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amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Heard that Kevin David's back and offering Amazon Automation services?

(the dude really puts out on FB Ads, right?!)

But the real question is, is his DFY AMZ service legit?

I mean, if you are going to hire a pinch hitter for your Amazon Business, you want them to have a reputation for hitting home runs. 

In this review, you'll learn what exactly KD's AMZ service offers as well as his reputation online. 

The best part?

You'll get the pros and cons of Amazon Automation versus Amazon FBA and how selling on Amazon compares to the business model that enabled me to scale my income to 50k a month in less than 4 years. 

But before we dive in, a little about me

(so you know who's behind the scenes)

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I joined a lead generation coaching program that freed me from my 9-5 in 7 months by building and ranking simple websites that generate leads for local businesses (who give me a sliver to deliver)

After grew my lead gen biz to 7 figures, I branched out to experiment with Amazon FBA (ton of hype around it in 2016)

But after being heavily involved in my AMZ business for a few years, growing 3 brands to doing six figures, I learned that selling on Amazon wasn't near as passive or profitable as the lead gen business model that led to my freedom from the rat race. 

Let's get into Kevin's DFU Amazon Automation

AMZ Automation by Kevin David

Meeting The Founders

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin's a life long entrepreneur. 

He started his first business when he was 14 selling baseball cards (just like Gary Vee). 

He then tasted the 9-5 life as an accountant, but then realized it wasn't for him, so he looked for ways to make money online, because he wanted the freedom that the digital life offers. 

Over the next year, he began selling on Amazon and since in 2015 there was less competition on the platform, Kevin was able to make enough money to quit his job. 

Since then, he's found multiple ways to scale his internet income, through course sales as well as developing software services under his ZonBase brand, not to mention his large social media following, having over a million subscribers on YouTube and over 600k followers on Facebook (as of August 2020).

Who is David Arnett?

 David A. has been selling physical products online since 2014 when he started selling on Amazon & eBay. 

In 2016, he launched a course on how to sell on Amazon called the "FBA Experts Training."

In 2017, David invested in a warehouse to store products and ship them to Amazon. 

In 2019, Kevin and David began a joint venture, AMZ Automation, with Kevin providing the promotion and marketing with his huge social following and David providing the fulfillment using his warehouse. 

What Does Private Labeling on Amazon Involve?

(In-depth Overview)

Step 1: Product Research

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Amazon sells more than 350 million different products and has 6,000 different categories in their product directory. 

Everyone knows that the product(s) you select will make or break your Amazon Business so it's crucial (especially when you are getting started) that you select profitable items. 

Now there's many ways to do this and many different helpful product selection tools that speed up the selection process, but all that takes time to learn and money for the tool subscriptions, which is why some people take up Vince's offer to have the process done for them. 

Step 2: Listing Construction

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Once you've chosen your product, it's time to show it off in an item listing.

But there's more to making an Amazon listing than posting a picture and a few words. 

It's a bit more complex than that, seeing as you need to take photos that pop out to the mobile shoppers as well as use keywords that boost your listing to the top of the search results faster than you can reach for a chair to access the top cupboards in your kitchen. 

Step 3: Supplier Selection + Inventory Management

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Once you've selected your product, another item on your to-do list is to decipher which supplier you'd like to place an order with. 

As you are making that decision, you must take into account if you want to ship from over-seas or from your own country (basically whether you want to save time by shipping nationally or spend less money by getting your product from China). 

Step 4: Order Processing + Returns

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Do you like paperwork or not?

That's what this step comes down to. 

Each order has to be taken in, and set up with a tracking number

And if your customer asks for a return, it's beneficial to your reputation as a seller if you give them their money back. 

Step 5: Order Tracking (Shipped, Delivered, etc.)

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

What if your customer claims they never recieved their product? How can you figure out what happened?

You need a way to look up their specific case. 

As mentioned before your product NEEDS a tracking number. 

And when you build up your business, you'll have to track thousands of products coming and going. Lots of details. #spreadsheets

Step 6: Customer Service + Collect Customer Reviews

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

How can you encourage your customers to leave product reviews on your listings?

Often you'll have to set up a review funnel (learn how to get more reviews here), using either an email follow up system or a product information card packed on the top of your product. 

Amazon's TOS is very particular on how you ask for the review, so watch your step and avoid Bezo's toes (because a disobedience could mean a suspension of your seller account, which means your "passive income" drys up faster than a waterhole in the Sahara. 

Here's the details from Amazon themselves:

Step 7: Scaling Your Amazon Store

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

This is what every wanna-be Amazon seller dreams about: scaling your Amazon store to scale your business' revenue (and in turn the profits to take home).

Unfortunately most sellers on Amazon don't get to this point. Amazon releases information each year about how many sellers there are on the platform and their corresponding revenue bracket. 

Here's from 2019:

Having built several product lines to doing 6 figures, I can tell you first hand that they are not as easy to scale as many Amazon course sellers would have you believe. 

That's why at the end of 2019, I cashed out of Amazon to focus full time on the business that enabled me to quit my 9-5 originally and has been much simpler to scale than my AMZ biz was. Learn more about local lead gen below. 

amazon automation by kevin david and david arnett

Quora & Reddit Commentary on Kevin David

This reddit commenter says that Kevin David knows his stuff inside and out from both hanging with experts and running his businesses. 

This Quora commenter brings Jesus into the conversation, and ultimately concludes by urging people to rein in their judgement. 

This Quora member doesn't negate Kevin's expertise, but basically says it's too expensive. 

Pros and Cons

of Kevin David's AMZ Automation


  • Real Amazon Seller
  • Facebook Group for Support
  • Lots of Experience on the Internet


  • Upfront Investment of 40,000 dollars
  • Need Complete Faith in Person Automating

Why I left AMZ to Return to Lead Generation

Amazon Automation

  • Market Saturated - Only 6000 niches
  • Expensive to Start (Need 25,000 dollars + working capital)
  • Low Barrier to Entry (Anyone can duplicate product)
  • Low Profit Margin (~20%)
  • No Control - Amazon can Shutdown Account
  • No Passivity - Lots of Moving Parts (Shipping, Ads, Launches)

Lead Generation

  • New Opportunity in Every Zipcode
  • Affordable to Start (few hundred dollars)
  • Requires Skills to Rank on Google
  • Little Overhead, High Profit Margin
  • Complete Control - You own the Website
  • Passive once Ranked - Just Deposit Mailbox Money

After ramping up my lead gen business to +30k each month, my fomo got the better of me and I hopped on the FBA train in 2016. 

And while having a business on Amazon was quite the adventure, it wasn't a very profitable one

It took a lot of money to get the Amazon system up and running and the profit margins were hardly half of my lead generation business. (FBA was like 25%, Leadgen is upwards of 70%)

When I reflect, my Amazon business was more vulnerable than my lead-gen business is, because if your seller account is suspended, which means your sales stop, which means your "automated Amazon profit generator" grinds to a sudden halt and then you can no longer pay your bills or support your family. #nosecurity

With your lead generation business, it's different

Your income can't be turned off like an unpaid faucet by the water department. 

Instead, you develop digital assets that you control like this tree care site

Each month businesses (aka your renters) send you checks because of your services. 

One truth that I learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad was the wisdom of multiple streams of income. 

You'll create a lot of lead gen sites, creating a portfolio of income-producing assets that require very little maintenance once built. 

So essentially, you're creating a lot of passive income streams. 

And since you'll have better training than I did (it's been updated multiple times since I joined in 2014), if you follow the step by step process and put in the work, you'll end up with many sites like this

That continue to be digital cash cows for years to come (mine have been mooing since 2015)

But don't just take my word for it, here's Patric, who's been a member of the leadgen coaching program since 2016. 

Did you see how he's built his lead gen business now having more than 50 clients in more than 20 different states? 

That's a profitable, recession proof business under Patric's complete control.

And he built it in less than 4 years. 

Learn more how to create your own digital assets by clicking the button below. 

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