Jon Jacques’ Viral Content Review (Shocking Secrets About the Course)

March 6, 2024

Viral Content by Jonathan Jacques (Jon Jacques) teaches how you can earn money by creating content that reaches a million views. The course helps increase follower count and brand awareness for upcoming launches and events. Jon says that creating viral content unlocks opportunities such as invitations to talk shows, events and free products to promote. He teaches his technique on how to create viral quality content that reaches the right target audience with free distribution. 

The course does not have other reviews found online. But there are a handful on the landing page. You can also see success stories on the private Facebook group. Members share how the course helped them reach million views thanks to Jon Jacques. 

This course shows how you earn a profit by creating viral content. According to Forbes, MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is one content creator who earns $54 million a year. His videos are viral on social media platforms and his YouTube ranks 4th in early 2023. Although it is profitable, it requires a significant time and effort for researching the latest trends, topics and creating content that will capture the attention of the audience. You need basic editing knowledge, skills and know the strategies that will make the journey easier and receive higher income. 

In this Viral Content review you learn the secrets of the course, what it is, who it is for, what you get, who is Jon Jacques and what his claims are. I discuss other courses Jon offers and some FAQs about viral content and its profitability. And last, my best recommendation for earning money online this 2024

Viral Content Review: Pros and Cons


Jon offers discounts for the Viral Content course. 

Jon Jacque has helped over 20,000+ students.

You’ll get a lot of information about creating viral content and bonus contents for an affordable price.


It is a huge risk to rely solely on viral content.

You have no control with your monthly income.

Outcome depends on other people.

It is difficult to create viral content.


The price of Viral Content hard copy is $37 for the discounted price and $575 normal price.

The online version of Viral Content cost $7 for a limited trial period only.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is not specified. But Jon mentions that if you don’t like the course content, you can email him with the subject “Risk-Free” and he will return your money.




The group of Viral Content is still named Viral Secrets on Facebook. It is a private community with 741 members.


The training of Viral Content is self-paced.


Jon Jacques has a good online reputation, starting from being a viral street magician to being a social media entrepreneur. Featured on Ellen DeGeneres Show, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Digiday, and many more.

What Are Some Shocking Secrets About Viral Content?

  • Know the reason for getting 50 to 150 likes that has nothing to do with your content.

  • Why and how your followers mean money and how entrepreneurs are earning 7 digits a year. 

  • Learn to schedule your content in advance.

  • Gain confidence in speaking in front of the camera.

  • Know the question you should answer before recording.

  • Learn Jon’s “Magnetic Intro Script” in gaining 32 million views with one video.

  • Understand why and how you lose 53% of your followers and audience with a $5 solution.

  • “Steal” video concepts from other viral videos that you can recreate on your own.

  • Jon shares his Facebook analytics that is only available to his students and clients.

What is Viral Content? 

Viral Content is the new and updated version of Jon Jacques’ social media course, Viral Secrets. The course teaches students to earn money from posting on different social media platforms. It teaches how you can automate your social media marketing campaign in a shorter amount of time. Jon’s tactic includes using triggers on a single post to entice viewers to engage. Learn how to shorten your process of creating content to half an hour. Students learn to boost their online presence, increase brand awareness, unlock opportunities, and earn an income. 

The course is a 92 physical book plus a USB of the course shipped to the student. Students requested for a digital version of the course because of its success. As of writing, you can choose for a physical or digital version of the course. 

Learn how to make yourself a “celebrity”.

Earn more money as you attract customers in a single post.

Learn to automate all posts and processes in advance.

Meet influencers for a collaboration.

What Do You Get With Viral Content?

You get 4 hours' worth of video content, strategies, tactics, script, and approaches on how to earn money and views with Viral Content. The course includes how Jon grew his views in 24 hours. And how he gained 18,000 followers within 30 days. It also includes Jon’s “magic words” in increasing video shares.

5 Huge Bonuses of Viral Content

14 Proven Viral Concepts

You’ll learn Jon’s guaranteed recipe for concepts you can for your videos based on viral videos that gained millions of views. These concepts will teach you what to include in your videos to be successful and viral.

[Behind-The-Scenes] Filming A 32M View Video

Watch and learn the process of Jon in creating his viral video with 32 million views. He will teach you the best angle, time, and the equipment you need for an enticing and engaging content.

4-Step Action Plan

Learn how to create your own viral video with Jon’s content strategy and action plan. You’ll learn his personal checklist in creating videos.

Top 100 Viral Headlines

Jon teaches his “tried and true” 100 content library of headlines you can use to help entice viewers to view your videos. He shows how you can do it on your own social media viral videos.

Building A Content Machine

You’ll learn how to create content for months in a few days. Jon will teach his new post “shortcut”, template and system in stress-free content creation. You can copy his instructions to editors and videographers for filming and editing.

Who Is Viral Content For?

  1. Beginners and newbies who want to learn social media strategies using Jon Jacque’s strategies of creating viral videos.

  2. Social media influencers, coaches or entrepreneurs who want to make a name on social media for upcoming product launch or services. Viral Content teaches strategies that can help in building online presence.

  3. People who are already in social media but still lack the skills and knowledge to make it big. The course focuses on how to keep and gain followers and views on social media content. 

  4. Content creators who want to learn more about different tactics on how to create viral video content on social media.

Is Viral Content Worth It?

Yes, Viral Content is worth it because you’re getting 4 hours worth of information about social media networks and strategies plus 5 bonus content for an affordable price. It is perfect for beginners that want to increase their knowledge, concept of the business model, strategies, and essential skills. This course can be for anyone; influencers, coaches, bloggers, vloggers, business owners, online entrepreneurs that want to target active users of social media to generate traffic, brand exposure, and high engagement.

Are Viral Content Students Getting Results?

Yes, Viral Content students are getting results. There are several testimonials and reviews on Viral Secret’s landing page. A combination of authors, coaches, influencers, and online entrepreneurs. There are also people commenting on Viral Content’s Facebook page saying how to gain a thousand followers because of the course.

Laurence Lameche is an Amazon author. He mentions how Viral Content helped him in gaining followers for his Facebook  page. He reaches a million views on his video after posting for only 6 days. The video he posted unlocked opportunities for him, such as being invited to a talk show in London for his Guinness world record event. He shares that upon posting his video, he received 10,000 engagements and 3,000 shares.

A comment on Jon’s Facebook post from Rash John says thanks about all the things he learned from the course. Even mentions that he is excited to receive the physical version of the course while he implements what he learned from Jon.

Tyrone Randolph, a member of the private community of Jon Jacques, says that he hit a million views on a video he posted. He thanks Jon for his help. And after 6 months, he again received 2,400 views on another video he created.

Who is Jon Jacques?

Jon Jacques, also known as Jonathan Jacques, is a viral magician that became an online entrepreneur, influencer, business coach, and now an inspiration for other‌ people. He attended Babson College and finished Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. And he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Since Jon is a previous magician, he founded The Magic of Jonathan Jacques in 2001. Where he performed as a magician for clients and celebrities. Jon was the youngest in the Society of American Magicians National Council. In 2011, he founded and created a selling guide for the video game FIFA 12. After a year, Jon became the Senior Account Executive for Virool and closed deals of over $3 million and became the top salesperson. In 2015, he co-founded Applause that connected influencers and created content together. Then, in 2019, Jon became the Chief Executive Officer of Viral Secrets.

Jon Jacques’ years of experience featured on BuzzFeed, Mashable, TechCrunch, Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Digiday. He was invited to speak at conferences such as AdTech, ThinkBIG, Cannes Lions, and Denver Startup Week. He also collaborated with influencers like Billie Eilish, Logan Paul, Jay Shetty, Lewis Howes, and Mark Dohner. 

At the moment, Jon has 917K followers on Facebook, 54K on Instagram and a not active YouTube channel with 1.11K subscribers. He is still active in giving live presentations about social media while giving the audience a little magic as he speaks.

What is Viral Secrets?

Viral Secrets is the social media company of Jon Jacques. The company helps online entrepreneurs and influencers to create a “viral” video that can boost their image and online presence. It is also the former name of his online course, which is now named Viral Content. Viral Secrets generated ‌$150 million sales and 1 billion views from over 20,000 students.

What Other Courses Does Viral Secrets Offer?

Viral Secrets offers 3 other courses and 1 free training on Jon Jacques’ website. The free course is a free training course by Jon Jacques that shows how he achieved 1 million followers on social media. Two of the courses are not available at the moment, the Viral Secrets and Facebook Famous. The available course as of writing is the Editing Essentials course.

Editing Essentials

The course includes the software and tools you can use to create viral videos. It also includes Jon’s editing tricks and format that will gather viewers' attention and clicks. And the thumbnails you can copy and adjust to your liking. The course also includes 5 bonus content about templates, projects, Jon’s FB and IG story techniques, BTS for his 32M video, and Movavi course. Jon offers the course for a discounted price of $197 for a limited time.

Jon Jacques’ Claims

Jon Jacques claims that he has over 1 million followers on social media. He mentions it several times in the Viral Secrets landing page. Jon says that many opportunities emerged because he got a million views on his videos and his 1 million followers on social media. And that the whole Viral Content course wrapped around this claim. He also claims that you’ll learn to guarantee views and double it. 

Jon Jacques’ Claims DEBUNKED

Jon Jacques’ claim of having a million followers is not true. His main social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, do not reach 1 million. The claim would only be true if you combine both. It may be close, as Jon’s Facebook followers is at 917K. Since he focused his course of having a million followers, it may be deceitful to students who believed him having millions of followers. Maybe Jon reached 1 million followers but lost them as time passed. 

Jon claims that he knows the exact way of guaranteeing viral content, but it is not possible. There is no exact way or tactic to guarantee a content going viral. You can only enhance your chances of going viral. A 2016 Stanford University study mentions that the chances of a content going viral is 1 in 1 million.

FAQs on Creating Viral Content

How Can We Make Something Go Viral?

There is no definite way of making something go viral. But there are ways to increase the chances of making your content go viral, like creating engaging content, answering problems, and showing an idea or unique story.

What Are The Benefits Of Viral Content for my business?

Viral content helps brands increase their online presence without spending money on ads that are beneficial for generating leads. It is also a way of sharing your brand’s message as you increase your brand’s credibility.

What Is Viral Content?

Viral content is the content (video, image, or post) you post online that receives online popularity because of likes, shares, comments. It can be through social media or shared through links.

What Makes Good Viral Content?

Purpose, repetition, and distribution make good viral content, according to Jon Jacques. The content’s purpose should be the reason you’re doing the content. Jon says that it is sometimes the unique gift or skill you share with other people. It is the reason you won’t stop until your purpose is shared. 

Repetition is when you do it again and again. In a YouTube interview from Jake Davey, Jon mentions that he was scared and shy when he first started filming. But as he continued filming and doing street magic, he got better and better. The first few content you create may not be good, but over time, you will grow. And because you practice and do it a couple more times, you will get better.

Jon says that distribution is important because this is how you spread your message and gain popularity. Where you post and share your content is how you magnet people to your page. This will also give you a chance to attract opportunities as your content goes viral. No one will see your content without proper distribution.

What Does Viral Content Have in Common?

The common things between viral content is the accessibility, response in emotion and relatability. But remember that having those qualities does not guarantee virality. Some viral content may only have one quality. The average human attention span is 8.25. Make sure your posting content that is accessible to different viewers. Make it engaging, easy to digest and simple. You can include subtitles to help with engagement. According to Daniel Harmon, a co-founder of Harmon Brothers mentions that they have tested videos with subtitles and without. And the videos with subtitles performed better. Emotions are one factor that drives a content being viral.

You can target different emotions like happiness, laughter, inspiration, sadness, etc. The common factor most viral content has is relatability. This is the factor you should go for a higher chance of virality. If you have a niche, target that. This goes for informational content. Relay your message ‌that will be easier for your audience to relate to. 

There is no real data on the content that goes viral, but based on observations, the majority are entertaining, engaging and humorous content. Before creating content, it is important to always know your purpose and goal. Is it to increase your following views, engagement. Then pick how to execute and distribute.

Do I Need Paid Ads To Create Viral Content?

No, you don’t need paid ads to create viral content. Some paid ads may go viral, but paying for ads does not guarantee it going viral. It may only increase the chances of a content going viral. You will only lose money if you try to use paid ads for your content since there is no guarantee. You can focus more on the type of content you post, the purpose, and how you distribute your content online.

How To Create Viral Content That Drives Traffic?

There is no guarantee that your content will go viral but you can increase your chances. Here are some steps you can incorporate in your marketing campaigns.

  • Know Your Purpose. The purpose is the reason you’re creating your content. While thinking about your purpose, decide your goal. Is it to inform? Brand awareness? Engagement? You can also check the viral content of other people and try to understand the kind and the social media platform used that worked.
  • Be Unique. Try using unique content to better stand out from other content. Sometimes being unique and original makes viewers pay attention. Statistica’s data shows that there are 2.5 uses of Facebook per month. And the most used application in the United States with 53%. It is better to offer a fresh perspective or better to incorporate your brand into your content.
  • Create Engaging Visuals. In any viral campaign, it is important to always include engaging visuals. HubSpot’s 2023 report mentions that marketers use video in marketing strategies by 50% and images by 47%. This shows how important visuals are in attracting and maintaining the attention of your viewers. YPulse research says that 13 to 35 years old sends memes 50% every week. Choose the type of viral content you post and the amount on where you post for a successful viral marketing campaign.
  • Distribute Content. Jon mentions in one YouTube interview that he spends at least 70% of his time distributing his content on different platforms. HubSpot says that the greatest way to reach the newer generation is through social media with 93% of their daily time spent. And Statista’s data shows 4.95 billion of the world are using social media. Do your research on what platforms to use to have a better reach for your viral content.
  • Repeat. Whatever the outcome, you need to repeat the steps you did and try again. One viral video does not mean fame and opens doors. Learn how to evaluate the type of content that worked and apply to your next content. Repeat the steps that will improve your skills and knowledge. As Jon says, you will improve with repetition.

Is Creating Viral Content Profitable?

Yes, creating viral content is profitable if done well. The amount you earn varies on the platform you use. For example, YouTube’s Partner Program allows creators to earn money from monetizing their content. You can earn starting from $1.61 to $29.30 for 1,000 views. TikTok offers a CreatorFund that pays 2 cents to 4 cents for 1,000 video views. You can earn from Facebook through ads, subscription, Facebook live gifts, and collaboration with brands. There are many ways to make money through viral content. 

Aside from earning revenues from creating viral content. You can also take advantage of sponsorships, endorsements, deals, and collaborations. Like how Jon Jacques mentioned the opportunities that unlocked once his videos reached millions of views. The fee is based on the negotiated price depending on followers, reach and the required promotion. Forbes 2022 creators show some of the top earning content creators who are earning from $200,000 to $54 million a year.

Related Content Creation Courses

  • Content Creator Lab by Shannon Livingston offers an online course about blog content creation for freelancers. It is a 6-week program created by Shannon’s 9 year experience as a freelancer. The course helped over 200 successful students find their niche.
  • Upperhand Creatives by Giana Cambria is an agency that focuses on automating content marketing. It is a cheaper option rather than going for an in-house team that cost $12,000 a month.
  • Vincent Chan is a YouTuber that offers a consultation program. He focuses on collaboration through brands and paid ads. He also gives a newsletter that talks about the stock market in the US.

Local Lead Generation is Far Easier and More Predictable Than Making Content Go Viral

Viral Content increases your social media presence and your brand awareness. One content with over millions of views can mean potential sales. It can also lead to more followers. The Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign with over 61 million views. Old Spice’s Facebook page has 2.2 million followers with 2.3 million likes. It shows how one content can boosts brand awareness that may lead to potential sales. Since the course teach students the importance of creating “one viral content”. It is also beneficial to know that creating consistent content leads to opportunities. He was invited to different shows such as the Ellen DeGeneres Show, BuzzFeed, and others. 

Jon Jacques shows how profitable it is. In the website's landing page, it shows the possibilities and opportunities Jon received during the years. It could be for book launches, television, events, and products to promote. But creating viral content includes a lot of research and patience. And the content you produce has a higher chance of not being viral than being viral. Even if your content receives high engagement or views, viewers do not translate to customers. Plus, your account you used will receive a lot of new messages every day. I will only cause trouble if you can’t keep up with maintaining and monitoring the messages. There is also the risk of other people reposting and re sharing your viral content without your approval. 

Local lead generation is an easier and much more predictable business model. It is not based on luck and chances. Local lead generation works as long as you create a website based on a local business niche you picked. On the website you created, you attach a number that potential customers can call. The “calls” you receive are redirected to the local business owners you choose. Now, the local business owners pay for those leads for a huge amount of money. And the amount they pay depends on your preference.

In local lead generation, everyone who goes into your website and calls is a sure consumer. A sure buyer. You don’t have the same security with local lead generation. There is the constant thought of creating weekly content. Because with local lead generation, you rank and gain traffic as long as you optimize your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can predict how much you’ll make every month with this business model.

Local lead generation

This is a local tree website I created years ago. A website I rarely touched during the years. Even now, I am still earning $2,000 a month. As mentioned, as long as I rank on search engines like Google, I earn money. This is a business model for anyone who wants to earn a sustainable passive income that does not have the same risk as creating viral content. If you are interested, I offer a lead generation program which teaches how I earn using this business model.

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