Mike Futia’s Stupid Simple SEO Review (Is This The Best SEO Course For Your Blog?)

October 4, 2023

Stupid Simple SEO is a comprehensive program created by Mike Futia that teaches bloggers how to scale their websites with SEO. The SEO course features a system that highlights the use of contemporary strategies. These include keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and finding niche websites. You’ll also be getting bonus features, such as the six-figure affiliate marketing formula, site speed, and ways to sell your websites.

According to Orbit Media, 71% of bloggers reveal that SEO is the most important source of traffic. Bloggers who also earn over $50,000 a year make use of SEO strategies. SEO blogging isn’t a shortcut to making money online though. You’ll also encounter hurdles down the road. These include global competition, dealing with digital and physical products, the need to write hundreds of articles, and the ever-changing Google's ranking algorithm. There’s one business model, however, that is more passive and all digital.

In this review, you’ll be introduced to the many modules and strategies of the Stupid Simple SEO program. How Futia and the course will help you rank your websites will also be revealed. I’ve also included a section that should tell you whether this program is for you.

Stupid Simple SEO Review: Pros And Cons


Self-paced, step-by-step, user-friendly training.

Inclusions of key SEO components, such as competitor research, keyword research, and understanding Google Analytics.

Flexible pricing plan.

Lots of bonus features.


The program doesn’t include other important aspects of blogging like email marketing; not much info on content writing either and link building.

The one-time payment fee is a bit costly for some.

You have to pay extra for Facebook Group.


The training for Stupid Simple SEO is self-paced.


The Stupid Simple SEO course has students-only and Facebook groups.

Refund Policy

The Stupid Simple SEO program has a 30-day full refund policy.


The Stupid Simple SEO course was founded in February 2018.


The Stupid Simple SEO’s Facebook group has 3.2K members.

How Stupid Simple SEO helps you rank in Google & get more traffic?

Stupid Simple SEO helps you rank in Google and get more traffic by teaching you strategies, such as keyword research, the use of strong backlinks, to site speed and layouts. 

The Stupid Simple SEO course also helps your websites get atop the search engine by ensuring that you’re on track with the latest Google algorithm changes. With regular updates from the creator himself, you’ll be equipped with the right know-how in the industry. You also get to have support finding a profitable niche site and scaling that one from scratch.

What is Stupid Simple SEO price?

The price of Stupid Simple SEO is $497. You can also opt to pay the course in four installments at $147. Upon payment, you’ll receive the modules and 12 more bonus features. A lifetime access to the course plus regular updates to SEO content and more are also included. Other inclusions once subscribed include an access to a Facebook community.

While the Stupid Simple SEO program is currently closed, you can still sign up and get into its waitlist. The course usually offers a discount code for participants who sign up early.

What is Stupid Simple SEO?

Stupid Simple SEO is a comprehensive SEO course created by Mike Futia in February 2018 that teaches you how to rank your website on top of Google searches. The blogging course covers crucial aspects of SEO, such as researching keyword ideas and analyzing keyword data. Other topics included are indexing, understanding Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The ways on how to structure a site are also included.

With Stupid Simple SEO, you’re expected to spend over 11 hours of videos, with over 75 lessons. Once subscribed, you’ll also have a lifetime access to the course, which you can go through at your own pace.

What is Stupid Simple SEO Login?

The Stupid Simple SEO Login features a page in which students and participants can access the program. Once the payment is settled, you’ll receive the accompanying modules and bonus features. At the moment, interested individuals will have to wait and sign up to a waitlist instead. The first 200 students are entitled to receive a 20% discount code as soon as the program accepts another batch of participants.

Futia also mentioned that for those who qualify, you’ll get The SEO Bootcamp, a free, five-part video training series. The login page also has testimonials from bloggers, such as Aisha of outandbeyond.com and Kim Anderson of Kim Anderson Consulting.

What is Stupid Simple SEO Free Download?

Stupid Simple SEO Free Download is a free masterclass training intended for people who want to grow, scale, and monetize a niche site. The free program is also for those who look for an easier and faster alternative that teaches how to develop a niche site from scratch.

The Stupid Simple SEO program also includes NicheFinder.io Software. It’s a tool that enables you to find the most profitable niche sites. Apart from being profitable, the tool is also expected to locate only those that are low-competition. A high-traffic niche sites can also be produced by this tool.

What you will get from Stupid Simple SEO?

You will get 10 modules and 12 bonus features on affiliated marketing from Stupid Simple SEO. Some key strategies, such as keyword research, content audit, and backlinks are discussed. The modules start from acquainting participants with the foundations of SEO and end with guest posting and HARO. The modules are as follows:

Module 0

In the first module, students will be introduced to the foundations of the Stupid Simple SEO program. The module features eight videos that teach how to become an affiliate and the difference between Ahrefs and UberSuggest. Tracking your SEO progress is also among the topics.

Modules 1 and 2

In modules 1 and 2, keywords are heavily discussed. You’ll be acquainted with why competitor research is still crucial nowadays. Setting up your competitor analysis spreadsheet and analysis of keyword data are also included. Students will learn how to find competitors with Google and the system of finalizing your competitors. Finally, developing a content strategy is tackled in these modules.

Modules 3 and 4

The next modules highlight the importance of formulating content strategies. You’ll be focusing on a tried and tested framework that allows bloggers to make use of a reliable content formula. It also discussed the significance of satisfying a user intent in your content. The difference between primary and secondary intent is also a highlight. Other key topics include finding long-tail and related keywords and determining keyword competitiveness.

Module 5

Content audit is tackled in this module. With a total of six video lessons, Futia goes into detail as to how to identify pages that lose traffic through auditing your content. Improving existing content or those that hold your assets back are likewise in the mix. The importance of using the Yoast SEO plugin is also among the highlights in this module.

Module 6

Quality in terms of producing content is defined in this module. Students will get to learn how important it is to be an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy when it comes to content production. Essentially, Mike will introduce you to the guidelines of a search quality evaluator and how they work. At the end of this module, the creator is also expected to give you some tips on how to produce results from Google. In return, the search engine should be able to detect your websites as trustworthy.

Module 7

Backlinks are the focus of the seventh module. As backlinks are essential to SEO, you’ll learn about the characteristics that make excellent backlinks. Getting quality backlinks to your website is also discussed; domain authority’s importance will also be tackled by Mike. Five video lessons are provided in this module.

Modules 8 and 9 

The last modules explore the significance of building links via guest posting; HARO or Help a Reporter Out link building is a part of this as well. The ten video lessons discuss the different types of guest post and finding guest posting opportunities.

For the HARO module, participants are acquainted with how it can aid in building links to your websites. Opportunities involved in HARO and how to find them are made accessible too. If and when a reporter corresponds as well, you’ll be able to respond with Mike’s help.

Bonus 1—Six-figure affiliate marketing formula

Developing a successful sales funnel through the identification of a user intent is the focus in the first bonus feature. This is made accessible by Mike’s 6-figure affiliate marketing formula, which he’ll be sharing with you. Finding profitable keywords and writing about them are also a highlight here.

Bonus 2—Mastering Mediavine ads

Polishing your websites with the use of SEO and advertisements is discussed by Mediavine’s Eric Hochberger.

Bonus 3—Site speed for bloggers (by Grayson Bell)

Quality content and a speedy website must go hand in hand. Key strategies that you can employ to ensure that your sites are running smoothly are revealed exclusively by Grayson Bell. Bell is a famed expert on site speed.

Bonus 4—Scale with a sponsored post

The tips to expanding your websites through sponsored posts are revealed by no less than the post expert herself, Tracie Fobes.

Bonus 5—Niche site explosion

How does one get a website working and profiting from the ground up efficiently? This is where Mike’s fifth bonus feature comes in handy. Here, you’ll also learn how to select money-making niche sites and develop a professional site experience.  The bonus feature will also introduce a content strategy that enables Google to distinguish your site as an authority. Hiring and managing a team of writers for epic content creation is also stressed.

Bonus 6—Site structure mini-class

How does Mike set up a website nowadays? In this free lesson, you’ll be introduced to crucial layouts that you need to consider, such as category pages.

Bonus 7—Low-cost keyword tool (KeySearch)

There’s one keyword search tool that this course is raving about. KeySearch isn't only a powerful tool for keyword search, it’s also an established SEO powerhouse. Ultimately, it’s one of the most cost-effective keyword tools in the competition.

Bonus 8—Google Search Console

There are no shortcuts when it comes to increasing your site’s organic traffic. One way to ensure that you’re on the right track is through Google Search Console. You can use it like a pro with Mike’s guidance all provided in three video lessons.

Bonus 9—Using a VA & freelance writer to grow your SEO

Scaling your blog post traffic while being cost-effective is one powerful combination one must employ. This bonus allows you to take advantage of virtual assistants or freelance writers when you’re growing your online presence.

Bonus 10—Advanced Ahrefs lessons

With six free video lessons that are centered on the advanced use of Ahrefs, opportunities to increase your site’s traffic abound.

Bonus 11—Advanced link building lessons (Competitor backlink analysis)

How does one “spy” on their competitors’ backlinks while being good at it? This bonus feature reiterates the importance of using backlinks. Here, the analysis of backlink data is highlighted. Merging your backlink spreadsheets is also discussed.

Bonus 12—How to sell your site (for life-changing money)

If you intend to make the most out of your website when you finally need to sell it, this last bonus feature should be able to help you out. EmpireFlippers.com’s Greg will give you some tips on how to sell a website with the highest possible price.

Who is Stupid Simple SEO course for?

The Stupid Simple SEO course is for students, bloggers, and digital marketers who want to scale their websites through SEO. Aspiring bloggers and digital marketers whose niches are food, technology, travel, health & fitness, fashion, and photography can also benefit from the program. It can also be for writers or students who are just about to start their websites running and planning to profit from them. The program’s extensive inclusions and training materials on SEO can be beneficial. This is especially true for beginners.

Who is Stupid Simple SEO course not for?

The Stupid Simple SEO course is not for bloggers or marketers who want to expand their knowledge on email marketing and content writing. The program may have a substantial amount of information on SEO but it doesn’t tackle much on these components.

The Stupid Simple SEO course may also not work for people who cannot commit the next 6 to 12 months dedicated to growing a blog. It's also not for people who don't like to write. Blogging requires at least 100 to 200 articles before it gains Google's trust.

Stupid Simple SEO success stories

Stupid Simple SEO success stories are as diverse as they are reassuring. These stories range from positive returns on investment (ROIs) and user-friendliness of the course. One subscriber also successfully sold a website. The program’s strengths on developing a reliable SEO framework and growing a website’s organic traffic are also praised. The same is true for its promptness and dependability. Here are some of them:

Is Stupid Simple SEO worth it?

Yes, Stupid Simple SEO is worth it, especially if you already have a blog that needs extra push to get higher rankings in Google. The course offers strategies such as keyword research, on- and off-page optimization, and content audit. 

The Stupid Simple SEO program also features a private Facebook Group community and regular updates. This ensures that you’re supported even when you’re finished with the course’s modules and bonus features.  

However, blogging with SEO in mind isn’t a quick path to riches. Google is infamous for its regular updates with its algorithms. You have to abide by them and apply these updates if you don’t want to get left behind. And that’s only the SEO side of things. When you consider blogging alone, you also have challenges to consider. Some of these include content design, unpredictable market trends, and saturation.

Is Stupid Simple SEO legit?

Yes, Stupid Simple SEO is legit. It not only features the most up-to-date tools and strategies on SEO and blogging. It also produces success stories from its students and subscribers. However, there are things that might make the Stupid SEO program not legit for some people. SEO comes with an ever-evolving algorithm and the program being founded in 2018 might not have the most updated rules and changes. The creator may also not have the bona fide experience in terms of SEO. Futia was working for different companies before 2021 before he founded the SEO course.

Is Stupid Simple SEO the best course for your blog or website?

The Stupid Simple SEO may be the best course for your blog or website. The program can be beneficial for students and bloggers who want to scale their presence online. Its contemporary tools and strategies may increase your blogs’ Google traffic. Producing quality content because of these is also possible. The online course also offers extra features that can expand your skills on blogging and SEO tools. Some of these features include affiliate marketing, a low-cost keyword search tool, making use of your competitors top pages, and the use of Google Search Console.

Who is the creator of Stupid Simple SEO?

Mike Futia is the creator of Stupid Simple SEO. While there are publications that name Futia as Mike Pearson, his real last name is the former; his Pearson persona is a pseudonym. Before founding the program, Futia worked extensively with Pfizer for 9 years and 4 months. He was initially employed as part of the company’s paralegal team. He then worked as a compliance analyst, in its compliance monitoring and analytics department. In July 2017 to January 2021, Futia was promoted as a Senior Privacy Manager. Prior to his stint at the pharmaceutical company, he also was hired as a paralegal expert in Skadden, a law firm headquartered in New York City. Futia graduated from Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, with a degree in the English Language and Literature.

Mike Futia Net Worth

Mike Futia's net worth is estimated to be around $2 to $5 million.

Mike Futia different offers

  1. Niche Site Academy (Niche Site Academy Review)
  2. Niche Site Masterclass
  3. NicheFinder.io Software 

Mike Futia's Claims

Mike Futia claims that with Stupid Simple SEO, your website can rank higher on Google. Students and participants should also be able to scale their traffic and income with SEO. Futia added that you can build profitable and thriving niche sites from the ground up.

Mike Futia's claims debunked: Why you can’t rank higher on Google if you're not an SEO expert?

Mike Futia’s claims that you’ll be able to rank higher on Google with the aid of his Stupid Simple SEO program doesn’t check out in the real world. SEO involves a long-term strategy, one that must be applied by a patient and hardworking blogger. 

SEO also involves other aspects and challenges that you need to consider for you to rank that high on Google. Apart from link building and on-page SEO, indexing and crawl issues, non indexed content, and other technical issues are also likely. If you do not have the tools and patience to conquer these, then this may not be for you.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your websites to rank on Google and other search engines by means of applying the many aspects and practices of SEO. Some of these include on- and off-page optimization, optimization of title tags and meta description, and site speed. SEO practitioners would improve their websites and content to ensure that their services online get to be more visible.

What is SEO for bloggers?

SEO for bloggers is a practice that allows writers to produce content involving SEO to rank high on Google. SEO blogging includes content writing, on-page SEO, link building and keyword research. Other aspects involved in SEO blogging are site architecture and the use of HTML codes.

Is SEO hard?

SEO is not hard if you have the right tools, guidance, and updates by your side. While SEO is a long-term strategy, it is ultimately fulfilling once you see your pages ranking and start earning from them. To learn and thrive in SEO, you must be patient and hardworking. SEO comes with a lot of jargon and strategies that are updated regularly. These can be often intimidating but are nevertheless easy to learn.

How to make money from a blog?

1. Physical products

Physical products, such as keycaps, athleisure clothing, air fryers, and cleaning suppliers are trending now.

2. Digital products

Online courses, tutorials, memberships, and ebooks are still some of the most popular digital products to sell online.

3. Use of a wealthy affiliate link

Through affiliate marketing, the use of a wealthy affiliate link can be profitable. Making money through this platform requires key components, such as copywriting, content creation, and audience size.

4. Other means

Some effective ways to make money online are establishing brand partnerships and advertising networks.

Stupid Simple SEO alternatives

Conclusion: Is blogging the best way to make money online?

Blogging is not the best way to make money online for most beginners because it's so competitive. New websites are becoming more challenging to rank nowadays. With blogging, you're going after a global competition and it usually takes 1 to 2 years before a website gains traction. 

Still, blogging can be profitable. According to Indeed, blogging can bring an annual average income of $37,073. Your income can also depend on many achievable factors, such as the size of your audience, digital traffic, and blog topic or niche. With Mike Flutia’s Stupid Simple SEO program, he won’t only help you find that money-making website, but also equip you with SEO strategies.

Although SEO and blogging go hand in hand, there’s one more profitable way to make this tandem even stronger. And the best part is, it’s more doable and passive in terms of generating income. The local lead generation business model will only require you to rank websites that generate leads on Google. Even more so, this business model is for the long haul! I have lead gen websites from 2014 that are still making money today without me touching them ever since. Consider local lead generation now and start a passive income stream.

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