Ways You Can Make Money Investing In Digital Real Estate: How To Earn Cash Online In 2023

April 29, 2023

Digital real estate is virtual property. It's everything you see online that has monetary value. Like traditional real estate, you can buy and sell digital properties. But an essential tool to winning the money game is ownership. So first, your digital asset needs to get in front of eyeballs to become valuable. So the goal is to develop an online entity. Then get to the top of the SERPs on the platform of your choice.

You're in front of a target audience actively searching for what you offer. Digital real estate boasts low overheads and fewer risks. But once it's valuable, it can yield serious rewards. Plus, you can rent or sell your online space like traditional real estate. Then you can secure a steady, recession-proof cash flow. But how do you invest and make money? 

This article looks closely at what types of digital real estate make the most money. But we'll also cover topics like how much money you need to start. Or if investing in virtual real estate is worth it and the pros and cons. Plus, why the local lead generation business model is the best way to make money online in 2023. And a list of 6 ways to make money investing in digital real estate. 

What Is Digital Real Estate?

Digital real estate is any virtual property that can be purchased, rented, or sold. It's an online business investment that doesn't need a ton of money upfront. Therefore, it doesn't carry the same risks as other markets like traditional real estate or investing in the stock market or Bitcoin. 

And like conventional real estate, your digital property can rise or fall in price depending on demand, popularity, and location. (But digital properties can appreciate up to 10x in as little as one year). The key is to own the virtual land and make it valuable. Consider that the intrinsic value of digital real estate comes from being a limited resource. You can't reproduce or physically see, touch, or live in it.

But it is a way to earn a passive income if you know how to drive traffic to your digital assets. So you need to leverage the platform where you build your online property. Then get it to the top of the search engines. That's how you create value, and that's where you'll find the money. But first, you need to decide what kind of digital asset you want to invest in and how you'll develop it. So consider things like:

  • Do you enjoy creating content?

  • Are you comfortable in front of a camera?

  • Do you like networking and connecting with people?

  • Can you create online products people would want to buy?

Investing in virtual real estate is one of the best ways to make money. In 2023, over five billion people use the internet. (That's 63.1% of the world's population). So if you do it right, it's a chance to harness time freedom or even a digital real estate passive income

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Investing In Digital Real Estate?

Investing in digital real estate offers a ton of opportunities. But, like starting any new business, it has its share of benefits and risks. A few things to consider include the following:


There are high price points of entry but also plenty of affordable starting points

If you can find the most opportune time to invest in digital land, you can maximize your ROIs 

Offers a steady cash flow potential and a profitable way to expand and diversify income streams


It can be a volatile market with risks of security breaches and cyber attacks

Online entities can take a long time and a lot of hard work to become valuable

There continues to be a lack of predictability and evolving markets

Can You Make Money With Virtual Real Estate?

You can make money with virtual real estate. In fact, you can generate a steady cash flow or even a passive income. But you need to create a valuable asset that lands at the top of the SERPs. Consider that there's only so much room at the top. So those spots are prime real estate no matter what platform you use. But first, you need to decide on your chosen business model and what type of digital real estate investing you want to pursue. For example;

What Business Model Will You Choose?

  • Do you have a social media following that you could monetize?
  • Are you interested in a short-term investment like flipping a domain name or websites?
  • Do you want to be a digital landlord and own rank and rent websites?
  • Are you a creator? Could you sell an online product or service?

Then you need to drive traffic to your asset. You can invest time and effort by publishing regular content and leveraging SEO tactics, or you can cough up the coin for paid advertising. But the costs of paid ads are rising, and your ad spend will cut your profit margins. But if you can get front and center for a target audience ready to buy and know how to monetize your online property. Then you can make money with virtual real estate in 2023

What Types Of Digital Real Estate Make The Most Money?

Digital real estate considered valuable or in high demand, makes the most money. But you have all kinds of options, from promoting other businesses' products to buying land in the Metaverse world. Or you can invest in NFTs and even sell your own products online. But valuable virtual property takes time to develop, and there's no shortcut to a passive income. So you need to pick something you're good at and enjoy doing. Then you'll stay motivated. And you'll be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to get your virtual asset to the top.

6 Ways You Can Make Money Investing In Digital Real Estate:

There are a number of ways to invest and make money with digital real estate. But we've come up with a list of 6 ideas that will earn you cash in 2023. Let's check it out:

1. Lead Generation

Local lead generation is first on our list and my number one recommendation. In fact, the local lead gen business model is what I used to generate a passive income of $52K/month. Not only is it a proven concept and a simple strategy. But it's the best way to drive organic traffic to your digital real estate assets. First, you build generic websites for phone-based services. Then you rank them at the top of Google search engines. Once your lead gen site produces leads, you find a local contractor hungry for more business and sell your leads for a piece of the profits, as I did with this site below.

Local lead generation

But because you own the website, the call tracking number, and the leads, you're in full control of every aspect of your business. Plus, you can build more than one site at a time. But you don't need to be at the top of the SERPs before your virtual property can be valuable. And because you focus on the local market, your sites rank faster (in as little as 6 weeks).

Consider that over 41,683 ZIP codes in the USA, each representing a target market. Plus, each market has a ton of untapped niches. But local lead generation is a skill set, so the barrier to entry is higher (less competition). Of course, some niches take longer to rank, and you need about $500 to get your lead gen property built and ranked.

But compared to investing in physical property, costs are minimal. Get your systems in place, however, and you can rinse and repeat so you can scale fast and become an online investor. Plus, with lead gen, there's no limit to how many sites you build and rank. (I have over 80) and there's no cap on earning potential.

But the best part is that once you've 'rented' your sites and they're at the top of the search engines, they're pretty much hands-off. So not only do you harness time freedom. But if you build an empire, you create a passive income. 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is an online business model. One that can generate a steady cash flow by promoting other people's products or services. The industry is growing, and by the end of 2022, affiliate marketing spending in the US could reach $8.2 million. What's great about affiliate marketing is that you don't need to own products or deal with customers. So if you're comparing affiliate marketing vs dropshipping, there are fewer moving parts as an affiliate than a drop shipper.

Plus, it's a low-cost startup that can generate 3%-10% per click or $5-$300/day. (Super affiliates earn $3000+/day). But first, you need to decide on your niche and research where your target audience hangs out. Then you can determine what platform you need to target. For example:

Platform Options To Consider For Affiliate Marketing

  • A social media profile or a YouTube channel 

  • A niche blog and website 

  • Sales funnels and landing pages 

But before you consider how to start an affiliate marketing business, you need to understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So if you want to be successful, you need to be able to drive a constant stream of online traffic to your offers. But traffic is challenging to get. And you either need to pay for it with your time or wallet. Plus, you don't own the products you're promoting, so you won't land any recurring sales.

You're also competing with other affiliates for the same target audience and operating globally. So you're being pitted against sites from all over the world. (Some have a ton of money and a well-established brand). So you need to be a better marketer and constantly create new content or promote an offer people can't refuse. Or you need to be willing to spend on paid ads.

But it takes time to develop trust and connect with an online audience. (Anywhere from 6 weeks to 18 months). So you need a clear marketing strategy and should take the time to consider things like:

Decide On Your Marketing Strategy

  • Do you want to invest the time to build a website?

  • How will you develop a trusted audience?

  • Does your budget allow for paid advertising? 

  • Would you prefer to write content or use video?

Affiliate marketing boasts unlimited growth potential. You're like a commercial real estate investor, and your offers are like rental units that make you money. You can promote as many offers as you like from affiliate programs like ShareASale and ClickBank. But you need to be willing to invest the time and do the hard work at the beginning. Then you can build a brand and secure a passive income. 

3. eCommerce

eCommerce will see a global valuation of $5.4 trillion in 2026. So not only is the business model one of the best ways to invest in digital real estate. But it's a chance to make a significant amount of money. However, eCommerce isn't a low-cost investment. So you should budget for $100-$50,000+. The flip side is that if you have a product that people want to buy or is challenging to find, you can make revenues between $30,000-$127,000+ monthly. 

Of course, you also need to know how to leverage online traffic and get people to your online store. But you can use things like:

  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnels & Social Platforms
  • Influencer Marketing & Paid Ads
But you don't have much control over your customers' experience. And there are also a ton of returns and refunds. (Some are often fraudulent).

It also takes time to establish your eCommerce store and generate profits. But once you have your product and processes in place, you can utilize automation software like Active Campaign and Shopify Flow. You can also leverage the dropshipping business model to test the market and find a proven concept. Then you can build your brand and scale with automation tools and harness a passive (or at least semi-passive) income. 

4. Social Media Profiles & YouTube Channels

By 2027, almost six billion people will use social media. So not only is it a way to make money investing in digital real estate. But it's an option that doesn't cost you a dime. The key is to build awareness and monetize your social media account or YouTube channel.

Of course, you can purchase existing assets on platforms like UseViral or FameSwap for $100-$1000+. (If you have a budget and want to hit the ground running). But if you can create a digital marketing strategy, think like a real estate investor and give people a reason to check out your profile. Then you can capitalize on your audience with things like:

Tips To Monetize Your Profile:

  • Banner Ads & Affiliate Links

  • Influencers & Sponsorships

  • Sell Merchandise & Brand Partnerships

But it's a process. And it can take 4 months and 10 years to build a following. So you need to be prepared to publish regular content that grabs people's attention and makes them want to check out your site. But there's no limit to your earning potential or how big you scale. Focus on building a trusted brand and share unique content that sets you apart from the competition, and you can make some sweet coin. 

5. Create A Membership Site

Data indicates that the subscription economy will be worth $1.5 trillion by 2025. And ideas range from men's grooming to Ontario wine. So if you can come up with something new or unique, it fills a gap in the market or isn't easy to find. Then you can make money with this investment property suggestion. The secret is to offer value and know how to drive sales to your offer. There are several ways you can capitalize on the digital world to connect with your target audience like:

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Offers

  • Websites & Landing Pages

  • Sales Funnels & Paid Advertising

  • Email Marketing & SMS Marketing

Build your brand and generate trust with your buyers. Of course, this takes time. So you need to publish content regularly and engage with your audience. Introduce new products or limited-time offers to entice people to shop. (Think things like seasonal, upsells, or bundles).

But consider that people typically leave subscription sites after around 3 months. So you need to find ways to sweeten the deal with things like:

  • Set an end date (then people have a built-in exit)
  • Promote cause marketing (donate a percentage to charity)
  • Discounts and loyalty rewards (like a free trial or one-time offer)
  • Tiered price options (scaled pricing based on purchase)

You're looking at an initial budget of around $250-$5000 to cover the cost of automation software, packaging, etc.

But there's no limit to the amount of money you can make. Set up autopay, and you generate recurring income. Plus, if you continue to bring in new members (this is the goal). Or you can create FOMO and chatter around your products. Then you can make a passive income. 

6. Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is a low-cost investment that offers scalability and the potential for automation. You also have access to a broader market of customers. Plus, you can be part of a $331 billion industry. But it's a competitive playground. 

In fact, according to Harvard Business School, over 30,000 new products are introduced every year. (Both physical and digital). But 95% of them will fail primarily because no one wants or needs them. And if you're going to make money by investing in digital products, then you need to create something that solves a problem, educates, entertains, or fills a gap in the market. Therefore, your digital product should fit into one of the following criteria:

Criteria For A Winning Digital Product

  • Unique & In High-Demand

  • Requires A Level Of Expertise & Not Easy To Find

  • Reasonably Priced & Provides Value

But you can use software like AppSumo (free with no upfront fees). Or you can sell on sites like Etsy or create your website on Shopify to sell things like:

  • eBooks
  • PDFs guides
  • Plug-ins & extensions
  • Printables (planners, schedules, invitations, etc.)

You can use digital products as a standalone strategy or combine them with display ads. You can also maximize your results with affiliate marketing.

Go to a site like ClickBank and look for offers you can promote. (Find ones that gel with your topic) and will generate a secondary source of income. Consider that digital products give your customers instant access. So you increase customer satisfaction. Plus, you can sell your product over and over to generate a steady cash flow. 

You should plan on an initial budget of $12-$2000+. (It will depend on the software and platform you use to create and sell your product). But you can sell your creations for $100-$165 (single products) to $20-$5000+ and make real money online. 

How Much Money Do You Need To Invest In Digital Real Estate?

You can invest in digital real estate for nothing. For example, a YouTube channel or social media profile is free to set up and create. But, of course, if you have a bigger budget, you could purchase a domain/URL from platforms like GoDaddy for around $10-$20/year. Or even buy an existing website on sites like Empire Flippers. (Costs can range between a few hundred dollars to thousands).

If you're prepared to invest in the daily grind to get your online asset to the top, you pay with your time. But if you opt for paid advertising, you'll need to be prepared to spend before you make any real money. That's why I prefer the lead generation model. You only need a minimal budget to start. In fact, you only need enough to cover the costs of your domain, hosting, and call tracking number. (This is about $50/month). But because you target local markets. And offer a service people are actively searching for online. You can start making money in as little as 6 weeks. 

Is Digital Real Estate Worth It?

Yes, digital real estate is worth it if you want to generate a secondary income. Or even find a way to quit your 9-5 job and be in total control of your time and money. But you need to be prepared to commit to honing your craft and developing a digital real estate asset you can monetize. But consider that buying physical real estate requires a down payment of at least $50K. (If you can get approved by the bank or find investors).

Whereas if you start a lead gen business, you only need a budget of about $500 to get to the top of Google searches. But once your lead gen website is at the top, it generates leads. Then, you can sell them to a local contractor for a flat monthly fee of $200-$2000+. Plus, profit margins with local lead gen sit around 80%-95%. And you won't find those kinds of ROIs investing in physical real estate (unless you're really lucky). But even then, you're dealing with tenants, repairs, etc. 

So not only is digital real estate legit and worth it. But it's the best way to build an asset that can create a passive income. The key is to leverage the power of the internet. Again, you need to decide what business is best for your skill set and long-term goals. But if you can devise a digital marketing strategy to create a valuable online real estate. Then you can make a passive income with digital real estate. 

Why You Should Consider Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is the best way to make money with digital real estate investing. You're like a digital landlord building, and ranking websites that bring in leads to sell to small business owners. And your virtual assets are like online rental property that brings in a steady monthly cash stream.

So you're like a landlord who owns physical real estate. (Without the headaches of leaky faucets or hefty property taxes). But you don't need to invest a ton of cash with the lead generation model. Plus, you can build as many sites as you want. Get them to the top of the SERPs, and you're making money on autopilot. Build one, then make ten more and create an online empire. And that's how you can harness a passive income in 2023


There are so many ways to make money investing in online real estate. In fact, by 2023, the number of internet-connected devices will be more than three times the population. So there's no limit to how much money you can make. But first, learn how to leverage a platform's algorithms and get your virtual asset to the top.

Then you own valuable digital real estate investment. Much like the members of our local lead generation coaching program. (The ones who have created an online dynasty of lead gen properties). People who were willing to do the hard work at the beginning and took the time to learn the process. Now they hold the keys to time freedom and a passive income. 

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