Top 30 Faceless YouTube Niches to Maximize Profit in 2024

April 11, 2024

The top faceless YouTube niches are Trading and Investing, Cryptocurrency, Technology and Gadgets, Automotive, and Food and Cooking. However, these trends can change quickly, so you’ll always need to be on the lookout for profitable YouTube niches in 2024.

Faceless YouTube channels are an excellent way of making money online. Forbes estimates that top YouTube creators make $5 for every 1,000 views and up to $5,000 for 1 million views. However, the challenge with this business model is that you remain at the whim of YouTube and the ever-changing trends.

First-time YouTube creators may want to check out Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization or Thomas Garetz’ No Face YT courses. These programs can help you learn the tricks of the trade so you can successfully launch, maintain, and earn from your own YouTube channel without showing your face.

In this feature, we name the top faceless YouTube niches. We also give you content ideas, challenges, and examples of successful channels. Towards the end, we also introduce you to an alternate business model that doesn’t require you to create videos. Instead, you create digital assets that can help you earn stable passive income per month without massive competition.

30 Faceless YouTube Niches to Consider

Faceless YouTube Automation is another way to call these channel ideas. Here's an alphabetical list of the top niches you can try as a YouTube creator:

1. Animals

The animal niche doesn’t require you to be on camera. There have been quite a lot of content creators who’ve been successful in this niche by making commentaries on the animals they film or by using stock footage. Alternatively, you can also feature pets as some users prefer watching adorable animal content for entertainment.

Animal Niche Content Ideas

  • Fun facts about animals
  • Document animal behavior for studies
  • Commentaries on the animals you film 
  • Feature compilations of cute animals
  • Funny animal fails

Animal Niche Challenges

  1. If you're taking videos, it's hard to predict animal movements. This means you might need to film a lot to produce content.
  2. Access to animal subjects needed.

Successful examples on YouTube:
4Ever Green (3.14M subscribers, $1.3K to $20.8K estimated earnings per month)
Relax My Dog (1.99M subscribers, $2.9K to $46.2K estimated earnings per month)

2. Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts niche is a great faceless YouTube channel idea for artists who want to showcase their skills and show their audience what they can do. Your channel can be an inspiration to other aspiring artists, as you can show them various guides and tutorials on your creative process.

Arts and Crafts Niche Content Ideas

  • Gallery-like contents as an extension of your portfolio
  • DIY guides to making certain arts and crafts you make
  • Easy craft ideas for kids to learn

Arts and Crafts Niche Challenges

  1. Niche is more of a skill-based niche. Diving into the niche means you have to practice a lot.
  2. It caters to a specific audience with the same interest, so this may not be for everyone.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Craftilicious DIY (362k subscribers, $121 to $1.9K estimated earnings per month)
Crafty Panda (19.5M subscribers, $1.2K to $19K estimated earnings per month) 

3. Automotive

The automotive niche offers many possible topics for a faceless YouTube video content creator. You can feature the latest news about the automotive industry or do evergreen topics, such as interesting facts about different vehicles.

Automotive Niche Content Ideas

  • News about upcoming vehicles, car industry, etc.)
  • Vehicle reviews
  • Car maintenance tips
  • Lists of fun facts about vehicles

Automotive Niche Challenges

  1. You'll have to stay updated on news about the automotive industry all the time.
  2. Doing reviews and maintenance tips will require access to different automobiles.

Successful example on YouTube:
TopCars TV (204K subscribers, $371 to $5.9K estimated earnings per month)

4. Business

With a faceless YouTube business channel, most of your content will be about business advice, business news, and business trends. In addition, you can also consider featuring interesting business stories.

Business Niche Content Ideas

  • Latest business industry news
  • Tips on business management, financial planning, etc.
  • Trending business strategies

Business Niche Challenges

  1. The niche may be saturated with potential competition. So think of a unique angle to gain attention of your target market. 
  2. Make sure that your sources and references are credible for your viewers.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Young Entrepreneurs Forum (834K subscribers, $122 to $2K estimated earnings per month)
Magnates Media (1.41M subscribers, $963 to $15.4K estimated earnings per month)

5. Career

The career niche focuses on career advice, career development, networking strategies, workplace etiquette, and other related topics. As with most faceless channel ideas, you can use animated explainer videos or stock footage and then add voiceover narration to create content.

Career Niche Content Ideas

  • Career tips for new workers
  • Job interview tips for applicants
  • How to land a job even if you lack professional experience

Career Niche Challenges

  1. Limited audience since not everyone would search for career tips.
  2. Niche is saturated with competitors.

Successful examples on YouTube:
How Money Works (1.05M, $1.1K to $17.6K estimated earnings per month)

6. Cartoon and Animation

Cartoon and animation are a popular niche among faceless YouTube creators. These channels not only target young viewers, but some also produce content for audiences of different ages. 

Cartoon and Animation Niche Content Ideas

  • Review or recap videos of popular animated films and series
  • Animated explainer videos about different topics (medical, science, etc)
  • Entertaining and educational content for children 

Cartoon and Animation Niche Challenges

  1. Creating original cartoon and animated content takes time and skill to complete. 
  2. Hiring professional animators can be expensive.

Successful example on YouTube:
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (22.1M subscribers, $9.4K to $149.8K estimated earnings per month)

7. Celebrities

The celebrity niche is all about news and facts about popular personalities in the entertainment industry. There are a lot of video contents for this niche, mostly anything under the sun about celebrities.

Celebrities Niche Content Ideas

  • Breaking news and updates about celebrities
  • Favorites foods, places, etc of popular celebrities
  • Celebrity history or biography

Celebrities Niche Challenges

  1.  Not all entertainment sources online are reliable.
  2. One wrong comment about a celebrity may cost you followers.

Successful examples on YouTube: (25.3M subscribers, $12.8K to $205.5K estimated earnings per month)
E! News (1.83M subscribers, $28.8K to $461.3K estimated earnings per month)

8. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency continues to draw viewers online. Both newbies and long-time investors look up YouTube for the latest crypto news and investing strategies.

Cryptocurrency Niche Content Ideas

  • Crypto trading strategies
  • Crypto analysis and predictions
  • Crypto trading news

Cryptocurrency Niche Challenges

  1. Cryptocurrency is a risky niche since the market isn't as stable as other investing strategies.
  2. One wrong prediction of a market can lead to losing followers.

Successful example on YouTube:
More Crypto Online (200K subscribers, $596 to $9.5K estimated earnings per month)

9. DIY Tutorials and Hacks

DIY tutorials and hacks are popular among YouTube users. People check out YouTube to access practical information on DIY projects, household hacks, how-to guides, life hacks, quick fixes, upcycling, and other topics.   

DIY Tutorials and Hacks Niche Content Ideas

  • DIY repair tutorials for beginners
  • Repurposing common household items
  • DIY beauty hacks

DIY Tutorials and Hacks Niche Challenges

  1. Not all hacks you see on the internet are effective.
  2. Make sure that your DIYs work by trying them yourself.

Successful example on YouTube:
5-Minute Crafts DIY (20.5M subscribers, $906 to $14.5K estimated earnings per month)

10. Education

As a faceless YouTube niche, education offers a wide array of possible topics for content cretaion. You can discuss study tips for students, teaching strategies for new teachers, subject-specific tutorials (math, science, literature), and more.

Education Niche Content Ideas

  • Math solutions and tricks
  • English grammar lessons
  • Historical lessons on various topics
  • Basic and advanced lessons for children

Education Niche Challenges

  1. You need to be an expert on your chosen topic.
  2. Visual presentations are a must.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Tecmath (1.45M subscribers, $135 to $2.2K estimated earnings per month)
Economics Explained (2.5M subscribers, $1K to $16.5K estimated earnings per month)

11. Food and Cooking

Faceless videos are also making good income in the food and cooking niche. You can feature cooking methods, meal preparation strategies, recipes, food culture, and    

Food and Cooking Niche Content Ideas

  • Food recipes and how to cook them
  • Practical cooking tips (how to open an egg easier, why good knifes are important, etc)
  • Shopping guide on how to choose the best ingredients and kitchen tools
  • Food and restaurant reviews

Food and Cooking Niche Challenges

  1. You'll need to explore and try different foods and recipes all the time.
  2. Practice your cooking recipes before publishing them online.

Successful example on YouTube:
Nino's Home (7.74M subscribers, $635 to $10.2K estimated earnings per month)

12. Gardening

The gardening niche is a little more specific niche, but there are still a lot of enthusiasts searching for gardening videos online. The most popular types of content in this niche are about gardening tips, garden designs, garden maintenance, landscaping, and others. If you have a green thumb, this faceless YouTube niche may be perfect for you.

Gardening Niche Content Ideas

  • Beginner tips on how to start a vegetable garden
  • Ideal plants for busy gardeners
  • How to choose the right soil for your plants
  • Indoor gardening tips
  • Natural ways to deal with harden pests

Gardening Niche Challenges

  1. Gardening is a niche market so there is a limited audience than other niches.
  2. Gardening requires skill, so may not be for everyone.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Garden Tips (1.2M subscribers, $178 to $2.9K estimated earnings per month)
Urban Gardening (1.7M subscribers, $261 to $4.2K estimated earnings per month)

13. Health & Fitness

With the growing interest for health and fitness-related topics, many users turn to YouTube to find helpful information. If you are an expert in this niche, this can be a great faceless YouTube channel idea to start.

Health Niche Content Ideas

  • Diet plans and workout routines
  • Effective home exercise tips
  • Nutritious snack ideas
  • Fitness app reviews
  • Home remedy tips on common illnesses

Health Niche Challenges

  1. Constant research is a must since you're dealing with people's health.
  2. There is tremendous competition in the health and fitness niche.

Successful example on YouTube:
Super Healthy Fit (235K subscribers, $393 to $6.3K estimated earnings per month)

14. History

History enthusiasts often go to YouTube to search for useful content to educate their minds. You can target these audiences as you run your own faceless channel on the platform. Make sure that you are sharing accurate information by checking the credibility of your resources and references.

History Niche Content Ideas

  • Historical events and places
  • Significant archaeological discoveries
  • Interesting war stories
  • Modern history

History Niche Challenges

  1. Extensive research is crucial to ensure your channel stays engaging and relevant.
  2. You can't rush content creation since you'll have to check data accuracy all the time.

Successful example on YouTube:
Simple History (4.74M subscribers, $2.7K to $43.6K estimated earnings per month)

15. Home Improvement

The home improvement niche is another safe niche for starters. Your target viewers are homeowners looking for ways to improve, renovate, or remodel their houses. Home improvement professionals also search YouTube for ideas, so you need to be an expert as you share tips and guides. 

Home Improvement Niche Content Ideas

  • DIY home improvement hacks, such as kitchen renovation ideas, painting techniques, etc
  • Basic plumbing repair tips
  • Interior design guides and tutorials
  • Furniture and wall decor suggestions
  • Electrical upgrades

Home Improvement Niche Challenges

  1. Hacks should be cost-effective so viewers can save on home improvement expenses.
  2. Make sure to constantly teach safety practices, so newbies can avoid potential accidents while trying your home improvement hacks.

Successful example on YouTube:
Got2Learn (575K subscribers, $239 to $3.8K estimated earnings per month)

16. Interesting Facts

This niche offers a wide array of potential content for faceless channel owners. You can hop on trending topics or do evergreen content as you share fun trivia, strange facts, or even little-known life hacks.    

Interesting Facts Niche Content Ideas

  • Interesting pop culture facts
  • Strange but true trivia about different animals 
  • Curious tidbits about the human body
  • Fun facts for children

Interesting Facts Niche Challenges

  1. Fact-checking is a must before posting information. Otherwise, viewers will correct you in the comment sections and lose interest in your channel.
  2. Gaining views and going viral can be hard, especially if you're new in the niche.

Successful example on YouTube:
Bright Side (44.6M subscribers, $9K to $144.6K estimated earnings per month)

17. Kids

This is the go-to niche for entertaining and educational content for younger children. Parents often play videos non-stop from such channels while doing household chores, which gives you opportunities to earn from ad revenue.

Kids Niche Content Ideas

  • Nursery rhymes for kids
  • Short animated versions of popular fairy tales
  • Basic Mathematics or English lessons for kids
  • Fun activities for kids (DIY crafts, drawing tips, easy recipes, etc)

Kids Niche Challenges

  1. Animated video production can be expensive.
  2. Writing and recording original children's songs can be challenging.
  3. Kids niche channels usually have limited advertising opportunities, according to YouTube's existing policies.

Successful examples on YouTube:
The Singing Walrus (2.87M subscribers, $8.9K to $142.3K estimated earnings per month)
Pinkfong (79.9M subscribers, $120.3K to $1.9M estimated earnings per month)

18. Movies

Movie buffs turn to YouTube to catch the latest movie trailers. They also look up expert critics to find trailer breakdowns and movie reviews.

Movies Niche Content Ideas

  • Movie reviews, recaps, and recommendations
  • Trailer analysis for upcoming Hollywood films
  • Top 10 best or worst movies of an actor/actress.

Movies Niche Challenges

  1. You will be using content from film studios and other sources, so be careful of Creative Commons Licenses.
  2. The movie niche can be overcrowded, so you have to work on building your online following.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Screen Junkies (6.79M subscribers, $1.6K to $24.9K estimated earnings per month)
FilmSpot Trailer (5.67M subscribers, $7.8K to $124.7K estimated earnings per month)

19. Music

Most users who browse through the music niche only need three things: 1) watch music videos 2) watch lyric videos to read through the lyrics of their favorite songs 3) play music, minimize and just listen along as they do something else. 

Music Niche Content Ideas

  • Lyric videos for different songs
  • Music video or album reviews
  • Top 10 best albums of particular artists or genres
  • Artist news and features
  • Original music you've written

Music Niche Challenges

  1. You need to have high quality audio in the music niche.
  2. When using copyright-protected material, you will need to seek permission from the copyright owners.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Lofi Girl (14.1M subscribers, $7.8K to $124.1K estimated earnings per month)
7clouds (22.5M subscribers, $72.8K to $1.2M estimated earnings per month)

20. News

Starting a faceless YouTube channel in the news niche can be easy. You can always find news information online and simply retell them or add your own insights.

News Niche Content Ideas

  • World news about politics
  • News from across the world
  • Commentary on trending issues and topic
  • Calamity updates

News Niche Challenges

  1. News can be a competitive niche and many viewers go straight to established media outlets.
  2. One strike with news credibility can lead to losing massive amounts of followers.

Successful example on YouTube:
Moon (1.32M subscribers, $679 to $10.9K estimated earnings per month)
Weird History (4.43M subscribers, $1.1K to $17.8K estimated earnings per month)

21. Podcast

If you are someone with strong opinions and have what it takes to share it with the world, the podcast niche is for you. Podcast creators do not have to use videos even on YouTube, which makes this ideal for starting a faceless channel.

Podcast Niche Content Ideas

  • Podcast about current events across the world
  • Discussions about trending entertainment and pop culture topics
  • In-depth interviews with influential personalities
  • Business podcast on specific industry niches

Podcast Niche Challenges

  1. You'll need to invest in equipment to ensure quality of podcast recordings. 
  2. Finding and scheduling guests can be difficult.

Successful example on YouTube:
The Telegraph (5.47M subscribers, $21.6K to $345.9K estimated earnings per month)

22. Politics

The politics niche is popular among adult viewers. Some YouTubers pick a political side when running such channels, while others find it a better idea to stay unbiased to accommodate more viewers.

Politics Niche Content Ideas

  • Political commentary on trending issues
  • News about political personalities
  • Politics tips and guides

Politics Niche Challenges

  1. The niche can be polarizing.
  2. Gaining followers can be as fast as losing them, since some people will either love or hate your opinions about certain issues.

Successful example on YouTube:
Bisbo (748K subscribers, $523 to $8.4K estimated earnings per month)

23. Real Estate

The real estate niche has been gaining numerous followers over the years. Most of the audience in this niche are investors looking for real estate tips, people who are looking for tips on how to be a real estate agent, or property buyers who want to make the best decision.

Real Estate Niche Content Ideas

  • Real estate agent tips
  • Housing market trends
  • Luxury real estate
  • Open house tours

Real Estate Niche Challenges

  1. Real estate market fluctuations may mean you have to update your content often.
  2. Top production quality is important for video creation as you feature real estate properties.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Open House 24 (403K subscribers, $57 to $916 estimated earnings per month)
Exploring Alternatives (2.38M subscribers, $610 to $9.8K estimated earnings per month)

24. Reviews

YouTube users go to the platform to check out reviews before buying a product or using a service. Review videos help people come up with the right decision so they can get their money's worth. The niche is also general that you’d have a broad range of content topics to choose from. 

Reviews Niche Content Ideas

  • Tech reviews (gadgets, electronics)
  • Product reviews (sneakers, tools, toys) 
  • Movie and TV reviews

Reviews Niche Challenges

  1. Access to products is a must to create accurate reviews.
  2. Some viewers may find it hard to trust reviews without knowing the reviewer's identity.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Steve Reviews (564K subscribers, $196 to $3.1K estimated earnings per month)
Flossy Carter (1.98M subscribers, $478 to $7.7K estimated earnings per month)

25. Science

In the science niche, you're producing educational content, so you need to make sure that all your videos contain updated facts. Visual representations also play a big factor in this niche.

Science Niche Content Ideas

  • Biology and human anatomy
  • Science facts and trivia
  • Fun science experiments
  • Environmental science and climate change 

Science Niche Challenges

  1. All information on your videos should be backed up by facts.
  2. Heavy video edits needed for visual presentations.

Successful examples on YouTube:
MooMooMath and Science (462K subscribers, $647 to $10.3K estimated earnings per month)
Fun Science (713K subscribers, $435 to $7K estimated earnings per month)

26. Sports

In this niche, you can cover different types of sports (basketball, football, baseball, hockey, etc) or focus on a particular sport. In any case, you can potentially get a lot of views as you create quality content and reach your target audience. 

Sports Niche Niche Content Ideas

  • Sports news and team updates
  • Interesting facts about specific teams and athletes
  • Game highlights and analysis
  • Best and worst plays

Sports Niche Challenges

  1. Saturated and competitive niche.
  2. You need to be updated with the latest sports news.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Cosh Report (465K subscribers, $1.7K to $27.9K estimated earnings per month)
NFL Throwback (943K subscribers, $2.4K to $37.6K estimated earnings per month)

27. Technology and Gadgets

This can be a perfect niche for individuals passionate about tech and gadgets. As you create engaging content, you can cater to fellow tech enthusiasts looking for the latest tech news of videos of specific electronics.

Technology and Gadgets Niche Content Ideas

  • Laptop, mobile phone, and gaming console unboxing or reviews
  • Gadget comparison videos
  • Technology trends and news
  • Top 10 lists of interesting technology

Technology and Gadgets Niche Challenges

  1. You need extensive knowledge and expertise in technology to be effective in this niche. 
  2. You need access to the latest products and this can be expensive without having sponsors.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Future Tech (672K subscribers, $53 to $852 estimated earnings per month)
Dr Debox (932K subscribers, $1.1K to $18.1K estimated earnings per month)

28. Trading and Investment

If you have encyclopedic knowledge about money and can share it clearly with other people, the trading and investment niche can be good for you. Many YouTube users search the platform for useful videos that teach them how to become better traders and investors. 

Trading and Investment Niche Content Ideas

  • Stock market news, trading strategies, investment advice
  • How to read stock charts and trading patterns
  • Trading and investment book reviews
  • Profiles of successful investors

Trading and Investment Niche Challenges

  1. Make sure your tips work.

Successful examples on YouTube:
The Swedish Investor (871K subscribers, $212 to $3.4K estimated earnings per month)
FINAiUS (522K subscribers, $222 to $3.5K estimated earnings per month)

29. Travel

Travel is a potentially profitable faceless YouTube channel idea. Through this niche, you can share information about different places while earning money at the same time.    

Travel Niche Content Ideas

  • Location-specific travel tips
  • Climate and culture guide for first-time tourists
  • Packing tips for travelers

Travel Niche Challenges

  1. You will need to travel a lot to create original content.
  2. Using stock footages can simplify the process, but you'll have similar content with other travel channels.

Successful examples on YouTube:
Nomadic Ambience (1.24M subscribers, $434 to $6.9K estimated earnings per month)
Touropia (1.43M subscribers, $620 to $9.9K estimated earnings per month)

30. Video Gaming

If you’re a gamer and want to start a faceless YouTube channel, the video gaming niche can be your ticket to fame and profit. Not only would you enjoy what you’re doing, but you’re also showing your skills to fellow gamers everywhere This niche may be relatively newer compared to the other niches on this list, but it can still guarantee followers and viewers. 

Video Gaming Niche Content Ideas

  • Gaming livestream on YouTube
  • Gaming tips and tricks
  • E-Sports news and updates
  • Video game reviews and console unboxing

Travel Niche Challenges

  1. You need to be a top-notch gamer to attract attention from viewers.
  2. Investing in gaming equipment and software (screen recording, livestreaming, video editing) can be expensive.

Successful examples on YouTube:
DotaCinema (1.32M subscribers, $361 to $5.8K estimated earnings per month)
Let's Game It Out (5.54M subscribers, $4.1K to $65.8K estimated earnings per month)

YouTube Tips for Starting Your Faceless Channel

1. Register for the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is an essential step so you can start earning. This is the best way of monetizing your faceless YouTube channel. You can read more about eligibility requirements here.

2. Grab Videos with Creative Commons Licenses

If you’re going to get videos from other sources, make sure that the videos you use have Creative Commons Licenses. Indicate the original creators of the videos in the credits to ensure that you won’t have any copyright issues for the content you upload.

3. Enhance Your Video Editing Skills

Regardless of your chosen niche, your video editing skills will always be your main asset. Enhancing your skills and learning the latest video editing techniques will keep your channel engaging and up to date. Better quality videos always lead to better audience reception.

4. Make Use of YouTube Automation Tools

Usage of YouTube automation tools can help you manage your channel by using tools or hiring freelancers to help you achieve tasks easier. This will also help you focus on other important tasks in running your channel. Look up our feature on winning YouTube automation channel ideas to how these can help you as a content creator.

What are new emerging faceless YouTube niches?

New emerging faceless YouTube niches include true crime, artificial intelligence, and mental health.

True Crime

Explore With Us is among the biggest faceless YouTube channels in the true crime niche. The channel started in August 2015 and initially featured a guy exploring abandoned places in Nevada. Today, EWU has become known as a channel “dedicated to all things mystery, including unsolved cold cases, true crime, and more.” 

Voice over talent Russell Archey, who provides narration for the videos, says Explore With Us is definitely more than a simple YouTube channel. “They're a documentary team,” he says. “They have a host of talent: writers, editors, psychologists, attorneys that all put together a finished product that is absolutely amazing.”

Explore With Us now has over 5.06 million subscribers and 1.075 billion views. According to Social Blade, the channel has an estimated monthly earning of $7,600 to $121,400 and an estimated annual earning of $91,000 to $1.5 million.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another hot niche among faceless YouTube creators. Case in point, the Debt Busters USA channel features the best AI software for creating content. According to their About section, their mission is to teach viewers “how to leverage the newest AI tools, explore new horizons in content creation, and elevate your YouTube game.”

Launched in April 2021, Debt Busters USA has over 23,000 subscribers and over 1.9 million views. Although Social Blade estimates the channel only earns around $13 to $214 per month and $160 to $2,600 per year, it actually “makes over $10,000 per month” from affiliate links, discloses Matt Par in a YouTube video.

“I believe this niche is pretty future proof because this is only going to become more popular,” adds Matt. “There's always new tools coming out, always more improvements coming out related to (artificial intelligence) so I think it can be a fantastic niche.”

Mental Health

With the growing interest in mental health, this can be a good niche for video creators on YouTube. Psych2Go is a successful channel that attracts viewers from all over the globe since it was launched in October 2014. According to IMDb, Tai Khuong founded Psych2Go “after studying psychology at the University of British Columbia” and realizing “what the field of psychology could offer.”

Although Psych2Go didn’t start as a faceless channel, it has since transitioned into producing animated video content. On Medium, former Psych2Go script editor says the channel focuses on “mental health, psychology and wellbeing to help educate and support people through life’s ups and downs.” Meanwhile, their About section on YouTube reads, “We aim to make psychology and mental health content accessible and digestible for the masses.”

As of this writing, Psych2Go has 11.9 million subscribers, 2,964 videos, and 1.7 billion views. Information gathered from Social Blade reveals that the channel has an estimated monthly earning of $3,900 to $63,000 and an estimated annual earning of $47,200 to $755,500. The channel also makes extra money by selling plushies, shirts, posters, and other merch items on their website

Frequently Asked Questions About Faceless YouTube Niches

1. Which YouTube niches get the most views?

The YouTube niches that get the most views are "food, entertainment, gaming, beauty and fashion, music, sports, science and technology, and travel," according to ClipChamp.

2. What is the best YouTube niche to work in without showing your face?

The best YouTube niche to work in is always subjective. Ask yourself which niche interests you the most and you can start from there. I don’t recommend diving into a niche you’re unfamiliar with or is something that you don’t personally like.

3. Can a YouTube channel which has no videos showing face and no voice be monetized?

Certainly. As long as you publish video content that draws viewers, your YouTube channel can be monetized. The YouTube Partner Program doesn’t require your videos to show your face or have your voice.

4. Can you do different faceless YouTube niches on one channel?

Yes, you can do different niches in your channel. For instance, you can combine technology with reviews and maybe do gadget reviews. Another great example is cryptocurrency and news which you can combine to show crypto news to your audience.

5. How do I start a faceless YouTube automation channel?

Starting a faceless YouTube automation channel requires you to plan well. To get you started, these questions can guide you as you set up your channel:

  • Do you have certain skills you can use for your faceless videos? Which services do you need to outsource?
  • What type of content do you want to publish for your viewers?
  • Who is my target audience?

Why Lead Generation is a Better Business Model Than a Faceless YouTube Channel

Before starting any faceless YouTube channel, choosing the right niche is a crucial step. Doing so helps you determine the type of content you will create to attract your target viewers. When done right, you can expect to earn decent profit over time without showing your face on your videos.

Take note, however, that running a YouTube channel requires hard work. Competition can be fierce in most niches as the number of faceless YouTube channels increase over the years. if you want a less competitive and more profitable online business, local lead generation may be a better fit for you.
In lead generation, you can make money by creating business websites and boosting their search engine rankings. You can target specific areas and keywords for best results. Building a site from scratch usually takes 10 to 15 hours and it may take 6 weeks to 6 months to rank them online.


From there, you can approach local entrepreneurs and offer your lead gen sites for rent. Each site can make you $500 to $3,000 per month as you deliver organic leads to their businesses. Compared with running a faceless YouTube niche, lead gen allows you to start earning quicker and to scale your business faster without creating YouTube videos all the time. In fact, I earn up to $52,000 in passive income per month today from several lead generation websites I created years ago.

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