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Vegas Reload 2020 & My Rant on Personal Responsibility for Our Own Life Experience

February 26, 2022

This year's Vegas Reload (our annual live event we've been doing since 2014) was quite the quagmire to figure out, to say the least.

We did a virtual event back in August but in September we promised a real live event in Vegas crossing our fingers that Vegas stayed open... fate would have it this event would signify our declaration of what it means to be an entrepreneur.


As Entrepreneurs:

  • We don't fail (we don't make excuses)
  • We're resourcesful, we find solutions
  • We stand for something, we stand for liberty & freedom of choice & speech
  • We stand for positivity even amidst the heavy negativity in the world
  • We take massive action even when there is no blueprint
  • We show others that there's a different possibility, there's always a path to victory!

We had 200 people attending but Vegas COVID rules only allowed 50 people maximum per room or per venue.

We also do a lot of other fun events before and after the event day such as eating at a nice Sushi restaurant with the group and Sunday Funday pool party.

But with the restaurant and pool cabana only allowing maximum of 30-50 people... we literally had to call every venue in Las Vegas and figure out alternative ways to provide entertainment.

We found an aweomse lake party spot tho where we could bring together all the students and it was an amazing time... more on that later...

Our Suppressed Emotions Drive Us to Unconscious Behaviors

We live in tumultuous times right now. All the censorship taking place on the internet, governments extending the lockdown without any sound discussions or debate, cancel culture that seems to be getting out of hand, enforcement of masks & social distancing in places where it doesn't make much sense...

Look I get that this virus is a real thing, I know people personally that's been affected by it, but there seems to be a consorted effort by the powers that be to use this as an opportunity to take away freedom from people & enforce their agendas.

2020 is the year of breaking the spirit of the people. First it was the horrific death of Kobe Bryant where the whole nation mourned, then it was divide & isolate everyone through social distancing & quarantine of COVID, then when everyone's been couped up for few months the grotesque death of George Floyd was pumped into the national airwaves to ignite massive racial tension & further division. 

All hell broke loose after that.

The energentic signature went from Grief -> Fear -> Anger which has esoteric signficicance. According to the Presence Process its the holy trinity of fear, anger, and grief that we suppress & run away from our past that continually drive us to unconscious behaviors whenever these emotional signatures get stirred up by the external world.

We've all had this experience, for example, you get pissed at your co-worker and without thinking you send a lengthy email to justify why they are wrong and why you're right, but only few seconds after you hit "Send" you realize you made a mistake and you wish you could unsend the email.

What was that about? You went completely unconscious. Zombie mode.

The emotional blockage of fear, anger, grief, until they're processed, makes us suspetible to manipulation and loss of all cognitive rational & critical thinking when these vibrations begin to surface (triggered) within us.

Through the lens of emotional body awareness & self-inquiry you discover that every "upset" is a memory in the subconscious mind, the colleague reminded you of someone perhaps your father, some bully at school, etc. External content might be different but the underlying feeling is the same. Here in lies the story you keep telling yourself of why you're a victim, keeping you stuck in that mental construct.

Fear, anger, and grief is what everyone is desperately running away from, conditioning we received in our childhood but its precisely what we must confront within ourselves first.

If left unchecked, these suppressed emotions run our lives.

Futility of Trying to Change What's Out There to Feel Better

We go attacking the world in a futile attempt to fix what's going on inside us, the undulation of suppressed emotions.

It's like looking at your pimple in the mirror and trying to wipe the mirror to get rid of it.

When things in the outer world trigger us, it has everything to do with "us" than what's "out there".

For example, in my early twenties I got into personal development & New Age spirituality and I thought I had "life figured out".

I then immediately try to change my parents by telling them all about my findings. But life showed me the futility of "change whats out there".

The problem was with me.

I was the one that had the emotional blockage, and I was projecting my issues onto my parents and trying to change them so that I can feel better.

Once I've matured a bit, I realized that all I had to do was change myself, process my own fear, anger, grief and then I'm just happy with myself then I don't feel the need to change my parents, I was able to accept and love them as they are.

I understood a crucial lesson, the issue was always within me.

Why Donald J. Trump is an Opportunity to Look Within

With the elections coming up, its fascinating to me how so many people can harbor such intense hatred towards Donald J. Trump. 

Someone whom you've never even met or had a conversation with over dinner.

To me, all that says is that there is something within that person that Donald Trump is triggering, causing that person to remember something within the unconscious & subconscious mind.

Donald Trump is patriarchal energy, the old-school masculinity "My way or the highway", also many people say he seems very egotistical perhaps even like a wealthy snob... (even though every presidential canidate comes from great wealth) some people flat out say "he's an idiot" I suppose that comes from the fact that he's not super polished like your typical politican and just very brash.

There's definitely a lot to unpack there but you can pretty much see why a person with all those qualities can be very triggering. Here's some possiblities

  • patriarchal - if you grew up in single mother household, father left, etc and you grew up with your mom constantly hating on men, then that imprint could very well cause you to dislike a dominant male authority figure like a Donald Trump. Or father could still be in the picture but there's a lot of unresolved issues with him. Matriarchy has been heavily promoted on TV these days, & Donald Trump is a complete antithesis to it, atleast how the media portrays him as, so Trump is an easy target to project all the personal "issues with men" onto. 
  • egotistical - is he? what I see is a strong ego for sure, very self-assured and highly confident in himself whether he's right or wrong. He's brash & outspoken as well... is he doing things for his own ego or does he actually care about the future of the country? I tend to feel he actually does because becoming a president is no easy task, it takes tremendous sacrifice, not to mention all the hate & criticism you get but that's besides the point, if you see him as "egotistical" than you may find that there's other people in your life where you're having similar issues with, then this perception is pointing to something within you to take a look at, because being egotistical or narcissistic is not good but we should all be striving to have the high self-esteem and self-confidence that a Donald Trump has.
  • wealthy snob - ok I get it lol, he does have that very unique particular way of speaking that sometimes makes him sound like he has this air of "I'm a super wealthy elite" vibe but just from my experience, when I had no control of my money in my life I was very easily triggered by any and all topics of money or anyone that resembled the fact that "they had money figured out but I didn't", you could see yourself as so distant from people with that level of financial confidence that you feel distant, "someone like that doesn't care about me"... but where is this judgement coming from and why? Other canidates also come from super wealthy backgrounds, they're just not in your face about it that's the only difference but I always seek truth, regardless of how uncomfortable it is, because the truth will set you free

Michael Brown

Author of Presence Process

"Embracing the truth means admitting that our perception of the triggering event is unfounded, faulty, inaccurate, and that our subsequent behavior is unwarranted. To make such an admission is to die to the story we are telling ourselves. The moment we admit this, the moment we speak the truth (internally or externally), the story dies, we are reborn into the moment and set free of the triggering illusion."

I tend to believe in order to truly seek for a better future for this country and the world.

The work starts from within. Everything starts with exercising self-awareness and accepting personal responsibility for your own life experience. 

We cannot change the fact that the whole world is still shut down from COVID or whoever gets ushered into the oval office, but we are always in control of how we react / respond to it.

How the Media Manipulates & Control Us by Triggering Our Suppressed Emotions

The whole world is getting triggered atm, do we see it as everything is going wrong or as a great opportunity for us to look within and process our own baggage that the world is reflecting to us right now?

When you begin looking at the actual statistics of COVID mortality rate or # of unarmed African Americans that are killed by cops each year, you begin to see through the veil of who the real enemy is, the elites that control the media & use it as an ultimate form of manipulation.

The more fervent the protestor, the more impossible to have conversation about statistics, data & actual real solutions to socio-economic issues. If you even dare to ask questions they're ready to lash back at you in an instant. Even if you're trying to have fruitful conversations, like you're talking to a drunk person, they're not even aware themselves the unconscious blocked emotions that's driving them.

I can empathize with the emotion of anger, but being drunk off of our emotions and acting out of them never gets us anywhere, it only begets more anger in the world.

Always being in our feelings leave us cripled and more easily manipluated.

At a certain point, we have to break our shackles of our past conditioning (emotional blockages) and use logic and reason to strategize on real solutions.

Because if we do not... Fear, anger & grief is sensationalized by the media to re-shapes our perception of reality. Welcome to social engineering & mind control.

You can call them the elites, the deep state, globalists, NWO, etc its all the same, when you begin connecting the dots of all the crazy events taking place today & how it is broadcasted by the media, its really not hard to find this groups' finger prints all over what is transpiring today.

I think many can agree that the lockdown itself is having far more devasting impact on us than the virus at this point?

Dr. Gold


"We are not held down by the virus as much as we’re being held down by the spider web of fear. That spiderweb is all around us and it’s constricting us and it’s draining the lifeblood of the American people, American society, and American economy."

Families losing their small businesses and suicide rate has gone up 10 fold.

The longer the lockdown continues the more that this begins to feel like an deliberate attack by the elites on the US economy, just like when the federal reserve caused the Great Depression? but I digress...

Taking Personal Resonsibility for Our Freedom & Rights

I think what's interesting is as they try to extend the lockdown, its also having an opposite effect of what they would like which is so many people are waking up and beginning to question things.

Freedom is not free, because we feel that there are people trying to rob us of this basic human right right now... is the very reason why we felt we must do whatever it takes to make this event happen.

This is why we call this event REPROGRAM, not just as entrepreneurs going to the next level but as humans its time to wake up to all the forces out there that seek to control & hamstring us so that we can rise above its sphere of influence and become truly soveriegn human beings.

Hey no hard feelings if you're at risk group or still want to play it safe because there is still so much that's unknown about COVID and wanted to stay home, but as an adult we can make our own decisions, if you decide that you're fine and want to go to Vegas, then who are 'they' to tell us how we should spend our times together between consenting adults? 

Are we supposed to be in perpetual state of fear? to wear masks and stand 6 feet from each other so that we can never connect with each other?

Screw that, we will hug each other if both parties don't mind and not wear those stupid things on our faces so that we can actually communicate, connect & spread joy.

If you're not comfortable with people not wearing a mask, then you don't have to come out to live events at this time. A few people wanted to wear a mask but still attended the event, that's totally welcomed and accepted.

But what we won't have is those mask police trying to control how other humans interact. You will not project your own fears onto us to bring us down. Remember, misery loves company.

Awareness is the Key to Self-Empowerment

As far as I'm concerned the world will not change unless we change ourselves.

You cannot save the world unless you save yourself.

The only way is through it. Through feeling our emotions, not running away from them. The key is our awareness.

Biggest issue that face people is the lack of self-awareness, its also the number 1 factor that impedes success of an entrepreneur.

Why is it you do the things you do?

If you look deeply enough, there is always an energetic signature you're trying to avoid feeling which is fear, anger, grief.

And we all have blind spots, this is why life has to show you those blind spots by bringing you life experiences that trigger us from time to time.

When you get triggered, that's the gift, the lesson that life brings to us, an opportunity to evolve. 

The key is to simply observe and watch the emotions...

"But I already observe my emotions"...

You think you are observing your emotions but we are mostly behaving unconsciously from it, there is a key difference when you bring awareness into it

The difference is this, instead of going "I'm angry" to "I'm aware of the anger", when you're aware of it, you now have choice on whether to act on it or not.

By observing or witnessing there's almost a distance that's created from the observer to the emotion. You're not identified with it. You can almost call it, distant watching.

Quantam Physics - the Observer Effect

In quantam physics, the very act of observation which is your consciousness has been proven to impact and influence the external world at the molecular level.

Double slit experiment, does consciousness affect reality?

Electrons behave as waves when there is no observer, when there is an observer, suddenly the electrons behave as solid particles. Like the particles knows its being watched.

What if really the world is inside your consciousness, without consciousness the world doesn't exist, therefore everything in the world is intimately connected to your awareness.

Indian mystics have said for a longtime that your consciousness is the focal point of your life experience.

In your dreams your experiences are so real that you don't even know you're dreaming.

What's the common denominator between a dream and reality?

It's your consciousness, the observer that "sees" & makes the experience "real" to you.

And its that act of "seeing" that holds all the power

This guy is awesome:

When so many mystics and spiritual teachers say the same things over and over again, I have no choice but to listen.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

if you want peace, unity & understanding in the world, first we must strive to achieve peace within ourselves, making peace with the inner turmoil that gets flared up in our day to day.

And the way to make peace with our fear, anger, grief is to simply witness it, that's all.

Easier said than done tho.

But any steps one can take to do that type of work, is taking huge leaps into becoming a person of personal-responsibility, integrity & authenticity.

From being dead to being alive. (unconsciousness to consciousness)

To break free from our past (conditioning & imprints) so that we can receive all that life has to offer us.

I don't know about you but I want freedom more than anything else.

Ok so here's some pictures from our epic Vegas event, 200 people showed up during COVID, yes our group is that awesome!

Let me back up a bit and give credit to the awesome humans that made this event possible.

Here's a picture of us trying to plan for this event for 2 weeks straight prior to the event.

I have to say, Tori (Dan's wife) is the MVP of event planning.

She's very good... a natural extrovert that makes friends with anyone & everyone. She made connections with the Las Vegas games commission to pull off some huge favors plus she's also a lawyer so she simply gets shit done and provides Dan & the team with all the possible venues and options to pull the event off.

Here's our team on Wednesday (9/2/2020) doing last minute planning for the event that starts from Saturday to Sunday

We had hired an event planner lady (pictured on the far left) that does big events for various artists & businesses in Las Vegas.

I asked her if she has worked with any group during COVID-19 and she simply replied "No, they all simply canceled."

But #WeDontFail

It really is a spiritual obligation for us, when we say we'll do something, we do it.

No matter how difficult it gets, we will fight till the bitter end to ensure that our vision is resolute and our word is bond.

Parting Thoughts

What I am about is personal empowerment for everyone.

Whether you're left, right, white, black, brown, yellow, pink

In my experience, personal empowerment is the flowering of the work you put in after you accept personal responsibility for your own life experience

Knowing that we are in control of our life experience is the portal to attain peace of mind

When we do not accept this truth, we go into blaming the world for our troubles but to blame is to b-lame -> be lame

Sure are there certain things in the world that gives certain groups a more advantageous position in certain environments or feat? Yes

But I never allow myself, even for a second, to view myself as a victim because as soon as I do, I've given away all my power

The world has bountiful examples of individuals that overcome great odds to attain high levels of success in every facet of life

I moved to the States when I was 9 (from Japan) and I didn't even know the ABC's, I felt like the underdog my whole life and always had a chip on my shoulder

But I used that to my advantage, the fact that I'm an immigrant, to have more drive & ambition than the average person.

Because in life we are all dealt different set of cards, its up to us to accentuate our strengths and continually work on our weaknesses

Because its through self-improvement & self-awareness we realize we are capable of greatness in whatever we set our minds to: relationships, finances, health, spirtuality...

Money is a big one

Because with money you can buy the best quality foods, hire personal trainers, give so much more in relationships, etc

What I realize now is that our education system set us up to fail, because we were never taught any real-life skills that make us valuable in the marketplace.

You cannot monetize Algebra

For me that money skill was lead generation, we just got back from Vegas and our group is on fire on what we will accomplish in our business in the next 105 days till 2021

We are so focused on our business that we hardly have any time to give attention to all the crazy events that's being promoted by the media

If you dig the vibe of this tribe, click here to find out how our lead gen coaching program could be the catalyst for your new reality of abundance, drive, hustle, freedom

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  1. Love it. Mindset is everything in entrepreneurship. Anyone can work hard, that is a given. You need to work smart. And you need to be relentless

    Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game, so this community and these events look invaluable

  2. Bro, I agree with you if we don't change ourselves the world won't change, to be honest, there will be bad times forever but it depends on how we look at them.

  3. A lot of the points you make in your rant are very true. Especially the one about trying to change what is out there by going crazy over it instead of focusing on your own life first. Although it is important to stand for things but if your own life is a mess, it will be difficult to go about changing things out there in the world.

    My idea is to first work on your own self and people who you are regularly in contact with. And then go for some other things. Have a positive impact on your family and friends. Help them out as much as possible and along the way you can find other stuff to focus on.

    It is very important to be on a constant path of self discovery and self awareness.

  4. Many good key notes are there in this post.
    And I liked the most you describe about the way Parting Thoughts.
    Whether you're are anything if you loved yourself you will definitely will be the best .

  5. The news and people around us they can affect the way we think and the way we feel. It's important to evaluate ourselves of what we're feeling and thinking. It's important for us to use facts and logic to lead our decision making. Our thoughts have a huge impact on our actions. During the Corona Virus and the media surrounding Trump, many americans have been drowning in fear and uncertainty.

  6. So many gold nuggets in this post. My biggest takeaway would be to think of your "outer self" is a reflection of your "inner self." Whether if be money, business, relationships, etc., a lot of your problems can be fixed by changing your mindset. Instead of having a fixed way or thinking, it's best to have a growth mindset. Every "No." is a "No." closer to a "Yes." Stay persistence. Don't give up. Glad to see that you all have a great time at the summit.

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