Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers’ Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Review | Top 3 Strategies to Boost Your Affiliate Income

October 16, 2023

Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator is a comprehensive blogging course by Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers. This training program teaches you how to earn passive income by creating a profitable blog through affiliate marketing. It’s an 8-week mastery course that includes video modules, written transcripts, worksheets and a complete 12-month roadmap to monitor your progress and blogging journey. The Blogging Fast Lane course also covers basic digital marketing strategies, including SEO, social media, content marketing and email marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most flourishing industries today, with an estimated market size of $14.3 billion in 2023. This growth marks a 15.3% increase from 2022. While these numbers show that building an affiliate marketing blog can be profitable, it also comes with several risks.

First, it has become a competitive industry. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the number of affiliate marketing service providers has significantly increased by 26% in 2021 alone, reaching a staggering 10,000 firms. This sudden increase has raised the bar among affiliate marketers and bloggers to stay within the competition.

Other challenges you may encounter with blogging and affiliate marketing include unpredictable cash flow, slow return on investment (ROI) and lack of control.

In this Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator review, we will break down its coverage and strategies to determine if it's the right course for you. 

Pros and Cons of Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator


Proven Strategies: This course will teach you the exact framework that Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino used in their successful travel blog, Adventure in You. 

Wide Coverage: The Blogging Fast Lane course covers in-depth lectures that can also be helpful for the success of your marketing campaigns. 

Successful Course Creators: Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers are both successful travel bloggers and affiliate marketers. They have been doing this for 9 years and are now ready to share their knowledge.

Good Reviews: So far, the Blogging Fast Lane course has great reviews. There are video testimonials and success stories you can check. 

Active Facebook Support Group: Many people are also vouching for Blogging Fast Lane’s Facebook support group. There are actual members saying that Anna and Tom are both actively responding to their queries. 

Credibility: This training program has been featured in prestigious online publications, including Forbes, Elite Daily, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel and 

Easy-to-Understand: The modules are well-presented and organized, making them easier to understand. 


It’s Expensive: The course is more expensive than most blogging and affiliate marketing courses available. 

Course Availability: It’s not always available for sale.  

Some Topics are Outdated: There are some topics that are outdated, specifically SEO. 

Hidden Expenses: Be prepared to cover additional costs to fully implement the strategies recommended by the training program. 


The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator is priced at $697. 


It's an 8-week training program. 

Refund Policy: 

The course offers a 90-day full refund policy.


The Blogging Fast Lane YouTube channel has 1.52k subscribers.

What is Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers’ Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator? 

Anna and Tom’s Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator is a training program that teaches you how to build and grow a successful blog. It aims to help bloggers create a passive income stream through an affiliate marketing blog. They will show you the exact strategies they used to build your own “Affiliate Machine”.  

This online workshop has 73 videos, 8 modules, SEO worksheets and a step-by-step guide to help you get started. There are also weekly objectives, so you can easily keep track of your progress.

Who is The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Course for?

  • Bloggers of all levels of experience may benefit from Anna and Tom Rogers’ Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator training program. 
  • Individuals or entrepreneurs who are looking for a new income stream, especially those that are looking for ways to make money online from anywhere in the world.
  • Startups who want to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Side Note: Again, this blogging course is not just about travel blogging. Part of their goal is to help their students earn money from their passions. That means you can apply the strategies they will teach you to your preferred niches. According to more experienced BFL students, the course is mostly designed for beginners to intermediate. So, if you want to learn more advanced affiliate marketing strategies, it’s best to look for other options. 

What can You Learn from Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers’ Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator? 

Week 1: The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Mindset

In the first week, Anna and Tom introduce the basic principles of their business model. They will help you develop the "Blogging Fast Lane Mindset" and that is to make money using from your passions. In their case, they both love to travel, so they built an “Affiliate Machine” through travel blogging. They will also share with you their first-hand experience of how they have competed with other successful bloggers. 

Week 1 Objectives:

  • Adapt a “Fast Lane Mindset” that will help you work smarter
  • Learn how to use a free tool to boost productivity 
  • Improve your work pattern and avoid working on tasks you do not enjoy
  • Find out how the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator can help bloggers, startups and even entrepreneurs using its results-driven content marketing strategy

Week 2: Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that can monetize your blog. However, this requires strategic planning and the right execution to ensure success. The second week covers more technical lectures on affiliate marketing. You will learn more about affiliate marketing campaigns, including how to implement affiliate links accordingly. 

Week 2 Objectives:

  • Determine the key metrics that will help expand your blog’s network reach and audience 

  • Learn the importance of a creating reader avatar to build a brand presence 

  • Identify the stages of user intent and how you can use that as an affiliate marketer

Week 3: Generating Passive Income as an Affiliate Master

For week 3, you will learn how to optimize your affiliate links for a higher conversion rate. They will teach you how to create a data-driven content marketing strategy that attracts the right audience. Anna and Tom will also show you the key metrics that will help generate passive income as an affiliate marketer.

Week 3 Objecvtives:

  • Discover the best ways to find, join and get approved for affiliate programs

  • Learn how you can earn thousands of dollars through effective affiliate marketing campaigns

  • Get access to Anna and Tom’s “Secret Affiliate Blackbook”, which has multiple affiliate programs across 7 niches.

Week 4: Building Authority and Quality Content Creation Strategy

You will learn how to create and implement a solid content marketing strategy, which is critical in building and growing a profitable blog. The lectures in week 4 focus on producing high-quality content that generates traffic and rankings. 

Week 4 Objectives:

  • Learn how Anna and Tom developed their “Authority Fortress” strategy that generated their traffic without producing loads of articles. 
  • Find out how to build authority pillars that can boost readership value and Google rankings. 
  •  Discover how to conduct in-depth keyword research and develop a content creation calendar based on results. 

Week 5: Basic Principles of SEO

For this week, you will learn the importance of SEO to your affiliate marketing blog. It’s a brief walkthrough of how SEO works. They will also cover the challenges you may encounter when launching SEO campaigns. 

Week 5 Objectives:

  • Learn how to use your SEO cheat sheets 

  • Discover Anna and Tom’s exclusive roadmap for their SEO campaigns (on-site and off-site)

  • Find out the common challenges bloggers encounter and how to overcome them

Week 6: More Advanced SEO Tactics

The Blogging Fast Last Accelerator also covers advanced SEO strategies. In week 6, you will learn more advanced SEO tactics you can apply that will help improve your rankings in major search engines. 

Week 6 Objectives:

  • Learn how to conduct in-depth SEO research to outperform your competitors 

  • Discover how to use Google Analytics to your advantage

Week 7: Employing “Trust Marketing”

Week 7 is all about earning the trust of your audience. According to Anna and Tom, this is where most bloggers or affiliate marketers usually fail. This module walks you through their step-by-step process of creating and implementing customized trust marketing campaigns. 

Week 7 Objectives: 

  • Find out how to use email marketing effectively to boost brand awareness and customer trust

  • Learn how to build your unique authority fortress to boost visibility and engagement. 

Week 8: Automating and Launching Your Affiliate Machine

The final week is all about calibrating your “Affiliate Machine”. They will show you the steps on how to automate processes efficiently, so you can earn passive income. This includes gaining readership trust and generating more quality traffic to your affiliate marketing blog.

Week 8 Objectives: 

  • Learn how to automate your email marketing strategy to boost the visibility of your content (one-click automation process)

  • Find out how to get rid of annoying pop-ups when visiting your site or reading email newsletters

  • Calibrate your affiliate site to ensure better results 

Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Bonus Inclusions

  • Complete 1-year roadmap for your affiliate marketing campaigns 
  • Fast Lane launching checklists
  • Blog branding Kickstarter pack
  • Pinterest explosion course
  • Productivity hacks
  •  Work templates and detailed course material for bloggers
  • Live QA videos
  • Access to Fast Lane’s Facebook support group
  • Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator case studies 

What Makes the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Different From Other Blogging Courses  

The Blogging Fast Lane course differs from other blogging courses by offering more in-depth coverage. Unlike most blogging courses that usually focus on content creation, Anna and Tom’s Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator also teaches effective ways to monetize your blog through effective affiliate marketing. It teaches you how to build, maintain and grow your affiliate machine. The course also covers critical digital marketing strategies to keep you on top of the competition.

How Much Does the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Cost? 

The Blogging Fast Lane costs $697 for lifetime access and $199 for 4 installments ($796 in total for installment payment option.) However, you also need to consider other expenses for the recommended tools to fully implement the Blogging Fast Lane strategies. 

Here’s a quick breakdown:



monthly cost

1. OptinMaster

Lead generation


2. BlueHost

Web hosting


3. ThemeForest 

WordPress Theme

$5 to $60 per theme

4. KeySearch

SEO keyword research


5. Canva

Designing images


6. ActiveCampaign

Email marketing


7. Asana

Project management


8. ClickFunnels

Sales funnels


Estimated additional expenses for the tools: $164.2 per month 

Blogging Fast Lane Top 3 Strategies to Boost Your Affiliate Income (Anna Faustino's Top Picks)

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1: Choose the Right Products to Recommend.

  • When finding the right programs to join, be sure to choose products that fit your niche and target demographics. The more you know your target audience and their interests, the better your chances of getting conversions. And this goes back to ensuring you have a clear niche and an even clearer picture of who your blog is serving. 

  • As a blogger, your reputation is always on the line whenever you’re recommending products or services. That’s why it’s imperative to only recommend high-quality products or services that you can vouch for. Be sure to do more research before writing a review. Learn more from the experience of other customers.

    According to Anna, they also experienced receiving products that were initially good, so they wrote a glowing product review. However, the quality deteriorated after a month or two, so they had to update their article. As a professional blogger, you should always be truthful about the products or services you recommend. Be authentic and honest with all your reviews. 
  • Affiliate marketing works on a percentage commission basis. That means the higher the cost of the product, the bigger your commission is. So, if you want to earn good money from affiliate marketing, look for high-ticket affiliates to recommend. There are tons of affiliate programs that can give you anywhere from $100 to $200 every time someone purchases through your affiliate link. Although the items cost more, the commissions will be higher compared to when you recommend $10 items. 

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2: Create the Right Type of Content.

  • If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing as a blogger, your biggest priority is to provide value. Keep in mind that your job is not to sell a product, but to provide an unbiased opinion on what you like and what you don’t like about the product. This is why producing informative articles, such as product reviews, case studies, tutorials, product comparisons and buying guides are effective in generating affiliate sales.

  • Create dedicated content for the things you want to promote. Don’t just put all your links in a random article. If you’re a travel blogger, write a packing list around a specific destination, which you get traffic from. If you’re a food blogger, you can create a roundup of the best kitchen appliances that you can’t live without. These types of articles have a high buying intent, which means people who search for them are all ready to buy but just looking for "validation".  

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3: Optimize Your Articles for Conversions.

  • Optimizing articles for higher conversions means making it easy for a reader to purchase. Implement data-driven conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to improve your site’s conversion rate. You can learn more about this in the Blogging Fast Lane course.

    Pro Tip: When creating content, the best practice is to know the search intent and provide them with the most valuable information they need right away. One way to do this is to put your top pick on top of the article. This inspires prospects to take action. 
  • Always think about user experience when producing content. Make use of tables, buttons and text links. This will help you improve conversions. Rather than just having walls of text, follow these tips below:

    1. Add bullet points with the product features.
    2. Use only high-quality product images. 
    3. Include different buying options. 

What Do People Say About the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator? 

Many people are saying good things about Anna and Tom’s Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator training program. Even the most reliable review sites gave them positive remarks. I also came across a non-affiliated YouTuber who gave them good feedback. And so far, there are no complaints or negative feedback about their products and services. 

Are the Students of the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Successful?

Yes, the students of Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator are successful. You can see multiple case studies and video testimonials about the course.

Nathan Aguilera of Foodie Flashpacker 

Nathan Aguilera of took the 8-week Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator course in 2021. According to Nathan, applying the strategies that Anna and Tom taught him had a huge impact on his affiliate marketing blog, generating 5x more site traffic in 2 years. This massive growth brought him more monthly revenue consistently. He eventually join the Mediavine, an exclusive program for bloggers with a site that is generating a minimum of $100,000 in annual ad revenue.

Nathan also mentioned that access to Blogging Fast Lane’s community has helped him a lot on his successful journey. He said that Anna and Tom, along with other members of BFL are always proactive and responsive. They will help you improve your strategies and ensure you’re on the right track. Nathan is now a 6-figure blogger and affiliate marketer. 

Jackie Rezk of Jou Jou Travels 

Jackie Rezk of also took the Blogging Fast Lane course in 2021. During that time, she knew nothing about SEO and just kept producing articles without a solid content marketing strategy, competitive keyword research and precise blogging goals. After taking the course, she started updating her previous blogs and implementing the strategies she learned from the BFL. She noticed great results after 5 months, improving her site users from 500 per month to 5,000 per month! Today, Jackie’s site has reached 30,000 users and now waiting for another milestone in joining the Mediavine program

Megan of Peter Pan Traveler 

Megan of Peter Pan Traveler is another successful student of Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator. She took the course around 2020, but unlike Jackie, she was already familiar with basic SEO. However, she wasn’t getting the results she wanted for her blog. According to Megan, her blog was getting around 200 page views per day, with $100 monthly income. Fast track to 2 years later, her blog just had significant improvements, generating around 50,000 page views. Her site is now making $2,000 monthly income and she’s just doing it part-time.

Who are the Creators of the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator? 

The creators of Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator are Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers, the power couple who also founded, a very reputable travel blog with over 600,000 monthly readers. Anna and Tom are experts in various digital marketing platforms, including SEO, social media, email marketing and affiliate marketing. They are now earning 6 to 7 figures as professional bloggers, entrepreneurs,  affiliate marketers and online educators. 

Who is Anna Faustino? 

Anna Faustino is the co-founder of Blogging Fast Lane and Adventure In You. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines and also had a post-graduate certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham. Anna has been traveling the world for the last 9 years, where she met Tom Rogers, her husband and business partner. 

Before travel blogging, Anna was an educator at Boracay European International School. She started as a primary school teacher but eventually got promoted to become the Head of the School. After 3 years of working in BEIS, she left her position to travel the world. This journey has completely changed her trajectory in life, as she became a successful travel blogger and entrepreneur.

Who is Tom Rogers?

Tom Rogers, also known as Thomas Rogers, is the co-founder of Blogging Fast Lane and Adventure in You. He is a tech expert, a professional business coach and a successful entrepreneur. In one of his interviews, Tom shared that he was supposed to get a job in Aerospace Engineering. However, he changed his mind and sold everything he owned so he can travel the world. Tom is now focussing on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through his coaching program and online courses. 

Do Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers Have a Good Reputation?  

Yes, Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers have a good reputation as entrepreneurs and educators. I’ve done tons of research about them and they have been featured in reputable online media publications, including CNN, Foundr, Business Insider, Forbes, Elite Daily, Wales Online and many more. They have a strong social media presence and many people are vouching for their video tutorials on YouTube.

Is Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers' Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Course Worth it? 

Yes, the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator is worth it. The course creators, Tom and Anna already have a proven track record in blogging and affiliate marketing. However, keep in mind that this training program isn’t for everyone. If you’re passionate about blogging and willing to invest your time and money, then this course is for you.

Some more experienced students of BFL also mentioned that the course is for beginners to intermediate. So, it's best to find other options if you're looking for more advanced affiliate marketing strategies. It is expensive, but overall, it is a valuable course. 

Can You Still Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2023?

Yes, you can still make money with affiliate marketing in 2023, but it requires consistent strategies to stay within its cutthroat competition. This business model isn't a get-rick-quick scheme. On average, it takes 2 to 3 years to grow a robust affiliate marketing blog and generate profits. 

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make?

According to Nial Roche of Authority Hacker,  a beginner affiliate marketer can earn between $0 to $1,000 monthly. An experienced or intermediate affiliate marketer can earn between $1,000 to $10,000 monthly. An advanced affiliate marketer can earn between $10,000 to $100,000 monthly while a “Super Affiliate” can earn between $100,000 or more per month. 

Roche further emphasized that only 1% of affiliate marketers are earning 6 to 7 figures monthly and 80% of affiliates belong to beginner and advanced categories, earning between $0 to $80,000 in a year.

The Influencer Marketing Hub’s survey also revealed that 57.55% of affiliate marketers make less than $10,000 per year and only 5.15% of affiliate marketers $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

3 Ways the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Can Help You Make More Money

1. Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Anna and Tom will walk you through their proven methodologies to help you build your own profitable affiliate marketing site. In one of their video tutorials, they pointed out that most affiliate marketers fail because of not having a clear niche. As a result, they don’t build up the expertise or authority they need to achieve their goals.

The Blogging Fast Lane Course encourages you to build and grow your own “Affiliate Machine” based on your preferred niches or your passion. According to Anna, one reason their travel blog has become a major success is that they are both passionate about it, which makes it easier to establish authority and trust.

Additionally, the course also covers important strategies you should employ to make your platform more profitable. This includes developing and implementing robust SEO campaigns, email marketing and content marketing.

2. Affiliate Machine Automation

 The Blogging Fast Lane training program also aims to help bloggers and affiliates earn passive income by automating their operations. Anna and Tom have recommended tools you can use to help you save time and focus more on other important tasks. 

3. More Money-Making Opportunities

There are other valuable money-making opportunities you can learn from this course. This includes advertisements, sponsored content and offering blogging services.

So, How Much Can You Make from the Blogging Fast Lane Course? 

You can make anywhere between $1,000 to $3,500 monthly, according to Blogging Fast Lane’s testimonials. One of their students is now a 6-figure blogger, growing his affiliate marketing site 5x the traffic in two years. The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator aims to help you earn monthly passive income through your passion. 

Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Alternative Courses

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review - This is a comprehensive review of Stefan James’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery training program. It covers some of the key aspects of creating a profitable affiliate marketing site, including developing the right mindset, market research,  blog and social media account setups, content creation and more.
  • 2024 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing - The ClickBank Affiliate Marketing is a short course on affiliate marketing created by Dave Mac. It will teach you the exact strategies he used to earn passive income through affiliate marketing. It also includes a coaching program and an online support group.
  • Affiliate Marketing Dude - Affiliate Marketing Dude is Marcus Campbell’s collection of affiliate marketing programs. If you’re a beginner who wants to expand your knowledge on affiliate marketing, this can be ideal for you.
  • Affiliate Tube Success Academy - This YouTube affiliate marketing course by Paul Murphy teaches you how to drive free traffic to your affiliate offers by creating YouTube videos and ranking them on Google using SEO.
  • Passive Income Unlocked - A course created by Jeff Bridenstine and Ben Esman that will teach you how to create a profitable niche site that turns into passive income stream. 
  • Passive Income Pathways - The Passive Income Pathways is a membership program created by Sadie Smiley and it focuses on helping women create digital products, setup blogs, and earn from affiliate marketing.
  • Printables By Number - This course by blogger Suzi Whitford teaches you how to create and sell printables online. You will learn how to sell it on your blog or on other platforms like ecommerce stores.

Local Lead Generation Remains the #1 Online Business Model 

If you’re looking for similar ways to make money online, local lead generation is still my top recommendation. While you can earn passive income from both business models, local lead generation is more profitable and has a more predictable cash flow, with less competition compared to affiliate marketing. 

The average commission rate in affiliate marketing programs is anywhere between 5% to 30%. With local lead generation, the profit margin can range from 85% to 90%. Competition is another hurdle you need to deal with in affiliate marketing. Datanyze recently reported that there are now 107,179 affiliate marketing firms worldwide. This does not include freelancers who offer affiliate marketing related services. With its oversaturated marketplace and ever-changing dynamics, competing with other affiliate marketers can be really challenging. 

Local lead generation has little to no competition. According to SBA, there are now 33.1 million local businesses in the US alone. And 91% of marketers say lead generation is their top priority. That means there are thousands of potential clients in each city and industry that need lead generation services. 

You can also expect faster ROI with a local lead generation business model. As emphasized by Blogging Fast Lane course creators, it usually takes 2 to 3 years to make your affiliate marketing blog profitable. A robust  local lead generation site can start earning as early as 6 to 8 months.  

Are you ready for a sure-fire passive income stream? This local lead generation course will teach you how to make real money while you sleep.

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