Jace Made and Brandon Lennon’s Wondr Masterclass Review (Is Print-On-Demand Profitable?)

March 25, 2024

Wondr Masterclass or "Wondr Masterclass: AI Print On Demand Automation Course (No Code Edition)" is a course on print-on-demand automation using artificial intelligence. Founders Jace Made and Brandon Lennon teach the course. Wondr Masterclass teaches you how to set up a database, design your store, and set up a global trade item number (GTIN). The GTIN is necessary for a marketplace listing using AI.

With print-on-demand (POD), online business owners don't need to manage inventories. They also won't have to worry about upfront production costs. POD is an excellent route for creative people. With this business model, the supplier handles the technical side.

Precedence Research shows that the value of the POD market will grow to an estimated $67.59 billion by 2032. The availability of e-commerce platforms is one driving force behind this growth. Plus, with ‌AI, designing products is faster. However, POD has a low-profit margin, and you rely on fulfillment partners, making you vulnerable to third-party risk.

This Wondr Masterclass Review will help you decide if the print on demand, valued at $6.18 billion in 2022, is for you. I also listed Wondr Masterclass pros and cons. We'll cover the course creators' claims, learn if print-on-demand is legit, and explore alternatives to make money online.

Wondr Masterclass Review: Pros And Cons


You get free templates, sheets, prompts, and other tools for print-on-demand automation.

They have email and video support from instructors and staff.

Lifetime access to masterclass course materials, including video lessons.


There are shady testimonials saying it is a great course posted on their Wondr AI and Wondr Masterclass websites.

You will not get a refund if you check out over 20% of the class materials. There are refund complaints from buyers.

The lectures can be too technical.

No Wondr Masterclass community as of this writing.


Wondr Masterclass costs $97 (Wondr U Canvas Only), $199 (Wondr Pro), and $249 (Wondr Plus)


January 2023

Refund policy

Wondr Masterclass has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you completed less than 20% of the product.


WondrAI currently has 931 subscribers on YouTube.

What Will You Get From Wondr Masterclass?

You will get tools to build an automated print-on-demand store using artificial intelligence from Wondr Masterclass. Below are more details of what you will learn: 

  • Product Automation. This set has 6 video lectures that will teach you how to set up your database with no coding required. It has a video material on automating your product images and headlines. They will cover how to use AI to make descriptions. They have videos on how to prompt inputs in your AI tool to start automation and how to connect your vendor to your Shopify. You will also learn how to send product details using an API and how to generate different variants for your products.
  • Store Automation & Design. Wondr Masterclass has 2 videos covering setting up store details and store design.
  • Fulfillment Automation. For this topic, Wondr Masterclass will teach you how to fulfill online orders quickly. This set has only one video lecture.
  • Social Media Automation. Their Social Media Automation resources include 3 videos to will help you connect your social media channels. It will teach how to link Instagram accounts to Facebook pages and set up a social media database. After building a database, you will learn how to automate posts using the data available.
  • Marketplace Automation. They have two videos covering the automation of product listing on Amazon, Etsy, Google, and Shop App. It also provides for setting up your GTIN for the marketplace listings.

Wondr Masterclass students will also get free Shopify themes for their stores. They have free templates for the Wondr sheets, prompts, and the Canvas generator AI. 

How Does Wondr Masterclass Help You Succeed In Your Print-On-Demand Business?

Wondr Masterclass helps you succeed in your print-on-demand business by teaching you how to leverage AI. AI and machine learning can level up your game. By knowing how it works and applying it to your business, you can avoid human errors and even operate 24/7.

Wondr Masterclass teaches a lesson on generating and posting designs. They also have resources showing how to create captions on social media with AI. You don't need writing classes or hire copywriters and social media managers. The Wondr Masterclass classes cover various topics on automating each part of the operation.

Who Is Wondr Masterclass For?

  • People interested in starting a print-on-demand business but don't have coding experience
  • Influencers or YouTubers, content creators, and designers who have a fanbase
  • Dropshippers
  • Marketers or those who have worked with marketing agencies
  • Those who worked in social media marketing agencies or SMMA 
  • Those who have tried Amazon FBA

The Wondr Masterclass course is for anyone interested in using AI in print-on-demand. You don't need to be an excellent writer like James Patterson or Anna Wintour. Even if you have no coding, writing, or designing skills, you can sign up to join the classes and access the video lessons on their online learning platform.

Who Is Wondr Masterclass Not For?

Wondr Masterclass is not for those who prefer not to use AI in their business. It's also not for people who have no plans to sell online. Finally, the course is not for those who prefer taking complete control over every aspect of business operations.

Wondr Masterclass Different Options From Wondr AI


This Wondr program teaches you how to automate unlimited art frames and canvas. It includes Canvas-only automation, social media, marketplace automation, and a free Shopify theme. You will also get unlimited product generation, a year of support from the Wondr Masterclass team, and lifetime resource access. The bundle costs $97.


The Wondr Pro includes a course on automating canvases, puzzles, backpacks, and duffle bags. For $199, it has a free Shopify theme and unlimited product generation. Like the Wondr U-Canvas Only bundle, you'll also learn how to automate social media and marketplace, support, and lifetime access.


Wondr Plus features lectures on automation for 7 products. Besides the four products included in the previous bundles, you will get resources for design automation of 3 more products: t-shirts, sneakers, and hoodies. The $249-course comes with materials to help you automate AI upscale and other inclusions in the two bundles.

Are the Students of Wondr Masterclass Getting Results?

Yes, students of Wondr Masterclass are getting results. Wonder Masterclass students commended the step-by-step application of AI in easy-to-understand modules and video lessons. One student said the course is "really cool" but added, "You can't use it for aop product and only selected product." 

Another user said the course has no tutorial on starting a blank site, and the other said there was nothing special about Wondr Masterclass subscription.

Testimonials on the Wondr Masterclass website and the Wondr AI websites are repetitive. Check out these screenshots. The first set is from the Wondr AI website. The second set below is from the Wondr Master class page. 

Does Wondr Masterclass Have A Good Reputation?

The Wondr Masterclass has a mix of good and bad reputations based on available reviews. Some say that the Wondr Masterclass course is easy to understand. In TikTok, one student described the course as a "game changer" despite the setup issues.

Yet, you will also find Wondr Masterclass negative reviews online, particularly on TrustPilot. These negative reviews include comments on their refund policy, pricing, and course.

Wondr Masterclass On TrustPilot

Wondr Masterclass on TrustPilot has a 2.8-star rating with 6 reviews. The reviews are under "Wondr" and "WondrAI" categories. Two reviews criticized its refund policy.

One commenter said she checked 54% of the Wondr Masterclass and found that it does not work with what she uses. She added that the intro is over 20%. Another said the Wondr Masterclass uses "someone else's product." 

A more recent review said they charge extra for training that is supposed to be part of the course. This training is related to changing AI services. Unfortunately, there are no responses from the Wondr Masterclass or Wondr AI team to clarify these customer experiences.

Is Wondr Masterclass Worth It?

Yes, Wonder Masterclass can be worth it. It can be a promising masterclass course in automating your print-on-demand business. They teach you how to use existing tools on artificial intelligence. Just be aware of the Wondr Masterclass negative reviews online.

Who Are the Creators of Wondr Masterclass?

Jace Made is the 27-year-old CEO of Wondr AI. He is from Jamaica and moved to the US when he was 16. He and Brandon met at work when the two competed for the same marketing role. 

Before inviting Brandon as a partner, Jace's co-founder was Austin Kranz. They tried dropshipping and print-on-demand stores. He shared that he failed at‌ least 11 businesses. But these experiences also taught him about sales and building sales funnels. Jace said they started the course and became instructors for their new team and students. With only $1,500 capital, they figured out how to build other business aspects until they developed their initial prototype. They now have 20 employees in Wondr AI.

Brandon Lennon is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Wondr AI. Brandon finished graduated from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. His undergraduate was in nonprofit management. He attended online courses and acquired certifications to learn about the tech industry.

Jace Made and Brandon Lennon’s Claim

Jace Made and Brandon Lennon claim that you can fully automate your print-on-demand business with AI. The Wondr Masterclass instructors say you don't need to have designing or writing skills or hire designers or copywriters. Wondr AI automates everything, including social media posting. But is a fully automated print-on-demand business possible?

Jace Made and Brandon Lennon's Claims Debunked 

You cannot rely solely on artificial intelligence to run your business. AI tools can streamline the process, but your marketing skills and the production partner also play crucial roles in e-commerceAI automates the processes, but the third party takes charge of the fulfillment. That vendor holds the stock and handles the printing, packing, and shipping. You might automate the design on your end. How about the fulfillment company? You need to ensure they can fulfill a certain amount of orders regularly. Otherwise, it might lead to frustrated customers and bad reviews.

What Is Print-On-Demand Business?

Print-on-demand business is a business model where online shop owners partner with a third-party fulfillment company. Instead of mass producing, you only make the product when an order is confirmed. So you don't need to manage an inventory. 

Here's a simple illustration: 

  • The customer orders through your online shop.
  • The production partner or supplier receives the order and prints your design on ready-made products.
  • The same partner ships the item to the customer.

Some of the popular print-on-demand platforms, according to Grand View Research's Market Analysis Report, include Printify, Printful, Canva, VistaPrint (Cimpress), and CustomCat. There are platforms like Etsy where you can market your POD business to make money.  

What Is The Best Print-On-Demand Niche?

  • Apparel. Clothing topped the list for the best POD niche in the 2022 Global Print on Demand Market research. Apparel accounts for almost 62.38% of the total items sold on the Printify platform. The fashion market’s value alone would reach $1.2 trillion by 2025.
  • Home Decor. Straits Research projected the value of the home decor market to reach $939,637.2 million by 2030. The expansion of the real estate sector and a shift to a work-from-home setup are some of its market drivers.
  • Drinkware. Like the home decor industry, the demand for drinkware has increased. A 2022 Allied Market Research report showed that global glassware's estimated market value is $25.4 billion by 2031.
  • Accessories. Statista's data shows that revenue for accessories amounts to $551.10 billion in 2023. You'll have a wide range of customers in this niche. . 
  • Dogs and cats. A survey conducted by Grand View Research showed that the value of the global pet care market in the US will be at $150.67 billion in 2021. Its CAGR is also at 5.1% through 2030. These numbers show the care that humans have for their pets.

Is Print-On-Demand Legit?

Print-on-demand is a legit and accessible business model for those wanting more income. Learning how to design and create custom products is now within reach. Anyone can make good money with the right design, niche, and strategies. It begins with identifying your niche and the right products. The apparel segment occupied 40% of the total market share in 2022.

So, how much can a beginner make in print-on-demand? A beginner can make in print-on-demand at least $50. Michael Essek, who built a T-shirt printing business, earned only $50 during his first month in 2013. But his average monthly income from print-on-demand grew to $9,000, up to $15,000.

ZipRecruiter said the average monthly pay for a work-from-home POD in the US is $4,639. Income can go as high as $9,833 and as low as $1,583 monthly.  

Wondr Masterclass Alternatives

  • Elite Automation - The instructor of Elite Automation is Katie Melissa, an e-commerce seller and entrepreneur. Elite Automation can be an excellent course on end-to-end management service for those in the Amazon FBA wholesaling business. Even beginners or those without skills in Amazon FBA can learn from this masterclass course.
  • Hands Free Automation - Hands Free Automation is a company founded by Anthony Agyeman. It offers done-for-you Airbnb, Amazon, Shopify, and Trucking automation services.
  • Millionaire Vet (Print on Demand Ecom) - The Millionaire Vet by Dr. Chris is an online masterclass course that contains video lessons sharing various techniques and strategies for making money. Dr. Chris started learning about designing t-shirts, which later earned him millions. This can be possible if you find great courses and mentors online.

Conclusion: Is Print-On-Demand Profitable?

Print-on-demand can be profitable with the right strategy. The print-on-demand market size is growing based on Market.us projections. Its market value will increase from $3.94 billion in 2022 to over $43.07 billion by 2032. The accessibility of e-commerce platforms is one driving force that has influenced this growth.

However, there are several limitations to this business model. The risks of print-on-demand are:

  1. Lack of control. You have less or no control over the printing, packaging, and shipping. This could affect your business if clients are not satisfied with the quality.
  2. Low profit margins. You also get lower margins or profits. Aside from paying for the product cost to your POD supplier, you pay for taxes and marketing. 
  3. More expenses for paid ads. If you have no fanbase, you must learn about using paid ads to market your products. 
  4. Limited product selection. There is also the problem of limitations in product selection. You rely on the products available to the POD vendor. 
  5. Reliance on third parties. In print-on-demand, you depend on the fulfillment company to print the item, pack it, and ship it to customers. Since they handle shipping, it could take weeks before the product reaches your customer. 
Local lead generation

Local lead generation remains my top recommendation for making money online. Like print-on-demand, you also pick a niche in local lead generation. You need to build your skill on the technical side. But once you know it, you'll get to take control of your business.

The success of the POD business model depends on many factors. Even if you automate everything, you must find the right niche and a reliable production partner. Plus, the profit margin is small unless you spend money on paid ads. Also, you'll need a unique product if you're not an influencer with a solid fan base. 

With local lead generation, you don't need to be a celebrity like Gordon Ramsay or Christina Aguilera. You are not required to post a video content every day. You can scale your business as much as you want. One website can earn $2,000 monthly, and I have 80. 

You can also reduce the competition because your niche selection goes local. You can check our single course about local lead generation. We teach how to make money online using a less risky and more predictable business model.

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