Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review: Make Money on YouTube Without Running Ads?

July 8, 2024

Affiliate Tube Success Academy is an affiliate marketing course by Paul Murphy that teaches you how to promote affiliate offers without paying for ads by using YouTube. You will learn how to earn $1,000 a day of passive income by ranking YouTube videos on Google. In this Affiliate Tube Success Academy, you will learn how this strategy works, how the course helps you make money, who is it for, what you get with it, if it really works, and who Paul Murphy is.

Affiliate marketing is a high-risk saturated business model. It is widely considered that 95% of affiliate marketers fail. Affiliate marketing is a highly saturated business model that creates unpredictable income. There are many factors that are out of your control, such as product quality or shipping.

Paul Murphy's Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Paul Murphy is a top affiliate and ClickFunnels 2-time 2 Comma Club Award receipient.

You don't need to show your face or use your own voice for the videos.

Private Facebook group with 4,600+ members.


Affiliate marketing is a high-competition business. You will be competing globally with other affiliates of the product who are also trying to rank.

Ads is still king when it comes to affiliate marketing. The marketer who spends the most on ads gets the most traffic and sales.


The Affiliate Tube Success Academy costs $1,997 or 3 monthly payments of $747. The Affiliate Tube Success Gold Membership costs $97 a month.

Refund Policy

You can apply for refund within 30 days, so long as you went through the course and created 10 videos for your chosen product without any of them ranking for the long tail keyword.


Positive, although be aware that affiliate reviews will always show positive.

July 8, 2024

The lessons are okay. If you have a lot of time, you can go through everything with only paying a month’s membership. The truth is, youtube is just saturated. It’s like every channel is trying to make money. Unfortunately as I’ve learned, you won’t find any groundbreaking methods here that will give you the upper hand.


3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Running Ads?

You can make money on YouTube without running ads by creating promotional videos for your affiliate offers and ranking them to the top of Google search. You don't need to make a viral video or have many views and subscribers to rank your video on Google. Instead, you use SEO tactics to rank your video to the top of Google for the related keywords. This strategy will drive high-quality organic leads to your sales funnel as compared to costly low converting leads from running your own ad campaigns.

How Does Affiliate Tube Success Academy Help You Make Money?

Affiliate Tube Success Academy helps you make money by teaching you how to create YouTube videos that promote an affiliate product and then ranking it on Google search for its long tail keywords. Paul teaches you exactly how to beat the algorithm using SEO tactics in order to rank your video on Google search. Affiliate Tube Success Academy also covers re-targeting and sales funnels.

Who Is Affiliate Tube Success Academy For?

  1. Beginners who start affiliate marketing by using a strategy that is not that common. The course is meant for beginners.
  2. Affiliate marketers who don't want to learn free organic marketing. You will learn how to do affiliate marketing without running a single ad.
  3. Affiliate marketers who are having a hard time ranking their videos on Google and want to learn how to beat the algorithm.
affiliate tube success academy review

What Do You Get With Paul Murphy's Affiliate Tube System Academy?

With Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube System Academy, you will be able to open the 16-section dashboard where you can access the 6-module course, the 21-day challenge, and other bonuses and resources.


You're given a short welcome message and provided with the links to Paul Murphy's Traffic Tube Secrets podcast and the Affiliate Tube System Academy Facebook group.

The 21 Day Challenge Road Map

The 21 Day Challenge Road Map is an over-the-shoulder training for those who want to take the fast track. You can learn the complete process of ranking your YouTube video in 21 consecutive days.

Module One - Introduction

The first module teaches you Paul Murphy's 24 Hour Ranking System, in which you will learn how to rank your YouTube video within a day. Paul claims this strategy gives a 50%+ conversion rate.

Module Two - Mindset and Product Selection

Module 2 covers the basics and teaches you how to develop the right mindset. You will go over niche and product selection, the tools required, outsourcing, the 50/50 rule, and how to monitor your traffic.

Module Three - 24 Hour Ranking System

Paul goes into depth on the 24 Hour Ranking System. Module 3 also covers how to set up your YouTube channel and how to install Tube Buddy. You will learn how to create eye-catching thumbnails and how to do keyword research.

Module Four - YouTube Channel

Module 4 goes over the types of businesses that can use this strategy, types of videos you can make, and includes case studies. You will also learn how to structure your videos. Paul provides a checklist for you to ensure you covered everything when you upload your video.

Module Five - Sales Funnels

In module 5, you will learn about the types of sales funnels and how to integrate them into your videos and landing pages. You will also learn how to configure your opt-in and bridge pages. Last, you will also learn how to use Groovemail for free email campaigns.

Module Six - Making Money

Once your video is up and getting traffic, module 6 will teach you how to monitor your channel using YouTube analytics and how to analyze what you need to improve. By reviewing your click through rate and other metrics, you'll be able to identify issues and optimize your videos to increase traffic and conversion rate.

Mobile Phone Camera Tips

For those who want to put themselves on their videos, the lesson teaches you how to create effective videos yourself. You will learn shooting tips using your phone and how to assemble your video.

Training and Support Replays

An extensive database of recorded training videos and Q&A sessions. It includes a wealth of topics like Pinterest Training, Keyword training, Groove Magic affiliate funnel training, and many more.

Bonus Content

The bonus content includes additional training videos. This includes additional affiliate training, sales funnel script writing, and Facebook strategies.

The Vault

For those who are planning to outsource the work, the vault includes video and step-by-step documents for team training. You can give your team access to the training that ranges from setting up your YouTube channel to video creation, tagging, and uploading.

Repurposing Videos

You will learn how to repurpose your videos by taking your video's texts and posting them on blog posts and sharing them on social media.

Magic Funnels

When you sign up for Affiliate Tube Success Academy, you get access to 1 built-in GrooveFunnels and 1 other built-in ClickFunnels.

ATS Affiliate Links

This is for those who want to promote Affiliate Tube Success Academy and other of Paul Murphy's top affiliate products like Kartra, ClickFunnels, and GrooveFunnels. You will receive links and instruction videos.

Extra Sauce

You will access recorded interviews with other top affiliate marketers like Mike Filsaime, Blake Nubar, Robbie Blanchard and Ron Douglas.

Does Affiliate Tube Success Academy Work?

Affiliate Tube Success Academy works in teaching you how to rank videos on Google. Just by Googling the course itself, you’ll find the top video results on Google are by students who are promoting the program as affiliates. Although, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean they are earning a lot. High demand products have high competition, meaning you will have to beat a lot of other affiliate marketers in order to rank on the top and make sales. Unfortunately, there is a lack of real-world examples of success from students of the course.

You should invest in Affiliate Tube Success Academy if you want to learn a brilliant strategy to do affiliate marketing without spending on ads. You can earn commission passively for little to no costs if you can find an affiliate product with little competition. Do not invest if you cannot afford to lose what you paid for as the chance of failure is high.

affiliate tube success academy review

What Is the Affiliate Tube Success Gold Membership?

The Affiliate Tube Success Gold Membership is for those who don’t want to commit to Affiliate Tube Success Academy without trying out the method first. The membership comes with a 14-day free trial where you can check out the value of what Paul offers and learn his strategy and method in more detail.

What Do You Get With the Affiliate Tube Success Gold Membership?

  • 20 Point "Free Google Ads" Checklist
  • Five Magic Traffic Funnels
  • Live Weekly Training With Paul Murphy With Replays
  • 4 Success Paths - Create Your Continuity Membership
  • All Magic Traffic Funnels Built Inside Groove and Kartra.
  • Five Magic Funnels Exclusive Training ( Affiliate, Coach, Physical Products, Self Liquidating & Local)
  • Launch Hacking Secrets Mastermind
  • Exclusive Gold Members-Only Monthly Training
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • VIP Gold 24 Hour Ranking System
  • Exclusive Affiliate Rights for the Course With 40% Commission
  • $12k Bonus Stack To Convert Your Offers
  • Four Day Google Ranking Challenge
  • Access to All Future Updates
affiliate tube success academy review

What Is Paul Murphy's Traffic Tube Secrets Podcast?

Paul Murphy's Traffic Tube Secrets Podcast was launched in January, 2022, to share Paul’s "Free Google Ads" strategy. He posts new episodes on affiliate marketing tips 2-3 times a week. In the first 12 months of the podcast, it made it to the top 10 in 11 countries, including the UK. The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Audible, and more.

Who Is Paul Murphy?

affiliate tube success academy review

Paul Murphy is a top affiliate marketer and affiliate marketing coach from Greater Brighton, United Kingdom. He is one of the top affiliates for Kartra, ClickFunnels, Builderall, GrooveFunnels, and Webinarjam. He earns 7-figures a year doing high-ticket affiliate marketing.

Paul earned millions from over 20 years promoting products ranging from laptops to courses. He started doing affiliate marketing in 2002 by creating and ranking websites. After Google started ranking videos on the search pages, Paul started testing it out. In 2017, Paul started putting all his effort into creating videos that promote affiliate offers, then getting them ranked on Google.

affiliate tube success academy review

What Is Paul Murphy's Claim?

Paul Murphy claims that by using the Google’s “new free ad system” you can make $1,000 a day of passive income. The system he’s referring to is the possibility of ranking YouTube videos on Google search. This isn’t anything new, but it is not a common tactic with affiliate marketers. So how likely is it to earn passive income by ranking YouTube videos on Google?

5 Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Even by using the "new free ad system", you will still encounter the disadvantages of affiliate marketing. Below are some of the challenges of affiliate marketing that you will face even with Paul's methods.

  1. High Competition - When it comes to promoting high-demand and high converting products, you have to compete globally with other affiliate marketers. This is difficult to do as a beginner, especially if your competition is running paid ads.
  2. Unpredictable Sales - You only earn a commission when you make a sale. Products that have high sales volumes usually have a lot of competing affiliates. This leads to you having unpredictable income.
  3. No Return Business - As an affiliate, you do not own the brand of the products you promote. Therefore, you do not benefit from brand loyalty. You will only earn if a customer come across and orders from your affiliate link.
  4. No Control Over Product Quality - Bad product quality means high rate of refunds. You do not earn a commission when customers ask for refunds.
  5. Affiliate Link Hijacking - While not common, there is always the risk of affiliate link hijacking. This occurs when someone copies your video , website, sales funnels, replacing your affiliate link, and ranking it on Google.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 if you have the time and capital to risk. Ranking websites or videos and Google is a good way to create free leads if you can beat the competition. Paid ads is still the fastest way to create leads in affiliate marketing although this is also the most risky method. The high competition and risks is the reason why 95% of affiliate marketers don't make it.

Using Paul’s method of creating YouTube videos, you need to know or learn how to create these videos. You can outsource the work, but it will cost you. On average, it will cost at least $240 to have a quality video created. Creating a blog is another way of generating organic leads. You will need a lot of time and effort to write content and grow a following unless you outsource the work. It costs as much as $200 on average to build an affiliate marketing website or blog. Hiring a web designer can cost an additional upfront cost of $5,000-$10,000. In addition, it costs an additional $50 a month on average to maintain it. Consider these risks before deciding if affiliate marketing is for you.

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Local Lead Generation Is a Low-Competition, Low-Risk Passive Income Business Model

Local lead generation is a low-competition, low-risk business that creates passive income. Compared to affiliate marketing, local lead generation works on an unsaturated market. There are hundreds of niche and thousands of locations that you can choose from. You will commonly just run into 5 or fewer sites to compete with.

It cost as little as $500 in initial investment to start a local lead generation business. You create and rank your site on Google using SEO similar to Paul Murphy’s tactic. You will then rent out your site to local businesses who will benefit from the leads it generates. Compared to affiliate marketing, local lead generation works as a type of digital real estate where you are the landlord. This means you don’t have to worry about selling anything, as you’ll be earning predictable and passive income every month from rent.

Local lead generation

This tree care lead generation site of mine has been earning me $2,000 of passive income a month since 2015. A site can stay ranked on Google for years, especially for local searches with low competition. This means once ranked and rented, you earn a monthly income hands-free. Scaling a local lead generation is as easy as repeating the process. There is no limit on how many lead generation sites you create. This means your earning potential is also limitless, and this makes local lead generation the best business to create time and financial freedom.

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  1. This is yet just another rinse and repeat even by their own admit ion ATS name was changed to re invent a new image sadly most of these internet so called "millionaires" are not all genuine millionaires according to HM customs and inland revenue reports

    The next issue is that when you sell a product to overseas countries No Sales Tax is Applicable but still they charge 20% sales tax

    Here in the Uk they are charged 20% vat = if you do join make sure that you ask for a VAT invoice after all you are starting a business and all your outgoing VAT payments are deductible from your VAT quarterly bill

    If by some chance you are being charged VAT and no VAT invoice is readily being issued then report this issue to the authorities

    In the past there have been many affiliate product sellers claiming this amount when billing and not being VAT registered
    This has been a very much watched issue by the revenue over the past years and many of the "selling Gurus" are stealthily being watched by what appears to be new watchers and intended marks

    Should any one become an affiliate for any program it is advisable not to buy into a product before you are able to promote it you can promote many courses online and physical products on a commission basis

    It is important to understand that once you send your customers from your lists you are then handing them over to the owner of the product you are promoting

    The only time to do this is if your offer that you are promoting gives you a residual income

    Meanwhile buyer beware some of the material in click bank are offers from product creators just wanting to build their own lists for a small commission then they switch sell them to their other products and keep 100% of the sales

    Sounds cheap but very true

    Good luck

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