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7 Top Amazon Automation Investment Companies in 2024 (Best Strategy to Boost Your Finances?)

October 28, 2022

What are Amazon Automation Investment Companies?

Amazon automation investment companies run Amazon stores for clients. Clients are new or established sellers that want to automate their store. To start this type of investment, you'll pay a typically large upfront cost, at least $10K-$30K. You'll also pay the automation agency a portion of their profits, determined by the agency. Many agencies also require a credit line up to around $10K for inventory purchases. If you are not ready to make this high of an investment yet, consider another business model called local lead generation.

The Amazon marketplace allows automation on their platform, but only for one seller per Amazon Seller Central Account. So, this is a way for knowledgeable sellers to run more stores and diversify their income. 

Since When Did Amazon Agencies Start Promoting Their Services as Investments?

Some agencies have moved away from the “service” model and are promoting themselves as “investment opportunities”. For some companies, this might be because of the controversy around the Amazon automation scam.

Also, the cost of joining one of these investments is quite high, but by promoting their service as an investment, they may hope to attract those that already have the money to invest, rather than anyone looking to start an Amazon business without the funds.

What are the Benefits of Automating Your Amazon FBA Business?

  • Free up many working hours in your week. Many new sellers spend at least 10 hours a week at the bare minimum on their business.
  • Rely on experts or those who are more knowledgeable in Amazon FBA. This is just one reason it's important to fully trust your automation agency.
  • Potential for increased profits (not guaranteed). Because someone else is running your store full time, you may increase your profits. According to JungleScout, 22% of Amazon sellers make around $2500-$6500/month. 30% exceed that amount. 
  • Avoid handling customer service complaints yourself. If you’re doing Amazon FBA, Amazon handles much of this for you. But, if you’re doing Amazon dropshipping, this can free up a significant amount of time. 
  • Spend your time on another income stream or add another product to your portfolio.
  • Don't fully understand and keep up with Amazon’s Terms of Service. These change throughout the year, and can affect your store and/or inventory. Some accounts get shut down when this happens, or a product made be unsellable after a new rule gates the product. With automation, someone else could keep track of this for you. 

What are the Risks of Using an Amazon Automation Service?

  • The biggest risk of using an Amazon automation service as an investment is that, unlike traditional investments, the provider will use your money and not theirs. These companies make money whether or not you do. For instance, you may make a profit from your store, but if their fees are high enough, they may take whatever is left.
  • Some automation agencies follow a private label business model, a wholesale business model, or dropshipping. While it is possible to dropship on Amazon, it is very possible that Amazon will suspend your account if it’s not done correctly. Also, it is harder to win the buy box with dropshipping (or agencies that have their own warehouses) because that is technically FBM, not FBA. It’s much more difficult for an FBM account to win the buy box because these are not Prime accounts.
  • While profits may increase comparatively to what they were before you invested in an Amazon automation company, ultimately paying the company will minimize your total profit margin. Amazon FBA profit margins are already low- only 36% had margins higher than 20% in 2022.

Are Amazon Automation Investment Companies Legit?

Yes, many automated Amazon stores are legit. If you’re an Amazon shopper, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference. They are a lucrative asset for those that have the investment money and business know-how to find the best companies.

However, some are far too high priced for the services they offer. Other Amazon automation companies might be scams. Signs of a scam may include “guaranteeing” a profit, hidden information (like not being able to speak with the main creator directly before purchasing), or constant sales calls after providing a phone number. They may even ask you to sign an NDA, which means you cannot speak about the company once the contract begins. An NDA is a big red flag.

How To Decide What Amazon Automation Companies Are Worth It?

To decide what Amazon automation investment companies are worth it, make sure you trust your top contenders. These companies will be informative without pushing you to decide. Some may allow you to visit their offices or warehouses and meet the owners and team that will manage your investment. Trust is your #1 focus, as they will manage significant amounts of your money. 

Research the company as well by finding out their company history. Does the owner/creator have verifiable Amazon selling experience? How long has their company been running Amazon automation stores? Do they have other happy clients that you can talk to? 

Note: Some of these companies have large affiliate marketing programs. So, not every review you find online will be legit. Try to locate an actual client that is not an affiliate for more straightforward opinions. (Facebook is a good place to try).

Expensive Amazon Automation Investment Companies

NextGen Investments

NextGen Investments

Founding partners Pedro Sebasco and Elton Browne run NextGen Investments, which promotes both Amazon automation and Walmart automation. Pedro was once a senior sales executive, and is also an auto consultant/broker for Express Auto Lease. Elton Browne has years of experience in the operations and management of airlines. 

Together, they’ve built a team of over 150 brand creators, marketers, salespeople, and customer service associates to manage clients’ Amazon stores. They run your store completely passively; they will even get your LLC set up. In the event of an account suspension, they will pay for your account reinstatement or start a new store for free. NextGen Investments follows an Amazon FBM dropshipping business model and boasts a 10%-30% profit margin. How long does it take to recoup your initial investment? Around 12-18 months. There are no NextGen Strategic Investments reviews online, outside of their own platform.


$55,000 for the Platinum Combo, $30,000 for Platinum, $20K for Gold. Plus $10K in a line of credit for product purchasing profit share of 40-70%


Optimyze Digital (Digital Mgmt Group)

optimyze digital

Justin Jeffers built his first ecommerce store to 7 figures in under 3 months. Then, he partnered with Asante Monadjemi and started Optimyze Digital. Digital Management Group was one of their funnels, but now everything goes through Optimyze. Besides Amazon and Walmart automation, they offer web and app development, and have an affiliate program. 

Their service is completely automated, passive income that starts with product research and finding American product suppliers. These suppliers include companies like Samsung, Whirlpool, Trek, Lenovo, and more. They follow a drop shipping model. It includes a 100% money-back guarantee, too.


$10K- $100K + profit share


AMZ Automation

amz automation

Kevin David has also framed his Amazon Automation company as a new form of investment. A team, managed by Kevin (who is an 8-figure seller) takes over every process within your Amazon store, including Amazon PPC. They follow a business model similar to Amazon wholesale, and leverage established brands’ products by receiving an Authorization Letter to avoid suspension.


Over $40K. 30% of profits go to AMZ Automation


More info:

Push AMZ

push amz

Mac Ismail, Luis Millan, and Chase Alley founded Push AMZ, which is an Amazon and Walmart automation agency that follows both dropshipping and FBA models. Push AMZ’s founders have years of experience in business, tech, and entrepreneurship. PushAMZ started June 2021. The unique feature of Push AMZ is their profitability dashboard, where investors can see how much money they are making easily. This dashboard is connected with Amazon’s API, so the information is valid.


$40K + profit share


More info:

Affordable Amazon Automation Investment Companies

Wealth Accelerators

wealth accelerators

Mike Sancho, owner of 14 businesses with over 350 employees, created Wealth Accelerators. Wealth Accelerators has multiple automation businesses, including an automated trucking company that started in 2022. Their FBA automation service has 20 employees, and their overseas management team is over 400 strong. Wealth Accelerators treat clients as investors/ silent partners by taking your initial investment, purchasing your inventory for you, and running your business entirely. 

Where will your products be fulfilled from, and can you see the warehouse? Wealth Accelerators have their own warehouse where they store your product. And, the company offers a $500 travel stipend for you to come and meet Mike and see the warehouses.


Undisclosed initial investment (call to find out) + profit share. They have financing available so you can get started with no money down.


More info:

E-Com Industry (ECI)

ecom industry

Ecom Industry’s founders have 20 years' experience in this industry. Its creators built it from first-hand experience to be better than all other systems out there.

These creators are Ignacio Lancuba and Vlad Alexandrov. While you are an investor, this will not be 100% passive income, as you will need to maintain your credit balance yourself. Your payment also gets you access to their experts that also dedicate time to running your store.


They will share your startup investment after a phone call- you will need revolving capital around $5K after that. 


Elite Automation

elite automation

Katie Melissa runs Elite Automation as a “new age” investment. She has created and scaled multiple 7 figure Amazon stores. Elite Automation’s services include fully onboarding your Amazon store within 2 months by leveraging relationships they already have with big brands. 

Then, their team manages your store so that Amazon metrics remain healthy. Elite Automation aims for a 15%-25% profit margin, but take a cut of that for their services. How can you get started and partner with Elite Automation? You’ll have to book a call to find out next steps and the total cost of your investment.


Call to speak with a sales rep to find out the price of Elite Automation


How Do You Automate Your Amazon Seller Account Without an Investment Company?

To automate your seller central account, you don’t have to use an Amazon automation investment company. You can also hire virtual assistants that specialize in Amazon FBA accounts. Find them on UpWork, Fiverr, or

What are the Best Ways to Automate Your Amazon Business?

Paying an Amazon automation investment company or virtual assistant isn’t your only option. You can also find software to automate specific daily tasks within your Amazon account. For example:

  • Geekseller- inventory management and more
  • SKU Grid- price monitoring and repricing
  • AutoDS- product research (scans a million products) and listing creation, customer service, etc.

What is Amazon’s Competitive Price Rule?

Amazon’s competitive price rule is a configuration that helps FBA sellers win the Featured Offer box. It’s one of many ways, along with warehouse automation, that simply choosing Amazon FBA automates your business. You can also create new pricing rules if the competitive price rule isn’t delivering the results you want.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Automated Pricing?

  • Your product price will remain competitive, not too expensive to lose customers and not too low that they think it’s a scam.
  • Helps you win the Buy Box or the Featured Offer.
  • This feature is free as long as you are using a Professional seller account.

Are Amazon Automation Investment Companies the Same as Amazon Robotics?

No, Amazon Robotics is a section of Amazon that develops emerging technologies to work in their fulfillment warehouses and to fulfill other uses.  Amazon also set up the Amazon industrial Innovation Fund, which supports new tech and robotics companies. Through the Industrial Innovation program, Amazon has invested in multiple companies, including Agility Robotics and Mantis Robotics.


Conclusion: If You Have $35K to Start an Amazon FBA Store, Would You Allow a 3rd Party Company to Create, Design, Build, Control, Choose the Product and Decide Everything?

Using an Amazon investment company might work for some, especially if that $35K is extra capital that you don't need for bills. But, there is a less risky investment where you can keep more of the profits, without having to worry about another company handling your investment. With local lead generation, once you rank your site, there will be little to know day-to-day work. So, it runs passively, much like making an investment. Except, you maintain full control.

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