Sam Parr’s Review: What Makes This Newsletter Unique?

September 13, 2023 is a premium subscription based business and tech newsletter by The Hustle. The newsletter delivers daily and weekly business news, reports, trends, and many more. With, the content you get ranges from industry strategies and innovations to current and upcoming future trends on the market.

Newsletters are useful for entrepreneurs as it saves time with market research and to stay informed of current trends. If you are looking for a good online business idea, I would recommend local lead generation.

How Is Different From Other Newsletter Subscriptions?

What makes different from the rest of similar newsletters is the community. Subscribers will have access to a community of entrepreneurs and industry experts from where they can network and get support from. is mostly praised for its community. There are also many official sub communities you can join, which range from specific industry groups to groups that cater to members outside the United States, such as the UK group. is so expensive as it sends not only newsletters but also has courses, reports, and a network that you can access. You can get $100 discounts by signing up using referral links and get discounted for your next year by promoting your referral link. This is done to increase the members of the network. Review: Pros and Cons


The Hustle serves over 800,000 readers and has over 16,000 subscribers.

Private community with top entrepreneur members where you network, discuss, and ask for advice.

Access to live events, workshops, and lectures.


Auto-renewal of subscription is automatically turned on when signing up for the $1 1-week trial, which caused a lot of complaints from unwanted charges.

The amount of information might be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs or those who focus on specific niches or are searching for a specific business trend.


$299 per year

Refund Policy

No refund policy




Mostly positive Pricing costs $299 a year for their subscription. They offer student discounts of $79 a year if you have a valid .edu email address. You can sign up for their $1 for a 1 week subscription, after which you will be charged $299 for a year if not cancelled. often gives away coupon codes of up to $100 off. For subscribers, they can share their referral code and get $100 off their next subscription per new people who signs up with their link. New members also get $100 off from using referral codes. Refund Policy does not have a refund policy. However, there is a 3 day grace period where you can cancel and get a refund requested. This grace period was implemented because of many complaints regarding being charged without being notified.

Who Is For?

  1. Beginner entrepreneurs who are looking for the latest news and trends in business. provides information on the latest trends, strategies, and profitable business opportunities.
  2. Serial entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in new niches and industries. The wide range of industries covered by is great for anyone looking for the latest investment opportunities.
  3. High level entrepreneurs who are looking to build their network. The community is a great place to find startup partners.

Trends is NOT for entrepreneurs or investors who are focused on a specific niche. The subscription on a wide variety of topics covered will only prove a distraction and will not be worth the value.

What Do You Get With

  • 1 newsletter each week and access to archives.
  • 12 Signals reports each month and access to archives.
  • 6 new articles each month and access to archives.
  • 5 live events, such as lectures, workshops, Q&As, and interviews each month and access to archives.
  • Access to the deal directory where you can find products on deal and save money.
  • Access to private databases and exclusive ebooks, such as long PDF reports.

Who Owns

HubSpot is the owner of The Hustle and which bought it from founder Sam Parr. They were acquired in 2021 for about $20 million. HubSpot is a marketing software company that has bought several companies to help with creating solutions for clients.

Who Is Sam Parr? review Sam Parr is a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Hustle and from San Francisco, California. From selling hotdogs while in college in Tennessee to starting Hustle Con in 2013, Sam now has a net worth of over $20 million.

Born and raised in Missouri, Sam Parr went to college in Tennessee, where he started his chain of hotdog stands called Southern Sam's Weiner's as Big as a Baby's Arm. Prior to this, Sam had some experience with online business by selling things on eBay. He started Hustle Con, which was an annual event where startups would discuss their strategies in growing their businesses to an audience of about 2,000 attendants. Hustle Con eventually grew into The Hustle.

Is Worth It? is worth it if you are an entrepreneur looking for investment and business opportunities. The networking and reports are great for getting valuable insights. Reddit Review Reddit reviews are widely mixed. Positive reviews are mostly from members who praise the community but scrutinize the articles. Most complaints are from those who were charged automatically after the $1 trial and were not issued refunds. There is an active Sam Parr account on Reddit and promptly addresses the issues which lead to some refund issues being resolved. The following are some of the more detailed reviews on Reddit. Trustpilot Review has 4.5 score on Trustpilot with over 207 reviews. Positive reviews point to the online community. Some negative unverified reviews are about the refunds but have been resolved. The following are some of the verified Trustpilot review.

5 Alternatives

  1. We Study Markets by The Investor's Podcast Network - We Study Markets is a free newsletter by the creators of the famous We Study Billionaires podcast. The daily newsletters can cover a wide-range of topics, from real estate to cryptocurrency investments.
  2. Axios Markets - A great newsletter on overall investing that delivers essential market insights and economic trends. Axios Markets costs $599 a year for 5 newsletters a week. They also offer a 14-day free trial.
  3. Morning Brew - A free business newsletter with a twist of humor. Morning brew delivers business news that also entertains you. Their newsletters are easy and fun to read, which makes it perfect for newbies.
  4. The Morning by the New York Times - For only $10 a year, you get unlimited access to current events news, which includes business and investment. It is an affordable newsletter that is great for you to keep updated on current events in every aspect.
  5. Bloomberg News - Bloomberg is popular with professional investors as they have over 2,700 journalists in 120+ countries creating detailed articles every day. The subscription costs $299 a year.
  6. Side Hustle Nation - Side Hustle Nation is a free community and resource by Nick Loper. You can find business ideas and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

5 Best Money Making Trends in 2023

Trends often change from time to time. Keep in mind that the more popular a trend, the higher the number of competitors and the more skill you need to compete. The following are 5 of the biggest money making trends right now.

  1. Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing can be costly or highly profitable depending on your strategy and methods. You simply have to promote someone else’s product for a commission using a variety of methods, like running paid ads or by creating organic lead generation sites.
  2. Social Media Marketing Agency - Many older business owners do not know how to run social media marketing campaigns. Offering social media marketing services can be highly profitable and at a low cost.
  3. Dropshipping - Dropshipping is a popular ecommerce strategy that doesn’t require huge capital. This could be a perilous business if you do not do your due diligence as ecommerce platforms have very strict regulations with dropshipping which may result in your online store being banned.
  4. Airbnb Arbitrage - Subleasing long-term rental properties on Airbnb is a great way to invest in a real estate business without buying any property. With the right know-how, Airbnb could prove a highly profitable business strategy.
  5. Freelancing - Freelancing grew in popularity, especially during the pandemic, as most people started doing business online. If you have any skills that you can sell online, freelancing is a great way to earn extra income.

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Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Money Making Business in 2023

Local lead generation is a passive income business model that costs very little to start. By using free SEO tactics to rank a website on Google search, you can rent it out to local businesses who will gladly pay for the organic leads the site generates. With local lead generation, you do not have to worry about trends. By catering to local businesses that offer localized services, there will always be a demand. As long as your website is ranked, it will continue to generate leads.

Each website ranked and rented can generate up to $2,000 in predictable and completely passive income. Scaling a local lead generation is as easy as repeating the process. With hundreds of niches and thousands of areas where you can do a local lead generation business, the potential to earn is virtually limitless. This is why local lead generation is my number 1 business for creating time and financial freedom.

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