6 Best Amazon FBA Courses UK (is it easier in United Kingdom?)

March 23, 2024

For those who want to sell in the United Kingdom, the best Amazon FBA course UK is FBA Elite. An active 6-figure Amazon seller, Darren, has developed this FBA course. Amazon Brand Academy 2.0 and FBA Mentor are also great choices for an Amazon UK course.  

For those who are based in the UK but wish to sell in the US, the best Amazon FBA course UK is Marketplace Superheroes. This well-known FBA course is cost-effective, has a large Facebook group community, and a great mentorship program. Runner-ups include Fast Track FBA and SellerPro Academy. 

The basics of selling on Amazon FBA are mostly the same, no matter what marketplace you’re in. So, you can take a US-based Amazon FBA training course and apply it to selling in the UK. But, some Amazon sellers prefer to learn from their own country’s point of view. And, there are some specific differences (like the Value Added Tax, or VAT) that apply only to the UK marketplace.

Let’s look at the 6 best UK Amazon FBA courses, and learn more about selling on Amazon’s UK platform compared to other Amazon Global Selling marketplaces.

Top 3 Best Amazon FBA Courses in the United Kingdom

fba elite best amazon fba course uk

1. FBA Elite

FBA Elite is the best course to teach you how to sell on Amazon UK.

darren fba elite best amazon fba course uk

Darren is a 6-Figure Amazon Seller

Darren created this course after three years of active Amazon selling experience. He keeps the course updated, and also continuously uploads new information on social media. 


£499 / $650

Course Started:

Started in 2021 after three years of experience.


Darren is a 6 figure seller that is currently selling. He started his journey in 2018 and has gotten to 6 figures every year. Also, he has the largest organically grown FBA YouTube UK channel. 


You'll have exclusive access to members only forum. Darren is active in the group.


The training includes 120 videos focused on new sellers. It teaches a private label business model. The course is a complete guide to FBA, and includes information on setting up your Amazon seller account, creating and optimizing your product listing, understanding Amazon advertising, and eleven videos on how to understand fulfillment.


No. Private one-on-one mentorship is £99/month / $128/month.

Some other things we liked:

Darren isn't pushy. He still says that you don’t need a course to be successful.

It includes templates, discounts, and contacts.

Darren goes over customs, importing to UK

Some things we didn't like:

The course comes with a Helium 10 subscription, but it expires after one month

Here's a snapshot of Darren's selling history:

darrens selling history

Read my full FBA Elite Review here. 

Visit Darren's Website: FBA Elite

amazon brand academy 2.0

2. Amazon Brand Academy 2.0

luca davenport

Luca had a great job, but realized that creativity was missing in his life. He developed a course to teach you exactly what he did, so that you can learn from his mistakes. 


£999 / $1305

Course Started:

2020 was the original start, but Luca completely rebuilt in 2021 post Brexit.


Luca Davenport started eBay dropshipping while keeping his full-time job and eventually got into Amazon FBA private label. This allowed him to quit his job after 8 months.


You'll have access to a mastermind community Facebook group.


Your purchase includes over 220 tutorials on private label Amazon FBA. It's designed to take a seller from beginner to expert in a step-by-step guide. There are three in-depth modules on Amazon PPC, walking you through the theory, creation, and optimization of a successful ad campaign.


No, but you get one-on-one mentorship. And, Luca uploads monthly additional trainings that follow the most current Amazon FBA updates.

Some other things we liked:

There is a 30-day money back guarantee if the seller has not yet completed 20% of the course

Bonuses include business tools and templates including a budget calculator, profit calculator, product research tracker, negotiation tracker, PPC tracker, and more.

Module 4 specifically addresses VAT and other intricacies of UK taxes.

Some things we didn't like:

Luca is not very active on social media, but that tells me he is focusing on his students and business.

I wasn’t able to find Luca’s actual selling results.

Visit Luca's website: Amazon Brand Academy 2.0

fba mentor

3. FBA Mentor

ben fba mentor

Ben is a 7-figure Amazon seller, but that's not why we love this course. Ben has really turned this business into a mentorship than an Amazon training course. The course itself is great, but everything you get with the mentorship package puts it above and beyond. 


£299 / $390 for the course only with no coaching.  £499 / $650 for 1 month membership. It's £999/ $1305 for 6 month membership. £99 / $130 for 1 hour call. You can also buy a photography package to make your Amazon listing easier to design.

Course Started:



 Ben is currently selling on the platform. He follows the private label business model.


Yes, but you won't have access if you purchase the course only.


The training focuses on creating a private label business. You'll have unlimited lifetime access to 130 tutorials that are updated regularly. You will also get financial analysis help and a product research cheat sheet.


Yes, but you only have access to Ben if you buy a mentorship.

Some other things we liked:

Ben believes in transparency and honesty. He is a current seller, so it doesn’t appear that this course is his primary income.

Bonus items include two 30 minute private Zoom calls with Ben, along with direct email access to him. 

A refund is available within 7 days, no questions asked.

Some things we didn't like:

We'd like to have access to the Facebook group with just the purchase of the course, but I like Ben's focus on mentorship.

Here are some of Ben's personal numbers:

ben's numbers

Visit Ben's website: FBA Mentor

Best UK-Based Online Course for Those Who Want to Sell on Amazon USA

marketplace superheroes

1. Marketplace Superheroes Ignite

marketplace superheroes

You've probably heard of Marketplace Superheroes. It's one of the more popular courses on our list. It's also one of the most cost-effective, as they've valued their product at around $13K. You will only pay $1,164.


$97/month for 12 months after 7 day free trial. Plus, there's a $1497 enrollment fee.

Course Started:



Robert Ricky and Stephen Somers together have over 20 years of experience in eCommerce.


There's a large community, and you'll have lifetime access. The owners are active in the  Facebook group.


This training is based in the UK, but for the US marketplace.


Yes- every Wednesday. Plus, there are monthly Origin Calls, where you get one-on-one coaching. 

Some other things we liked:

The training has a great reputation.

Your purchase includes an ecosystem research tool.

Some things we didn't like:

It’s super confusing to find the correct training on their website. Their main landing page is more of a funnel to collect information.

Read my full Marketplace Superheroes review here. 

Visit their website: Marketplace Superheroes

fast track fba

2. Fast Track FBA

thomas parkinson

This is the course for Amazon UK sellers (or sellers in any of the other Amazon marketplaces) who want to diversify into the US. You won't have to waste time sifting through general info- this course will tell you exactly how to get started as a US FBA seller.


£99 / $130

Course Started:



Thomas Parkinson, 7-figure seller in the UK. (some results below)


Yes. As of 2022, there were 517 members.


This course is specifically for people in other countries that want to get started selling on the US Amazon marketplace. It's focused on online arbitrage.


Yes. Tom does a live webinar.

Some other things we liked:

The training teaches you how to get a USA LLC.

Thomas includes a list of top 100 suppliers.

There is a 30-day refund.

Some things we didn't like:

Tom’s knowledge of selling in the USA only began in 2021. The entire Amazon FBA training course is based on 6-8 months of trial and error. That being said, the low price of the course reflects this.

Here are some of Thomas' results that he has shared:

tom parkinson uk results

Go to their site: Fast Track FBA 

sellerpro academy

3. SellerPro Academy

jonny bradley

Jonny has a long history as an Amazon FBA guru. His course is fully Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified, which means it is accredited as a quality FBA course.


£997 / $1300

Course Started:

Started Amazon FBA UK course in 2017. In 2019, it morphed into SellerPro Academy.


Jonny Bradley is known in the UK as the #1 Amazon FBA mentor.


Yes, there's a private group.


This is another private label training. It has over 170 videos and 17-18 hours of content. 


Yes, twice a week. Plus, you get access to Johnny’s email address.

Some other things we liked:

You have special access to Johnny’s assistant (who has 5 years' experience as an FBA specialist). They will help you through Amazon’s Terms of Service and Amazon seller account issues.

Some things we didn't like:

After a year, you must renew if you still want support. If you don't reach £10,000 in sales, you will avoid this charge.

Jonny doesn't really work as an Amazon seller anymore and one of his brands failed.

You can’t just buy this FBA course, you need to apply for it. This reminds me of Amazon automation agency scams.

Read my full SellerPro Academy review.

Go to Jonny's site: SellerPro Academy

UK Amazon FBA Courses For Beginners

Seller Circle by Jake Burden

Seller Circle by Jake Burden is an FBA course aimed at both new and experienced Amazon FBA sellers. It offers insights into retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and wholesale. The course is particularly valuable for new sellers, given that Amazon, one of the largest competitors, directly supplies 10% of products on its platform. The program provides extensive support including 24/7 chat, product lead generation, and a team for ungating products, although it's more expensive than similar courses and offers no refund due to its digital nature. It includes a comprehensive manual in text format, step-by-step guidance, weekly live Q&A sessions, and access to a supportive community.

Price: Seller Circle costs a lifetime access of £799.99.

More Info: Seller Circle Review

Smashers Academy by Janson Smith

janson smith review

Smashers Academy, founded by Janson Smith, is an Amazon FBA private label course designed to teach both new and experienced sellers. It provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide with over 200 lessons across 23 modules, focusing on creating a private label brand and selling in European markets. The course addresses challenges, like handling 1-star review attacks.

Price: Smashers Academy costs £995 upfront.

More Info: Smashers Academy Review

What are Some Other Amazon FBA Course Options?

Outside of UK- based Amazon FBA courses, we believe Tim Sanders presents the best Amazon FBA course out there with Private Label Masters. 

Other popular Amazon FBA courses include:

Does Google or YouTube Have this Information Readily Available?

There is a ton of information on Google and YouTube about selling on Amazon FBA. And, much of this information is useful. However, you shouldn’t rely on YouTube and Google information alone because:

  • Amazon’s Terms of Service update constantly. Creators do not always update outdated videos and blogs.
  • Google and YouTube results can quickly get overwhelming, especially to a new Amazon seller.
  • A creator may have had a unique experience selling on Amazon that other creators would say doesn't work. You would have to sift through many videos, research the comments for opinions, and determine which online seller was presenting the best advice. Some creators are simply going for views not necessarily the best information possible.
  • Amazon FBA courses often offer access to a Facebook group and mentor. This is invaluable and makes the cost of a good course much more worth it.

Are Amazon FBA courses worth it? Yes, the information tends to be higher quality than content on free platforms like YouTube and there's support and community of like-minded sellers that you can ask questions to and learn from the mistakes of others so you don't have to make the same mistakes.

SUMMARY: What is the Best Amazon FBA Training Out There?

The best Amazon FBA course for selling in the UK is FBA Elite. Others include:

  • Amazon Brand Academy 2.0
  • FBA Mentor

The best Amazon FBA course UK for sellers entering the US space is Marketplace Superheroes. Others include:

  • Fast Track FBA
  • SellerPro Academy

There are many other courses that can help you sell in the US. We suggest Tim Sander’s Private Label Masters above the rest. 

Remember: While there is a lot of information on Google and YouTube, an organized course with an online community and mentorship is worthwhile when learning how to run an Amazon business.

Should You Sell on Amazon UK or Amazon USA?

The answer will change depending on your goals and where you are in your Amazon FBA business. According to Statista, Amazon had 41% of all retail e-commerce companies in the US during 2021. In the UK, Amazon had a 30% market share of their space. Also, in the UK, customers spent almost $32 billion. In the US, customers spent a staggering $314 billion.

How Many Amazon FBA Sellers Are There in UK?

There are 500,000 active sellers based in the US market, while the UK only has 13,500. Finally, the US has 148.6 million Amazon Prime members. The UK only has 15 million.

So, what’s the point? There are two ways to look at these statistics.

  • The US Amazon marketplace is HUGE, and you want a slice of that pie. With almost 150 million prime subscribers and $314 billion in sales, you might think it will be easy to slide in. Plus, with only 41% of the market share in the US going to Amazon, there is room to grow. To sum up: The US has the highest demand, but also the highest competition.
  • The UK has far less demand but also far less competition. With only 13,500 active sellers, you will join the ranks of just a few thousand competitors. Since there are only 15 million Prime subscribers compared to the US’s 148.6 million, there is a substantial amount of market growth that you can expect.

Bottom line: The best strategy will be different for everyone. If you are an Amazon selling beginner that doesn’t live in the US, start in your local market. You’ll learn the ropes without having to fight the top competition in the United States. Even a beginner that lives in the US may benefit from this low competition. Remember, FBA fees, customs, and taxes will be different.

But, if you already sell in the United States, consider diversifying by selling in the UK (and vice versa). That way, if Amazon suspends your account in one country, you will still have income from the other.

Amazon UK vs. Amazon EU

Countries in the EU have free trade across borders. Sellers in Amazon EU can use the EFN, the European Fulfillment network. This allows them to list products in other European markets.

Similarly, European sellers can use the Pan European Fulfillment by Amazon system. With this, Amazon distributes their inventory throughout the European marketplaces, rather than storing inventory in one country and shipping to others. 

Since Brexit, the UK has lost access to these perks. So, if these sound lucrative to you, think about selling in Germany. Germany is the second largest Amazon marketplace and is a part of Amazon EU.

Can You Sell in Other Countries if You Don’t Live There?

If you live in the UK or US, you can sell on any of the other Amazon marketplaces. These include:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Sweden
  • Poland

Sellers that live in other countries can sell in these marketplaces too. Not every country is eligible, but the list of accepted countries is long. To be eligible, an Amazon seller in one of these countries just needs a phone number and an international credit card. Also, some countries do not offer Amazon phone support, and getting products to customers quickly will be difficult. So, selling from these countries comes at a disadvantage.

Conclusion: What is an Amazon FBA Course and Do You Need One?

The best Amazon FBA course UK will include information on VAT, customs, and other specifics in that market. FBA Elite does a great job of breaking all of this down. Marketplace Superheroes is UK-based, but teaches about the US marketplace. There is a lot of information on Google and YouTube, but a good course that includes mentorships and community will make the experience worth it. So you don’t need an Amazon FBA course to start your online business, but it will help you avoid mistakes and may speed up your time to make an ROI. 

If you're still not ready to invest in a course, you can check out our resource page for starting Amazon FBA business.

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