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Top 10 Amazon FBA Success Stories + Expert Seller Advice for YOU

May 9, 2022

We’ve collected the top 10 Amazon FBA success stories. They feature real people who fought through tough situations to financial freedom while running their FBA business. 

With the Amazon FBA success rate showing 20-25% of sellers make $1250-over $6000 profit per month, you’re probably interested in becoming an Amazon FBA seller. If so, these Amazon success stories will further inspire and empower you.
Tim Sanders amazon success stories

Tim Sanders: An 8-Figure Amazon Expert in the Top 1% of All Amazon Sellers Worldwide

Tim Sanders is the face behind Private Label Masters

  • He came from a normal family with normal means. He always had the necessities.
  • He entered the workforce at 15, eventually landing at Costco.
  • Tim did not get a college degree. In fact, he tried to attend a junior college, and lasted less than 1 semester. 
  • He set a goal: work up into management at Costco. Unfortunately, the person with the longest job history always beat him out, even though Tim worked harder and smarter.

Tim Had Enough: It Was Time to Get into the Small Business World

He experimented with real estate, the stock market, and more. But, the competition was fierce. Finally, he stumbled on private label products. Now, Tim is an 8 figure Amazon seller. He is also in the top 1% of Amazon sellers. He's made over $60 million made in the last 5 years alone.

This Amazon success story doesn’t end there. His course teaches thousands of students exactly how to sell a profitable product on Amazon.

Private Label Masters- and Tim himself- are as legit as they get. He shares high-level information throughout his course and YouTube channel, all while reinvesting his money into his businesses.

You won’t see him touting a McLaren or mansion. The marketing for his course is purely excellent information and social media proof. 

rob success story

Rob: A Private Label Masters Amazon FBA Success Story

Rob is one of Tim Sander’s students.

  • He used to be an EMT, but working online was more profitable with less stress. 
  • He began making money online with about 6 months of online and retail arbitrage. Then he started his private label business. 
  • Rob made his initial $10K FBA product purchase on a credit card with 0% interest for 18 months. He knew this was a risk. But, he planned to make that product sell, even if he had to go door-to-door. 

Seller Success Achieved!

After 2.5 years of selling on Amazon, Rob makes over $70K in sales per month. In addition, he only works 20-30 hours/week. He spends about 50% of that time learning how to increase business. The other 50% is spent optimizing PPC, watching his organic keyword rankings, and communicating with his virtual assistant, who handles customer service.

matt clark

Matt Clark: Troubled Teen to CEO of Amazing Selling Machine

Matt Clark is one of the founding fathers of the Amazing Selling Machine.

  • As a child, he struggled with his parent’s divorce.
  • As a teenager, he got into doing and selling drugs.
  • He pulled himself away from the tough crowd. He made it to college, where he graduated with 2 degrees.
  • This was 2008, and probably one of the worst times for a new guy to start a job at an investment bank.
  • Economic issues aside, Matt quickly realized he didn’t want to work for anyone else.
  • Matt sold high-end health supplements on his own eCommerce store. (This was 2009, before the Amazon FBA craze).
  • His first product, a natural sleep aid, made $700 and then grew. Soon, he had 11,000 products on his website.

Matt’s Amazon Business Begins

After two years, Matt moved his business to Amazon. At first, he struggled with various supplier issues. But eventually, he doubled his eCommerce business within a few weeks.

By the time Matt turned 26, he had built 3 multi-million dollar companies. Soon, he would meet Jason Katzenback. The two founded The Amazing Selling Machine is one of their programs.

Today, Matt seems much more in the background, with partner Mike McClary providing more face-to-face support.

tatiana james

Tatiana James: Amazing Selling Machine Success Story

Tatiana James is a Canadian entrepreneur.

  • In college, she didn't even own a laptop.
  • She planned to work in the government. But, she changed her mind when she met now husband Stefan James of Project Life Mastery.
  • Tatiana began with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), but lost interest.
  • Both she and Stefan signed up for Amazing Selling Machine, and learned Amazon FBA step by step.
  • While Tatiana took the course, she was still taking university classes and working nights as a server.

Tatiana’s Success On and Beyond the Amazon Marketplace

Tatiana invested just $300 into her first inventory. The product she sold- a natural sponge- brought in $2K-$3K per month. She switched to waist trainers, and became the face of her brand, Luxx Health (today, LUXX Curves). By 23 years old, she was making $40K/month off of this product. Today, she brings in $450,000/ month.

morgan rainey

Morgan Rainey: Coupons & Dumpsters to $5M in 5 Years

Morgan is the face of CajunVentures, a YouTube/TikTok/Instagram brand that shares selling tips and secrets, from basic Amazon FBA to tricky ways to make extra cash.

  • Morgan used to live in a trailer park.
  • At 13, she picked up free items at garage sales and resold them on eBay for extra cash.
  • Eventually, she listed Goodwill books and other items. She even sold things from around her house. 
  • She went to high school and college, and got a job waiting tables.
  • After college, she went into corporate sales…selling dumpsters. Her phone rang all day, and she knew she didn’t want to do this forever.

CajunVentures’ Amazon Selling Success

Morgan started selling on Amazon with her partner (who worked as a sugarcane farmer) in 2016. She went full time on Amazon in 2018, and her partner followed some time later. Today, Morgan has done over $5 million in sales since her start. 

Charlie Chang

Charlie Chang: Candy Bars to 7 Figures

Charlie Chang is another popular YouTuber with years of experience in various hustles.

  • He got his start at age 12, selling candy bars to other middle schoolers.
  • His parents pressured him to be a doctor, even though he hated needles and blood.
  • Regardless, he went to UCLA and got his bachelor’s in psychobiology.
  • During his time in college, Charlie started dozens of side hustles. He even signed to a modeling agency.
  • So, when he didn’t get into med school, he knew it was for the best. He brought in $800 in his first month on his own.
  • His most consistent side gig was tutoring. Another lucrative hustle was wedding and graduation photography.

The Amazon Platform was the Answer

All that work, and Charlie couldn’t break 6 figures. He tried a bunch of businesses that ultimately failed, including a clothing company that lost $20,000. Finally, he landed on Amazon FBA and that’s what he still does.

Still, Charlie continues to hustle. With his Amazon FBA income as a foundation, Charlie got his real estate license and also became a loan officer. He began content creation and used the pandemic in his content strategy. 

Now, Charlie is 29 and a 7 figure earner.

joshua crisp

Joshua Crisp: Third Shift to Owning the Building He Used to Work In

Joshua Crisp is your trainer for the AMZ Formula, an Amazon FBA private label course. But he wasn’t always an expert.

  • Joshua grew up in and out of homeless shelters.
  • In school, he couldn’t focus. Schools told his mother that he was bipolar, depressed, and needed to be tested for ADD and ADHD.
  • During his freshman year of high school, a teacher told him he might as well leave; that his low grades meant he would end up in the streets, with the wrong crowd, or even dead.
  • They removed him from school, but he knew he needed to work to support his family.
  • Joshua got a job sorting garbage by hand from 7 at night to 3 in the morning. He worked there until he had a wife, a son, and another child on the way. It was killing to miss important family times.
  • So, he tried SEO, making money with a blog, and crypto currency, but nothing stuck until his wife’s boss told him about Amazon.  

Joshua’s Amazon Sales: The Best Kind of Karma

The first three products Joshua listed failed. Then, he used JungleScout’s platform for product research and more. This is when everything clicked.

He grossed over $10 million in his first 3.5 years. He even ended up buying the facility that he once worked in, and that is where he keeps his inventory.

kenzo sobrie

Kenzo Sobrie: Arrested in 7th Grade… McLaren by 17

You’ve probably heard that anyone can make money selling on Amazon, and Kenzo proves it. He runs an 8 figure wholesale business, and got it to that point by the time he was 19.

  • When Kenzo was in 7th grade, he was arrested for selling vape pens.
  • In 8th grade he sold T-shirts, and soon he was dropshipping on Shopify and eBay, among other hustles.
  • When he finally got into Amazon FBA, he was 16. He had saved up $7500 from eBay sales, and he put it into a bulk order of Sharpies. He flipped them, making $25K in revenue, making $4K in profit.

Onto Third Party Selling: Amazon FBA was Only the Beginning

During his time with Amazon FBA, Kenzo drove his pickup truck to his vendor from his parents' house, dropping pallets of product in his yard.

He ended up moving to LA, where he kept products in his own warehouse. As of late 2021, he had three warehouses in Huntington Beach, one in Miami, Houston, and New Jersey.

Thus, Kenzo has moved to a more FBM business model to avoid high fees. In 2022, he is just starting his YouTube channel.

marvin leonard

Marvin Leonard: Job Security to 6 Figure Seller

Marvin Leonard makes his money doing Amazon FBA. Today he sells his course, The Wholesale Underground, and spreads Amazon information and self-improvement ideas on his YouTube channel.

  • Marvin didn’t grow up with much, and struggled with weight, anger, and anxiety.
  • He graduated from college and joined the police academy.
  • He worked his way from a sniper to SWAT and eventually landed a role as detective.
  • As detective, he worked 60 hours a week with a 2 hours commute.
  • For $80K a year, it wasn’t enough. He wanted to work from home.

What Drove Marvin to Start Selling on Amazon?

Marvin began his search for a way to make money online. He was bombarded with dropshipping promotions, so he started a Shopify shop. 

The final push to Amazon came from a video that pointed out that with Amazon, the customers come to you. So Marvin made the switch. He started with online and retail arbitrage, but found that the amount of work it required was not sustainable for the life he wanted. He tried private label and then went right into wholesale at the same time. Wholesale won out, and he continues to sell these products online today.

stephen smotherman

Stephen Smotherman: Devoted Father Able to Give His Kids What They Need

Stephen and his wife run Full-Time FBA, one of the most information YouTube channels on Amazon FBA.

  • Stephen divorced from his first wife. He had no way of supporting himself and four boys on his own.
  • He was desperate to keep his family together, provide for them, and spend time with his kids.
  • Then Stephen found out his youngest son was autistic. This pushed him even harder to find something that would allow him to stay at home.

Online Selling Allowed Gave Stephen Freedom

Stephen went to garage sales, thrift stores, and retail stores. He followed a retail arbitrage model. He met his now wife, Rebecca, and she became his business partner. Together, they explored all the different Amazon FBA business models. 

Then, they learned another one of his sons was a Type I diabetic. But now, they had the freedom to take time off, learn about his new diet, and support the family through the life change. Today, they’ve outsourced much of their business and focus on content creation for YouTube.

Want to Get Started? Here’s Everything You Need to Find a Product and Start Your Amazon Business

I tried Amazon FBA. I put in dozens of hours taking the best classes by the most knowledgeable gurus. So, I’ve compiled my recommendations for the best Amazon FBA courses right here. The top course on our list is Tim Sander’s Private Label Masters. 

But, any one of the trainings I’ve listed is great. They can teach you what you need to know about:

Learn all you can before starting Amazon FBA and keep your eye on the prize. You won't be able to make money overnight, but over time and with the right knowledge, perhaps you can build your own Amazon FBA success story.

My Online Business Portfolio in 2024

Amazon FBA: $15K NET per month (After 50% split with a partner)

Local Lead Generation: $52K NET per month

Amazon FBA is a great business model but like all businesses it has its challenges, particularly how competitive it's becoming as more big brands & suppliers began selling on FBA themselves 2-3 years ago.

Another business model I've had a lot of success with is local lead generation. It's simple and less competitive. It might be a better fit for some people.

Click here to learn all about it: Local Lead Generation vs. Amazon FBA

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