control over affiliate programs. For example, Amazon associates earn 1-10% commission rate depending on the product they promoted. With local lead gen, you own your digital assets and you choose which business to work with.

Local lead generation is also easier to rank with just 15-30 pages. Once it ranks, it only requires minimum maintenance. And it’s reproducible with over 50 niche services. To date, the digital real estates I own generate me a collective $52k per month. So if you’re looking for a way to achieve financial freedom, local lead generation’s passive income is a great way to start.

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